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  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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  • google user
    google user Day ago

    i am pretty sure the jumpscare is a deleted episode of paranormal hunter ghosts

  • Anthony Cryan
    Anthony Cryan Day ago

    is that barb?

  • Nate Stern
    Nate Stern 2 days ago

    joey king has the most punchable face ever

  • Pedro Bello
    Pedro Bello 3 days ago

    I'd literally kill for the remote from Click.

  • Geletain King
    Geletain King 4 days ago +1

    Man Ralph the Movie Maker is great
    *Sees Quinton Reviews*
    ...well fuck

  • Dymir
    Dymir 5 days ago

    *A smaller dick*

  • Aron108 - My channel got disabled

    I think the moral of the story is. “Actions have consequences?”

  • Sai the O’hair delivery guy

    So, this film can be holy summarized as “Monkey’s Paw meets Final Destination” starring just as many d-list actors.

  • Thomas Pigott
    Thomas Pigott 13 days ago

    You fellow teens also dig all over dem multiverses 🤠👣😄💀😁👀😃👍💀☝🏽🐸👳‍♂️😄😄😁🅰️🐸😁👀😁

  • Boston Towny4life
    Boston Towny4life 13 days ago

    Great Ted talk, nice, cut, cut, no no, it's great, perfect.

  • Vicky Puls
    Vicky Puls 13 days ago +1

    Wish #1: I wish that you'd never kill anyone with your supernatural influence, myself included ya dink
    #2: I wish that I were a super rich and famous actress (so I can skip a decade or so of Hell)
    #3: I wish that bigotry never existed
    #4: While you're on that I wish the patriarchy never existed
    #5: I wish for world peace
    #6: I wish I had the Infinity Gauntlet (so I can show people that Thanos is NOT a great villain/the hero and make infinite resources for everyone)
    #7: I wish that Wander Over Yonder was never cancelled

  • J V
    J V 16 days ago

    7 months later... uploads another review

  • Morgan Cody
    Morgan Cody 16 days ago

    Kate Beaton writes better teen dialog than this and she draws comics lmao

  • JuKayVid
    JuKayVid 16 days ago

    Can’t one of her wishes be that nobody dies when she wishes?

  • Lumberjack Plaid
    Lumberjack Plaid 20 days ago +1

    At the end she says
    my wish is I *WISH* to go back to the beginning
    So she should just really want to go back

  • LordFluffFluff
    LordFluffFluff 22 days ago


  • LordFluffFluff
    LordFluffFluff 22 days ago

    Hi hi
    Hi hi

  • Charlie Ben
    Charlie Ben 22 days ago +1

    Freakin’ Ted taking down Ralph’s talk cuz the government don’t want the truth getting out

  • I'm a funny boy and you are not!!!!

    S M E G M A

  • Sindri Gunnar Tordarson

    The scariest part of this movie is the terrible acting

  • Ronto Leafs
    Ronto Leafs 24 days ago


  • Ultimarx7 7
    Ultimarx7 7 26 days ago

    I just found a way to beat the box.
    1. Wish for reality warping powers
    2. Bring the person who died back to life with your new powers
    3. Send the box to the edge of the universe
    There you go infinite power to do whatever you want, and neither you nor your loved ones have to die.

  • K-Next yes very much, all the time.

    Whats up with shitty Western adaptations of Asian horror movies

  • Four0000Eyes
    Four0000Eyes 27 days ago

    You could have called it a Jump Scarab...the opportunity was there

  • Dead Juice
    Dead Juice 27 days ago

    Megaverses are lit, fam.
    I can't buy that a troubled artist would wish for such stupid shit after the first few. You'd get the weirdest shit, like: "I wish a great floating eyeball with George Orwell's voice would shed tears that cured cancer."
    This girl comes off as that weird annoying girl in art class who had no creativity and just did art so she could draw yaoi.

  • TheSpaghettiCat
    TheSpaghettiCat 27 days ago

    Just found Ralph. His videos aren't perfect, but they've made me laugh pretty damn hard and see some things in a new light. I'm sorry to learn he won't be making any more... but luckily I have quite a list to work through. Good luck in future endeavors, Ralph.

  • Epipthedirector
    Epipthedirector 27 days ago


  • sam pettey
    sam pettey 27 days ago

    barb from stranger things is her legal name

  • Nathan Kinchen
    Nathan Kinchen 29 days ago

    8:55 where was she walking? Right out into the fucking street? Jfc the box wasn’t after her soul she just fucking committed suicide by traffic

  • Raging Clue
    Raging Clue 29 days ago

    Ralph stopped to sneeze pubes from

  • Mang Dingle
    Mang Dingle 29 days ago

    Feng shwee
    Fung Shway

  • Aj Guerra
    Aj Guerra Month ago +1

    Lol the original one is scarier n i hated tht one

  • Spock1777
    Spock1777 Month ago

    1: I wish I can change the rules of the box
    2: I wish there were no consequences to the wishes
    3: I wish for infinite wishes
    Boom. Infinite power for me.

