Creating the PERFECT Connect 4 A.I.

  • Published on Oct 27, 2020
  • Using AI to crush nerds Connect 4, because people play connect 4 online apparently. Huge thanks to KiwiCo for sponsoring this video.
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    Twitter: code_bullet
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  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +10

    subbing to this guy is a constant cycle of:

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin Year ago +3


  • JustATrashAccount

    I am truly impressed by how energetic cb has gotten, he used to be so calm and composed all the time XD

  • b
    b Year ago +3

    "son, what did you do today" "well i watched an aggressive australian man hack an online children's game for his own amusement. and oh yeah he profusely swore the whole time"

  • spooky!
    spooky!  +1

    i like how his whole thing is "bullying nerds" now but he's making a fucking connect 4 a.i.

  • Johnny
    Johnny Year ago +1

    Evan: "C++ good, python bad"

  • The grey man
    The grey man Year ago +2

    Can we get some love for the mastermind Pascal, who without, this video would not be possible. Thanks Pascal, you beautiful creature.

  • Bornbgamer 1
    Bornbgamer 1 Year ago +3

    Code Bullet: Curses a lot and their content is mainly aimed at adults.

  • XxXblubenXxX
    XxXblubenXxX Year ago +1

    "If you clicked option A or B then you don't know me very well."

  • Botond Hetyey

    "Alpha beta pruning is like normal minimax, but a bit fucky-wucky"

  • Volvith
    Volvith Year ago +999

    It's not called cheating, it's called "over-utilization of morally questionable yet available mechanics".

  • Vaughan McCartney

    I feel like code bullet is going to be the guy solely responsible for the robot uprising

  • Tinkrr
    Tinkrr Year ago +2

    Code bullet: uploads more than once a year

  • Eric Sundquist
    Eric Sundquist Year ago +237

    I ran a Connect 4 AI competition in college, not realizing it was a solved game. The winner just made http calls to an online minimax game to get their next move...

  • Jeru3
    Jeru3 Year ago +387

    The cheat reminded me too much of that sorting algorithm that checks Stackoverflow for sorting algorithms and tries to run them.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Year ago +836

    "Like normal minimax, but a bit fucky wucky."

  • WurtKnurte72

    The AI isn't perfect.

  • Jay Mercer

    Codebullet as a youtuber is much like his AI. He evolves gradually and is becoming not just competent but very good and funny. Then all of a sudden does something weird like stop uploading for at least a year. But in the end his AI’s always work so he’ll be back.

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude Year ago +5

    Something isn't right. He's posted within a month.

  • prizegotti

    There was a Connect 4 game released in the 90s that was a PVP online game, in the game there was a feature "Next Best Possible Move", which would tell you the best place to put your next counter. Unless your opponent also knew of this feature (most didn't) then you were guaranteed to win, and it was pretty much instant when you called it. Unfortunately it's been so long since I play it, I don't remember it's name. However websites that do that same thing have existed just as long, and are just as fast.