Batman (1989) is a Bad BATMAN Movie


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  • HiTop Films
    HiTop Films  16 days ago +118

    I can't believe I have to clarify this, yet again. My OPINION is that Batman '89 is a bad BATMAN movie. Now that doesn't mean it is a bad movie, in fact it's a lot of fun and looks incredible, as I said countless times in the video. What being a bad Batman movie means to me, is that the film did not accurately portray the character of Bruce Wayne and what makes him tick. That is also just my OPINION, feel free to disagree, but maybe watch the video before you leave a lengthy comment telling me how wrong I am.
    To those of you who enjoyed the video and are sharing it, commenting, liking and donating to the Patreon, I cherish you guys, and I thank you endlessly for the support. These videos take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but you guys really do make it worth it.

    • Retro Mad Man
      Retro Mad Man Day ago

      anthony crechiolo No I’m just saying the Batman fans are going to buy torches and pitch forks after seeing this.

    • anthony crechiolo
      anthony crechiolo Day ago

      Retro Mad Man it’s not bad but Tim Burton didn’t care about the character and think’s people who like comic books are stupid so.. U still like ?

    • Retro Mad Man
      Retro Mad Man Day ago

      Damn you got balls to say this movie sucks.

    • Thanos
      Thanos 2 days ago

      HiTop Films uuuuum no theres also hans zimmers themes

    • anthony crechiolo
      anthony crechiolo 2 days ago

      HiTop Films I’m not arguing with u but every psychopath is a narcissist and lack’s emotional depth. Plus Heath Ledgers Joker was really a lot alike. He said he wanted chaos but he really wanted control.

  • Flash2k80
    Flash2k80 36 seconds ago

    That nigga was hard

  • opaQue canon
    opaQue canon 2 hours ago

    Batman 1989 has Bob. Your arguement is invalid.

  • Temporal Mix Productions

    Pee Wee's Big Adventure is the only good Tim Burton movie.

  • Myk Ryos
    Myk Ryos 8 hours ago +1

    Marvel is paying this low life piece of shit to talk crap about DC. GET A LIFE YOU MILLENNIAL DUMBASS. EVERYONE DISLIKE AND UNSUBSCRIBE THIS ASSFACE!!! (I didn't even bother finishing the video of this shit talking attention whore with no real opinion). YOU FAKE CLICK-BAIT!!!

    • Myk Ryos
      Myk Ryos 8 hours ago

      Whoa, chill dude...It's just an opinion.

    • HiTop Films
      HiTop Films  8 hours ago +1

      I wish Marvel was paying me, that would make dealing with insane people like yourself a lot easier.

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N 9 hours ago

    The number of dislikes tells me a ton of people didnt bother watching the video and simply down voted based on the title. That or they know fuck all about Batman.

  • AnbuGreenShinobi
    AnbuGreenShinobi 9 hours ago

    Great video!!!

  • Cobra Kaizer- Soze
    Cobra Kaizer- Soze 11 hours ago

    I have to agree with you.

  • Redaktionen3210
    Redaktionen3210 12 hours ago

    Never really read the Batman comics. Only seen the movies since 89. Still love 'em :D

  • gohanson27
    gohanson27 14 hours ago

    I like this video only because it literally undercut how bad Nolan films were. Yikes. Nolan's Batman, trained for 5+ years, active duty for 2yrs, retires for 8yrs. For a character named Rachel. Can someone share the comic Rachel first showed up in? Nolan's Joker, wore make up and had to get in to character by asdking himself Why So Serious. Joker doesn't wear make up to be the Joker. Thanks for finally exposing the Nolan films.Also Nolan stated Batman in his films kills. FACE PALM. LMAO

    JOEHID JOESTAR 16 hours ago

    You're peng

  • TheAntman1265
    TheAntman1265 16 hours ago

    I still haven't gotten over Michael Keaton as Batman. It was Tim Burton stupid idea the Batman was a regular guy cause he wanted to cast Keaton. Wrong the Batman character is a tall broad good looking man. Michael Keaton was WAY to little to be convincing as the character. They didn`t even make much effort to make him look big. Horrible!

  • Niŋin turdl已
    Niŋin turdl已 18 hours ago

    Nicholson .... Keaton. This movie starred JACK NICHOLSON with keaton Co-starring. Makes sense that it's secretly about the Joker. Call it an idea hidden from us due to the film's nostalgia & having grown up on it.

