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  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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Comments • 4 905

  • C. Hayes
    C. Hayes 2 hours ago

    Idk if ur gonna read this but surely make a review on 28 days later its a good as movie

  • Skull Knight
    Skull Knight 3 hours ago

    Hey Ralph what do you think of the new joker trailer

  • Mark Melendez
    Mark Melendez 3 hours ago

    Yo ralph tbh you are and always will be my fave TheXvid channel it’s truly an end of an era but I’ll be so fucking happy to support you in anything in your future good luck on your future biddings and I’ll surely keep my eyes open

  • Ganymede, Jupiter III
    Ganymede, Jupiter III 17 hours ago

    "Ultimate Smegma" sounds like a Mortal Kombat finishing move.

  • Black Spider
    Black Spider 22 hours ago

    Review Justice League already you PLEB
    *sees end of video*
    FUKKKKKKK JENEKQO👀🙈😂🤷🏾‍♂️ 66392!;&($@

  • Casual Satanist
    Casual Satanist 23 hours ago

    yeahyeah ralph. OK. when were u gonna review the batman vs superman parody;) n u kno, u gotta..u gotta analize the shit outta it...just watch it several times...i think we both agree that we really need an in-depth analysis. just fuckin do it m8

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    Yo, Feng Shui is a legendary horror film, I urge y'all to watch it.

  • Combat Creepers
    Combat Creepers Day ago

    Why’d you remove your Transformers: RotF review videos?

  • Brennan Noonan
    Brennan Noonan Day ago

    @ralphsepe The cheesies challenge is real. It's actually real: cheesies.com/challenges/

  • Lawliet31101979
    Lawliet31101979 Day ago +1

    You'll be back when you miss the money because that is the only reason why people come to this channel is those reviews.

  • Even Bjørn
    Even Bjørn Day ago +1

    Wath about nickcageaton.

  • Even Bjørn
    Even Bjørn Day ago +1

    Depretion intensefying. A world without ralph reviews. Fuck no.

  • Even Bjørn
    Even Bjørn Day ago +1

    No fans. I am quiting. Noooooo noooooo. Thats not true. That is inposible. Search your feelings and you knowe it is true.

  • Bitoy Skii
    Bitoy Skii 2 days ago

    Jesus! Feng Shui (Phung Suiy) makes me happy. Wish Upon, an international movie was beaten by a cheesy dumb horror movie from MY country!

    • Bitoy Skii
      Bitoy Skii Day ago

      +Adolf Hitler Hell yeah. Give me some. 👊

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler Day ago

      yeah feng shui is legendary

  • Evan Ramone
    Evan Ramone 2 days ago

    I'm fucking crying... Well, I just hope Ralph is happy. I'll still remain a huge fan lmao (even though I came late)

  • Cameron Healey
    Cameron Healey 2 days ago


  • John Toas
    John Toas 2 days ago

    Disliked for making shitty choices. Hope you fucking die

    HARD KNOCK WEST 3 days ago

    Damn that fucking sucks.

  • kat
    kat 3 days ago

    ralph please watch bedeviled on netflix its such a piece of shit

  • Pache Brach
    Pache Brach 3 days ago

    So if you just wished for 7.6 Billion more wishes, would everybody just die?

  • Detroit Polak
    Detroit Polak 3 days ago

    Hey Ralph, just wanted to let you know I find three of your videos (Mystery Diners, Ghost Shows Suck, and Bigfoot) hilarious and I watch them after work sometimes to relax and unwind. You got a lot of views because of me. Thanks

  • Khârn the Cuddly
    Khârn the Cuddly 3 days ago

    If you guys listened to Sardonicast episode 16, Ralph explains why he stopped and what is gonna happen to the channel

  • Patrick Cowles
    Patrick Cowles 3 days ago

    You were my favorite TheXvid movie reviewer. And no I’m not just saying that. You were without a doubt my favorite TheXvid movie reviewer. I really hope that at some point you can come back to making these amazing intricately detailed movie reviews. I mean, I grew up watching your reviews. All that I hope for is just for you to be happy in whatever you do whether it be becoming a master filmmaker like I’m sure you will be one time or doing something completely different. I just want to say thank you for all of the great memories and videos that you have provided us all with throughout the years. Good luck.

  • Benjamín Gaete
    Benjamín Gaete 3 days ago

    Yore makin a hallowyn moobee revue in septembah?

  • Arthur Delai Delai
    Arthur Delai Delai 3 days ago

    Quinton? wtf?

