Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight In 4 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Mar 19, 2013
  • Many of you have been asking us to do another "comic book" movie. Many of you have been asking us to do a "good" or universally-loved movie. So we did The Dark Knight, which ought to satisfy both groups. Here are all the sins of The Dark Knight.
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  • aah182
    aah182 2 days ago

    3:08 that's the beauty of Nolan's Joker he doesn't give a f**k if the original plan doesn't come through he just wants to see the city on fire!

  • Mr Werewolf 400
    Mr Werewolf 400 3 days ago

    3:35 I FRICKIN’ DIED😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marvelous David
    Marvelous David 5 days ago

    few i would add:
    -harvey not noticing joker under surgical mask.
    -how did the joker plant bombs all thru the hospital without anyone noticing considering hospitals never close?
    -at the end when batman fired him forearm batarangs at the jokers face, how did it not kill him or leave any open wounds?
    -why did luscious care so much about everyone’s privacy when literally hundreds of lives were at stake in the ferry’s??
    -when the joker blew up the police station how was the he only one still standing?
    -when in the swat truck, the officer told harvey they would need something much stronger to get thru the armor yet there was clearly holes in the sides from the shotgun blasts
    -during the bank heist how was the bus hit on the clown enough to kill him?

  • DRDan097
    DRDan097 5 days ago


  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas 6 days ago

    redo this video

  • abdul rehman
    abdul rehman 7 days ago

    I am suprised why didn't he removed a sin or two for leadger's acting.

  • ChamRobloxGames
    ChamRobloxGames 9 days ago

    How is dc comics a sin?

  • Mr. DanZa
    Mr. DanZa 10 days ago

    Why was dc comics a sin?

  • Rishujeet Rai
    Rishujeet Rai 14 days ago

    The only thing that bugs me about this movie, which is actually a huge sin, is that Bruce said he was playing things pretty close to the chest not Gordon. That is such a big mistake for someone like Nolan.

  • The Zequan Show
    The Zequan Show 14 days ago

    You should’ve taken all the sins off for the end when he says The Dark Knight “ roll credits “ then they actually roll the credits

  • King Kxrd
    King Kxrd 16 days ago

    This was better than suicide squad 😂

  • Tadgh O Sullivan
    Tadgh O Sullivan 16 days ago


    • Anubis
      Anubis 12 days ago

      Nolan tard

  • Tom Larson
    Tom Larson 19 days ago

    1:00 Vsauce. Get on this shit already. We are fucking waiting! You have one job!

  • Bibo8448
    Bibo8448 19 days ago

    another sin... gun conveniently fails to shoot harvey dent

  • A rookie who like video editing

    really?! you are a SWAT officer! lol
    also I really like cinemasins but I grow tired to the sin videos at 6 years later that keep running like 15-20 minutes ....I mean maybe not every movie is as good as dark knight or Jurassic Park, but I hope one day Cinemasins can spare me from very long long bad jokes and present shorter wiser sentences.

  • Panic! at the twenty øne chemical brides


  • ZenyX CZ
    ZenyX CZ 24 days ago

    * Ding *

  • Dan Finnegan
    Dan Finnegan 25 days ago

    Why is DC Comics a sin?

  • LifeofMeh_YT
    LifeofMeh_YT 25 days ago

    Title: 4 minutes or less
    Video: 4:26

  • Lucas Pfaffernoschke
    Lucas Pfaffernoschke Month ago +2

    Can we get a re-upload of this? I want to see how many sins will be taken off for Heith Ledger.

    CJ HUMALA Month ago

    That moment when endgame has more sins than the dark knight🤭💯

  • Wesson Pierce
    Wesson Pierce Month ago

    Damn i agree Heath Ledger did very good in this movie and portrayed a good joker but some of you motherfuckers are riding him. Definitely not saying he wasn't good nor am i saying that the movie wasn't good but everyone is just like "oh heath ledger, oh my god the movie is good because of heath ledger" like he was the only one in this movie lmao. am i the only one that thought Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart did really good?

    • Anubis
      Anubis 12 days ago

      The Nolan fanbase is basically the equivalent of the code geass fanbase could you believe some nolan tards saying that heath is a better actor than daniel day lewis

  • Başar Savaş
    Başar Savaş Month ago


    • Simon Sez
      Simon Sez Month ago

      Başar Savaş I’m not familiar with his other films, which ones are some overrated ones?

  • Eniten Oku
    Eniten Oku Month ago

    These observations are close to, if not oversee-able and insignificant

    • Simon Sez
      Simon Sez Month ago

      I just watched this on TNT the other night and honestly saw a lot of the “sins” before watching this video... they’re definitely easy to oversee your first couple times watching when you’re paying more attention to the plot but for me it was easy to notice the some of them after watching the film for the first time in a long time and already knowing what would happen

  • Haseen Shakal Productions

    Tumblr flipping and dent saying u do like to play things close to the chest were real sins

  • James White-Aldworth

    You’re not going to sin Maggie Gyllenhaal???

  • Oliver Gray Plays
    Oliver Gray Plays Month ago

    This is my favourite film of all time

  • Toxin of meeenes
    Toxin of meeenes Month ago

    How dare you sin my favorite movie of all time.