    • MarioBrosReborn
      MarioBrosReborn 17 hours ago +1

      It could also be because Jack Nicholson made more money than anyone working on the film.

  • Cars1999
    Cars1999 18 hours ago

    The 1989 Batman is what made me love Batman. Fuck this video !

  • Matija Vuk
    Matija Vuk 18 hours ago

    it is the best Batman movie together with Batman Return and Batman Forever

  • Joe Coverage
    Joe Coverage 18 hours ago

    Ok this is my 3rd comment but the note I watch the more I have to say, if the dod scarecrow well he would be amazing, really reducing batman, like the portrayal from the Arkham knight but only for adults and really dark, that’s what I wanna see, DC is better darker

  • Joe Coverage
    Joe Coverage 18 hours ago

    I wish they’d make a dark, gritty, R rated batman movie, where he isn’t all outer space tech but more like the games

  • Joe Coverage
    Joe Coverage 18 hours ago

    I think your becoming my favourite movie channel, I like the way you focus on not just reviews, but smaller parts of the movies too 👌✨

  • Azrael Thunderstrike
    Azrael Thunderstrike 19 hours ago

    I understand every point you present but I still think it's a great movie and Keaton did the best characterization of Batman/Bruce.

  • Les Portelli
    Les Portelli 22 hours ago

    LOL - I just can't believe this post exists and that people are responding to it as if it's legitimate! That's some funny shit yo! Y'all would make Mensa proud!

  • Rooster Montgomery

    How about... NO?!

  • ostertag89
    ostertag89 Day ago

    Your to young to understand go ask people in their 40s and 50s why they liked goofy adam west batman harcore batman fans of that era love those I can say I was like 1 when batman came out but I grew up with it and it's not bad you said you were 19 so you probably watched this for the first time around batman begins came you had so much

  • No I'm Not A Pokemon

    I mean I get it; they're well constructed and very important movies that shaped the future for the characters. They just don't have the best stories to coincide with the characters.

  • mightisright
    mightisright Day ago

    Elfman doesn't give himself enough credit.

  • The Cap'n
    The Cap'n Day ago

    Spot on.

  • Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander Day ago

    The Jokers motive is that the “Town needs an Edema!”

  • anthony felico
    anthony felico Day ago

    I don't agree. But I don't think people should be butt hurt cause you don't don't

  • Duke J
    Duke J Day ago

    None of Batman films comes even close to Bruce Wayne's playboy nature. Keaton is kinda lonely romantic, Kilmer is elitist introvert, Clooney is.. goofy Clooney? lol, Bale feels awkward in female company and Batfleck? lol booooring...

  • matt brendlen
    matt brendlen Day ago

    I wish I had ten cents for every "now don't get me wrong" or "something something just my opinion blah blah blah" in these TheXvid video essays.
    These things are starting to feel like every trailer that plays before a movie, now...

  • Raemon Loendorf
    Raemon Loendorf Day ago

    Like hell it is, Batman v Superman was shit

  • phoenix21studios

    i agree.

  • The Hoopes
    The Hoopes Day ago

    I’m 45 and was 16 when this came out. It was the most hyped movie I’d ever seen up to that point. It seemed like everybody had to have a Batman T-shirt-including those amongst the jocks and other traditionally nowhere-near-nerdy popular high school kids-before the release date. I even bought the official movie magazine and novelization of the film, becoming a fan of both Batman and comic books in the midst of all the excitement. Then I saw the movie (after waiting in a long ticket line) and oh man, it was like the biggest disappointment ever! Never saw it again. But hey, still a huge Batman fan to this day.

  • Jeremy Santos
    Jeremy Santos Day ago

    Get a real job, virgin.

  • Maximum Karnage
    Maximum Karnage 2 days ago

    I stopped watching as soon as I heard 19. 🤦‍♂️

  • Dustin McNab
    Dustin McNab 2 days ago

    I don't get why people keep making the point that the first movie/show/game in a certain genre made the future entries in that genre possible. The success of Batman 89 may have made superhero movies more popular, but they would have been fine if Burton never touched Batman. Spiderman comics and cartoons were popular before and after Batman 89. Spiderman was obviously a popular character with a lot of potential, so movies were basically inevitable.

