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  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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  • npknhdfrvr
    npknhdfrvr 4 days ago

    Sweet TEDTalk presentation

  • LJK401
    LJK401 5 days ago

    That poor actress keeps getting dumped into all these garbage films

  • W;P
    W;P 6 days ago

    Can;'t believe you'd humanize this egghead

  • herbiecrush
    herbiecrush 6 days ago

    It's sad that these poor actor kids always seem to be thrown at the shittiest movies.

  • Porgtorias
    Porgtorias 8 days ago +1

    Remember when Ralph wasn't forced by Macon to continue ralphthemoviemaker? He was so joyfull :'(

  • Big boy Eugene
    Big boy Eugene 8 days ago

    Is her friend Sierra Burgess

  • Orange Is The New Terrorist

    How the fuck have I missed your content until now?

  • Justin S
    Justin S 9 days ago

    Isn't that red head chick...the girl from Sierra Burgess is a loser

  • Florida man
    Florida man 10 days ago

    “A smaller dick”

  • Drachona The Wolf
    Drachona The Wolf 10 days ago

    In an effort to move away from ridiculous jump-scares, AMC has removed the man jumping and spilling his popcorn... They seriously did that. That's not the reason why they did it, but they actually bothered to change that.

  • Painbow
    Painbow 11 days ago

    I don't appreciate you making fun of those of us who dig on multiverse. So many people who dig on multiverse have to stay in the closet because of people like you. I hope you know that. Can't I just dig on multiverse without bigots like you making fun of me?

  • Simple Fat Kid
    Simple Fat Kid 11 days ago

    You da sauce

  • runforitman
    runforitman 11 days ago

    I need a horror movie where the horror thing is explained by a badly edited ralph sepe ted talk

  • Marmy
    Marmy 12 days ago

    I feel like Quinton wore that Barney shirt in an attempt to creep you out.

  • detebe
    detebe 12 days ago


  • meme mustard
    meme mustard 14 days ago


  • Jordan Sipe
    Jordan Sipe 14 days ago

    I can't help but wonder.
    If you used the box and said ''I wish that this box would grant wishes without killing people'' what would happen ?
    Would the evil spirit in the box just have a computer crash ?

  • Hill
    Hill 14 days ago

    I wish...that Ralph wouldn't finish his series

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 15 days ago

    You could ask the dumb box to not be able to ever do anything horrible or kill anyone and then ask to have unlimited wishes and then when you’re done wish the box to be destroyed

  • S.C. Wood
    S.C. Wood 16 days ago

    the only good jumpscare was in the end of Inland Empire.

  • Khris Kranko
    Khris Kranko 16 days ago +2

    I liked that you had Quinton Reviews in this video, next you should have his lego in it.

  • Rosie Clarke
    Rosie Clarke 16 days ago


  • Phil Scoles
    Phil Scoles 17 days ago

    Can we petition Ralph to grow out his child beard for a full year? I want to see that patchy fluffy face is full glory.

  • Gabe Pharris
    Gabe Pharris 17 days ago

    Main character looks like Ralph in wig

  • Iambananaz a
    Iambananaz a 18 days ago

    It’s official guys.. god is dead

  • Ashley
    Ashley 19 days ago

    this was better when it was an episode of the x-files. its actually one of my most favorite x-files episodes. mulder finds a rug with a genie in it, he wishes for peace on earth and his wish comes true: he and the genie are the only people on earth. he then knew the wishes were literal and that if you weren't specific as fuck then you were pretty much fucked and before mulder found the genie, the previous owner made his wishes which is how mulder and scully get on the case to begin with and well i dont wanna spoil it anymore than i already have. watch that episode instead of this shitty movie.
    also if her dad dumpster dives how come her house is so fucking nice? i call bullshit on that, as someone who is legit poor, with how high rent is everywhere there is no way they had that nice ass house with her dad just dumpster diving.

  • Muso
    Muso 19 days ago

    Cause dogs can smell bullshit.

  • CringeyCrap
    CringeyCrap 20 days ago

    I'd wish that 1 million dollars was given to me each year. I also wish that movies like these would never be made.

  • Duarte Vader
    Duarte Vader 20 days ago

    *_You should review a TV Show called Riverdale._*

  • Odd Eyes94
    Odd Eyes94 20 days ago

    Smagma jokes being used... well yup... SCIENCE!

  • Max Helius
    Max Helius 21 day ago

    1:17 Loved that Enter The Void reference :)

  • Gelatina_Royal
    Gelatina_Royal 21 day ago

    What if you wish that no one dies because of the box?

  • Trey
    Trey 22 days ago

    I love QuincyReviews.