  • Peppa What are you doing in my google account

    Rest in peace Heath Ledger 😔🤚

  • Aiden Goings
    Aiden Goings Month ago

    1:53 he knows because he's the greatest detective ever

  • a prole
    a prole Month ago

    I must say, that sonar line really grinds on me...

  • Christina Costley
    Christina Costley Month ago

    Do A Knight's Tale please!

  • ObiJuanKenobi
    ObiJuanKenobi Month ago

    My question is at the end of the hospital explosion scene, when he's messing with the detonator in plain view. He fiddles with it, the rest of the bombs go off, then he just gets in an open bud with people in it RIGHT next to him and no one questions it?

  • I’m Jet
    I’m Jet Month ago

    Batman begins: 50 sins
    Batman the dark knight: 43 sins
    Batman the dark knight rises: 73 sins

    One of them had to fuck it up...

  • newtonvoig
    newtonvoig Month ago

    you don't sin batman and Rachel falling off a roof and crushing a car and the movie immediately jump cuts to Rachel walking briskly at work the next day totally fine?

  • Leo Vinchi
    Leo Vinchi Month ago

    Because he's batman...

  • G H
    G H Month ago

    Is the Joker ambidextrous? He shoots the bank manager with the gun in his left hand. Minutes later, he kills the bus driver with the gun in his right hand. Thereafter, he fires guns and carves people up using knives in his right hand.

  • Imrahil
    Imrahil Month ago

    Missed the obvious "roll credits" ironic pun.

  • Dash _ Onexwyte
    Dash _ Onexwyte Month ago

    Why so serious?

  • Mehtap Cosgun
    Mehtap Cosgun Month ago

    The shittiest Batman movie ever, all Nolan movies are crap. Why the Joker stands in broad daylight with make up and holding a mask in the intro when Gothamites don't care that there is a dumb homicidal clown in plain sight? Also the pencil trick is dumb, no blood left behind, and Heath Ledger is no Mr Muscle by wrestling a broad shouldered Black man and the Joker is outnumbered. The Gangsters could have shot him between the eyes.
    Also, the Joker does care about money, all that Donnie Darko bullshit which Nolan ripped off including the "hit me!" Scene from the 1989 Batman movie is enough to scream out it's not an Innovation. Burning half of the money is not a landslide when zillions of crisp US dollars is still floating around and he brought the most hideous purple suit with Gangsters money because he said so... don't care about money huh? What a dumbass movie.

  • fsociety00
    fsociety00 Month ago

    you forget thats a movie man 😂😂😂

  • Anirban Ghosh
    Anirban Ghosh Month ago

    U have quite the guts to make a video like this, when it sits at no. 4 on imdb

  • Nicolette James
    Nicolette James Month ago

    You've never made a woman orgasm? That just means you're bad in bed.

  • Jason Grigoropoulos

    Also the cop who stayed in the interrogation room with the Joker. There was no point for him to be in there, and Joker managed to escape because of that.

  • Ray Khamis
    Ray Khamis Month ago

    I always assumed the pencil went through his eye socket. Totally possible.

  • Robert Straw
    Robert Straw Month ago

    Fuck off.

  • michael sampson
    michael sampson Month ago +2

    This is bold cinema sins, you’ve poked the bear named “internet”

  • Quinn Griffin
    Quinn Griffin Month ago

    how did he count the joke about semen as a sin for this movie? cmon man

  • Quinn Griffin
    Quinn Griffin Month ago

    a testament to how great this movie was is that this video was 4 minutes long without the intro or outro

  • K. M
    K. M Month ago +1

    The Sentence at the end should've been, I just want my phone call.

  • Prateek Joshi
    Prateek Joshi Month ago

    How joker (in a nurse dress) after blowing up the hospital got into a school bus without people noticing?

  • U Catta
    U Catta 2 months ago

    Greatest movie ever don’t @ me

  • Natan Veneno
    Natan Veneno 2 months ago +5

    The only thing wrong about this movie is the fight scenes

  • Xloudy
    Xloudy 2 months ago

    The pencil didn't go through the head, it went through the eyeball

  • Jonathan Piano
    Jonathan Piano 2 months ago

    This shouldn’t even be a video. The Dark Knight was one of the best Batman movies

  • DavEyOne SlimObi
    DavEyOne SlimObi 2 months ago

    When Batman drops on the van, hes not parallel with the front, but magically lands parallel. Also, if there was a driver that got crushed, his foot possibly jammed on the brake, hints why the vehicle stopped.

    KEEL ME YT 2 months ago

    Half of these dont even make sense

  • David Gindi
    David Gindi 2 months ago

    You missed a major sin. When Batman misses hitting the Joker on his motorcycle and knocks into the truck, there were 2 henchmen with the joker. One gets electrocuted from touching Batman’s mask but the other one just disappears, allowing Gordon to arrest the joker.

  • Sumit Velaskar
    Sumit Velaskar 2 months ago +3

    The witness bringing a gun was literally the plot of the movie that there exist gotham full of corrupt people.
    You're just nitpicking

    • Simon Sez
      Simon Sez Month ago

      I think that’s the point though, there was barely anything to critique about this movie. At least in comparison to a lot of other popular films. They really had to nitpick in order to make a video on it but they have a 20+ minute video about everything great from this movie

  • Milkshake 123
    Milkshake 123 2 months ago

    The only good thing about this movie was Joker’s performance everything else was shit