Batman (1989) is a Bad BATMAN Movie


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  • HiTop Films
    HiTop Films  4 months ago +428

    I can't believe I have to clarify this, yet again. My OPINION is that Batman '89 is a bad BATMAN movie. Now that doesn't mean it is a bad movie, in fact it's a lot of fun and looks incredible, as I said countless times in the video. What being a bad Batman movie means to me, is that the film did not accurately portray the character of Bruce Wayne and what makes him tick. That is also just my OPINION, feel free to disagree, but maybe watch the video before you leave a lengthy comment telling me how wrong I am.
    To those of you who enjoyed the video and are sharing it, commenting, liking and donating to the Patreon, I cherish you guys, and I thank you endlessly for the support. These videos take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but you guys really do make it worth it.

    • swagger10301
      swagger10301 3 days ago

      HiTop Films a

    • Sarcasm
      Sarcasm 4 days ago

      If people didn't understand that from the video itself, they're not going to understand it. Ever. Some people are like that.. they might aswell have a block of wood for a brain.

    • dark Hall
      dark Hall 8 days ago

      Dark Knight is so overratted

    • E Unit
      E Unit 8 days ago

      But Batman isn't better than the Punisher and certainly not Wolverine. Wolverine? Are you out of your mind? Batman is a creepy billionare with a bdsm fetish and no actual abilities besides being rich. He's basically the main Character from 50 Shades of Gray.

    • E Unit
      E Unit 8 days ago

      +james rivera wait... only one of the Nolan movies is good and the last one is good awful, you know that right?

  • paul greenwood
    paul greenwood 17 hours ago

    I watched this '89 Batman when I was 28 years old and the queues were four deep for what seemed at the time like a mile. It was groundbreaking. Nothing even close had ever happened before. I particularly liked the Gotham City depictions that felt 'not quite of this world' unlike the later films that were filmed in modern day cities. It definately had it's faults if you have thirty years to think of them, but at the time it was f**king brilliant. And THAT'S how I remember it.

  • d e a t h d r e a m
    d e a t h d r e a m 18 hours ago

    I like not being dead inside

  • Barny Nicholson
    Barny Nicholson 18 hours ago

    Best Batman 🦇 movie full stop...and Nicholsons joker 🃏 is legendary...its like a comic book come to other batman movie has done that since...

  • jmaal2345
    jmaal2345 22 hours ago

    It’s not bad, but it’s far from the best one. That’s for sure.

  • whyyounolikemypie

    Honestly, the character has been around so long and has gone through so many different goofy/inspired deviations that there really isn't a correct way to portray him on screen. Do you want Silver Age Batman? There you go, '66 tv show and Shumacher. You want Alan Moore/Tim Sale/Jeff Loeb Batman? Dark Knight Trilogy. You want a more Grant Morrison gothique Arkham Asylum thing? Batman '89/Batman Returns. You are more than welcome to say that this isn't a good Batman movie, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

  • Thaddeus Jameson

    Visuals yes score yes dialogue and cast wrong

  • Thaddeus Jameson


  • Renos Kous.
    Renos Kous. 2 days ago

    bad movie BOLOX T.Burtons 2logy was and still is the BEST batmovies till today,the most dark gothic scary of all with out even using CGI as the rest and worse to worst one by one!!!!1My opinion as an old batmanfan having Oneels 4logy movie comix and the others begining from the killing joke till the dark knit returns puting it last cause its the comic that batman ends!!!I have over 2enty c.books and keaton is near to them exept 1 the batAfleck that his suit is near to DARK KNIT RETURNS and its the ugliest for me!!!!

  • Tskmaster
    Tskmaster 2 days ago

    I like Batman comic books... just not the ones everyone tends to list as the "best ever!". Hint: The ones written by the guy whose name rhymes with "Frank Miller".
    I like Batman movies... just not the ones that reference those books. I haven't had a Batman film I could stomach in, like, Forever. "Batman does NOT kill?" How about "Batman does NOT yell"? Batman does NOT have throat cancer? I think of Batman as pragmatic and he does the best he can. But he's not Superman. Supes does NOT kill. Yeah...

    Batman 89 is a good Batman movie as it covers BOTH silly and dark. For people who can admit Batman is MOSTLY for kids, Lego Batman is the best one. Hell, it's the only Batman that actually tries to canonize everything Batman in one character while Nolan's Batman universe would never have the Riddler in it... or Catwoman or Twoface when you get down to the details; Sure, there's Selena Kyle and Harvey Dent but it's just not the same when everyone's either not crazy or too crazy.