  • jason4275
    jason4275 Month ago

    I wish to have the powers of a god, then I would have to powers to bring that one person that actually dies back to life, then I toss that box into a black hole, then solved all the problems on on earth, by moving humans a few level up the kardashev scale.

  • Mr. Cattinator
    Mr. Cattinator Month ago

    I think she said "naniniwala pa ako sa swerte", which means "I still believe in luck"
    Yay this makes my little phillipines existence happier

  • P U G N A
    P U G N A Month ago

    i'm pretty sure, the jump scare sexually identifies as a helicopter...

  • Joseph Whitely
    Joseph Whitely Month ago

    You blew it Ralph. The ancient Egyptian jump scareb. A damn jumping beetle

  • RequiemForABuckeye
    RequiemForABuckeye Month ago +1

    Why does joey king keep getting roles?

  • Matthew Albright
    Matthew Albright Month ago

    4:23 imagine if she said go f*** herself

  • Nero DeathStep
    Nero DeathStep Month ago

    Wish for a smaller dick, it will help mankind

  • Chickenfarmer10
    Chickenfarmer10 Month ago +1

    So... the chick who plays June is also in a really shitty Netflix movie about an unpopular girl.
    And Joey King or whatever her name is is just an obnoxious actress who has a face I just wanna punch into oblivion

  • Paradox Messenger
    Paradox Messenger Month ago


  • Rudolf Klusal
    Rudolf Klusal Month ago

    Lol, that jumpscare hunt :-D And "VIOLINS!" of course ;) ;)

  • thehumanshitpostbot
    thehumanshitpostbot Month ago +2

    Ralph Thundercock, the godly brother of Chad Thundercock

  • MR. mushroom
    MR. mushroom Month ago

    Imagine someone hears the first 30 seconds then watches the movie, poor soul

  • LtLampshade
    LtLampshade Month ago +4

    To be fair to the movie, I think if she wished for "Fresh Drinking water everyone could access" she would probably cause the oceans to become fresh water and rise over the land until every person on Earth could "access" it.

  • xX_Spazztaztic_Xx
    xX_Spazztaztic_Xx Month ago

    My list to help youtube:
    1.The Paul Brothers die
    2.Ricegum dies
    3.the sidemen die
    4.the dc fanbase dies
    5. an end to the adpocalypse
    6. youtube drama ends (and keemstars life)
    7. forntite dies

  • Stiasteny
    Stiasteny Month ago

    Hahaha the jumpscare clip.. It's literally all sound effects from a James Wan movie (Conjuring, Annabelle ...)

  • D W H
    D W H Month ago +1

    I wish I was a little bit taller
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a girl that looked good I would call her
    I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 6 4 impala

  • Liz P
    Liz P Month ago

    That stupid SJW cunt... she could've wished to make America great again!

  • Aiber Lane
    Aiber Lane Month ago

    I think teen movies (or books, or shows) work best when teen slang is kept classic; gotta, see ya, fridge, etc. When they get trendy it sounds forced, and quickly dated.

  • moony
    moony Month ago

    whats smegma whats dig on multuverse

  • Cptn MarVell
    Cptn MarVell Month ago

    Lmao what an intro “SCARY??”

  • Ponty Mython
    Ponty Mython Month ago

    Need Quinton to join the sardonicast podcast for an episode

    REZZY Month ago

    I love the Enter The Void credits lol

  • Thealseie
    Thealseie Month ago

    My god that part where she dies gets me *every* time XD

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 2 months ago

    You wish for one trillion dollars? Why not more?

  • Gakusangi
    Gakusangi 2 months ago

    Can't you like...wish the box doesn't kill anyone?

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 2 months ago

    Are you related to the main actress in this movie?... You guys have the same fucking face. - Except she doesn't look like a psychopath.

  • Tai Tai
    Tai Tai 2 months ago

    Why is this movie so bad how is this possible!? I don’t understand!

  • Alexander Marier
    Alexander Marier 2 months ago

    6:15 You know what the movie would do with that wish? Flood the planet with pure freshwater and have that be the karmic experience, ending the lives of billions. Without pumping a lot of thought and detail into a wish there is no way to avoid this scenario unless you thought of literally every posaibility

  • b b
    b b 2 months ago

    Your jump scare kind of made me jump, congrats lol

  • Attentat Defecit Disorder

    I don't know why it's always Asian ppl who give all the mystical exposition when we all know that cultural appropriation trends basically guarantee that the person closest to you, at any time, with the most info of feng shui is going to be a 60year old white divorcee.

    • JasonPoophess
      JasonPoophess Month ago

      This writer loves Lady in the Water.

    • Aiber Lane
      Aiber Lane Month ago +1

      Can we please have an Asian in a horror movie who is just a regular person AND lives to the end?

  • Anonymous AKA: Anonymous

    When Claire died I kid you not someone starting by dying of laughter and then the whole theatre were laughing

  • CommieWaffle
    CommieWaffle 2 months ago

    You dig on multiverses?