  • Donald Strother
    Donald Strother 2 days ago

    From one fellow Batman fan to another.
    I agree with you there should have been more character depth with Jack's portrayal
    of the Joker, and Bruce's romance with Vicki was underdeveloped. And I absolutely
    agree with you 100 percent that studio interference to make more profits was the biggest reason the film did not reach it's full potential. There should have been more fight scenes for Batman instead of Joker dancing to Prince songs. However I disagree that Bruce Wayne's character in this movie is a shallow inhuman character. Look at the save the festival banquet scene at Wayne Manor where he almost spills his glass of wine looking at Vicki before Alfred makes the save. When they first talk to each other, she asks Bruce, "which one these guys is Bruce Wayne?", Bruce replies, "Well I'm not sure." Even this rich playboy who has had experience can still at times be shy and awkward around women.
    That's very human. Also Burton wanted to portray the Batman side of the character like a silent film actor, that was awesome. The reason Bruce's character seems flat at times is because he's had to live with PTSD. Even if the audience doesn't know the murdered parents backstory, a lot of people, well people 15 and up anyway can see he had become numb from the trama. I liked how Burton had the two people charactization. Bruce the man and Batman the monster, and even when Bruce was Batman the inhuman monster he still was unable as hard as he tried to keep traces of Bruce the man from leaking out in his personality when he was Batman. Even in the scenes as Bruce, he tried to suppress his emotions, but some of them still leaked out just barely. At the end of Axis Chemicals scene when Napier falls into the waste vat, Batman takes a small step back with eyes wide in horror. My interpretation is he's thinking at that moment what have I done? The City hall shoot out scene when he sees the Joker for the first time, the look on his face when he realizes it's Jack still alive. His stunned and sickened expression when he saw the illegal Joker commercial interrupt the newscast. The emotions are subtle but you can see it. As far as motivation he had plenty to fight for. Stop the Joker from slaughtering innocent people, find out how he's going to keep people safe during the anniversary parade. Protect Vicki. I think gaps are left on purpose for his motivation so the non-comic book fans during the time the film was released can be left to be intrigued and guess. As far as character development there is only so much you can squeeze into a two hour movie. I'm with you that the big reveal should not have been the Joker killed Batman's parents. That was lazy writing, but it still made for a great climatic finish at the Cathedral. Some of the plot may be too simplistic, but some of the simplicity is what makes it good. Great video, what kind of editing software did you use. I want to make TheXvid videos of my own but don't know where to start.

  • Bertrice
    Bertrice 2 days ago

    batman was hellva lot better than Batman Returns

  • Sandor Fekete
    Sandor Fekete 2 days ago

    Didn't even watch the video. Automatically down voted. Sorry but, that's like my opinion man. >_

  • LTR airsoft team
    LTR airsoft team 2 days ago

    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it's a sub for me. Keep up the good work man. Great writing !

  • Alex L.
    Alex L. 2 days ago

    Didn’t you say that garbage show, Gotham was fantastic? Yeah, fuck your opinion you edgy cunt. Your titles are hardcore click baits, pompous fuck.

  • deadpan80
    deadpan80 2 days ago

    Really? Are we really shocked that Tim Burton didn't understand story structure and character development. The dudes a hack. Just look at anything he's remade or adapted from an original source material and you can clearly see he's a glorified production designer. That's it. He actively tries to kill good stories for the sake of his goth "aesthetic". "Ed Wood" was his only unquestionable great film and after all these years later I'm convinced it was purely by accident. That said, I do enjoy Batman Returns but its still not a very good "Batman" film

  • AntarianSPACE
    AntarianSPACE 2 days ago

    Ultimate Spiderman is the 3rd best Spiderman game, prove me wrong.

  • hepwo91222
    hepwo91222 2 days ago

    Batman 89 is a good Batman movie and better than 90% of superhero movies. It's not as good as the Nolan trilogy and the TheXvidr is correct in they took a lot of liberties on the characters, but is extremely difficult to develop superhero characters that up until then had a campy TV show or a comic series that morphed into so many things over the years. Batman is only a thing today bc of Batman 89

  • jesse kuchinski
    jesse kuchinski 2 days ago

    I'm starting to think its kind of bad too, but for simpler reasons, like I find it just kinda boring and slow. Batman returns was way better imo

  • OALM
    OALM 2 days ago

    You sound like you’re bitching about being tricked into liking Batman... Like it for what it is and if not make your own damn Batman movie

  • Trevsfan1
    Trevsfan1 2 days ago

    Can’t judge any old movie by today’s standards.