  • MrNoban0
    MrNoban0 4 days ago

    Well fuck

  • Seth Woodward
    Seth Woodward 4 days ago +1

    Ralph im gonna keep it real withchu chief im gonna miss these movie reviews when me and my girlfirend discovered them it was our nightly ritual to watch them they will be missed much love brotha

  • Steven Benner
    Steven Benner 4 days ago

    Do you like anything you cynical little bitch?

  • OnyxFire
    OnyxFire 4 days ago

    What Ralph said about jump scares in non-horror movies...he's absolutely right! There were jump scares in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. And I asked my daughter, "Is this what it's like to watch a horror movie?"
    I don't know why I asked her though. She's watched the same number of horror movies that I have - zero.

  • Exora
    Exora 4 days ago

    Dw guys, he's just going to take time off to work on his thesis on whether the jumpscare is masculine or feminine, that is if it has any gender at all.

  • scriblrscrib
    scriblrscrib 5 days ago

    omg i’m filipino and you showed feng shui. a filipino film staring kris aquino
    thank you

    REPO PIG 5 days ago


  • Rusted Coin
    Rusted Coin 5 days ago

    You look like the italian psycho from the goodfellas

  • Taco Flavored Burrito

    When you can’t parry the feels

  • Bluecool Films
    Bluecool Films 5 days ago

    Am I the only one that notices Ralph looks just like Perry Mason?

  • Camerom McNeil
    Camerom McNeil 6 days ago

    Yeah Wolf Link is the only dog that can sense magic

  • Retarded Batman
    Retarded Batman 6 days ago

    Ralph, please come back :(

  • Slackow
    Slackow 6 days ago

    First wish, no one can die as a result of this box, second wish, unlimited number of wishes, then just keep wishing for things like world peace and shit.

  • AmbientSpaceNoise
    AmbientSpaceNoise 6 days ago

    Best of luck, Ralph :-)

    Oh, and they got T...

  • Werny
    Werny 6 days ago

    Quinton Reviews

  • a random SHITATO
    a random SHITATO 7 days ago

    Rip Ralph..now we will never have another Nick Cage-athon.

  • Egg
    Egg 7 days ago

    I found you right when you're stopping, unepic! At least you'll still be around though

  • Dylan Snodgrass
    Dylan Snodgrass 7 days ago

    thats dumb. You should try and market yourself. Even a little bit, I think, would lead to more people finding you. your videos are really entertaining. I also think it would be good for your career and contacts to try and grow your channel. not to mention, good for your wallet. Either way, gl

  • Ajax 750
    Ajax 750 7 days ago +1

    I've seen so many jumps cares in my life, that I'm literally just used to it. Like, it doesn't matter how good the jump scare is, I wont even flinch, then 2 seconds later Im like "oh wait that was a jump scare…."

  • Kimi FW
    Kimi FW 7 days ago

    I checked out Sardonicast and um... Ralph? These are _movies_ you're reviewing. _Visual_ things. How do you expect to convey something about a movie without showing it? *_And why are you sticking such an important announcement at the end of an otherwise normal movie review?!_* I skipped this initially because I wasn't interested in the topic. If I knew this had an announcement at the end, I would have watched it on the day! *NOW YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOING TO SEE THIS COMMENT BECAUSE I'M A MONTH LATE!!!* You should have made a separate video for it, but whatever. I'll find someone who won't sink his ship while people are still on it. And I definitely won't be here when you raise it back up like Nostalgia Critic did with his.

  • Mac and chezz Crayola

    I would wish I would be happy

  • Loneboy 123
    Loneboy 123 7 days ago

    Isn't your dick not small enough already? :D

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. 7 days ago


  • Please God
    Please God 8 days ago

    What if you wish to not die on your final wish or for just immortality

  • The Had Matter
    The Had Matter 8 days ago


  • Lisa Simpson Rules
    Lisa Simpson Rules 8 days ago +1

    If my first wish is "I wish that no bad consequences arise from any of my seven wishes.", would that be a way to beat the demon of the box?

  • First name Last name

    Duck u Ralph u can’t review ur a cyber bully can’t ur probs against furrys fuck u I’m gunna cum off there and insert my thic 10 inch dick into ur butthole

  • Demi
    Demi 9 days ago

    You have a box that can grant you ANYTHING; a box that DEFIES ALL LAWS OF NATURE AND LOGIC; and instead of wishing for something cool like superpowers or fucking godhood for Christ’s sake, you wish your bully would just go away? You have unlimited power at your fingertips and you use it to get rid of one tiny social problem?
    This is the dumbest horror movie I’ve ever seen. You see, if *I* were in the movie, I’d wish to be motherfucking Spider-Man.
    I’d like to see a horror movie with this concept of a magic wish making box and the protagonist just does random awesome shit with it.