  • Makeshift Mulder
    Makeshift Mulder 23 days ago

    The dog "sniffing out" the ghost as foreshadowing was in "Poltergeist." And it's the only time it worked. When the dog offers a toy to the spot on the wall lightning shot through the night before. "What's wrong, E Buzz?.."

  • Mechanical
    Mechanical 24 days ago

    What if you just wished for everyone to be immortal
    What if you just wished to be god
    What if you just wished for the box to not kill people
    What if you just wished for the ability to grant your own infinite wishes

  • catblood74
    catblood74 24 days ago

    This really pisses me off because I just found your dumb ass and now I have to find another annoying kid from Boston to tell me what movies suck

  • ZCore Studio
    ZCore Studio 25 days ago +1

    the last part when hunting the jump scare
    it contains more horror than the whole movie

  • Shayna C.S.
    Shayna C.S. 26 days ago

    Why would you end the series that brings the most views to your channel? One where you can also be creative and film cool shots and do fun bits? Even if you want to take a break, I don't get ending the series for good.

  • Vault of the Future
    Vault of the Future 27 days ago +1

    Can you please review some ancient Egyptian cinema?

  • Vault of the Future
    Vault of the Future 27 days ago

    8:53 that wasn’t an Aldo Jones edit? That was legit in the movie? 😂😂😂

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson 27 days ago

    Couldn't she just wish that the box doesn't need a cost in blood? Conversely, couldn't she just wish everyone can't die? What would the box do then?

  • vil
    vil 27 days ago

    heineken is lk trash dog

  • Dakota Rain
    Dakota Rain 28 days ago

    Any movie starring Joey King is trash

  • Commander Dodo
    Commander Dodo 29 days ago +1

    Ralph has Bamboozeled us

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova 29 days ago

    You forgot to make the guy say “You’re not going to try hunt the JumpScare? Are you?”

  • clarity2199
    clarity2199 29 days ago

    Fuck that, I'd ask for a shit ton of money!! (that's actually mine, and not given to me as stolen money or something....) I think I'd only need one wish. Maybe 2, just to wish no consequences come to me or people I care about, just to make sure I'm protected.
    .....maybe I'd ask to have a specific super power, too. That would be cool.

  • Rosco_bosco63
    Rosco_bosco63 29 days ago +1

    Ralph actually knows what’s up when he put the remote from click on his wish list. How fucking amazing would that be?

  • Hixx
    Hixx 29 days ago

    The Jumpscarab

  • Radical Communist
    Radical Communist 29 days ago

    Hungarian show!

  • Robert Lockhead
    Robert Lockhead 29 days ago

    We got bazinga’d

  • Grandark Zephyrum
    Grandark Zephyrum 29 days ago

    Behold the Stand [JUDGEMENT]!!!

  • moonymonster
    moonymonster Month ago

    Claire's death is fucking hilarious

  • TheCrazyEven
    TheCrazyEven Month ago +5

    we got fucking pranked

  • Jake Danielsen
    Jake Danielsen Month ago

    Never mind he did say sike

  • TomYawns
    TomYawns Month ago

    Is it Monkey's Paw rules where the wishes get fucked up? World peace would then be achieved under the boot of a brutal one world government, the water could be a flood that kills millions and so on. Also, dogs and cats are able to sense paranormal happenings in real life, so that's why its a troupe. Just because ya don't believe it doesn't make it some hacky bull

  • gcbobius
    gcbobius Month ago +2


  • ali suleyman
    ali suleyman Month ago +1

    Watch them copyright your video for using SpongeBob music

  • Sam Wegner
    Sam Wegner Month ago

    Ralph fucking kojimaded all of us

  • Madcircle Throughell

    Why would you want a smaller dik

  • Marsh
    Marsh Month ago

    I can't believe you got help i'm white and i'm wasting my money to help you with this video!

  • Advice from a Hypocrite

    Okay Billie Jean King. That’s who that scary bitch remind me of 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Jams
    Jimmy Jams Month ago

    Goosebump episodes were scarier than this

  • ABunchOf RandomStuff

    I wish for infinite wishes

  • Amethyst Goblin
    Amethyst Goblin Month ago

    1. When I make wishes no one will die
    2. I have infinite wishes
    3. I won't die from my wishes
    4-?. everything that could make the world better
    5.I have a stand

  • Jrezky
    Jrezky Month ago

    Sriracha isn't very hot in comparison to other o
    hot sauces.

  • Tree
    Tree Month ago +1

    Ralph, can you recommend me a channel that's a cynical asshole movie reviewer?

