True Facts: Killer Surfing Snails

  • Published on Apr 30, 2020
  • Not. The. Pouch.
    True Facts Poster!
    I completely messed up and missed this credit:
    Vinthi Neufeld PHOTOGRAPHY
    Vinthi supplied the amazing Bullia videos with the BlueBottle which is incorrectly attributed
    Dr. Winfried Peters:
    Dr. Peters spent hours sorting through his research and sending me notes and files. His research is what got me excited about O.semistriatta and I can't be more grateful to have had his help. I have listed a number of his papers further below, and I have made a donation to in his name.
    Nathan Robinson:
    Nathan was extremely helpful and generous with his time and footage and gave my early script a once over. His research is pretty amazing - on turtles and the giant squid. His hermit crab video is so great in its entirety. Sub to his channels!
    Dr.Jon-Paul Bingham
    One of cone snail feeding videos came from this lab and it was such an excellent example of the behavior! Thank you so much!
    Dr. Mande Holford
    Dr. Holford does amazing research on the toxicology of Conus and shared two amazing clips.
    Alysia Daines
    Alysia helped me identify the O.Semistriatta in the first place and led me to Dr. Peters. Thank you!!
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  • K
    K 2 years ago +9151

    We need a full nature documentary series, 4k, all narrated by Zefrank.

    • Illiterate Mochi
      Illiterate Mochi 5 days ago

      I would pay top dollar for that sir

    • Tanner Hageman
      Tanner Hageman 6 days ago

      No, I still want David Attenborough to narrate it, but I want his dialog written by this fella

    • Apple~Yablokova
      Apple~Yablokova Month ago


    • CS Co
      CS Co Month ago


    • Sean Gagnon
      Sean Gagnon Month ago

      So let it be written. So let it be done.

  • Sarah Turner
    Sarah Turner Year ago +1657

    "she sort of flaps along, like a *bèuïrd*" I absolutely love this, I was expecting a standard documentary but this is so much better. I can't stop laughing. send help

    • sapphicexplosion
      sapphicexplosion 8 days ago

      “She’s not the only surfer on this bitch- beach!”

    • Austin Wortham
      Austin Wortham Month ago

      That's some very impressive transcription. Surprised no one's said anything about that

    • user123
      user123 5 months ago

      Your plea for help cannot be answered. I too am dying of laughter

    • fuzzyfry
      fuzzyfry 7 months ago

      That be how ZeFrank1 do.

    • The Chad
      The Chad 7 months ago +1

      I just discovered this channel 2 days ago and he’s my favorite youtuber now hands down. I can play the videos for my daughter and she will learn stuff but all the jokes go over her head so I’m here laughing my ass off. It’s so great!

  • Aurie Fei
    Aurie Fei Year ago +2406

    "If you're a scientist with a foot fetish, this is the animal you should study"
    *why is nobody talking about this*

    • Amonthered
      Amonthered 3 months ago

      I think they have a site on the dark web that it talks about foot fetishes in this squid 😆

    • Cyrus the Great
      Cyrus the Great 3 months ago +1

      @Cilara That would be Quentin Tarantino

    • theflyingegg
      theflyingegg 7 months ago

      Cause it was a joke

    • Kich 6
      Kich 6 8 months ago

      Does that mean the narrator is admitting to a foot fetish?

  • Ced DS
    Ced DS 11 months ago +478

    "Why is Danny going down to the beach and fingering snail's feet? Mother, you can't talk to me like that anymore; it's my job and I'm a grown man."
    "Look, it's trying to eat a people."
    I died, I just died.

    • WAXKOPP w
      WAXKOPP w 5 months ago +2


    • Honeybunch
      Honeybunch 6 months ago +10

      Me too, I'm supposed to be quiet, my husband is sleeping but I was laughing so much, I'm struggling to do it silently.🤣 I rewinded that part three times!

  • Quidinqton something
    Quidinqton something 11 months ago +67

    Abigail was the best snail among us. She passed on so we may learn. That dedication must not be forgotten. The task of learning falls upon all of us.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    If this guy can narrate the universe's destruction, I want to be alive to witness it.