  • john phillips
    john phillips 2 days ago

    1989 Batman was and is the best Batman movie of all time best Batman and joker of all time instead of mark hamil joker

  • Kenneth Hill 2
    Kenneth Hill 2 2 days ago

    I do agree with your points on how this famous movie represented Batman in a way where we don’t relate with him unlike the comics where his motivations and actions speak his reasons on why he goes around dressed like a bat beating up criminals, while this movie is still good I prefer someone’s first Batman experience to be either the old comics or the Dark Knight trilogy

  • Jamie Kargus
    Jamie Kargus 2 days ago

    Dude this movie was the biggest movie of the year in 1989 and it drew a shit load of money at the boxoffice and you call it a "Bad movie"

    ODANNEK 2 days ago

    If you're under 35 years old, Don't want to hear your opinion on this movie.

  • Akasaurus Gaming
    Akasaurus Gaming 2 days ago

    19 is OLD??? Does your generation think humans die at 30 like in Logan's Run? lol ;p

  • Austin Rude
    Austin Rude 2 days ago


  • James Smithson
    James Smithson 2 days ago

    Love the self awareness and willingness to accept some blame. Well, I love any time someone is critical of their own consumerist habits. Don't beat yourself up too much. We all bought toys, and I've seen way worse collections than yours. Also, maybe I'm just a contrarian, but I really liked that this movie didn't bother much with Bruce Wayne as a character. We all know the origin story, so just dispense with it and get on with things, right?

  • Andrew Lankford
    Andrew Lankford 2 days ago

    Badman 1998 is a bad bat movie. That's what I think.

  • winston smith
    winston smith 2 days ago

    I remember falling asleep at the theaters watching this crappy movie.

  • Landon Warsmith
    Landon Warsmith 2 days ago

    It's best Batman movie, your just a Barney kid.

  • Rich
    Rich 2 days ago

    This is the dumbest review/opinion I've ever seen.

  • Matthew Stubbs
    Matthew Stubbs 2 days ago

    Get a real job

  • Pito Perez
    Pito Perez 2 days ago

    Tim Burton is a great cinematographer but a terrible director tiny Keaton is the worst batman ever

  • Rama Bass
    Rama Bass 2 days ago

    I agree. I feel that we were just so excited and happy to have a modern BATMAN movie. Much like the X-MEN movies. The anticipation clouded our critiques.

  • Laughing Bat
    Laughing Bat 2 days ago

    I disagree with you completely, Batman is the original dark and edgy hero and 89' Batman nailed it.

  • Mr Gone
    Mr Gone 2 days ago

    Batman hit a dude into a vat of acid Detective Comics #27. You're picking gnat shit out of pepper. Give it up.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 2 days ago

    I liked the movie

  • T. C.
    T. C. 2 days ago

    Yeah, prior to Burton Batman was riding jet skis and doing gogo dances .. Burton made him serious and was the first to take the material in a darker more adult direction. 1989 of course it would seem aged now but Keaton remains one of the best interpreration if not the best .........No burton version no Nolan...

  • SonicNights
    SonicNights 2 days ago

    The Dark Knight trilogy is better than the Batman anthology.

  • Paul tar
    Paul tar 2 days ago

    Youre objectively wrong

  • Batboy999
    Batboy999 3 days ago

    To be fair, Nolan didn't get Batman, either. Bruce Wayne does not retire to Europe after 2 years in the cowl. He also doesn't spend his days whining that he doesn't want to be Batman anymore 'cause Rachel.

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 3 days ago

    What I love about the character of Batmam in this movie is his grim determination. There's a trading card from the movie titles "Battered, bruised, but unbroken" or something and it's a shot in the belfry at the end where he's all bloody and clearly has been through some shit, but he's not done fighting yet. I do credit Keaton with developing this version of the Bruce act and the more truthful Bruce we see behind the scenes. I agree it's not the most accurate Batman by comics standards, as I said at the time to anyone who would listen, but all the stuff you list in the beginning of this video makes it a great Batman movie, as I think you actually know. He has to kill because of the conventions of the 80s action movie genre, as superhero movie wasn't a genre yet. I forgive the movie for that, as I don't see any realistic way around it. If Tim said he shouldn't kill the Joker at the end, I think the studio would have pushed for it, and pushed hard. The bad guy has to die at the end, they'd say, or else the hero failed. That was the American definition of action movie heroism at the time. Hell, even Superman killed General Zod and his gang not only in Superman II but in the comics as well, the only time he killed.

