The Dark Secret of the Jedi Order


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  • Lars O
    Lars O 2 hours ago

    As someone who walked away from religion ( all religion ) I can understand why Luke would become sour and basically a curmudgeon. He lost his Father because the Jedi POV had no room for someone like him. He was twisted by Sidious' hatred and became a tool... a pitbull turned vicious through constant negative reinforcement. Anakin WAS the Chosen One and if he'd been allowed to approach the Force from the middle, he would have protected it all. But the Jedi's dogmatic views crushed that hope and the Sith doctrine consumed him. Both failed him. Luke knows this now. Watching the same happen to Ben because of his blind faith in the Jedi way made him doubt himself and the history he has learned only crushed what was left. His was a life wasted in service of a warped religion. You'd be pissed off and apathetic too.

  • Grenherb
    Grenherb 16 hours ago

    so jedi are close minded assholes just like in the movies?

  • Bill's videos and shares

    Seems reasonable to me. Light cannot exist without dark. Balance. Yin/yang.

  • Nicholas McFeters
    Nicholas McFeters Day ago +1

    The fifth book to the left says “Mnuebs”, I think. It could just be a different script or writing style of Aurebesh. Like comparing cursive to printed English.

  • CrimsonNerd
    CrimsonNerd Day ago +1

    Let’s be real. A galaxy ruled by Jedi would be better and safer than ruled by Sith.

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown Day ago

    gotta love that green titty juice

  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po Day ago

    WTF? Paciao is a Star Wars fan?

  • dantopper123
    dantopper123 Day ago

    Disney seriously trashed starwars. Well luke was hard set on the jedi teachings, then moved more into the gray jedi colum. He really did have a more rigid demeanor during the new "episodes"

  • Edwin van Ooijen

    Or as Voldemort would say "There is no Light or Dark, only Power and those too weak to use it."
    The power in this case is the Force and those too weak to use it are both the Jedi and Sith. The Jedi are blinded by the Light and see everything that is even the slightest bit of grey, as dark and (in their eyes) thus evil. The Sith are too easely corrupted by the Dark side there are a few exception and even they are corrupted in the end.
    Revan (in Legends) is even now seen as the Jedi/Sith that had mastered both sides of the Force and yet at the time of his death he was corrupted by his hatered for the Sith Emperor and caused his own soul to split. The other person (that I know of) is his Glorious Majesty, Immortal Master and Protector of Zakuul: Emperor Valkorion. In the SWTOR MMORPG (when the Outlander is Force sencitive) Valkorion says that the Outlander must learn both sides of the Force.

  • Soulforgex
    Soulforgex Day ago

    Extreme Right the Jedi - The Extreme Left the Sith

  • 0rbital
    0rbital 2 days ago

    It would have made the movies better if they had brought this out more.

  • Phil
    Phil 2 days ago +1

    At 8:26 , the Jedi's code is teaching humans to behave like machines: "Machine has no emotions, no ignorance, no passion, no chaos (it follows programming codes) and there is no death. No wonder it didn't work, because it is trying to apply another species thinking to humans. It's like trying to preach human's moral standards to cockroaches.

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese 2 days ago

    The backstory of the Jedi & Sith is certainly an interesting twist over the movies alone. The Jedi beliefs in no emotion, no passion, etc., is something one doesn't normally think too deeply about. The splitting off of factions does make a kind of 'human' sense, though. If one considers human history, this seems almost expected. it also reminds me of examples in other created universes. In Star Trek, we see the conflict between pure logic (Spock), and passion & intuition (Kirk). We can see a similar idea in Dune, where the Bene Gesserit shun the idea of love, until Darwi Odrade decides it's actually something her Sisterhood. She even teaches her protege Murbella, who feels this most poignantly in her love for Duncan Idaho. I'm even reminded of the movie The Dark Crystal, where the two factions are eventually reunited at the end of the hero's quest. However, I'd be quite surprised if they actually take this tack with Star Wars IX. They don't seem to have thought it out that far, which is really a shame. tavi.

