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  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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Comments • 5 074

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome 13 hours ago

    I watched this video right after I watched superwomen’s “I’ll see you soon” video. Why are all my favorite youtubers leaving me! 😭

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan Day ago

    Why wish for a smaller dick

  • Gel M
    Gel M 2 days ago

    *this movie was horrendous, jeez! the acting was okay.. plot was meh.. dialogue i can forgive.. but the entirety of it i cant forgive. this movie as a whole was shit! the only good thing about this was the box itself.. it was gorgeous! props to whoever designed it! oh and ryan phillipe IS sriracha hot sauce, too? idk this was just BAADDDD!! and it had such potential!*

  • kaleel campbell
    kaleel campbell 2 days ago

    Saracha hot. Thats one for the books boys

  • Rahul Mystery
    Rahul Mystery 3 days ago

    hope to see a great movie by u someday .....

  • aarontherapper
    aarontherapper 3 days ago

    What about the Nick Cage-a-thon

  • Nick Fahnlander
    Nick Fahnlander 3 days ago

    9:23 Jellyfish Jam got me default dancing

  • Kirk Findlay
    Kirk Findlay 4 days ago

    This movie does a terrible job of explaining the box and the capabilities it can really do. It also fails to explain if it mentally effects the user to use it, and use it for selfish reasons.
    I'd like to believe(but I know humanity kinda sucks and is selfish) that atleast one wish would be a great wish to effect the world. I mean out of seven fucking wishes, one wish would be something like "End world hunger forever".... no that's bad wording because the box could end world hunger by having all the hungry people killed. No how about "The world can effectively feed the world population forever with no negative drawbacks" that is assuming the box tries to counter wishes like that with ironic solutions.
    I mean the box can apparently make impossible things happen, like having a girls face literally rot over the course of a few seconds. So what are the limits of this box?

  • Draycole
    Draycole 5 days ago

    Couldn't you just wish that the box didn't kill people??

  • Cole Hatch
    Cole Hatch 6 days ago

    Wow, can't Ralph died in Infinity War.... Saddest scene so far.

  • E
    E 6 days ago

    you could just make your 7th wish be something like u cant die or be invincible that way the box cant kill you

  • Brutis
    Brutis 8 days ago

    I think Ralph would wish that Destiny would already rub her damn clit against the Waffle maker

  • la gerku.
    la gerku. 8 days ago

    If you only make six wishes, just make your sixth and last wish something like
    "Every thing that the box has killed comes back to life."

  • Hunter born
    Hunter born 8 days ago

    What if you wish everyone is immortal then no one can die from the box

  • Hopeful Hyena
    Hopeful Hyena 9 days ago

    Ah it’s too bad we won’t get any more of these, but at least he’ll still do stuff.

  • Hopeful Hyena
    Hopeful Hyena 9 days ago

    It’s always cool when two youtubers I already like do a thing together or show up in each other’s videos.

  • Cheees Y
    Cheees Y 9 days ago

    Filthy frank, Ralph, leafy, Maxmoefoe are all deaths we have had to endure

  • tree jesus
    tree jesus 10 days ago

    i'm sad it's come to an end

  • Ramiro Barité
    Ramiro Barité 11 days ago

    we'r gonna miss your videos pal, please don't delete your account, im downloadingthe episodes just in case

  • Nadir Bait Saleem
    Nadir Bait Saleem 11 days ago

    Your videos are still incredible! 😂

  • Nadir Bait Saleem
    Nadir Bait Saleem 11 days ago

    This reminds me of how in Destiny there is a wish dragon but people actually wish without any gaps and very specific language.

  • Lameashellcosplay
    Lameashellcosplay 11 days ago

    Very sad you're leaving Smosh... Anthony and Ian were nothing without you.

  • Lameashellcosplay
    Lameashellcosplay 11 days ago

    Joey King cannot act.

  • Althric
    Althric 12 days ago

    Ralph was later devoured by blue-skinned muscle men. He was 38 years old and is succeeded by his many children.

  • Cheese Borger
    Cheese Borger 12 days ago

    What happened to the Best Friends review?

  • Matthew Jennings
    Matthew Jennings 13 days ago

    Dang Ralp, I really wish you wouldn't stop. You are great but, if you want to work on other projects honestly I can't blame you it's become far too easy to become stagnant on this platform. Best of luck in future endeavors

  • A Poet From mars
    A Poet From mars 13 days ago

    They got Ralph

  • chvna. jqeg
    chvna. jqeg 13 days ago

    Nooooooooo this is why I watch your channel... For the ralphthemoviemaker vids

  • staticsaltychip92
    staticsaltychip92 13 days ago

    Are you still doing “The best movies of the year”?

  • AwkwardSause c:
    AwkwardSause c: 14 days ago

    That whole sequence of ralph catching the jumpscare actually scared me more than the entire movie

  • Shloomth
    Shloomth 15 days ago

    Whatever you go on to make you better let me watch that too

  • MJR Schneider
    MJR Schneider 15 days ago

    "Wait, you dig on multiverses?" - McFarts, 2017

  • Kevin Fitzsimons
    Kevin Fitzsimons 16 days ago

    What about Reel it in?

