The Dark Secret of the Jedi Order


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  • Riley Dickinson
    Riley Dickinson Day ago

    I love it. Great video

  • 86Tsmith
    86Tsmith 3 days ago

    I agree

  • Illidril
    Illidril 6 days ago

    Luke is angry in The Last Jedi because he never got to go to Thoshe Station.

  • Wrythil Valice
    Wrythil Valice 7 days ago

    "Theres always a bit of truth in legends" nice one disney now all you have too do is re-canonize them

  • Andhaira
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  • E G
    E G 8 days ago

    I believe the Jedi may have also been kidnappers. They seek out children with certain power levels and remove them from their families and train them to do the same.

  • xXtentionKord
    xXtentionKord 11 days ago

    More anti jedi propaganda

  • abbie tough
    abbie tough 12 days ago

    i thought luke didnt read the books, yoda say's ''read them, have you?''& luke just pulls a face, that prob 1 of reasons for his depression the answers he want r right there but he can understand then

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 13 days ago

    Rammahgon teaches the cyclical nature of the light and the dark sides of the force. Aionomica, simply translates to Book of Long ago or Book of Legends.

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 13 days ago

    You just had , just had to, end this otherwise decent post with Luke drinking boob milk. A scene that disgusts and revolts me. I find real world breast milk revolting, and its smell makes me gag. Which is why I avoid maternity wards. For doing this to me, I curse and give U a big FU.

  • Morrison Adams
    Morrison Adams 13 days ago

    Heh screw the Sith and Jedi. I sub side with bounty hunters.

  • Brickticks
    Brickticks 13 days ago

    Sigh, I wish SWTOR would add my lightsaber design to it's arsenal, if they would, I might start playing..... One thing though, it's only available in Red-Blade/Black-Core, and it's a Jedi's weapon, not a Sith's!!! QUAZA CORES RULE!!!!!!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go look at some prices for a Lego Pelta-Class Frigate to add to my Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars Collection. Rockatoa, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Republic of Eissentam & rankless Jedi ally Brickticks out!!!

  • Brickticks
    Brickticks 14 days ago

    Am I the only one who was grossed out by that ending? I need to go vomit!!! * Runs to Bathroom * Blech.... :'s * comes back * I'm.. ulp.. I'm good.......

  • reginald darius
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  • Thomas Robson
    Thomas Robson 16 days ago

    That's "The Dark Secret" only to those who don't know ancient history; I knew the Jedi "struck first" and started hunting down "dark and other "non-light siders" decades ago.

  • Star Wars Club
    Star Wars Club 17 days ago

    Don’t get why everyone says Jedi are evil , Bullshit every fuckin time

  • Antoni Djurkov
    Antoni Djurkov 20 days ago

    Moral is the arrogant and dogmatic jedi are the true evil.

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia 20 days ago +1

    That was a good video.
    Two extremes, no half way point, both sides are guilty.
    Got it. 😀


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  • D Black
    D Black 22 days ago

    This relates to many aspects and dimensions in life, which is cool.

  • Desolate Please
    Desolate Please 24 days ago +1

    Like if asoca is a grey Jedi

  • RedRiver Blue
    RedRiver Blue 24 days ago

    "The Teachings of Bogan" lol

  • c ball
    c ball 25 days ago

    I agree

  • Bud King
    Bud King 26 days ago

    Assam video

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 27 days ago +1

    Theme of the new star wars? Men are blundering fools and women are the heroes of the universe. Star Wars is so progressive... regressive....

  • Religious Otaku
    Religious Otaku 28 days ago

    Gonna be honest out of the two the Sith make more sense to me and seemed less like hypocrites. Obviously both are flawed but I’d rather follow the Sith code rather than the Jedi code

  • Zoe Moonlight
    Zoe Moonlight 29 days ago

    :*yoda* has left the chat:
    :*obi wan* has left the chat:
    :*mace* has left the chat:
    :*anakin* has joined the chat:

  • The Lost Cat :3
    The Lost Cat :3 Month ago

    I think Luke's Jedi order was better but grandmaster Yoda did make many good points

  • Jeramy Lanning
    Jeramy Lanning Month ago

    This is the fallacy of moderation. There is no such merit in the far right, there is no mix between freedom and slavery that creates a higher synthesis. There is no moral equivalent between fascism and those who oppose fascism.