  • arcadeMcfly
    arcadeMcfly 3 days ago

    I liked 89 Batman because before June 23rd, 1989, I only knew “goofy” 1960s Batman, I hated that it didn’t include Robin, but I still liked that it was dark.

    • arcadeMcfly
      arcadeMcfly 3 days ago

      I hated that Jack Napier, killer of Wayne’s parents instead of Joe Chill, and why not use the Red Hood origin?

  • Jimmy Leahy
    Jimmy Leahy 4 days ago

    Movie was bad but I like Keaton because he’s great at being a mysterious and intimidating Batman.

  • TheDarkTicoKnight12
    TheDarkTicoKnight12 4 days ago

    I love Tim Burton's Batman, but I always disliked Keaton's Batman. Not because he kills, but because there are no good traits about him.

  • Chiller326
    Chiller326 4 days ago +1

    You had me at "I don't give a flying FUCK about Bob Kane."

  • Dylan O
    Dylan O 5 days ago

    Batman? More like BADman! Please clap.

  • 1983kyrios
    1983kyrios 5 days ago

    Batman 89 was the best Batman movie. It's simple, it works for the time, it's dark and gothic.
    Batman, not killing works in the comics because people fear him in the comics. If you want to make a realistic movie about a vigilante then why would anyone fear him if he didn't kill? Would you give Batman any information on a mob boss if the mob boss was more fearsome than Batman? No, you wouldn't. You'd just take a beating and go to jail and you wouldn't narc anyone out.
    Batman, has killed people. Go back to early detective comics and he killed a few people. You have Knight fall Batman, Jean Paul, who killer people and Thomas Wayne, in flashpoint who killed.
    No one, realistically, would fear a person who didn't kill the bad guys.

    • 1983kyrios
      1983kyrios 3 days ago

      +Spencer Malley obviously you haven't seen any of the cartoons or read any of the old comics.
      In the comics (all star Batman and Robin for this example) the joker just strangles a lady just because. That's not cold and calculating. In the cartoon he tries to bomb Gotham not for ransom but just mess with Batman, again that's not cold and calculating. In the 89 movie the joker kills Bob, his number one guy, because he's mad that's not cold and calculating.
      In the cartoons and comics bane was an assassin. Rupert thorn hired him in the animated series to kill someone, being hired to kill someone for money makes you an assassin. But sure you can argue that that would also make you a mercenary. I see you googled bane and got his description. Your description came up in Google verbatim when I copied it.
      Here is the character description from the wiki - Bane is an escaped convict from an island prison in South America and a super-villain/assassin. Bane has abnormal physical strength as a result of having undergone experiments involving a derivative of the drug Venom.
      - this definitely isn't Nolan's bane.
      As far as who the joker is that's never been made 100% clear. In the comics there are 3 Jokers now. So if you know exactly who the joker is when it changes based on who's writing it and the back story isn't 100% clear then you need to write DC and tell them to pick one.

    • Spencer Malley
      Spencer Malley 3 days ago

      +1983kyrios The Joker has always been calculating and manipulative. He makes elaborate plans all the time. Nicholson's Joker wasn't really chaotic, He was aimless. He wants to make art out of killing people, He wants to kill Batman for stealing his spotlight (which is definitely not as interesting) He falls for Vicki Vale out of nowhere. He doesn't really seem to have a point, He's not interested in creating chaos for it's own sake like Ledger is.
      Bruce didn't set off the explosion to kill anyone, He did it because there was literally no other way he could've escaped from the monastery .
      Bane is not nor has he ever been an assassin, He's a mercenary known for a combination of strength and intelligence which TDKR represented quite well and it's more important than whether or not he's spanish. Burton took way more liberties with the characters and world of Batman than Nolan ever did. The Joker was never a mobster named Jack Napier and he never murdered Bruces parents, Bruce Wayne isn't a recluse with terrible social skills and Jim Gordon isn't a boring nothing of a character.

