Zeus the Frogfish Lures & Catches a Live Fish *viewer discretion advised*

  • Published on Apr 13, 2013
  • *If you are uncomfortable seeing a live fish being eaten by another fish, please refrain from watching the video. Zeus is not yet ready to eat thawed frozen food, although we're working on it! Feeding frozen/thawed food is both safer in preventing disease and more convenient than finding live food. This video is to show how anglers aka frogfish hunt and lure their prey. Zeus is a warty frogfish. He is currently in an 8 gallon, but will be moving to a 40 gallon soon for his permanent residence. Due to the bioload created from the amount of food a frogfish eats, an 8 gallon is not suitable for a permanent habitat. Frogfish will eat any live tankmates, shrimp or fish, even ones twice their own size. Unfortunately, this often kills the frogfish and his tankmates so it is best to dedicate a tank just to frogfish.

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  • princeofexcess
    princeofexcess 4 years ago

    hah. it tries to bait and when that doesnt work it just walks up to it and ambushes it

  • TrotGallopandWhoa
    TrotGallopandWhoa 4 years ago

    I have notice fish are super adorable

  • Utube Guy
    Utube Guy 6 years ago

    is your frogfish still alive? make a video update if so!

  • chris miller
    chris miller 3 years ago

    u have to feed it something that would consume a worm....

  • Gib Bogle

    The lure was not involved.