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 17 days ago

    Was that John Lennon's Imagine I was hearing?

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 19 days ago +1

    When tf is Lover coming out

  • Sbutalla
    Sbutalla 19 days ago

    Uh oh the main girl was taliyah al ghul gotta go kms

  • Li Sheng Liew
    Li Sheng Liew 20 days ago

    Can't she just make a wish like "I wish my mom come back to live without anyone dying?" She could just juke this dumbass wish box by wishing like this every time.

  • Brink amaniA
    Brink amaniA 20 days ago

    Is this because I watched the bye bye man?

  • Owen.
    Owen. 21 day ago

    Couldn't she have wished for everyone to be immortal?

  • wasteland viking
    wasteland viking 21 day ago

    What the actual fuck...I just find these amazing videos and you're quitting? This is why I hate the world

  • Irmãos Jogam
    Irmãos Jogam 21 day ago

    I swear at the 10 minute mark right after he talks about movies being made like dramas with added jump scares and an ad for Halloween came up, I wasn't looking at my phone, I thought it was part of the video because it sounded like a drama with jump scares.

  • Ryan Berrisford
    Ryan Berrisford 22 days ago

    The Music sounds like Minecraft Menu Music😂😂

  • Sam Tucker
    Sam Tucker 23 days ago

    Where's indeimaus when we need him?

  • Luke Sanders
    Luke Sanders 24 days ago

    you realize "world peace" as a wish would end up making human's extinct or something right?

  • v cxv cxvxcv
    v cxv cxvxcv 24 days ago

    why are you reviewing a 2017 movie in 2018

  • Jack Daniel's in the lion's den


    *Smegma balls* lmao got 'em

  • Ronnie P
    Ronnie P 24 days ago

    Feng SHWEE?

  • LuckIsImpossible
    LuckIsImpossible 24 days ago


  • Eugene Genius
    Eugene Genius 25 days ago

    press "F"

  • John Cowick
    John Cowick 25 days ago

    Anyone catch the Halloween reference around 14:20? Classy ass Ralph.

  • D Howison
    D Howison 26 days ago

    HAHAHA nice I’m not making TheXvid videos meme!!
    (Don’t you fucking dare)

  • D Howison
    D Howison 26 days ago

    Moral of the movie - look left then right and left again when crossing the street.

  • D Howison
    D Howison 26 days ago

    Seracha ain’t that hot. Fucking normie

  • h h
    h h 26 days ago +1

    Petition to make the justice league review a theatrical release

  • Michael Rossi
    Michael Rossi 26 days ago

    I was happy and now im sad.

  • Austin Martens
    Austin Martens 26 days ago

    Does this mean the end of the NICOLAS CAGE-A-THON too?

  • It doesn’t get Better
    It doesn’t get Better 27 days ago +1

    Sooooo are you still gonna make short films, or maybe even along one? And if so where can I find them?

  • About to get flamed the FK out-ReviewGoutUSA dotcom

    Looks like Ralph is gonna have to learn the same lesson Nostalgia Critic did

    • Turbo Flan
      Turbo Flan 21 day ago +4

      The difference is, Doug was ending his content to do something far more cringey, unfunny and terrible. The backlash was that he quit NC to do something worse, not just that he quit NC. If Ralph is just quitting to focus on something totally unrelated, I'm not sure any backlash is really warranted. Tbh there are plenty of angry movie reviewers on TheXvid as-is.

    • OwlKing
      OwlKing 22 days ago


    • Cheebscast Cheebs
      Cheebscast Cheebs 23 days ago +1

      +OwlKing NC killed off his show, then brought it back due to backlash

    • OwlKing
      OwlKing 24 days ago

      About to get flamed the FK out-ReviewGoutUSA dotcom what did NC do?

  • Lettuce Bruh
    Lettuce Bruh 28 days ago +1

    Come back!!

  • Jdjdj Bshdhdh
    Jdjdj Bshdhdh 28 days ago

    Dude this is dark NET

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man 28 days ago

    Plz review venom

  • Nameless and Blameless
    Nameless and Blameless 29 days ago +2

    Found this movie called “black water”.
    Please review it. My eyes need justice.

  • Not Kadin
    Not Kadin 29 days ago

    Stay up brotha

  • Megrimlock78
    Megrimlock78 Month ago +1

    Wish 1: make Ralph make reviews forever
    Wish 2: kill Ralph
    Wish 3: release loved
    Wish 4: release the drone
    Wish 5: an infinity stone
    Wish 6: take away my seventh wish
    Wish 7: see wish 6

  • Who ?
    Who ? Month ago +6

    Feared Ralph,
    It’s been almost four fucking years, please release lover.
    Some fucking commenter
    Ps. I’m pretty sad about long form videos dying, but I’m still looking forward to whatever you create in the future.
    Pps. I meant to type dearest, but I’m choosing to see this as a happy mistake.