    • 1983kyrios
      1983kyrios 3 days ago

      +Spencer Malley the definition of chaos is complete disorder and confusion so Nolan's joker was not chaotic he was more calculated and manipulative. Nicholson would be the embodiment of chaos by the definition and by what you just described. So try again.
      Bruce Wayne detonated all the explosive powder in the league's base how much more intentional can you get than that?
      That's like driving with your eyes closed and saying I didn't mean to get in an accident. You know it's going to happen if you do it.
      If setting off a bomb on a mountain top that killed people isn't intentional then what about the ones that were wounded and couldn't make it down the mountain? They surely died because I know he didn't go back to help them.
      Dark night rises is an awful movie. It has far more plot holes than the 89 Batman, bane isn't even the bane from the comics. Bane is a Costa Rican assassin not a terrorist from some prison in the middle East. Talia Algul was an assassin not a business woman and that terrible excuse for a Robin wasn't needed.
      The characters in Nolan Batman weren't the comic characters. They had different back stories aside from Bruce. Nolan could have called the villians in the dark Knight rises anything he wanted because they weren't the villians from the comics.
      Here are some other good points:

    • Spencer Malley
      Spencer Malley 3 days ago

      +1983kyrios Bruces exact words in Batman Begins on the subject were "I will not be an executioner" and he holds true to that throughout the trilogy. People may die as a result of his actions from time to time but its never his intent to murder any of them as opposed to Keaton flat out saying to the Joker "Im going to kill you". He didnt kill Ras either, Ras was responsible for his own fate.
      Nolans Joker was the personification of chaos. His elaborate plans were all geared towards that exact end. Nicholson was all over the place in terms of motivation from his out of nowhere crush on Vicki Vale (which contributed nothing to the movie) to his "art obsession". Reducing the Joker to a narcissistic artist is honestly pretty lackluster compared to the comics.
      Tdkr is far and away from actually being a bad movie no matter what anyone says. Bruces back wasnt actually broken, it was dislocated. Bane was awesome and if were talking plot holes, The police not showing up to apprehend the Joker after he announces hes dropping money on the crowd is by far a bigger one.
      What resemblance does Batman 89 actually have to the comics of the 80s? Bruce Wayne is a recluse with terrible social skills instead of a man about town, Gordon is a boring idiot and Batman isnt even the main character.

    • 1983kyrios
      1983kyrios 3 days ago

      +Spencer Malley before you find another way to tell me that Batman doesn't kill here's a list of his kills. Up to 1988 I think.
      There were more kills in the comics from the 90's too but this list is good enough.

  • Satanel
    Satanel 5 days ago

    Hmmm the joker was the only thing I disagree with you on joker to this day is never truly understood you said yourself what does he want we dont know this never have one day could be wanting to bone vicky vale next blow up half of gotham joker is never meant to be pin pointed however him being Bruce parents killer ruin it joker isn't meant to be a man but more entity it was good try but can never work

  • Mighty Joe
    Mighty Joe 6 days ago

    Burton films are, generally speaking, a demonstration in style over substance. You could argue that he's an influential director... a visionary. But he doesn't make great films. Stylish? Of course. Memorable? Sure. But great? Emotionally arresting? Thought-provoking? Meaningful? No. Never. Not once was I fully engrossed emotionally in a Tim Burton film. The irony is, it's his style that is his undoing - it's too obvious, too distracting. It actually ends up undermining what he's trying (apparently) to achieve. Batman 1989 is probably Burton's best film BECAUSE he wasn't allowed so much creative freedom... and the creative freedom he did have resulted in the bastardisation of the source-material. Fast-forward to 1992's Batman Returns and you see what happens when Burton is fully let of the leash. He has no respect for anyone else's ideas and he thinks he knows better. His "re-imiaginings" of classic characters like Penguin and Catwoman are embarrassingly shallow and probably had the original writers in tears... But hey, at least they looked cool, right?
    I'll qualify all of this by saying I DO NOT LIKE TIM BURTON AS A PERSON. In every interview or piece of media I've seen him express himself, he comes across as someone who thinks he's achieving more than he actually is. He THINKS he's telling great stories, with great characters. I don't think he understands why he's not as popular as he once was. The things he's been quoted as saying... He appears to be an incredibly arrogant man, who doesn't fundamentally understand what he's doing, why things work when they succeed or why they don't work when they fail.
    I'm GLAD he didn't get to do Batman: Forever. I'm PLEASED he didn't get his horrible scissor-hands on great characters like The Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Poison Ivy. Now, as it transpired, every one of those characters was completely butchered anyway by Joel Schumacher... BUT AT LEAST HE FUCKING APOLOGISED! He's humble enough to admit when he fucks up! Burton? No such humility, nothing, not a sausage. Ever. He defends his decision to have Joker murder Batman's parents TO THIS DAY.
    Tim Burton is a lucky, lucky man, who's luck has been in short supply in recent years.

