Why This London Shop Is Potato Chip Heaven

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • HipChips in London is dedicated to only chips. The restaurant mixes four to five different types of chips to vary their tastes and textures. HipChips continues to elevate the crisp game with sweet and savory dips, ranging from classic cheese to s'mores.
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  • William Mayer
    William Mayer Month ago +1

    I go here from time to time to get chips and dips for me and my housemates. It's really the dips that make it; like a lot of basic comfort foods there's only really so good potato chips can get, but the dips are everything.

  • Komodo Productions
    Komodo Productions 2 months ago

    Got a reduce diabetes ad before this


    Is that a warning?

  • it's lizelle
    it's lizelle 2 months ago +1

    Meat chip thumbnail?

  • Marla Dickens
    Marla Dickens 2 months ago

    0:11 and 2:45 PO-TA-TOES! WHOO potatoes!

  • KanDuyog118
    KanDuyog118 3 months ago

    They should use ube and sweet potatoes too, and taro, I've had them before and they didn't disappoint.

  • Moonlight Bae
    Moonlight Bae 3 months ago

    It actually kinda looks nasty lol

  • debidebs
    debidebs 3 months ago

    OK so I'm going to this place next week

  • Minimellycat
    Minimellycat 3 months ago

    We need this in Manchester!

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 3 months ago

    Hawaii is potato chip heaven!

  • 48162342
    48162342 3 months ago

    He looks like a potato himself...

  • Nadine B.
    Nadine B. 3 months ago

    I thought those were raw tong slices

  • Irene Mendez
    Irene Mendez 3 months ago

    I wonder why British people have obesity problem🙄

  • 723lion
    723lion 3 months ago

    looks like heart failure liver failure and cancer

  • ELITE Noob
    ELITE Noob 3 months ago

    Looks lush.

  • Great White
    Great White 3 months ago

    seize the private business

  • Sujal The First Aries Army

    Who else thought that the clickbait were sliced pieces of beef 🤔

  • Julie mullen
    Julie mullen 3 months ago

    What do they fry them in that wasn't mentioned

  • Naz Shams
    Naz Shams 3 months ago

    Marshmallow dips??????

  • Skipford
    Skipford 3 months ago +1

    Everyone eats Chris

    ABHISHEK GHOSH 3 months ago +2

    Really Lord Varys, finally it comes to this. Now you are selling chips?

  • Blueberry Gamer
    Blueberry Gamer 3 months ago +2

    I thought raw meat was in the thumbnail lol

  • Mittron
    Mittron 3 months ago

    Why tf puts that much dip on a single chip

  • BlackAsteroid
    BlackAsteroid 3 months ago +1

    You were calling them chips, confusing for us Brits.

  • Lady TekNo
    Lady TekNo 3 months ago

    I need one of these in my life

  • Christine Clarke
    Christine Clarke 3 months ago +1

    Crisps. Crisps. Crisps. In the UK they are called CRISPS.

  • Runeman40055
    Runeman40055 3 months ago +1

    Yeah and it’ll be 20 quid for the box

  • demise3601
    demise3601 3 months ago

    They are called CRISPS retards

    C' EST MOI C.S.LOUE 3 months ago

    I need you hipchips

  • K. De.
    K. De. 3 months ago

    We need a shop like this in America!!

  • Jimmy Quach
    Jimmy Quach 3 months ago

    Why isn't this called hipcrisps?

  • JIAH
    JIAH 3 months ago

    This is heaven for savory kind of gal like me. It would be the ultimate cheat day.

  • R
    R 3 months ago

    Thought these were tongues

  • Pablo
    Pablo 3 months ago

    Nah just give me salt and vinegar crisps instead

  • Mr Steal Your Girl
    Mr Steal Your Girl 3 months ago

    I thought they were shoes soles in the thumbnail

  • brittany miller
    brittany miller 3 months ago

    Can we get this in the states pls and thank you!

  • Quintoxified
    Quintoxified 3 months ago

    Theyre not chips theyre crisps

  • Miti Shekhar
    Miti Shekhar 3 months ago

    This looks so delicious I wish we had one like this here..

  • Robyn Hood
    Robyn Hood 3 months ago


  • Alaunt
    Alaunt 3 months ago

    Says they use five different types but they only name three... tell me the other two damn it!

  • a
    a 3 months ago

    🤤 get-in-ma'-belly!!!

  • Sin Vee
    Sin Vee 3 months ago +1

    Wow I nva knew this place existed now I have to go!!! 😋 crisps heaven
    I did go it was £4.95 for small which they packed up. I preferred the savoury and the lime, jalapeño n coriander dip. It was a nuce experi7and staff were very nice. Sadly the cadbury dip had gone bad! I guess staff didn't know... it didn't bother me as I preferred savoury. U should definitely try it out. Couples deal £15

  • Tonyyail28 818
    Tonyyail28 818 3 months ago

    Only white potatoes 🥔 sorry

  • kinn grimm
    kinn grimm 3 months ago +14

    while it looks great, could we loose the plastic cups?

    • kinn grimm
      kinn grimm 3 months ago

      @Auburn7543waffles for rather thick liquids, glass or ceramic when you eat at his shop, bio degradable paper container where the inside is waxed which also is bio easily degradable. I am not expert so those where just out of the top of my head i am sure there are already other and better solutions which are not plastic.