  • Justin Pachi
    Justin Pachi Month ago

    Separation of Church and state would do wonders for the galaxy. Also demilitarizing both the Sith, Jedi, and Force cults would also work. This way the religious conflict between Sith and Jedi would be ended. The Jedi basically wipe out any religious dissidents abs burn their tracts is knowledge or philosophy. After many generations of this the Sith are vengeful and focus on destroying the Jedi and then the Republic which protected it. The Republic and Jedi committed genocide on the Sith homework’s and I am not surprised that it culminated in Palpatine destroying them.

  • sminkycorp
    sminkycorp Month ago

    *Tendency to doubt the Jedi intensifies*

  • Arez Dracul
    Arez Dracul Month ago

    I agree, the Jedi are narrow minded and believe that they are always right and only they can use and control the force for only the light side can exist and nothing ells.
    The SITH are slaves of there passion and get carried away in there cruelty, they over deluge.
    Moderation, light can not exist without darkness, nor darkness with out light.
    Jedi, SITH, SITH, Jedi, different sides of the same quarter.

  • Jairo Leal
    Jairo Leal Month ago

    Great video

  • HANHdrew
    HANHdrew Month ago

    .... a force sensitive tree?

  • david ryan
    david ryan Month ago

    Dude!!! stop being so amazing and really making my view point change!! you are too awesome:)

  • Keith Murray
    Keith Murray Month ago +1

    Last Jedi is just shit!

  • Joseph Mascia
    Joseph Mascia Month ago

    WAIT!! Did you miss it?? Did you?? Ancient Jeh-Die??? Canadian, British, Australian... Jeh-Die?!? Why don't you just say, "I'm making a video based on every other video already made and literally making sound like my own voice and my own observations." How much more pretentious can you be than to PC pronounce a ficticious name that has been in the universal lexicon for over 40 years and has spawned actual state recognized religions? If you have cannon or ECU to support this pronunciation, please bring forward and be prepared to be blown away by cannon AND ECU!! Jeh-Die

  • Ryley Murphy
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  • M Ridlon
    M Ridlon Month ago

    If I were the devil... 🔥👿🔥

  • M Ridlon
    M Ridlon Month ago

    “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

  • Guy Stevenson
    Guy Stevenson Month ago

    The view of the force is no different than the life we live in this galaxy. It's much like, my apologies for throwing dangerous words around, liberals vs conservatives. They both influence life around them based on their belief structure. The truth is that it's the same for them, the Jedi and the Sith, as it is for us here on Earth in that is we come from the same place. The Sith and Jedi were, when the universe had more balance, as everyone always refers back to (like the "good old days" type philosophy), usually preached by the Jedi as if they had something to conquer as well, not accepting that they too are playing a part in the imbalance of it all (haha). At one point in that galaxy there were no Sith or Jedi, merely force users probably living more harmoniously and therefore no need for labels, much like the world we come from. Humans were at one point "primitive" but without labels. Once more defined ideologies came forth from man on any particular subject, the divisions were sewn and the labeling and, more importantly, the imbalance began. The Guardians of the Whills in Rogue One illustrate this best. They are the closest representation of what people may have been like in the days before the Jedi and the Sith. They used the force or perhaps it was the force, without labels or deep knowledge of or control of the force, used them. All they knew, as I believe primitive force users in the days before the Jedi or Sith believed in, was they were one with the force and the force was one with them. "It is the individual who imparts any will into an action being done, not the force itself".

    • Guy Stevenson
      Guy Stevenson Month ago

      The force works merely by the balance or imbalance currently going on in the universe, it has no will. While it's the individual entangled with the force, as they use one another until death, who works toward their individual will. Without this dynamic you have no spark of inspiration for life. The mystical, unseen and unproven tied in with the conscientious conscious sentient beings, both pulling on the strings that make life happen. Without one you haven't the need for the other.