  • Alpha 493
    Alpha 493 6 days ago

    > "... or any other dark, edgy hero."
    > Shows Deadpool's logo

  • Erik Guve
    Erik Guve 6 days ago

    Hes kinda cool

  • Matt Thecomicguy
    Matt Thecomicguy 6 days ago

    It is a 2002 superhero movie and I think Batman in Spock's off X I mean it 10 Burns Batman but I think it's every Spiderman the highest grossing film of all time and then inspiring free came out

  • Jonathan Nicholls
    Jonathan Nicholls 8 days ago

    I think we can all agree that the true villain of all superhero movies is studio interference.

  • greenhulk1982
    greenhulk1982 8 days ago

    Batman was dark mysterious and intimidating1. Joker is unpredictable and does unexpected things like poisoning the people at the restaurant where he met Vicki Vale 2. Number 3 I never got bored the pacing of the movie was good 4. I liked how we got glimpses of Bruce Wayne's life like the flash back of his parents being killed 5. I liked how Joker had a identity before he became the Joker 6. Number 7 it did not have long drawn out conversations which make me bored like when I watched the Nolan Batman movies 8. I liked how Joker was a homicidal artist and showed Alicia's disfigured face to Vicki Vale 9. I liked how the joker took advantage of People's greed 10. Keaton's Batman did not roar like Bale's who sounded like an old man with emphysema 11. Keaton's Batman embodied Batman's dark spirit of the Character 12. Keaton's Bruce Wayne had a tortured and broken soul you would expect him to have since his parents were murdered 13.

  • Carlos Defas
    Carlos Defas 8 days ago

    19 years - “old jaded man” lmao

  • KwameAdu 007
    KwameAdu 007 8 days ago

    While I prefer Batman not to kill (the definitive Batman is the DCAU one from TAS, Justice League and Batman Beyond). The fact of the matter is that the character has been interpreted many different times over his publication history. Bill Finger wrote the first Batman comic with him with the gun killing people. DC made Finger and Kane change that aspect to make it more kid friendly. Everyone's beloved Dark Knight Returns Batman also killed. Miller no doubt drew from Kane and Finger's earlier portrayal. Batman 1989 is not my favorite BUT it is stylistically how I think a Batman film should look and feel unlike the so called "realistic" look of the Nolan trilogy. Burton's Batman looks like he can thrive in that Gotham while Nolan's looks totally out of place in what is basically Chicago. Burton's Batman's motivation is that he is out of his mind due to his parents' death. It is not stated blatantly but it is in the film's subtext. Nicholson's Joker is the most comic book accurate Joker that we've seen in live action. I'm not sure how anyone can debate that. Ledger's Joker may be better performed but Nicholson's performance is far more accurate.

    • KwameAdu 007
      KwameAdu 007 3 days ago

      +Spencer Malley I don't agree with the video. Nicholson portrayed the Joker like the mainstream Joker in the comics at the time. Not as Alan Moore's Joker or Frank Miller's. I think it's almost ridiculous for the Joker to be spouting philosophy about how he's an agent of chaos and he's trying to make some kind of statement. He's a deranged supervillain who is Batman's opposite, who is trying to pull off the perfect "joke." All this other nonsense, trying to make him some deeper character is ridiculous. Even Alan Moore doesnt look kindly on his Killing Joke story.

    • Spencer Malley
      Spencer Malley 3 days ago

      +KwameAdu 007 I mean that Yes, He had things like bleached skin, joker gas and all the "gag gadgets" but he was missing some pretty important parts of who the Joker is aside from that. I think the video covers them very well.

    • KwameAdu 007
      KwameAdu 007 3 days ago

      +Spencer Malley What do you mean?

    • Spencer Malley
      Spencer Malley 3 days ago

      Nicholson's performance is "accurate" in the most superficial way possible.