  • Jizeru1
    Jizeru1 Year ago +7

    I've seen these kinds of snails like abigail in El Salvador. They're so fun to play with. I didn't know they were eating when they unfurled themselves like that in the water. I would poke them when they would do that.

  • Taylor Wright
    Taylor Wright 11 months ago +27

    Abigail screaming while being chased by the Agro are my favorite parts.
    R.I.P. Abigail. You will be remembered. And hey, you gave people lots of laughs in your last moments, so, at least you got that.

  • Kaizer
    Kaizer Year ago +172

    “I’m a crab, not a snail; look, I have pinchy-pinchies”

  • Naomi
    Naomi 11 months ago +8

    "You got scared there, didn't you?"
    I actually did lmao. It was really adding to my reasons never to go in the ocean again. I was pretty much at exactly my surfer snail limit.

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad Year ago +4790

    I wish all nature documentaries where like this

    • You want My name?
      You want My name? 3 months ago

      You think nature documentaries that is filled with adult jokes and voice acting the animal is gonna make it to the TV?
      I still prefer David Attenborough

    • PrettyVacant
      PrettyVacant 11 months ago

      I would be packed full of education!

    • Felis
      Felis Year ago


    • Edgy Username
      Edgy Username Year ago

      What, containing sexual references such as referring to "porno" when undoubtedly children with interests in nature will be watching? I wish these people would realise what they are making normal.

    • Jp And El Ross
      Jp And El Ross Year ago

      @evroy ThE hIPPo Is HAvIng INtERcoUrse!

  • Kristin Pedemonti
    Kristin Pedemonti 7 months ago +12

    Not only is Ze Frank absolutely hilarious, we're actually learning like 27 real true facts among all the hilarity. Well done, sir, well done!

  • Philly Opal and Gem
    Philly Opal and Gem Year ago +6

    Yo you're funny and you're educational. There is so much mindless garbage out there so it's fun to find something like this. Keep up the good work!

  • Amiah Jared
    Amiah Jared 2 months ago +1

    i just found this channel and my mind is blown over how incredibly informative yet how stupidly hilarious these videos are.... sir you're getting me through Marine Bio, thank you for your service

  • K. PacificNW
    K. PacificNW Year ago +16

    I like how you dedicated it to janitors. Many of whom got laid off due to the covid lockdowns but didn't qualify for unemployment or PUA, and now live in tents. Good job, government!

    • Anton Shurik
      Anton Shurik 25 days ago +1

      Biden*...there ya go, you accidentally typed government

  • Comment On Life
    Comment On Life 2 years ago +1144

    “It gets complicated: Start getting into arguments about whose eating who, like you’d hear at an orgy for narcissists.”
    I’m dying of laughter. Thank you TheXvid. I had no idea what I was missing from my life, but apparently you did. Huge heartfelt thanks!

  • Emerson
    Emerson Year ago +2

    Did any of you guys find this strangely terrifying? I feel like my genuine interest slowly turn into a phobia

  • Uncrowned Fuhrer
    Uncrowned Fuhrer Year ago +2

    I want to feel relaxed thanks to the narrator's voice.. but the footage of the snails make me feel terrified, and the jokes make me laugh uncontrollably.. this is how everything should be presented

  • Nick Patton
    Nick Patton Year ago +17

    Fuck yes, this has got to be the pinnacle of this channel!! Completely ridiculous, absolutely obscure, yet utterly informative!

  • cee kay
    cee kay Year ago +19

    Zefrank has 100% changed the way I pronounce babies as "bebies" and birds as "biyurds" ❤❤❤

    • Liam Cueto
      Liam Cueto 6 months ago

      Bebies! Agree! Lolz!

    • Haxx In Stereo
      Haxx In Stereo 9 months ago

      Zefrank has changed the way I pronounce many things 🤣🤣🤣

  • yukee nakamura
    yukee nakamura Year ago +4331

    “These snails have lost their eyes and tentacles, sorta like how human surfers lose their shirts and shoes....and jobs”
    I lost it at this point.
    This guy!!!

    • War Phoenix
      War Phoenix 8 months ago

      Read this as it was said, lol

    • Gen. Douglas MacArthur
      Gen. Douglas MacArthur 10 months ago

      What you lost your job?