  • Kinda Virtuoso
    Kinda Virtuoso Month ago

    This video is just further propaganda to bring down the Jedi by questioning and suggesting fault. In doing so, this video serves only to support the overall effort to degrade and recreate the Jedi as seen fit by Disney and Kathleen Kennedy. The new movies are intended to supplant the traditional Jedi gender and force a Female lead Jedi hero down our throats, which is about as ridiculous as the WNBA. Now, of course there has always been female Jedi, but the Star Wars stories have been told from a Male perspective as the majority of Jedi are. It’s obvious the agenda behind the creative process considering the leader of this PC shit fest, Kathleen Kennedy. The first movie was intended to ease us into this new imagining of Star Wars with the gloves coming off in Rian Johnson’s utter destruction of Star Wars as we know it. The truth is that this new canon is agenda driven with subtle and not so subtle Political and Ideological beliefs surrounding woman and the emasculation of men. Just look how they killed the 2 primary Male leads Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker... It’s so obvious everyone can see it, which is why a predominantly male fan base rejected it. The malicious Kathleen Kennedy trope posits that Men had their time and now it’s the woman’s time to be the hero. That women need to run things seeing as the Jedi just messed everything up being the reckless men they are. So now we are stuck trying to relate to a female lead Jedi having been conditioned our whole life to the contrary. Rey as our new Jedi is wrong and being treated to a shriveled up emasculated Luke Skywalker just twists the knife even further. The cowardly and un-hero like portrayal of Luke Skywalker resembles nothing of the real character, which to me is unforgivable. This was by design to punish males and rub it in, just look at Kathleen’s treatment of Male Fans on social media. The Luke Skywalker I know was not represented in the Last Jedi and as far as I’m concerned these new movies don’t even count as legitimate Star Wars, especially The Last Jedi for sure. It should be titled instead “The Last Male Jedi”. That’s the intention behind these movies. I mean seriously, Ghost vanishing into thin air. WTF?

  • Moon Milk
    Moon Milk Month ago

    I don't think Disney needs to re-define what the force is. We have literally millennia of the dark side and light side, and it's only recently that balance is being discovered? Seems like mitochondria 2.0.

    • Moon Milk
      Moon Milk Month ago

      ​+Josiah Nieman The force isn't explicitly defined. The Jedai are one point of view among many. If the force truly is balance, it sure seems to be terrible at it.

    • Josiah Nieman
      Josiah Nieman Month ago

      Disney isn't changing what the force is, they are only reminding people of what the force was and still IS, Balance between light and dark. Disney didn't make the Jedai, who as everyone knows were the original users of force, and what did they strive for? balance between the light and dark, so pray tell how Disney is changing anything.

  • Mike Warnke
    Mike Warnke Month ago +1

    Ah, nice literally xenophobic shirt lol

  • Omgshineyx
    Omgshineyx Month ago

    Pretty sure Luke's just pissed of from having to drink green milk

  • Endless Waffles
    Endless Waffles Month ago +1

    9:08 Completely unrelated footage...

  • PainfulEndurance
    PainfulEndurance Month ago

    8:23 put the speed to 0.25

  • SOGOodAt This
    SOGOodAt This Month ago

    When you’re trying to say that the Darkside somehow was in the right, no they’re not they might’ve started that way in your version but if you look at it every time I dark Lord comes to power he always does something extreme highly volatile and highly dangerous to the world stage or a galactic stage look at Darth Malak he destroyed entire planet just to find two people, Darth Mellow created a giant unending slave cult bent on the ritualization of killing Jedi for centuries in the dark times, there are countless stories and accounts of cyst not agreeing with other people and just straight up killing them to get their way. Yes the Sith might have been in the right because they did not strike first but their morals in of them selves is corrosive violent and extremely manipulative and there end goals is the other destruction of any other group who does not look act or believe like the Sith and guess what other group acts like that..... Nazis there’s a reason why Lucas made all of the officers in the death star all white because he’s trying to subtly say that the empire is the equivalent of Nazis, Look I actually do like the Sith in a lot of ways they are interesting they are sometimes in a gray area and sometimes they’re pretty much just bat shit crazy but to say that the Sith are in the right is not true that is your opinion but if your systematic believe system is the complete eradication of another belief system then you are not right.