  • Inayat Ismailov
    Inayat Ismailov 8 days ago

    İ love movie batman 1989

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark 8 days ago

    The thing about Batman ('89) is that its not supposed to be about Batman/Bruce Wayne. This seems counterproductive but hear me out.
    Tim Burton believed that the character of Bruce Wayne was one that you shouldn't get to know because in principle, he's supposed to be dark, moody and most importantly, confined to himself. This was therefore audience participation and represented in his movies too by only allowing you glimpses into his life rather than a focus and a more in depth story arch. Instead, the focus was on the villain's of the pieces. So while the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman was not scripted to be character defining, it was more the visual storytelling that was intended to describe who he was and allow you to feel, this is a guy who doesn't want to know anybody. This is confirmed by Burton who states anybody wishing for more Bruce/Batman in the script were kind of missing the point in the DVD/blu-ray bonus features that you have utilised. But discovery of his motivations regardless of whether or not you know his backstory is something even a child can comprehend.
    The other two are subjective I suppose. Joker has no defined origin so its really personal taste as to whether you like this. As for the studio, Jon Peters was very well known for have extreme visions and ideas. Just listen to Kevin Smith on his draft for Superman Lives and what became of his ideas.

  • Aramis Sinister
    Aramis Sinister 8 days ago

    1989 BATMAN is one of the best Batman Movie's ever made.

  • Lost Woods Dweller
    Lost Woods Dweller 8 days ago

    You should talk about Returns next.

  • Landa Nascimento
    Landa Nascimento 8 days ago

    Batman does not have one theme he also has. Nanananananananana Batman. Also arkham music.

  • Lucas Hörmann
    Lucas Hörmann 9 days ago

    Checking your channel we can see you're young and do hi-quality video production, but overall your opinions about movies suck.

  • Q Crew
    Q Crew 9 days ago +2

    Batman Begins addressed all of the problems in this video

  • Duke The Rebel
    Duke The Rebel 9 days ago +1

    What are those animated Batman scenes with Batman with a gun from

  • The Bear Cave
    The Bear Cave 9 days ago +3

    Just watched this... Pretty interesting stuff. Your opinion isn't invalid. You make some compelling arguments. To answer why I like Batman '89 is easy. It was BATMAN!!! It did what you said. It launched everything afterwards. Yes. I read comic books, but not all the time. So to me, it helped get me involved and it's been a lifelong affair since.

  • Isaiah Jaime
    Isaiah Jaime 9 days ago +1

    I really enjoyed this movie especially when I was a kid and first seeing it was a blast. But as I got older into my preteen years especially that's when I really started to realize that every on screen version of batman (except Adam West's) has killed which kinda bothered me, it showed how little filmmakers know about some of our favorite characters and heroes. I do agree that this movie isn't a good representation of the character but on it's own it is good movie, I also feel that same way about The Dark Knight trilogy.

  • Eliáš Gaydečka
    Eliáš Gaydečka 9 days ago

    I love how every now and then there is just: but Alex...

  • McDougall Squad
    McDougall Squad 10 days ago

    The bat suit

  • Kaizer-Man
    Kaizer-Man 10 days ago +1

    I agree with this all which is why I think Batman Returns is infinitely better.
    Both of Burton’s films aren’t really truly great as *Batman* films like you mentioned in this video but whilst that’s something that slightly held back the 1989 film, I feel he embraced that for Batman Returns and instead of compromising by dressing it up as a faithful adaptation of the Batman comics, he just went fully Tim Burton style for the sequel. It’s like Batman character transported into Tim Burton’s world and with the darker more gothic tone which it benefits from alongside the black and white noir-like contrast of the penguins, white snow, black Batman & Catwoman suits, pale white Penguin and Catwoman faces, black gloomy Gotham, etc.
    Add to that Danny Elfman’s score still being great, the whole Christmas setting, the fact Danny DeVito actually felt like a well written villain as a Penguin which was both menacing but one we could sympathise with too unlike Batman 89’s ‘Jack’ who was really just Nicholson in make-up and not truly the Joker. Add in Michele Pffeifer defining the Catwoman role for a generation and it’s just the icing on the cake.
    Batman Returns felt like a step up in all areas from Batman 89 to me and with its gothic Christmassy impact still felt in later Batman media like the Lego Batman game, its a no-brainer to which of Burton’s two films is superior

  • David Curry
    David Curry 10 days ago +1

    Best Batman movie until BvS

  • Matthaeus Ebonah
    Matthaeus Ebonah 11 days ago

    I disagree with almost EVERYTHING you say lol. But this video is actually spot on and shows how WB has been screwing up iconic characters for decades. They're more concerned with selling merchandise then selling a great movie.