    • Ben Orchard
      Ben Orchard 10 months ago +2

      @Eisensorrow Von Koenig yep

    • Eisensorrow Von Koenig
      Eisensorrow Von Koenig 10 months ago +6

      @Ben Orchard some people spend their entire lives working their asses off and completely miserable. And often times all that hard work amounts to nothing.

    • Ben Orchard
      Ben Orchard 10 months ago +4

      @sam jordan eh, hard work isn’t everything

  • MidnightDStroyer
    MidnightDStroyer Year ago +474

    "If you're a fish, don't ever volunteer for clinical trials."
    "Is this a porno?"
    Why yes. Yes it is. We've all seen enough hentai to know where that was going...

    • Joe McGuckin
      Joe McGuckin 10 months ago

      Snuff film

    • Stilith
      Stilith 11 months ago


    • Go Fish
      Go Fish 11 months ago +10

      As someone who go by nicknames "Go Fish" or "Fishy", the first statement feels somehow relevant.

    • Katy Ungodly
      Katy Ungodly Year ago +22

      “Vore hentai”

  • toxic avenger
    toxic avenger 10 months ago +2

    I have learned more in this video than I ever did in 5 years of science class

  • Michael Angelo Tito Deocadez

    "Why is Dany going on the beach *fingering* snail's feet?"
    I'm dying from laughing

  • Lcoq19
    Lcoq19 11 months ago +14

    "I'm a crab, not a snail; look, I have pinchy pinchies!" But agaronia don't give a crap.
    Never ceases to make me laugh after a rough day!
    That and the "bad behbeh" getting eaten by the clay metapodial pouch! 🤣🤣

  • Not Again
    Not Again Year ago +10

    This is so hilarious I'm so glad I understand English. If you try showing this to a friend that is not fluent in English they will stay silent missing all the jokes and assuming the narrator is just explaining what is happening in that scene. Following that they would say that was nice. While you are trying your best to not laugh before the punchline

  • Alley Wolf
    Alley Wolf Year ago +4

    Never has a documentary made me so sad. He made me all attached to the snails and then everything is ruined. Not only that but it makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time

  • Owl The Pirate
    Owl The Pirate Year ago +17

    A "snot net" that eats the waves backwash..😂🤣 I have no idea who this guy is, but he is freaking hilarious!!! He's got my subscription, I've not laughed at a video like that in so long!!

  • TheTrueDalv
    TheTrueDalv 11 months ago +40

    “Don’t give me crap about the Bebe, that’s a very bad BEBE”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bryan Lu
    Bryan Lu 2 years ago +1350

    "Beach life is so simple and predictable, that over the years, they've lost their eyes and their tentacles. Sorta like how human surfers lose their shirts, and shoes......and jobs. So watching these films is sometimes like watching a horror movie." Every line of this thing was gold. Bravo. Take my goddamn subscription.

    • Guaguadeath
      Guaguadeath 2 years ago


    • David Bowen
      David Bowen 2 years ago +10

      You should definitely go into the catalog of true facts. Big fan of mantis shrimp, angler fish, and tapir. Dragonfly is great too.

  • Eepop_stuffs
    Eepop_stuffs Year ago +4

    Millie was a dedicated mother who both loves dancing and drama and also gets a seizure every first time she sees sunlight

  • Nicole Manso
    Nicole Manso Year ago +1

    I love the way this guy teaches, awesome!! Makes it so fun!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +1

    Dude, most of this I knew, at some level, but your presentation beats the hell out of published papers with their painfully dry style. Thank you!!!

  • B.C. Jerb's
    B.C. Jerb's 2 months ago

    Hey there mr.Zefrank...i absolutely love hearing your narration and instantly subscribed and share your videos to my friends! Watching from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in Canada and loving every moment of each show! Thank you so much for sharing your most excellent humour in such a trying time in this world! I wish you many many blessings and thank you very much! Keep up the awesomeness my friend! Cheers, Jerbs 👍🏼🤓👏🇨🇦

  • Illuminati - chan
    Illuminati - chan 2 years ago +9141

    “Look it’s trying to eat a people.” Never have I heard a sentence spoken with more pure joy and bemusement.