  • Rikka-ka ka
    Rikka-ka ka Month ago

    Truly enlightening

  • Simply the Best
    Simply the Best Month ago

    "He didn't fucking read it"

  • Elise Kehle
    Elise Kehle Month ago

    solid theory, just getting tired of you equating protests against racist violence with literal Nazis

  • benjamin hildon
    benjamin hildon Month ago

    I like all the life lessons in this

  • Jonathan Lociscek
    Jonathan Lociscek Month ago

    Good point

  • Robert Oakes
    Robert Oakes Month ago

    It's called The Hundred Year Darkness. Not, The 100 Years of Darkness. LoL. For future reference.

  • Adam Di'Cristofaro
    Adam Di'Cristofaro Month ago

    i think you hit the nail on the head with this theory . if you think about it if the jedi would have just let the brotherhood of darkness alone and let them kill themselves rather then making the army of the light Darth bane might never have been a important character that he became because of it .

  • Kly
    Kly Month ago

    10:53 tastes just, like strawberry milk :-1

  • Josh Maggard
    Josh Maggard Month ago

    This was good, but Luke was pissed because Disney didn't want him around anymore. They want to replace him with Miki SkyMouse, a new hero for this crappy...I mean new....age of "Star Wars" movies.

  • Ron Funches
    Ron Funches Month ago

    The younglings were molested, I knew it

  • John Olufs
    John Olufs Month ago


  • P77777777
    P77777777 Month ago

    Its possible the concept of dark side and light side is a lie and harmful itself theres only the force and whatever emotions you use while wielding it and whatever goal youre trying to achieve with it
    The force itself could also have some kind of "greater plan" that nobody can really control anyway. Things like "thats the will of the force" are talked about a lot so it could be possible whatever happens both good and bad is just part of a plan similar to things like "its all part of god's plan" in our universes religions

  • Ian S
    Ian S Month ago +1

    you did a good job on the break down. the force itself is a neutral element. It depends on the wielder how it is used. Weather Sith or Jedi.

  • CrazyBear65
    CrazyBear65 Month ago +1

    They both reject balance out of hand. You can't have the Yin without the Yang, and vice versa.

  • Forsparda
    Forsparda Month ago

    "the sith embody everything that makes us human!" what like murder and sadism? torture? causing then reveling in chaos?

  • Flushmaster1
    Flushmaster1 Month ago

    I like this guy. So many people these days want to pick a side of any given argument and insist everybody who disagrees in the slightest is wrong. Looking at both sides and at least considering, seriously considering, opposing opinions is the way to go. Make your own decision, but at least take in all of the facts first.

  • David Canady
    David Canady Month ago

    Morally speaking, this guy is a full of garbage. Those who engage in moral relativism support evil.

  • Narrative Knight
    Narrative Knight Month ago

    Completely spot on. The Jedi hated their own humanity and sought to divorce themselves from it where as the Sith hate the idea of enlightenment, think it nothing more than self-delusion and cowardice towards acknowledging everything visceral that makes us human. This is assuming that any of them are human at all instead of possibly aliens that just happen to look like us. ;) The truth is that we need to look inward and outside of ourselves to understand our place in the universe. In fact, both the Jedi and the Sith were truly evil. In the end, the bad guys win. How does that hand your Star Wars hat?

  • Eternal Emperor Valkorion

    6:05 Jedi master Mustaine

  • Chris Indermuehle
    Chris Indermuehle 2 months ago +1

    What you say is very true. All TLJ haters out there that cry apostasy over Luke's character have no idea what is in the Jedi tomes and no idea what else he has experienced or found since his disappearance. In all probability his behavior is directly linked to those things and perfectly explain what he became. How can you possibly judge that until you know what he found?