  • ManBearPig Lee
    ManBearPig Lee 11 days ago

    Its not really your opinion that the 1989 batman is a bad batman movie, because then you would not have watched it 200 times, you really only wanted to add some click bait to your title,

  • Kayson Stangle
    Kayson Stangle 11 days ago

    There r 3 different jokers with 3 different drives

  • Popdop007
    Popdop007 11 days ago

    Best things about the movie:
    5: The Joker is actually jokey.
    4: The music is amazing.
    3: Best Batmobile.
    2: Iconic film that shaped others.
    1: Brilliant story.

  • Sky Bird
    Sky Bird 12 days ago

    Batman is the best batman movie the reason why batman kills is because it made it more different an you are a a hole

  • the ugly barnacle 007
    the ugly barnacle 007 12 days ago

    Who else had some of those exact action figures

  • noobllama
    noobllama 12 days ago

    It would be epic IF batman didn't kill!

  • liveFinalFantasy
    liveFinalFantasy 12 days ago +2

    It's funny how for so long I heard this film was influenced by The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke comics, and yet this film portrays Batman and Joker so completely off from their characters in the comics. As much as Batman being portrayed as some underdeveloped, murderous monster bothers me, what they did with the Joker bothers me most of all. EVERYTHING that made The Killing Joke such a powerful story is completely spat on by Burton's take on the Joker. We learn every single tiny detail about his backstory (no multiple choice here), his motivations/goals are weak, Jack Nicholson definitely did not match the Joker physically, and worst of all, Joker killing Bruce's parents turned a complex origin story into a cliche basic revenge plot.
    As a matter of fact, a part early in The Dark Knight Returns comic has Bruce remembering how after his parents were killed, he thought their murderer was the lowest sort of man. And after encountering the more pure evils of Gotham, Bruce realized how naive he was to think so low of Joe Chill, a man who was just after money, who felt sick and guilty over killing the Waynes. Changing that story to having Batman's worst enemy being the one who killed his parents flies in the face of all of that and muddies so much of what we find interesting about these characters. And I'm baffled by all the fans who claim to love the characters of Batman and Joker yet are just fine with Burton's mangled take on them.
    And to add to that, why is it that every live action version of these heroes is always the director's "take on" the character, instead of just the character? None of these movies have Batman, we got Burton's take on Batman, Schumacher's take, Nolan's take, Snyder's take. They always change something major about the character for their movie instead of trying to portray the character as faithfully as possible in their movie. Out of those I've only ever liked Nolan's Batman because even though he's not 100% faithful, Nolan at least got the heart and soul of Batman right, which I think is the most important part.

  • Messof Anegovych
    Messof Anegovych 12 days ago

    Finally someone said it

  • Sebastian Zellah
    Sebastian Zellah 13 days ago

    Sooo Batman 1989 is Aquaman 2018

  • Austin Gaming
    Austin Gaming 13 days ago

    This doesent feel like batman.It feels like a really good tim burton film

  • Racso Doberman
    Racso Doberman 13 days ago +2

    This guy needs to chill. Tripping over a fictional character. Batman kicks ass period. Its just a movie bro lol

    • bro Leo
      bro Leo 7 days ago +1

      "tripping" lol he just makes constructive criticism about why the movie is not his cup of tea. With your logic then anyone who reads comics, plays videogames and give opinions about why that comic/game bad, is a short-temper retard who needs to "chill".

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones 13 days ago

    I thought I was going to hate this, but I don't. These are valid criticisms, even if I enjoyed the movie. I don't even hold to the idea that movies or cartoons have to be faithful to the comics. But the movie does have it's flaws and they deserve to be pointed out.

  • Creepy Closet
    Creepy Closet 13 days ago

    I love the part about bob kane. It's stupid when people bring up how batman used a gun in the beginning but that didn't last that long and the batman we all know came from bill finger, not comic book Thomas Edison

  • Its Boltzy
    Its Boltzy 14 days ago

    I know you won’t see this but I just saw your venom video and your pitch for the sequel is phenomenal and I hope to god Sony sees it and hire you as writer.