  • Demonanimator
    Demonanimator Month ago

    I felt this could have been a great story, if they made a GOOD story.

  • Crunky Dud
    Crunky Dud Month ago

    I knew I should've found this channel earlier...

  • Axleren Studios
    Axleren Studios Month ago

    WHY? Your last profile pic was actually really good!

  • Devin Henderson
    Devin Henderson Month ago

    Man we still got the transformer series to shit on....

  • Cray-z Creature
    Cray-z Creature Month ago

    Hey Ralph please make a review on Hereditary !

  • Walter Cabrera
    Walter Cabrera Month ago

    I just found your channel a few days ago and I stumble upon this. It's saddening, it really is. Your videos have been a great source of entertainment for me, and I wish they could keep coming... but I'm also glad you're doing something different now, something you enjoy, something you love.
    And if some day you decide to come back to TheXvid, I'll still be subbed. I'll be waiting. We all will be waiting.
    Cheers from Argentina.

    THE BRONZE GOD Month ago

    Wish one: grant me infinite wishes
    Wish two: revive everyone killed by this dam box including the death after this wish
    Wish three: stop killing people even if I make a wish
    Wish four:don’t ever kill me
    Wish five: obey the previous wishes and never kill or hurt anyone in any form unless I tell you to do so
    Wish six: obey all of the seven wishes
    Wish seven: don’t kill m or harm me in any sort of way after this wish

  • silverレティシア

    Your hair looks cute like this. It was cute before but it's so full.

  • TheAragorn22
    TheAragorn22 Month ago +1

    Pls come back!!

  • insane rudemac
    insane rudemac Month ago

    so sad you wont do ralphthemoviemakers anymore, like literally sad

  • Alexis Mendez
    Alexis Mendez Month ago


  • J O L T I N
    J O L T I N Month ago +1


  • Kobe York
    Kobe York Month ago

    When are you gonna post justice leauge

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis Month ago

    You can't do this to me Ralph. Where's my wish box?

  • WarMasterX6
    WarMasterX6 Month ago

    Well, hope to see your other passions at some point Ralph! Your content has been damn enjoyable.

  • Geek Nerd Ben
    Geek Nerd Ben Month ago

    Goodbye Ralph hope to see more of your content in the future

  • Arcaviouse Koay
    Arcaviouse Koay Month ago

    I really love the Ralph the movie makers..... I'll really miss them but I guess you have your reasons.

  • The FirstBourne
    The FirstBourne Month ago +1

    I feel like you don't give Jame Wan enough credit...Yes, I know that this movie isn't James Wan. He just never mentions any clips from his movies or jump-scares used well.

  • iBot
    iBot Month ago

    Record the long videos, send me the raw footage I'll edit it and send it to you for upload.

  • Bleuberry /
    Bleuberry / Month ago +1

    Where’s my dang justice lueave

  • Bleuberry /
    Bleuberry / Month ago

    Where’s my dang justice lueave

  • internetplebian
    internetplebian Month ago +2

    the remote from click

  • ʟᴀᴍʙᴏ-ᴋᴜɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ

    Yo bro when you mentioned Feng Shui it kinda suprised me fan from the Philippines btw love your vids

  • Weed Mario
    Weed Mario Month ago

    you should review the godawful 2012 teenage mutant ninja turtles micheal bay movie

  • Andrew Maderer
    Andrew Maderer Month ago

    Hey man, the first Sinister was pretty good you gotta give it that.

  • Andrew Maderer
    Andrew Maderer Month ago

    "He also drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" Shit had me dyin' lol.

  • DingDong
    DingDong Month ago


  • First name Last name

    The moral is be careful what u wish for

  • PvP Villager
    PvP Villager Month ago

    Ralph what about immortality or making everyone good-hearted

  • Clarke
    Clarke Month ago


  • Kea Hadland
    Kea Hadland Month ago +1

    Quinton Reviews

  • animeducky9
    animeducky9 Month ago

    I can't believe this awful Disney movie knock-off is meant to be based of Feng Shui. I saw that film as a kid, when I was visiting the Philippines, and it genuinely fucked me up for years. Sure, it isn't the greatest horror to come from Asian cinema, but it succeeded in making a young girl paranoid and unable to look at mirrors for years, so it at least did a decent job as a horror film in making its audience genuinely afraid. Wish Upon seems to have failed at that

  • Krelliamite Buckingham

    Well dang I should've watched this sooner. Idk why I was putting it off so long but now I'm legit sad. Here's hoping everything else you decide to do with your life goes well.

  • The Ace of Spades
    The Ace of Spades Month ago

    Missed opportunity to call it the JumpScarab

  • Ice Back
    Ice Back Month ago

    That’s not the jump scare, ITS THE GHOST OF YANKEE JIM