    • qk1001
      qk1001 Month ago

      ........and all that would be fine if they actually BUILD on that
      but they won't because they suck at making a trilogy

  • Donny Jackson
    Donny Jackson 2 months ago

    The Jedi are ass h0les

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez 2 months ago

    After watching this and other videos, I have come to a simple conclusion. Ryan Johnson is not responsible for the movie's "failure". It's overthinking fanatic nerds who made it this way. Not to mention those who expect this movie to be linear with "canon". Because the first thing that was said, is that this is not canon. Nothing in life is linear, so why should this movie be linear. The movie merges elements of episodes 5 and 6 into one movie. It left me with a "where do they go from here?" sense. And it, worked. Seeing as even those who swear on their left eye to hate the movie just BLABBING on and on about how they won't watch episode nine. Sure you won't. Disney has you figured out, kids.

  • Malakia Hatcher
    Malakia Hatcher 2 months ago

    Very informative video. Considering the Jedi are so conservative and deny Jedi from the pleasures of relationships and things that make us human. They create the enemies they would of otherwise had kept as allies. And the Sith use that as a tool to seduce Jedi to the dark side. They use their weaknesses against them. And we see this in politics all the time.

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight 2 months ago

    If there are only Jedi and no Sith, can it achieve balance?

  • Lord Teapot
    Lord Teapot 2 months ago


  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 2 months ago +1

    Jedi are supremacits.racist.elitist

  • Mandovakin
    Mandovakin 2 months ago

    Aaand those of you who are Mandalorians have known that Jedi are jack wagons.

  • Jeffrey Morton
    Jeffrey Morton 2 months ago

    One of the better fan theory sites complete with a guy that actually knows how to speak into a microphone without droning. Gold job guys.

  • Raven 92
    Raven 92 2 months ago

    basically jedi and sith are one ernormous disagreement that has never been resolved started by the jedi and both sides have Long since forgotten WHY exactly they're disagreeing

  • Manakzar
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  • TheCrashingToaster
    TheCrashingToaster 2 months ago +1

    No amount of explanation justifies was Disney has done to Star Wars.

  • WhosAgreekGod
    WhosAgreekGod 2 months ago

    I like your interpretation, though the movie was simply poorly written and made to push a political agenda. It would nonsensical to believe that Luke would fall into such melancholy for what he learned the old religious text, just like how he would have attacked his own nephew because he saw darkness in him. If anything Luke would have gone in such of the text found the truth and balanced the forces like it was prophesied. Now that would have been the ending we could have looked forward to not this garbage Kathleen Kennedy and Ryan Johnson dished out... unfortunately the star wars we know and love is gone but at least we can have hope I knowing that Disney will have to sell it one day.

  • Ole Hillshire
    Ole Hillshire 2 months ago

    Disney killed my childhood when they made Luke such a puss cake.

  • Mikki O
    Mikki O 2 months ago

    Lucas has been on record as saying the dark side was not natural it was a corruption of the natural order. Balance is restoring nature, and I hate to break it to you just because things die in nature doesn't mean that evil is a part of it. Predators kill with no malice other than what is driven into them as survival instinct. The dark side is the effort to enforce YOUR will upon the universe, there is NOTHING natural about that therefore balance is by definition the elimination of it. You wouldn't tell someone suffering cancer that they are "in balance". Jesus, people need to get over the western concept of balance, and stop believing the yin and yang is good and evil.

  • Kyle Williamson
    Kyle Williamson 2 months ago

    I have a theory okay in Star Wars lore it says if you do not believe in the force you cannot use the force and therefore cannot wield a lightsaber but Han Solo picked up a lightsaber and cut the tauntauns Billy open but there was a scene while they were in the Millennium Falcon where solo says that he does not believe in the force so where he is not use the force so how could he use a lightsaber

  • Lars O
    Lars O 2 months ago

    As someone who walked away from religion ( all religion ) I can understand why Luke would become sour and basically a curmudgeon. He lost his Father because the Jedi POV had no room for someone like him. He was twisted by Sidious' hatred and became a tool... a pitbull turned vicious through constant negative reinforcement. Anakin WAS the Chosen One and if he'd been allowed to approach the Force from the middle, he would have protected it all. But the Jedi's dogmatic views crushed that hope and the Sith doctrine consumed him. Both failed him. Luke knows this now. Watching the same happen to Ben because of his blind faith in the Jedi way made him doubt himself and the history he has learned only crushed what was left. His was a life wasted in service of a warped religion. You'd be pissed off and apathetic too.