  • CREK RiFt
    CREK RiFt 9 days ago

    when is lover coming out?

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 9 days ago +1

    No! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! :-(
    Well, I wish you well in your endeavours. You're such a talented guy with a brilliant dry wit.
    Seriously, make some more some day, you fuck.

  • Marvelousness !
    Marvelousness ! 9 days ago

    Hey Ralph, can you please unprivatize the Transformers 2 reviews?

  • Ducky5544
    Ducky5544 9 days ago +1

    That moment when Ralph's Jumpscare sketch was more scary than the actual movie

    KRAZZ 10 days ago

    Hey, Ralph. Will you do a review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom once it's released on DVD?

  • Giratina G
    Giratina G 10 days ago +1

    *SNIFF* *SNIFF* I was going to support you on Patron but I guess you got to do better things man. Well *SNIFF* I witness another TheXvid Legend leaving... Thank you for every thing you done, you made me laugh, happy, and cry in your videos. Your videos got me out of depression from hard times in my life. You also go me out of the stupid normie crap movies and got me into better movies that are very underrated. I just want to say one thing before you get on working in the movie industry, I hope your movies will be the most fantastic movies I've ever seen and see you succeed and outperforming garbage movie companies like illumination. Have good success Ralph Sepe.

  • sam alexander
    sam alexander 10 days ago


  • OP J
    OP J 10 days ago

    why the fuck did this not show up in my subscription box.

  • ItBeFerwhyer
    ItBeFerwhyer 11 days ago

    If I wrote this movie, I would make the same wishes you suggested. But the twist would be that the president is killed. Causing a frenzy. Sure the planet would have endless water and shit, but the country just falls to fuckin pieces.

  • Cosmonautics
    Cosmonautics 11 days ago

    I wanna stick my dick in the MC

  • michael lawrence
    michael lawrence 11 days ago

    Well RIP ralphthemoviemaker... Least we still have ralphtheletsplayer.

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill 11 days ago

    You make amazing content! I started watching you because of sardonicast and your shit is dank bro

  • Thar
    Thar 12 days ago

    Nothing can surpass; RELEASE THE DRONE!

  • Sitromxe
    Sitromxe 12 days ago

    Here's how I'd use the box:
    1-2) Assuming I don't initially know of it's true nature, these would be the number of wishes that I would need to establish with reasonable certainty that it can grant wishes for the price of a life.
    3) Alter the rules of the wishbox. In order for a wish to take effect, the wishmaker must specifically name a living human to sacrifice for their wish by punctuating their wish with the phrase: "... for this boon, I sacrifice [name of sacrifice]." while picturing the chosen sacrifice's face.
    4) Allow myself to make infinite wishes on the wishbox, on the condition that each time the number of wishes made surpasses a multiple of seven the number of people which need to be sacrificed for subsequent wishes doubles.
    5-inf) Anything I fucking feel like.

    • Slackow
      Slackow 6 days ago

      Sitromxe why not just wish
      “No one can die from this box”
      “Unlimited wishes”
      Then whatever.

  • Godzi11anano
    Godzi11anano 12 days ago +1

    Are you still doing Reel it in?

  • DominikΩ омега сеншу

    Lmao. The egyptians were reading the drawings and BOOM. Jumpscared. A bigger than usual spooky drawing.

  • Gabriel King
    Gabriel King 12 days ago +1

    Ralph is straight up smashable, No homo.

  • IDidn'tWantA 2partName
    IDidn'tWantA 2partName 12 days ago +1

    "Wait, you dig on multiverses."

  • Sairi Erona
    Sairi Erona 12 days ago

    I would LOVE to have the remote from Click!

  • DaSlowMotionPimpSlap
    DaSlowMotionPimpSlap 13 days ago

    Aw man no more Ralph the movie maker videos

  • Winston Dog
    Winston Dog 13 days ago +5

    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

  • Haslett Hyaenidae
    Haslett Hyaenidae 13 days ago

    Maybe that dog was
    A L V I N F L A N G

  • Cabbage
    Cabbage 13 days ago

    Ralph had to stop making long-form videos because he spent his entire budget for forever on Chips blu-rays

  • Megrimlock78
    Megrimlock78 13 days ago +1

    Ralph I want you to know I’m just watching justice league so I can understand your review. You’re the best man

  • Simon Kawasaki
    Simon Kawasaki 13 days ago +3

    I wish I had a girlfriend who just *digs on multiverses* and is *serious hot sauce*

  • Jo Blow
    Jo Blow 13 days ago

    you are my most favorite racist person on Earth LOL JK good luck to you

  • Yomilover
    Yomilover 13 days ago

    Wow. Should've slapped before the insult started.