    • hardcandy
      hardcandy Year ago

      @Scott Wilhelms Watch this old French animated film "Les Escargot" by Rene Laloux. That traumatized me as a kid and I spent years being afraid of snails.

    • Aset !
      Aset !  Year ago

      ZeFrank has two moods: Sarcastic but Infotmational and Wholesome

    • lacountess
      lacountess Year ago

      The sheer absurdity of such a primitive, small creature trying to eat something that rules the planet it lives on justifies that tone.

    • the engineer
      the engineer Year ago +2

      Observe, for the snail upon the finger is attempting to consume the person

    • Toby Lam
      Toby Lam Year ago

      Only Zefrank masters the way of narrating

  • Verdad Hurts
    Verdad Hurts Year ago +2

    I love this guy, found him last night and can't stop watching!

  • Paul Gouin
    Paul Gouin 6 months ago

    The "very bad baby" kills me every time. Thanks for this. So funny and informative.

  • Bosanski Rambo
    Bosanski Rambo 11 months ago +4

    i still have no idea if this channel is telling actual facts in a funny way or if its just making random stuff up

  • Blessed Bees
    Blessed Bees Year ago

    All kidding aside, these videos are amazing and educational. To know that there are killer snails that surf is, well, terrifying, in a cute, mucusy, fish eating, paralyzing, make up words as I go kinda way. It sure would have made studying Marine Biology a lot more fun and interesting to say the least. Like the way I learned Prawns are cannibals from a Mike Wozniak song.

  • Vsoundelend
    Vsoundelend 2 years ago +1127

    Never did I dream of a day when watching snail documentary would be ten times more entertaining than any of hollywoods comedies from past 10 years.

  • Cura94
    Cura94 9 months ago +2

    *”RIP Abigail”* Zefrank never fails to make me laugh 😂

  • TOM Horseman
    TOM Horseman 10 months ago +1

    "Mostly buiried an old man on a nudist beach" I absolutely love your content lmfao! Your a genious

  • The Disco Timelord

    Your videos have brought me so much joy over the years.
    Thank you for each and every hilarious one❤👍

  • BigBass13 13
    BigBass13 13 Year ago

    These videos are absolutely brilliant. Insanely hysterical and couldn’t be put together any better.

  • Jerry Pocha
    Jerry Pocha Year ago +2181

    This is how nature documentaries should be like.

    • Astronaut Player
      Astronaut Player 8 months ago +1

      @War Phoenix thank you

    • War Phoenix
      War Phoenix 8 months ago

      @Astronaut Player in case you need help finding it again, here's a blip on your notifications

    • 賈斯汀霍利迪
      賈斯汀霍利迪 11 months ago

      No thanks.

    • Sidelined Angel
      Sidelined Angel 11 months ago

      This is how all classes should be like. I think I would have actually learned history with this method. Ok. Maybe not, but it would have been more enjoyable.

  • HiSammy
    HiSammy 11 months ago +34

    "she also uses these flaps to sort of gallop"

    • HiSammy
      HiSammy 11 months ago +2

      @Drew Harris yeah me too 😂 this video was hard to take seriously

  • SpooN12344321
    SpooN12344321 Year ago

    Oh my god, I had a shell of this snails i found when I was 5yo and I never knew from which creature it came from. you made my day :)

  • KorpsePaintKlown
    KorpsePaintKlown Month ago +1

    “Yet another snail that surfs is… I’m just kidding, there are no more. You got scared there for a second didn’t you?”
    I truly did lol

  • Stacey Bevis
    Stacey Bevis 11 months ago

    You are insanely funny and so informative! I absolutely adore your videos! So talented and with a bit of luck for being born with that wonderful voice! Love, l o v e, LOVE your work to pieces.!