  • wesley yoxall
    wesley yoxall 3 days ago

    Tim burton looks like mad hatter

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 3 days ago


  • TheJoker27780
    TheJoker27780 3 days ago

    Great video. Batman '89 is indeed a bad Batman movie. No question.

  • ravissary79
    ravissary79 3 days ago

    yes. it's your opinion. and my opinion it's not a very good one. hence my opinion that this get s downvote. feel free to not agree.

  • P. M.
    P. M. 3 days ago

    Nolan did a bouring trilogy without batman , only Bale bla bla bla. Stupid kicks and punchs

  • Adam Power
    Adam Power 3 days ago

    Yeah, it's not a great film, just okay. They got Batman and especially the Joker all wrong. I clearly remember the marketing orgy surrounding this film, it was inescapable. This was a commercial product designed to part the public from their money, and boy did it succeed. Everyone remembers it for its aesthetics and nothing else, because aesthetics were pretty much all it had.
    By the way, why don't you try getting a job in IT? You obviously know your way around a computer. Why would you waste your skills working at Dunkin Donuts? Get a few basic certifications and you could easily be making 30-40k in a couple of years.

  • Brayden Lupher
    Brayden Lupher 3 days ago

    What’s weird is that majority do those toys you showed I also own!

  • Nemesis UT
    Nemesis UT 3 days ago

    You are 19 and that might the problem here...please don't take that as an insult, at that time it was the 1st actual real Batman story that came out... trust, you are reading Into it way too much for a first ever installment of the franchise that's just over 2 hrs... again to tell the complete Bruce Wayne / Joker arc in 2 a little over 2 hrs?? ...there's just so so much you missed here I don't even know where to begin... urghh but I give you props on a nice cut

  • Super Zer0
    Super Zer0 3 days ago

    11:59 realization of the paradox

  • Frankie Turzyn
    Frankie Turzyn 3 days ago

    It’s hands down a classic and that it turned it around from the Adam west version. I also think that it had to do with the spirit of Batman, if I’m not mistaken lol

  • IrishCarney
    IrishCarney 3 days ago

    The #2 thing that drove me nuts about Batman 89 is the same thing as in every other Batman movie: the eyes. Batman from the comics (and countless lunch boxes, school folders, etc) has no irises or pupils. It's all white. It's an iconic look, perhaps designed to make him seem more frightening. No Batman movie does this. They usually are smart enough (unlike the 60s TV disgraceful camp-fest) to put black makeup on his eyelids and on the skin around his eyes to blend in with the cowl, but they don't cover his iris or pupil with white contact lenses, CGI, or other effect. That's why every movie Batman just looks like some dude in a Batman costume. The moment they actually do it and make his eyes all white - BAM! It'll be Batman, standing there. AT LAST.

  • Master Of Sound
    Master Of Sound 3 days ago

    Ok you got me. 😂 nice work

  • IrishCarney
    IrishCarney 3 days ago

    The #1 thing that drove me nuts about Batman 89 was that LOGO. They rammed it down our throats in marketing. It was the entire content of the movie poster. It was on every billboard and baseball cap and t shirt that summer. (And as the video shows, even breakfast cereal.) The problem was not the logo itself --- it's the canonical, classic, standard Batman logo --- it's that after all that over the top over marketing of it, THEY DIDN'T USE IT IN THE MOVIE (other than the sculpture in the opening credits). Seriously, look at that logo. It's at 9:08. Now look at Batman's chest at 5:58. The logo there is DIFFERENT from the one we all know, from the one they force-fed us for months. The bat on his chest has two feet sticking out of the tail, two additional downward pointing points - seven instead of five. WTF! Every single time Batman is on screen, there's that high contrast, high emphasis, highly visible, impossible to ignore bat on his chest that's DIFFERENT than the one you saw on the poster on the way in. WHY? If you're going to make such a big fat hairy deal out of the logo in your marketing, WHY didn't you actually PUT THAT LOGO ON BATMAN IN THE MOVIE???