  • TNT365
    TNT365 2 months ago

    Wish 1: Phenomenal Cosmic Power
    Wish 2: Wish to destroy the box

    Now I can do literally anything I want and I can save the people the box was supposed to kill

  • hazed
    hazed 2 months ago +1

    it would actually make an interesting movie if you consider ralph's wishes. like, a Death Note style cat-and-mouse, where innocent people are murdered for the greater good. does their unwilling sacrifice justify the means? and the main protagonist slowly turns into the antagonist (a la light yagami)

  • NerdsTheCandy
    NerdsTheCandy 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard at that stock scream sound effect part

  • J.N P.
    J.N P. 2 months ago

    what would happen if you wished for the people you love to be safe from death by the box? Would it listen and kill like... a neighbor I don't know well?

  • it's ya boii
    it's ya boii 2 months ago

    From the thumbnail I thought it was a christmas movie

  • Kos Mos
    Kos Mos 2 months ago +4

    "Wait!? You dig on multiverses?"
    "Yeah I watch Rick and Morty so.."

  • Maximilian Behrens
    Maximilian Behrens 2 months ago

    is this itsagundam's son?

  • ErgonomicChair
    ErgonomicChair 2 months ago

    Whats smosh?

  • langcal687
    langcal687 2 months ago

    All dogs took a level in Paladin, so then cast Detect Evil at will.

  • Milo Crespi
    Milo Crespi 2 months ago

    I like how your fourth wish is "The remote from Click." lol

  • the danish devil
    the danish devil 2 months ago

    Best 7th wish: immortality

  • aquamarine ancient soul

    Im glad i watched ur videos instead of the actual movies. I watched some of them twice.

  • flying turtles
    flying turtles 2 months ago

    Wait, the old man in the video is the same one in the best and worst in 2018 list

  • Mandi Schmidt
    Mandi Schmidt 2 months ago +1

    Wow! Quincy from "Gost Show"?!Now i KNOW Ralph did his research. Its amazing how something from ancient egypt can still affect out society today. History is incredible

  • Rigz Movie Diaries
    Rigz Movie Diaries 2 months ago

    i just looked up 'smegma images' and i highly regret it and need eyebleach

  • Lenny Baez
    Lenny Baez 2 months ago

    Whatever makes you happy,
    ya puss!😎!

  • Felobrendon
    Felobrendon 2 months ago

    Ralph likes lazerhawk, dank

  • 3317alibaba
    3317alibaba 2 months ago

    literally found this channel one week ago and now I get the information you're quitting? god dammit

  • MajorFlapFlap 64
    MajorFlapFlap 64 2 months ago

    I guess we can say rip barb

  • jeannovinho
    jeannovinho 2 months ago

    She could have wished for the box not to kill people when people used wishes on it. Then she'd have an unlimited supply of wishes and all she'd have to do was pass the box to someone else she trusted, assuming you cannot wish for more wishes.

  • Tunkkis
    Tunkkis 2 months ago

    The Jumpscare is a gender non-binary demonic parasite, you absolute shitlord.

    • Tunkkis
      Tunkkis 2 months ago

      +Burned Edits Yeah, that's kind of the vibe I was going for.

    • Burned Edits
      Burned Edits 2 months ago +1


  • Teamcardgames
    Teamcardgames 2 months ago

    Can you review shitty Netflix originals for us all

  • spinorama29
    spinorama29 2 months ago

    Yo is it just me or does Ralph look kinda like Cody Rhodes?

  • ravenclawtom
    ravenclawtom 3 months ago +36

    You know she isnt an artist if her first wish wasnt "get good at art"

  • I Am The Villain
    I Am The Villain 3 months ago

    A jump scare skit for THIS movie? I didn't even realize there were any in it.
    Too bad there weren't more mentions about the pop music montage scenes between death scenes. He only mentioned it once

  • npknhdfrvr
    npknhdfrvr 3 months ago

    Sweet TEDTalk presentation

  • LJK401
    LJK401 3 months ago

    That poor actress keeps getting dumped into all these garbage films

    • JasonPoophess
      JasonPoophess Month ago

      Poor thing, earning several hundred thousand dollars for her shitty acting...

  • W;P
    W;P 3 months ago

    Can;'t believe you'd humanize this egghead

  • herbiecrush
    herbiecrush 3 months ago

    It's sad that these poor actor kids always seem to be thrown at the shittiest movies.

  • Porgtorias
    Porgtorias 3 months ago +1

    Remember when Ralph wasn't forced by Macon to continue ralphthemoviemaker? He was so joyfull :'(

  • Big boy Eugene
    Big boy Eugene 3 months ago

    Is her friend Sierra Burgess

  • Every Day is Rex Manning Day

    How the fuck have I missed your content until now?

  • Justin S
    Justin S 3 months ago

    Isn't that red head chick...the girl from Sierra Burgess is a loser

  • Florida man
    Florida man 3 months ago

    “A smaller dick”

  • Drachona The Wolf
    Drachona The Wolf 3 months ago

    In an effort to move away from ridiculous jump-scares, AMC has removed the man jumping and spilling his popcorn... They seriously did that. That's not the reason why they did it, but they actually bothered to change that.