  • NPC
    NPC Year ago +676

    imagine if land predators pulled shit like this, one second you're sitting on a tree stump and the next you realize the stump is actually a deadly predator who just captured you in a giant foot testicle and in the end it just flies away with your corpse by flapping its foreskin

    • cottencoff
      cottencoff 25 days ago

      I feel like if that was real itd be both funny af and devastating 😂
      "What happened to your boyfriend?"
      "He got kidnapped by a flying ballsack"

    • MrSandman1924
      MrSandman1924 3 months ago +2

      D&D Mimics say "chomp"

    • NPC
      NPC 3 months ago +3

      @Amikke ono... pelligatòr

    • Amikke
      Amikke 3 months ago +4

      Frogs, chameleons, some snakes and crocodilians fit the first part, pelicans fit the second. I do not want to imagine a cross-product D:

    • Puppet studio
      Puppet studio 3 months ago

      so bad news...something does this already on land...I'm sorry for that

  • MsTheCommentator
    MsTheCommentator 7 months ago +4

    "'s over pretty quickly, and it beats dying in a ballsack."
    Lost it on that one 🤣

  • NarGIAZ
    NarGIAZ Year ago +100

    "Is this a porno? Oh it is a porno."
    Have my volume at max and near to my mom and sis. They didn't care whatsoever. I'm glad I'm still alive today

    • TransRoofKorean
      TransRoofKorean 9 months ago

      Haha, I just sat here watching this one with my mom who's in her seventies -- don't worry, one day everyone around you will stop being uptight

  • Arcanine-Espeon
    Arcanine-Espeon 6 days ago

    I can't believe I just had the thought "do eggs containing moving bebehs have as many micronutrients as newly sprouted seeds?"

  • Doug Giles
    Doug Giles Year ago

    How have I not come across this channel before?!? It's fantastic!! Informative but also very funny, great mix for sure lmao!

  • ahoward
    ahoward 9 months ago

    So delightfully funny and entertaining, yet somehow I always still learn something new as well!

  • Matthew Mineo
    Matthew Mineo 3 months ago

    You should have your own series that I can binge watch on Netflix and then binge watch again when I introduce it to my friends and family while they binge watch it with me.
    Seriously, sometimes when I need a pick me up I rewatch your stuff... youre an absolute genius.

  • Demonic Engineer
    Demonic Engineer Year ago +1

    Zefrank: "There's something very ironic about dying in a ballsack"
    The vore community: "There's something very erotic about dying in a ballsack"

  • Julian Liu
    Julian Liu 3 months ago

    "its like going into a walmart on black friday and the lights are turned off, you just start grabbing anything and you dont know what you'll end up with" used as analogy for a snail eating random things blindly is comedy gold.

  • Mary Whalen
    Mary Whalen Year ago +513

    “He had eyes, he should’ve known better. ” 🤣 I smile from beginning to end with those videos! Thank you so much @zefrank1!

  • Eric Morrison
    Eric Morrison 6 months ago

    It's currently 4:17am... this was on my recommendation list. I had no idea this was even a thing but I do know one fact. This man is probably the most qualified person for this job and I now rest easy knowing he exists in this world! XD

  • Ana Bia
    Ana Bia 11 months ago +10

    "If she'd stop freaking out for a SECOND! we can see them"
    This narration killed me lmao

  • CanadianCoffeeAddict
    CanadianCoffeeAddict 11 months ago

    I like how this narrator is having a great time talking about this at the same time

  • Donna Mealy
    Donna Mealy Month ago

    This is probably the most informative, interesting and hysterical nature film I have ever watched. 😂

  • justanotherchannelonyoutube
    justanotherchannelonyoutube 2 years ago +1351

    5:21 “I’m a crab, not a snail, look I have pinchy pinchies”
    I swear Zefrank is going to be the death of me

    • XXXTentaclez
      XXXTentaclez 2 years ago

      justanotherchannelonyoutube I wish I was easily entertained

    • cycoholic
      cycoholic 2 years ago

      But what a way to go. 😂

    • RiAMaU
      RiAMaU 2 years ago +3

      I'm so glad he eventually came back.