  • Mr. Merryman
    Mr. Merryman 3 days ago

    Great message at the end!

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 3 days ago

    I love all the Star Wars lore, both sides have both plenty of zealots and fanatics however. But then again spices up the narrative.

  • bigdickinit injapan
    bigdickinit injapan 3 days ago

    Star wars is over aint you know that

  • Dejan Jancevski
    Dejan Jancevski 3 days ago +1

    This is a brilliant analysis, from a psychological point-of-view. LOVE IT!

  • Chris Anthony
    Chris Anthony 3 days ago +1

    The Jedi philosophy would probably be more stable if it was firmly rooted in a monotheistic religion of God and a nemesis personifying both sides of the force. It's a deep and sturdy framework for the psyche to properly accommodate concepts of the light/dark sides. Jedi get so obsessed with the force in a scientifically spiritual way, viewing certain mortals as godlike, which actually makes them more vulnerable to their gift over time. A transcendental deity would ease the spiritual pressure of having so much power. You don't have to use riddles and paradoxes to reinforce a fearless mentality; once you have faith in an eternal Father who controls the force with perfect wisdom and benevolence, you can feel a natural fearlessness in your soul with limited thought.
    "May the force be with you."
    ..."Wait. What side of it? Has anyone ever questioned our open-ended mantra? Wouldn't it be deeper and more precise if we said 'may God be with you'? The force is unrealized potential that meanders between good and evil-- but God is the creator and culmination of the force, guided by an all-knowing, all-loving intent, moving consistently in the direction of everything good and true."
    "Huh... Chill out man. You know what the mantra means."

  • Lindsay Flowers
    Lindsay Flowers 3 days ago

    Kind of like how law schools teach law but don't talk about lawlessness.

  • Paul Ciampo
    Paul Ciampo 4 days ago +1

    I'd be all for a grey jedi organization. However, the bastardization of Luke shouldn't have happened.
    The now non canon (I thinks thats the name) Dark Empire comic was much better than this trash. Luke taking down a Walker solo with just the force, the emperor surviving via darkside mind transfer to his own personal clones and Luke turning to the darkside for a short while.
    Disney ruined it.
    Furthermore, the lack of backstories kill it too. You could fit three movies between 6 and 7. 7 should have been longer and full of flashbacks.

  • N7Mith
    N7Mith 4 days ago

    I expected a whistle-blowing episode about the Jedi abducting babies from their families "for the common good." Maybe their fear of Force sensitive beings outside of their order actually brought some balance to their philosophy.

  • Matthew Machula
    Matthew Machula 4 days ago +1

    Interesting idea, but I don't think Johnson bothered to think anything through this thoroughly. He just wanted to throw live grenades around and see how much damage he could do to a sci-fi canon with a huge cult following. Of course Luke will have to be brought back as a force ghost (what other choice is there?) and may get- one hopes he will get- a substantial part in the plot and substantial screen time. How that plot will proceed is anyone's guess, as Johnson effectively left no act three not requiring a significant time jump. If anyone can guess beforehand even a general outline of such a plot, and be anywhere in the ballpark with it, then three cheers and a tiger for them. My suspicion is that one or more deus ex machinae will need to be thrown into the mix at various points to attempt to save this. I rather wish they'd hire Timothy Zahn to write the screenplay, as he is by far the best writer of Star Wars novels to come down the pike. But I well realize that hope to be in vain.

  • Kalone M
    Kalone M 4 days ago +1

    So basically in Canon lore Luke was a one trick pony, who had forfillled his destiny, however when it come to something bigger than his destiny he folded and quit.
    This is disappointing if true, for if it wasn't for his father turning to the dark side Luke was destined to do so himself. Seeing how he messed up with the teachings of Kylo-Ren it seems that luke wasn't able to handle such a big endeavor to restart the jedi order; the task alone was too big for him to handle, thus he went into solitude away from every one and every thing basking at his failure losing his nephew to the darkside. I just don't understand why the writers in Disney couldn't handle such a simple storyline this leaves casual fans in the dark with knowledge only true starwars fans could understand. This is why the last jedi couldn't and never will hold a candle to the original trilogy nor the prequals. It's sad actually...