  • Blackest Yang
    Blackest Yang 3 days ago

    This is easy. Bruce Wayne in this film is eccentric, suave, and slightly menacing. Jack Napier is narcissistic, jovial, and slightly disturbed
    We know it's your opinion btw, but reminder that some people are above the level you think they are :^)

  • Genius Hunter
    Genius Hunter 3 days ago

    It's the best bat documentary ever made

  • Craeztronics Industries

    saw this when it came out as a grade schooler and was super into it. this was probably the best comic book movie for many years. the era had maybe one or two hits(both of them the first two Batman movies) and dozens of misses when it came to this stuff, compared to today where practically every other comics franchise movie kills at the box office.

  • napabar
    napabar 3 days ago

    Batman 1989 is the best Batman movie ever, dippy.

  • Sixx1980
    Sixx1980 3 days ago

    I remember 1989 like it was yesterday. I was 9. I grew up watching the Super Friends, and I had most of the Kenner Super Powers action figures. VHS was still a hot thing, and my parents got me the Superman films as Christmas gifts. I watched Superman 4 in the theatre. I watched Batman 1966 on re-runs. And most importantly I hated Batman 1989 and I still do. I was very disappointed when I went to the theatre to watch it. The memorabilia was everywhere in stores. I didn't like how Batman was no longer grey & blue. I didn't like how Robin was absent. The film had a different "feel" to it. Looking back now I can see that it was a permanent change. The kids younger than me would go on to adore Batman. I would forever be stuck in the past with my Superman era of heroes. Batman 1989 was a culture shift. Next would be awful grunge music.
    Thank you for your criticism. This video brought back a ton of memories, all be it negative one's, but you helped put into words what I had been thinking since that summer day in 1989 when I watched it in the theatre. This movie definitely changed the way people would watch super hero films.

  • History and Reviews
    History and Reviews 3 days ago

    None of these "superheroes" seems to kill. Daredevil, Superguy, Batboy

  • Steve
    Steve 3 days ago

    Thumbs down for just the title

  • MAP
    MAP 3 days ago

    It's fans like you who were not simply satisfied with a well made movie, no, you have to know everything about Batman and Bruce Wayne, what they're thinking. What motivates them. What makes then do what they do, what he had for dinner and why, who is he screwing, etc... until DC Comics felt the need to pacify its fans by exposing Bruce Wayne's Penis and Ass (Batman: Damned). Hooray, now we know Bruce Wayne leans to the right- mystery solved. I wonder if that will be in the next movie.

  • Tacodog 76
    Tacodog 76 3 days ago

    10:28, personally I like that ad, because it reminds me of when I was a little kid and I had a VHS of batman, I watching it alot and love the movie. Yeah, I admit, this is a bad batman movie, but I'm still happy this movie was made, other wise, we wouldn't have 1/2 the crap we do, so I'm glad we have the movie, even if the movies arent so great today, I still appreciate what the movies do for the future.

  • Artful Dodger
    Artful Dodger 3 days ago


  • Ezra Daßer
    Ezra Daßer 3 days ago

    Captivating editing!
    Besides I do agree

  • Eric Stockslager
    Eric Stockslager 3 days ago


  • Omaru1982
    Omaru1982 3 days ago

    the thing that absolutely bugs me about the movie is the ending, Batman tethers Joker's feet to the statue. but the point where the wire wraps around the statue is where it breaks, so Joker should have gotten away or otherwise he'd have let go of the rung and either been suspended upside down, or the weight of his descent would then cause the statue to break.

  • Seth Daggett
    Seth Daggett 3 days ago

    Um, Frank Miller is the one responsible for making Bats dark again, not this movie.

  • Nash Dash
    Nash Dash 3 days ago

    Every Batman movie is a bad Batman movie.

  • Varangian Vigilante
    Varangian Vigilante 3 days ago

    I love that movie but I agree that it ignores the core elements of Batman. I love Elseworld stories and other parts of the multiverse, but also those either keep the core elements, go crazy with them or chance it to the opposite but Burton just made it his own but I never had the feeling that the movie itself disrespects the comics, so I never had a problem with that approach.

  • Colin D
    Colin D 3 days ago

    If you were born like 10 years after this movie was released, of course you're not going to appreciate it. Hell you weren't even alive for Batman Returns or the mediocre Joel Schumacher films.

  • TheNickLee
    TheNickLee 3 days ago

    looks like some 15 year old that thinks hes a batman expert is ranting about a movie that came out before he was born. disliked for sure, a very dumb video. kids will love it though man good for you.

  • SonictheBedHog
    SonictheBedHog 3 days ago

    Keaton has the best chin, and Gotham City has a great vibe to it. That’s about it.