  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic 11 months ago +6

    I want this man to teach me about everything in the world

  • Krin
    Krin Year ago +2

    I knew there must be a reason my animal diversity professor recommended this video... *and it's exactly the kind of style of video I would expect him to watch, lmao*

  • Not Again
    Not Again Year ago +2

    Reminds me of when mister bean went to that restaurant in France and he didn't know what to order so the waiter suggested escargot as it its considered a delicacy. Mr bean agreed having no clue what the man just said.
    Caviar and escargot all in one
    I just imagined Mr bean s reaction if they served him that

  • Jack P
    Jack P 10 months ago

    I completely forgot about this guy, Damn I used to cry with laughter at these videos back in the day, you still got it Zefrank

  • Typical Tale
    Typical Tale Year ago +2334

    "I'm not a snail, I'm a crab. Look I have pinchy pinchies." "Agaronia don't give a crap."

    • KorpsePaintKlown
      KorpsePaintKlown Month ago

      Has eyes by the way, should have known better

    • aviothic青空
      aviothic青空 Year ago

      @Bassi ikr

    • Kabzero /kayziro
      Kabzero /kayziro Year ago +3

      Why do I see 2 people making the same joke and one dude talking to the maker of this comment about "agaronia doesn't give a crap"

    • Eme Galy
      Eme Galy Year ago +1

      Or she doesn't give a Crab xD

    • Typical Tale
      Typical Tale Year ago +1

      @aether LMAO WHAT.

  • Cris Cross
    Cris Cross Year ago

    These videos have done more for science in the past 20 years than anything else. I applaud you.

  • John Towner
    John Towner 4 months ago

    Omg. You made me laugh and re watch more times than I care to admit. Well done sir, well done.

  • mary davidson
    mary davidson 6 months ago

    Thank you for still posting!! I've been trying to find this channel again. Love it!!

  • M’n’ Conquer
    M’n’ Conquer Year ago +1

    This video is messing with my head. My brain cannot process watching a scientific, educational documentary while being immensely entertained

    ICEBRG COMMANDER 2 years ago +3916

    Snail: Screams of pure terror.
    Zefrank: let’s back up a bit.

    • Mark Lammas
      Mark Lammas Year ago

      You never heard a snail scream until you've watched a Zefrank...

      XOITARTS Year ago +1

      *succesfully swallowed*

      ICEBRG COMMANDER 2 years ago +1

      darkhorseman90 I did 😂

    • Kamal Ilyas
      Kamal Ilyas 2 years ago +2

      Perfection of Zefrank videos intro...

    • darkhorseman90
      darkhorseman90 2 years ago +9

      Anyone else think for a moment that it was going to be a snail sex scene instead of a mollusk murder?

  • Jack 1D1 PS
    Jack 1D1 PS 11 months ago +2

    I saw a similar vid about spiders on drugs but might just have been beaten by this, brought tears to my eyes, 🤣👍

  • old ogre
    old ogre 2 months ago

    Been lurking about and watching TheXvid videos since youtube got started and I have to tell you that you're funny and my most favorite Tuber of all time! Thank you for making an old man laugh every day!

  • Shelley Oltrogge
    Shelley Oltrogge Year ago

    Again. So informative and hilarious. Love you Zefrank!!!

  • Peter Gambier
    Peter Gambier 10 months ago

    interesting stuff thanks Zefrank.
    The the foreskin flaps are pretty neat for surfing and to get it below the sand for it's getting food jaw action.
    The ant lion which does a similar thing in a pit of dry land sand where it lies under the sand at the bottom
    relying on gravity to get the small insect prey to it's jaws.

  • revenevan11
    revenevan11 2 years ago +27

    Just wanted to bring attention to that dedication at the very end "to all the janitors working in essential businesses." Especially now their job is super important but usually overlooked. Thank you for helping keep all of the people working and their families safe by cleaning and sanitizing, likely under even more pressure than usual and dealing with time consuming protocols like sanitizing every doorknob every shift and the like. It's seriously important, and I hope that when this is all over the rest of humanity doesn't make it go right back to being a thankless job because a cleanly world is a better one even in the best of times.

    • NostalgiaGamerJS
      NostalgiaGamerJS 6 months ago

      "Time consuming protocols"?
      Bruh janitors are paid to clean. That's the literal job description.
      I'd be furious if janitors prior to covid were NOT sanitizing doorknobs. What the fuck were they doing prior to now?