  • Larry Phischman
    Larry Phischman 5 days ago

    People who think MSNBC is leftist have very poor understanding of capitalism and corporate media.

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell 5 days ago

    Are the grey Jedi the truest ones then?

  • Aj Haas
    Aj Haas 5 days ago

    I also noticed the upside down star or cross,,,,also that hole of darkness on the island

  • Varanasi Walks
    Varanasi Walks 5 days ago +1

    That's not what "Rama" means. Rama is the name of an Avatar of Vishnu.

  • Travis Mcgee
    Travis Mcgee 5 days ago

    Episode seven onwards will never be cannon in true fans eyes it is just Disney's money grabbing shit

  • Spring Tu1ip
    Spring Tu1ip 5 days ago +1

    Just saying almost every war in Star Wars is started by force users

  • Trevor Harris
    Trevor Harris 6 days ago

    Who else sympathizes with the Sith?

  • Omni Do
    Omni Do 6 days ago

    Sigh...more "balance" crap.
    In nature, balance is tentative.
    There were always extremes, and there will always be extremes.
    Big "Bang" started it all, lotsa chaos in between, some measure of "balance" between said chaos, and then it will all end in a big "Freeze".
    Ya'll people obsessed with the so called "Balance" are just stalling against the inevitable, and ultimately nature doesnt give a !@# what you think.
    Attrition decides all outcomes, and the victor is decided by whichever or whomever is the strongest, dogma not withstanding.

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 6 days ago +1

    "champion pod racer"? he won one race. no he completed one race. all other races he was in he never even made it to the finish line.

  • Alfonso de Hoyos
    Alfonso de Hoyos 7 days ago

    Man, the true truth! Let's stay in touch! A bunch of fanatics!

  • Jofloch
    Jofloch 8 days ago

    A sith can save a loved one because of thier passion...shows clip of child murder XD

  • Gustavo Gago
    Gustavo Gago 8 days ago +1

    They aren’t truly free, they are slaves of their own emotions🤔?? Someone fill me up

  • Holo Graphic
    Holo Graphic 9 days ago +2

    It's not a Jedi logo.the Jedi don't have a logo.that logo you speak of is the logo of the republic itself.each time period in the expanded star wars universe has a logo so if u know the logos you can tell exactly what time period it's set in just by the logo.its mainly on the star wars books but just about all of those sweu books are no longer considered canon.

  • Fyre Antz
    Fyre Antz 9 days ago

    Well said.

  • Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha

    Nag Hammadi.

  • AChammer 0906
    AChammer 0906 10 days ago

    Two words and one emoji
    Love It 👍

  • s a m w i c h
    s a m w i c h 10 days ago


  • UriYah Baruk Israel
    UriYah Baruk Israel 11 days ago


  • Michael Krans
    Michael Krans 11 days ago +1

    4:30 anyone with any knowledge knows it was the Sith that originally discovered the force. It was "after that" that the Jedi discovered the force was maliable. That it had both light, and dark sides, and usage. The Jedi even admit to it sighting the first Sith world as being those who first discovered, and used the force. It is the "Disneyfied" version of events that denies this. Even the cartoon series notes the birth place of knowledge of the force,though the planet was wrong.
    "Sithose" was the origin of the discovery of the force. It's people we're referred to as Sith. The Sith religion was based upon Sithose being the homeworld of the discovery of the force, and was the first world to be destroyed by those craving, and mastering dark side power to be destroyed. It was so decimated by dark side users it remained unlivable even thousands of years later.
    The world Yoda visits in the cartoon series is actually a second world discovered by those who escaped Sithose before it's destruction. It was on that world the sith people decided to limit their use of the force so as that world would not suffer the same rate as Sithose. It was their that Darth Bain made the rule of two. He, his apprentice, and the military under his command wiped out the lower level users after the main cities and temples had been built because of uprisings that continually threatened the existence of the Sith people, and their new world.
    Unlike Sithose, Darth Bain had complete control of this new world, and even though in the end the sith people, and the entire military had to be destroyed. The world was still habitable and the Sith "religion", and the rule of two remained.
    The Jedi weren't even a practice, or religion until about a thousand years later when it was discovered the force also had a light side. Before that the force was considered cosmic dark magic....and completely feared.