  • Grenherb
    Grenherb 2 months ago

    so jedi are close minded assholes just like in the movies?

  • Bill's videos and shares

    Seems reasonable to me. Light cannot exist without dark. Balance. Yin/yang.

  • Nicholas McFeters
    Nicholas McFeters 2 months ago +1

    The fifth book to the left says “Mnuebs”, I think. It could just be a different script or writing style of Aurebesh. Like comparing cursive to printed English.

  • CrimsonNerd
    CrimsonNerd 2 months ago +1

    Let’s be real. A galaxy ruled by Jedi would be better and safer than ruled by Sith.

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown 2 months ago

    gotta love that green titty juice

  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po 2 months ago

    WTF? Paciao is a Star Wars fan?

  • dantopper123
    dantopper123 2 months ago

    Disney seriously trashed starwars. Well luke was hard set on the jedi teachings, then moved more into the gray jedi colum. He really did have a more rigid demeanor during the new "episodes"

  • Edwin van Ooijen
    Edwin van Ooijen 2 months ago

    Or as Voldemort would say "There is no Light or Dark, only Power and those too weak to use it."
    The power in this case is the Force and those too weak to use it are both the Jedi and Sith. The Jedi are blinded by the Light and see everything that is even the slightest bit of grey, as dark and (in their eyes) thus evil. The Sith are too easely corrupted by the Dark side there are a few exception and even they are corrupted in the end.
    Revan (in Legends) is even now seen as the Jedi/Sith that had mastered both sides of the Force and yet at the time of his death he was corrupted by his hatered for the Sith Emperor and caused his own soul to split. The other person (that I know of) is his Glorious Majesty, Immortal Master and Protector of Zakuul: Emperor Valkorion. In the SWTOR MMORPG (when the Outlander is Force sencitive) Valkorion says that the Outlander must learn both sides of the Force.

  • Soulforgex
    Soulforgex 2 months ago

    Extreme Right the Jedi - The Extreme Left the Sith

  • 0rbital
    0rbital 2 months ago

    It would have made the movies better if they had brought this out more.

  • Phil
    Phil 2 months ago +1

    At 8:26 , the Jedi's code is teaching humans to behave like machines: "Machine has no emotions, no ignorance, no passion, no chaos (it follows programming codes) and there is no death. No wonder it didn't work, because it is trying to apply another species thinking to humans. It's like trying to preach human's moral standards to cockroaches.

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese 2 months ago

    The backstory of the Jedi & Sith is certainly an interesting twist over the movies alone. The Jedi beliefs in no emotion, no passion, etc., is something one doesn't normally think too deeply about. The splitting off of factions does make a kind of 'human' sense, though. If one considers human history, this seems almost expected. it also reminds me of examples in other created universes. In Star Trek, we see the conflict between pure logic (Spock), and passion & intuition (Kirk). We can see a similar idea in Dune, where the Bene Gesserit shun the idea of love, until Darwi Odrade decides it's actually something her Sisterhood. She even teaches her protege Murbella, who feels this most poignantly in her love for Duncan Idaho. I'm even reminded of the movie The Dark Crystal, where the two factions are eventually reunited at the end of the hero's quest. However, I'd be quite surprised if they actually take this tack with Star Wars IX. They don't seem to have thought it out that far, which is really a shame. tavi.

  • Scott Merryman
    Scott Merryman 2 months ago

    Great message at the end!

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 months ago

    I love all the Star Wars lore, both sides have both plenty of zealots and fanatics however. But then again spices up the narrative.

  • bigdickinit injapan
    bigdickinit injapan 2 months ago

    Star wars is over aint you know that

  • Dejan Jancevski
    Dejan Jancevski 2 months ago +1

    This is a brilliant analysis, from a psychological point-of-view. LOVE IT!