  • Kylixion _
    Kylixion _ 13 days ago

    I was eating chicken parm while you were playing the smegma scene fuck you

  • inaliann
    inaliann 13 days ago

    What? RLM is shutting down , it can't be true, it just can't be... oh wait... you are not a RLM.... well then... carry on

  • che ameer
    che ameer 13 days ago

    why the fuck would you stop making literally the only entertaining videos you make just because editing is "too much work".
    you do realize thats why you have patrons right? no one gives a shit about your "other content" that only takes you 2 seconds to shit out.

  • -Dylanthefilmcreator- 2074

    Thx bro lmao

  • JEA Miner
    JEA Miner 13 days ago

    I guess this is very late, but could you do Toni Erdmann? I've seen it myself and I was bored to tears. It's rated very highly though. Maybe someone who actually has an idea of good movies unlike me could justify that.

  • Gabe likes Frogs
    Gabe likes Frogs 14 days ago

    Review the nun that shit was trash

  • FirstEcho
    FirstEcho 14 days ago

    I went back and watched those three great videos that you recommended. Well, two of them. Sleepless and Mystery Diners. Pretty good. But apparently the re-reupload of the Nutshack review got taken down. So I can't find that anywhere.

  • Blarrgensnorf
    Blarrgensnorf 14 days ago

    “Give it back”
    “After everything?”
    “Yes, I have to wish for fat lips you fuCKIN HO”

  • cheezit god
    cheezit god 14 days ago

    Hey Ralph in you're Minions (2015) review you put in a clip from The Vigilante Christian. He's pretty funny...i mean he's a bat shit insane street preacher. But you should watch him if you go in with the rightmind set. Maybe you could talk about him. You would probably have a ball with it.

    (This reads like a reatard wrote it.)

    Kill me.

  • Maniachook 4099
    Maniachook 4099 14 days ago

    Wait are you serious noooooooooooooooo

  • nmgh marquis
    nmgh marquis 14 days ago

    Ha Xb such sadness knew this day would come same 4 all other watchable beings they give us foood and gold only 2 leave like a evil drug dealer getting beings hoooked then leaving only withdrawal, pooop and sickness in ways could be seeen as cruel in other helping being understand that not all lasts not even the immortal jelly fish only the darkness and loneliness the true friend and life with emotion is sadness life without is only silence life is sadistic where death is kind but guess u don't have to be alive and in sense the beginning is a demo the rest is choice maybe if not watched such sadness would not exist sooo intruth this should be treated as a gift with such plentiful funnies more a Thx then wimps hope warframe brings volt out of vault sooon may yonder treat him well meany S HmmmO_- GOOD SHOW, KINDA NICE HA...POOP...DATA...8_8

  • nmgh marquis
    nmgh marquis 14 days ago

    Ha Xb would be funnies if asked 4 world peace first then the trillion probably won't get to use it since in the new world money has beeen abolished could of used it on pet dragon, unicorn or bringing dinosaurs back HmmmO_- Goood Show kinda nice

  • Grastermane Forte
    Grastermane Forte 14 days ago

    Six wishes.
    1. Everybody had Maslow's first two needs fulfilled.
    2. An affordable profitable cure for all chronic illness invented by me
    3. An autopilot VTOL jet that runs entirely of solar power. for me
    4. Infinite liquor for me
    5. The people I killed come back to life and each get 5 million dollars
    6. Destroy this box
    I just gave free food, water, and shelter to everyone on the planet, cured all illness currently incurable and became unfathomably rich, gave my self the ability to go to any place on earth I want, got unlimited booze, killed no one, and ended the threat of this box.

  • Kino Totem
    Kino Totem 15 days ago

    18:10 y are there so many alexes

  • karen from finance
    karen from finance 15 days ago

    i’m going to miss ya.

  • grkpektis
    grkpektis 15 days ago +1

    I would wish for good things too but you can't wish for world peace, that's too vague and can go horribly wrong in so many ways. Everyone on earth dies there you go the world is at peace, humans stop fighting but they also stop eating, there you go world peace

    DADUISE 15 days ago

    Jenkum Shorts now avalaible

  • Hentai is an art
    Hentai is an art 15 days ago


  • ironheart and silverclow

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the fucking jumpscare when u just come from a family friendly video to this... :c