  • Narose Draconis
    Narose Draconis 13 days ago +1

    This is why I prefer the concept of Gray jedi over the sith and jedi Concept.

  • darthdude
    darthdude 13 days ago

    old canon/lehends was discarded so disney could plagiarise the fuck out of it and pass it off as their own, just look at rebels(force unleashed), cunts.

  • darthdude
    darthdude 13 days ago

    nice shirt, I'd have put dies in between the words humanity and first.

  • Anubis Pup
    Anubis Pup 13 days ago +2

    I want some serious books on this stuff. Big ones.

  • Setnakt Frost
    Setnakt Frost 13 days ago

    I think you finally made some sense of The Last Jedi.

  • Imperial Security Bureau

    I like it

  • Mara Jade
    Mara Jade 15 days ago +1

    Malacor 5... They better be giving us Revan with that.

  • TheBelegur
    TheBelegur 17 days ago +1

    I always thought it was a mistake that the Jedi didn't free Anakin's mother from slavery, and Obi Wan should not have trained him.

  • One Of Those Guys
    One Of Those Guys 17 days ago

    I think you are wrong in ways on certain things. But we are all growing here.

  • Jedigauvin
    Jedigauvin 19 days ago

    Their real dark secret was they didn’t teach the padawans how to get the high ground

  • Muskoka Man
    Muskoka Man 19 days ago

    It would seem that the existentialism of either doctrine & the search for it's purest form by it's practitioners is the very act of the force manifesting balance within itself for the purpose of a greater synthesis of itself. In a sense a kind of Mitosis or Meiosis on a grand scale...

  • Christopher Aquino
    Christopher Aquino 21 day ago

    The gray force wielders are nothing new. It is skimmed over in some of the animated series. It is not as popular because no one talks about it. It is easier to divide the world into good and evil. Your point of view is good and those who do not agree with you are evil. I was very disappointed that The Last Jedi did not pursue this idea of a gray Jedi. Maybe episode IX. Though Disney seems hellbent in keeping the Jedi's dark secret and prattle along as Disney does. I am very sure that it is very difficult for Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams to direct for Disney. Most big decisions are made by corporate committee. I get why these directors do it. If it is a hit the director gets all the kudos. Disney has very few failures. The opposite is also true. If a Disney film does less than expected, the committee does not get blamed. The director gets slammed. There is no gray area with Disney. Sound familiar? We won't see The Gray Jedi mentioned because when a movie is simple more people will go to see it. Cha-ching!! Money makes Disney go 'round. At the expense of a good story.

  • Erik Deusenberry
    Erik Deusenberry 21 day ago

    Grey Jedi are a bad middle ground kotor 2 Darth Traya explains this the whole game explains this.

  • Erik Deusenberry
    Erik Deusenberry 21 day ago

    This is all Disney B.S. please don't give it praise remember true fans Mark Hamil Luke Skywalkers actor hated this movie and even Harrison Ford Han Solo himself thought these films and Disney were and always be a joke expanded universe is true star wars.

  • milagros tuberlleha
    milagros tuberlleha 22 days ago

    your voice and ur face is irritating

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    and then...

    we got anakin lol

  • josue Fuentes
    josue Fuentes 22 days ago

    It's an order and they fallow their own rules instead of following the force.