      I wouldn't have a big problem with plastic if either, if they would be clearly marked by their producer so it can be seen what type of plastik it is and the formular of it. That way recycling is actually doable in a sensible way. One of the biggest problems with recycling of plastics is that there are so many different types whereby the recycler has not clue of the chemical formular.

    • Auburn7543
      Auburn7543 3 months ago

      @kinn grimm what else can you put it in? Seriously answer that.

    • MancunianRedcoat
      MancunianRedcoat 3 months ago

      @kinn grimm Nobody gives a shit

    • kinn grimm
      kinn grimm 3 months ago +1

      @Lady TekNo like on reality? Which reality do you prefer, the one with the plastic garbage patch in the oceans, microplastic in drinking water and plasticizer feazing up our DNA or the one where people give a shit?

    • Lady TekNo
      Lady TekNo 3 months ago +1

      Get a grip

  • The Aalpha Pink Bureau
    The Aalpha Pink Bureau 3 months ago


  • Unbound GT
    Unbound GT 3 months ago

    The thumbnail looked like wagyu beef

  • fairj_free
    fairj_free 3 months ago

    Yeah... That's all I'm gonna say


    China lady u like fuk fukk meeee u knkwwwwww fooookcfooook me put chips in your vagina n dip the cum n eat Krisp u likkkke

  • OhWhat World
    OhWhat World 3 months ago +5

    This looks amazing.
    All of that packaging makes me feel uneasy though.... So much waste...

  • nutella nuteloo
    nutella nuteloo 3 months ago

    It's shit pure shit

  • Maria Nikolaou
    Maria Nikolaou 3 months ago +1

    Who puts sweet dips and sugar & cinammon on chips?

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    Crispy chips...

  • Lin 2017
    Lin 2017 3 months ago

    Now I figured why this woman’s skin appears saggy and puffy.

  • David Herbella
    David Herbella 3 months ago

    Give me salt and vinegar or give me death

  • Kane Smith
    Kane Smith 3 months ago

    This would go good with some chicken schnitzel

  • Haggard Blaggard
    Haggard Blaggard 3 months ago

    Why isn't it called HipCrisps?

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 3 months ago

    It's also stroke's heaven.

  • Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

    someone take me to London with them please

  • Jon Genova
    Jon Genova 3 months ago

    *C R I S P S*

  • .・ ゚ ゚・chloe ・ ゚ ゚・.

    ok that box with all the sauces 🤤🤤🤤

  • Sygma
    Sygma 3 months ago

    If you go to a mf restaurant for just chips re-evaluate your life

  • Denver Bajio
    Denver Bajio 3 months ago

    I thought it was potato chip heaven because they turn everything into crisps
    *Which is why most people thought it was meat in the thumbnail*

  • Shook Mercy
    Shook Mercy 3 months ago +1


  • DarknemeSiS
    DarknemeSiS 3 months ago +1

    You know when you work so hard it feels like your feet have been crushed by a sledge hammer

  • EggHeadUSA
    EggHeadUSA 3 months ago

    The cook looks so lovable

  • Jerry Menace
    Jerry Menace 3 months ago

    Theyre just fuckn potatoes, these hip millenials need toget overit.

    • Edits JAG
      Edits JAG 3 months ago

      Jerry Menace you could live of eating potatoes, scientifically posible

  • Νικολέτα Ελισάβετ Αρταβάνη

    The dip bowls should have been larger...

  • Yazlo Design
    Yazlo Design 3 months ago

    I’m American and really confused.

  • 7Traxx
    7Traxx 3 months ago

    P.s Forgive the lateness of my reply!

  • Lilkeer
    Lilkeer 3 months ago

    I like potato corner more, if any of u guys know what it is

  • flipthecoin888
    flipthecoin888 3 months ago

    I thought they called them crisps

  • HAx2
    HAx2 3 months ago

    We call this chips and fries pommes fries

  • ashley bohannon
    ashley bohannon 3 months ago

    And now I want chips!!!!

  • Common Sense A Super Power

    *Round potato slices:*
    Americans: Chips
    Aussies: Chips
    British: Crisps
    *French fries:*
    Americans: Fries
    Aussies: Fries
    British: Chips

    • Edits JAG
      Edits JAG 3 months ago

      Enters car through the right side door*

    • sam garrett
      sam garrett 3 months ago

      UJJU WR yeah I know, fries are fries? Im saying there is a difference between thick chips and fries, and I’ve been to many fish and chips places in India, in which they make thick cut chips and call them chips on the menu, to have with fish or various vegetable dishes.

    • UJJU WR
      UJJU WR 3 months ago

      @sam garrett we call round potato- chips and french 🍟 fries in India. Just like American countries. It's

    • sam garrett
      sam garrett 3 months ago

      Cameron Lorna chips are thick, French fries are thin. You have fish and chips not fish and fries. Also known as chips in Australia ( not fries😂 I’m Aussie) , India, South Africa and many parts of south east Asia.( know this because I’ve been there)

    • zoidy boop
      zoidy boop 3 months ago

      We still call french fries, fries though, chips are much thicker in comparison

  • Delara Miah
    Delara Miah 3 months ago

    Where is this place in London?

  • Tane Thomas
    Tane Thomas 3 months ago

    Boil it mash it stick it in a stew!?