  • Matt H
    Matt H Month ago

    Okay what if this was like a dark philosophical comedy about someone who has a box that can grant anything but someone in your life dies every time you wish and the whole question remains throughout the film that is it worth wishing for world piece and stuff like that if someone close to you will die. Actually I think I might write that. Don’t steal it from me.

  • OtterGod
    OtterGod Month ago

    I wish for *a big tiddy goth gf*

  • Anonymous Andy
    Anonymous Andy Month ago

    Ive been meaning to ask, i really need to know if nicolas cage-a-thon is coming back at all, or if thats included in videos you arent making anymore.

  • Dr Shaym
    Dr Shaym Month ago

    Did anyone notice that none of the kids at that school wore glasses?

  • Bekah Basically
    Bekah Basically Month ago

    "I'm an artist and when I go home I do art"
    Me: aw fUCK that was me FUCK

  • damnryn
    damnryn Month ago

    A good spinoff would be wishing for things like endless clean water and world peace, and those good wishes having equally fucked unintended consequences.

  • PaperMind
    PaperMind Month ago +1

    Fuck I just recently found this channel and you’re quitting this?

  • Saint Macintosh Reviews

    I legit have never been excited for a video.....I seriously can't wait for the Justice League finale, and I'm confident it will be the best (if it's over 1 and a half hours that would be cool) and I can't wait to see how Ralph ties everything together.

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    Ralph is a child

  • MubbleTrouble
    MubbleTrouble Month ago

    "Jumpscarub" wasted oppurtunity.

  • Peka Silk
    Peka Silk Month ago

    The best wish she could make? I wish for unlimited wishes yet nothing bad would happen. Bam! Movie done, if you don't like that someone died than just wish them back to life! Bam movie done!

  • Smoosh Goo
    Smoosh Goo Month ago

    Siracha hot? i would consider siracha as spicy not hot.

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson Month ago


  • Austin Richardson
    Austin Richardson Month ago +9

    Wait u dig on multiverses?

  • Lachlan Lord of All Things Crispy

    Isn’t that the girl from Sarah Burgess is a loser

  • Dalton Bedore
    Dalton Bedore Month ago

    i hate this movie so much i can barely watch it be dismantled

  • Lapidot 2003
    Lapidot 2003 Month ago

    Yeah sorry but I'm still in highschool and teenagers do talk as stupid if not dumber than how these people talk, and this isn't an age joke I'm 15

  • Content Police
    Content Police Month ago

    Your wishes would destroy the world economy. And leave milions of people unemployed.

    • zaffri
      zaffri Month ago

      lmao shut up

  • cunky
    cunky Month ago

    You could just wish no one would die, then you could wish for whatever you wanted

  • S.A.M Unknown
    S.A.M Unknown Month ago

    Oh snap is that orange haired chick the one from that movie. Its called something along the lines of soandso is a loser.

    • reese!!
      reese!! Month ago

      S.A.M Unknown yeah thats her

  • The Flash
    The Flash Month ago

    i truly wish this was a wishmaster origin so we can bring in the wishmaster in this 21st century

  • Oscar Scherer
    Oscar Scherer Month ago

    First wish: "from now on revive everyone you kill"

  • Stefan Sharak
    Stefan Sharak Month ago +2

    9:05 That’s a gasp not a scream.

  • DrenchedInSyrupp
    DrenchedInSyrupp Month ago

    Bitch just needs to wish for the infinity gauntlet

  • Karmen Carmen
    Karmen Carmen Month ago

    Honestly the main character is a shit actor

  • Wicked Gaze
    Wicked Gaze Month ago

    that whole jumpscare skit is literally every "BIG BUDGET TRIPLE A SCARY MOVIE OF THE YEAR" that comes out nowadays. like i was laughing out loud the entire time. Its like i've seen it before 100 times, but its the first time i'm seeing it.

  • Raging Raving
    Raging Raving Month ago

    Cause Dog is God backwards duh, that's how they have a "detect magic" buff.

  • Ion Josan
    Ion Josan Month ago


  • ShaySmiles
    ShaySmiles Month ago

    To save others
    "I wish I never made any wishes"
    "I wish this magical wish box didn't exist"
    "I wish my wishes didn't kill people"
    "I wish every one I know dies happy of old age"
    To save yourself
    "I wish for unlimited wishes"

  • Channel 4
    Channel 4 Month ago

    Bro I’m spooked

  • h h
    h h Month ago +1

    When’s the jl review coming out?

  • Janis Logins
    Janis Logins Month ago

    i could be wrong but actual term jumpscare comes from being jumped by a leopard or some wild cat and of course scared, if lucky to tell it

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo Month ago

    13:40 that actually scared me, fuck you

  • Gmandonnan
    Gmandonnan Month ago

    Ralph's bathroom is brighter than my future