  • The Biscuit
    The Biscuit 23 days ago

    I think you sound like a liberal who has helped destroy the simplest humanity good through forced abstraction for no other reason than to be abstract

  • charles Receski
    charles Receski 23 days ago

    The Galactic Empire brought stability and peace to the galaxy after the destructive clone wars but the rebels wrecked the universe and opened the door to the Yuuzhan Vong onslaught

  • Morning Frost
    Morning Frost 24 days ago

    Whatever buddy!! You can believe your theory while someone is robbing you!!🤣😆🤣😆 oh wait!! That's right he only had one parent!

  • Chucky Thedoll
    Chucky Thedoll 24 days ago

    It could be that green milk made Luke crazy too.....

  • Chucky Thedoll
    Chucky Thedoll 24 days ago

    A great video sir!

  • williams milton
    williams milton 24 days ago

    The Jedi are evil yhe Sith are good.

  • Joe Eachus
    Joe Eachus 24 days ago

    Don't be an alienist bro.

  • Darth Pepe
    Darth Pepe 24 days ago

    Liberals should take note here.. they think they’re the Jedi (prequel era).. and their narrow minded, extremists views to one side will lead to their ultimate destruction.. it was foretold in the prophecy. Except republicans aren’t the evil empire that they make us out to be.

  • Mac Martin
    Mac Martin 24 days ago

    This guy sux

  • madbear3512
    madbear3512 25 days ago

    I tried of the mother fucking Jedi on my mother fucking plane

  • Nick Saso
    Nick Saso 25 days ago

    I think you should make the next Star Wars

  • William Esselman
    William Esselman 26 days ago

    The dark secret is that it was never Star Wars it was misogyny Wars

  • Outcast 031
    Outcast 031 26 days ago

    I will admit right now that my perspective of the Disney star wars trilogy is very negative. I hated the force awakens, yes I said "hated" and I despise the last jedi but one thing I always enjoyed was the ability to speculate about any sci fi, fantasy or horror stories that have more going on behind the scenes. I mention all this because I often get the feeling that it is ok for us to speculate about the extended universe from star wars legends but with Disney star wars it seems as though those who are in charge are all to quick to correct any upbeat speculation that a die hard fan would have had. By this I mean that theorizing about the subject almost seems pointless thanks to how lucasfilm now handles the story

  • Collin Flintjer
    Collin Flintjer 26 days ago

    breath of life, law of the ages

  • Farrdawg Joker
    Farrdawg Joker 27 days ago

    Dont you ever bring up that name again it is blasphemous and should be punishable by a beating. The one who sounds like Brian Swanson we do not speak of. He is the killer of all things Star Wars.

  • nathaniel Roberts
    nathaniel Roberts 27 days ago

    your so right about all of what you said

  • malikail57
    malikail57 27 days ago +1

    No it's actually the Jedi not both sides. Having abandoned in the idea of Live and Let Live they are literally hunting people down for disagreeing with them philosophically. The Jedi are much closer to Nazis than they are to good guys

  • Carson Casmirri
    Carson Casmirri 28 days ago

    That’s what I hated about the new series. The idea that just because there is a few bad things in an organization it needs to be destroyed. Like Luke has the ability to fix the problems of the past with a new generation and what does he do? He fucks up wallows in his own self pity and decides to destroy what was supposed to be his responsibility and his legacy. He burned the meal so he decides to light the kitchen on fire

  • Jonathan Lociscek
    Jonathan Lociscek Month ago

    Good point

  • DeadNinjutsu
    DeadNinjutsu Month ago

    Hmm, good video and I believe you are correct. I feel like this means Luke broke the prophecy, he was meant to bring balance to the force (and he could have done that by allowing the Jedi to die out) but Instead allowed the unbalanced Jedi to continue so the force remains out of balance. I guess the prophecy was just a possible outcome but we ended up with the darkest timeline. You let us all down Luke, should have just signed up to the Imperial Academy early like you planned instead of getting tangled up with cultists and terrorists.