    • Pendlera
      Pendlera 2 years ago +1

      @hainley simpson Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but ease and simplicity have nothing to do with it. If a job is necessary, then you should pay a living wage and offer benefits for it. How easy the job is and how easy it is to replace the person doing it is irrelevant. No one should work for less than the cost of living and be expected to never take a vacation or go to the doctor.

    • hainley simpson
      hainley simpson 2 years ago +2

      @Pendlera Exactly janitorial isn't easy or as simple as people like to think you have to use certain products in a certain order and then you need to what to lock and unlock.

    • Pendlera
      Pendlera 2 years ago +6

      @hainley simpson Thankless is fine if people stop using "easily trained job" to mean "doesn't deserve a living wage or compassion". Vote for higher wages and better benefits for essential workers. #RememberinNovember

    • Exlaax
      Exlaax 2 years ago

      @hainley simpson lets hope not

  • Debra Morrison
    Debra Morrison 10 months ago

    My sweet autistic grandson may have met his one true love! So engrossed watching Millie and Abby that he didn't asked the repetitive questions. Don't know if he listened to story but he was most in the spectacle! Thanx for all your wonderful films, we watch daily!

  • HiddenStrength1981: Timelapse Drawings

    The scene at 5:25 reminds me of the film Enemy Mine, when that freaky snake-tongue creature ate the turtle-alien. Even to this day, that scene still gives me the creeps!

  • Minn Ria
    Minn Ria 11 months ago

    You appeared in my recommendations, you now will appear in my subscriptions. Well done! Have never watched a 10 minute video on snails before!

  • Its not all rainbows and unicorns

    "And they're all drawing [bleep] in the sand." ROFL.
    This guy is incredible.

  • Skot Matthews
    Skot Matthews 2 years ago +2529

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      @Rappin' Ronnie Reagan he work at buzzfeed?? eww

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      @Semi-addict-gamer You never heard of him and you don't care and yet you bothered to read comments?

  • Leonard Fibiger Lewis
    Leonard Fibiger Lewis 7 months ago

    Oh my word! This is the most fun and educational piece of art that just now teased me with some foreplay! I wish there were content like this back when dinosaurs once ruled the earth. School would've been fun for a change....and I would've been a smarter fossil today!

  • Splatninja
    Splatninja 11 months ago

    I love the way he presents things. Unlike most documentaries his tone is playful.

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    wheelitzr2 11 months ago

    I just found your channel and totally made my day! THANK YOU!!

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    Paula nyaks Year ago

    .. I never thought I could laugh so hard just from watching snail..
    you guy are my kind of guy.. the narrator of course😏

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    Zefrank's videos: something between funny, disgusting and intriguing.

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      Always funny and informative. Sprinkled with punches and fuzzies in the feels for good measure

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    • good 'un
      good 'un Year ago

      Nathan, In other words, a microcosm of human experience and existence.

  • LilSilver Kitsune

    I loved this I laughed out loud more then once
    Thos is how to learn make it funny lol
    Im 39 and my youngest son is 16 I sent him this and said ok learn about snails I could hear him laughing upstairs in his room
    Thank you for the lesson and the laughs

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    romanticulous 11 months ago

    This was not a 10 minute TheXvid docu clip. This is the best sci-fi horror I’ve seen since Alien. Plus snail surfing 🤘🏻

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    "Kinda ironic to die in a testicle" BEST LINE EVER

    • Bluestem
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      @VentGarden No?

    • VentGarden
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      You talking to yourself?

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      @Kaz There's a subcategory of vore that involves the stomach. Nobody asked, but we all needed to know.

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    I wish I had that snail's confidence. It's adorable how it tries to eat the much larger scientist

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    I just love that moment, around 6:45, when I realize that I've been envisioning the two snails at the completely wrong scale. I had assumed that the videos up to that point were to scale, and the predator snail was around 3-4 inches in length. Then to see that the big monster snail was smaller than a fingertip, and this whole drama was happening at such a tiny scale, it was just a very amusing little moment of perspective shift. Thank you for the experience.

  • Yope Stevens
    Yope Stevens 9 months ago

    Where was this when I had to write a paper on snails for school at a time when there was almost NO information about them in books or nature shows?! And that was not all that long ago, folks.