    • DeadNinjutsu
      DeadNinjutsu Month ago

      PS You know that old saying - 'Give a man enough rope and he will plunge the galaxy into a thousand years of brutal unrelenting war.'

  • Connor Anderson
    Connor Anderson Month ago

    Oh, so the Jedi commit the Crusades. Understabdable.

  • Gnasher M
    Gnasher M Month ago

    Did you not watch the movie, he was so down trodden is because he failed his fellow Jedi, He failed Ben Solo, and he said, He'll never train another Jedi, he came to the island to die.

    FUGALS WORLD Month ago

    I agree

  • Nizaris1
    Nizaris1 Month ago

    Dark Side =/= Sith, Light Side =/= Jedi, these two are just organizations that use certain type of The Force.
    Everyone who have certain amount of midichlorian can use The Force, even without joining either organizations.

  • Kyle Acunia
    Kyle Acunia Month ago

    Fucker I completely forgot about luke milking the space cow until you showed it damn ot 😭

  • gobishima
    gobishima Month ago

    Beautiful theory!

  • Critias100
    Critias100 Month ago

    The last jedi still Sucks

  • herichimoify
    herichimoify Month ago

    The appeal to moderation can be as extreme as any other ideology.
    The middle ground is not always the correct answer.

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics Month ago

    (standing ovation) You got it! Now try applying this to everything else. Changes the whole world a bit..

  • jaevon jackson
    jaevon jackson Month ago

    I had a feeling I liked the Sith more and I guess it finally paid off.

  • Bogdan Cvetkovic
    Bogdan Cvetkovic Month ago

    So much for the tolerant Jedi.

  • darrin ray
    darrin ray Month ago

    Real cute to show only whites being racist and evil in your real world example photos especially when the most murderous monster was Mao during his rule of China. But that’s ok, right? Just keep up with the status quo and not the whole truth.

  • Sentient Thundertank

    I think Rey is such a Mary Sue because like Anakin she is born of the force, just like plagius was the creator of Anakin, Palpatine was the creator of Rey

  • GoldenBadger
    GoldenBadger Month ago

    Plot twist: the original Jedi Order actually accepts the darker side of the force, but someone decided Jedis shouldn't do that.

  • R Jonboy
    R Jonboy Month ago

    Your theory fits in with Lucas' original "samauri warrior journey" concept. The yin/yang principle is not a dichotomy like good/evil but rather two sides of the same energy: literally the giving and the recieving. To be alive is to take in and give out: stop one and life ends. You can't have one without the other. Life is made up of light and dark, order and chaos, and when you get too much of one life becomes unmanageable. Without darkness light becomes blinding and without light darkness also makes one blind.
    I thought that was why the Jedi order fell. They were blind to Palpatine and he was blind to Vader who threw him to his death. It's all from Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.

  • Thomas Welsh
    Thomas Welsh Month ago

    The universe is full of jedi. Yet one single lone Sith shows up and there is an "imbalance in the force" W in T actual F.

  • Thomas Estwick
    Thomas Estwick Month ago

    Every time I see that scene where Luke tosses the light saber I am reminded of the feeling I got in the pit of my stomach.
    That was the very moment I knew something was horribly wrong. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

  • Neil Shirrell
    Neil Shirrell Month ago

    Wow! 6:03 Dave Mustaine is a jedi!

  • Robert Gräfe
    Robert Gräfe Month ago

    Aparently im not the only one, wondering how balancing the Force and one Side wining are suposed to equate.

  • 멘토르석사
    멘토르석사 Month ago

    Jedi is the analogy for Christianity and the pedosatanists who took shit over are hell-bent on turning everything upside down to make evil the good guys

  • Edward Everheart
    Edward Everheart Month ago

    SPOT FUCKING ON with all of the correlations you made to our own society, and specifically, our politics! I don't think anyone would be able to put it better than you did :)