  • Reagan Warner
    Reagan Warner 14 days ago

    I think you seriously neglect that, at the time, Batman was campy and unpalatable for the mainstream audience, with your only reference being that The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel had been released, which is the exact opposite of an origin story and would never have been made at the time by any studio and would have been looked at by a general audience as confusing and boring since the emotional ties to Batman weren't really there yet since he was viewed by the general public as being entirely goofy - one big cycle.
    What Burton and the cast tried to do was reinvent Batman to be accepted as a serious character in a serious world (no reference intended there) so that the mainstream would embrace it, so of course the things that YOU consider to be a big part of Batman over his decades-long existence weren't all there, and they were successful in doing that. Because of this, certain liberties had to be taken with the plot (Joker killing Bruce's parents) so that it would be simpler to understand and more time could be spent focusing on the main characters. As for the characters, they are absolutely built up in almost every possible combination - Jack meets Batman in Axis Chemicals, Bruce meets Joker outside town hall, Joker meets Bruce in the apartment, and finally we get Joker vs Batman at the very finale. It builds brilliantly and lets us understand some of the best parts of Batman without overstimulating us so that future films could come along and fill in the rest - it's the perfect origin film. It may be the smartest origin film we have ever seen.

  • Merodach
    Merodach 15 days ago

    It's been a while since I've watched the movie, but what I like about this Batman is that, by being disconnect from the audience throughout most of the film, he comes to embody the symbolic aspect of his character, that was in a way tarnished by the campy series. If nothing else, Burton's Batman manages to bring about the resurgence of a legend.

  • NKUniverse
    NKUniverse 15 days ago

    I don,t like Batman because he,s not Spider-Man

  • Peter_12
    Peter_12 16 days ago

    The only FUCKING good thing about the Tim Burton movies are the theme song

  • Jos Ron
    Jos Ron 16 days ago

    Dude did a really good job with this

  • Film Whack
    Film Whack 16 days ago

    I strongly agree with you about this movie

  • meme overlord
    meme overlord 16 days ago

    What even happened to the love interest in the first one

  • AmbientSpaceNoise
    AmbientSpaceNoise 17 days ago

    My own personal opinion is that the best most interesting Joker (behind Heath Ledger) is Troy Baker's in Arkham Origins. The execution of his relationship with Batman is flawless. The Joker AND Batman in the main Arkham trilogy is just nothing, it's like they got the voice actors that everyone knew they should get, being Hamill and Conroy and did nothing else with them, Batman has jackshit of character in the main trilogy beyond the basic outline of what people think of Batman, whatever character is there is from the comic books and maybe the films, nothing created from the game. Arkham Origins is the only game that does Batman and The Joker RIGHT. Fuck the main Arkham Trilogy, it pisses me off that people praise the ever living SHIT out of the 3 main ones but shit on the Origins one when the latter is the best story and character for Batman and Joker in the games and maybe even film. Fight me on that. ;-D

  • Bghost 10
    Bghost 10 17 days ago

    I respect your opinion but I have to disagree with you

  • Gabe The Walking Dead Films

    You have spent 17.5 days out of 19 years just watching the entire film 200 times

  • Lucian Vanderbloomen
    Lucian Vanderbloomen 17 days ago

    Ok I guess I'll go die

  • GoodOleUltraviolence
    GoodOleUltraviolence 18 days ago

    I consider it a proto Batman movie. Really removed from it's origins, but cool enough to win audiences. It's aesthetic triumph. Sort of Blade Runner of comic book films. And performances are just great.

  • JaydenBrosGaming
    JaydenBrosGaming 18 days ago

    Wrong about the pattern of it gets to dark then light the nolan movies are praised and they are dark in their own way every single one but it was nolan himself who did not ask to make another one and did not argue what so ever when the studio said its done because he knew the story was over he had the story he wanted told because 100% they would have said yes to another batman movie once he brought up how much people love them and how much they are making but again he and everyone else involved thought it was the end too the story that wanted to be told and thats why the nolan movies stopped but i mean your right about every other one

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 18 days ago

    I agree. Tim Burton did not understand Batman. The only people who actually understood him are Bruce Timm and Christopher Nolan

  • Marcelo Rendich
    Marcelo Rendich 18 days ago

    The problem is Tim Burton! he screws up every revamped franchise, planet of the apes, alice in wonderland, willy wonka??
    should i go on???? im hearing crickets...

  • Cj Carpenter
    Cj Carpenter 18 days ago

    Because he wants to get nuts

  • Austin Kanneth
    Austin Kanneth 18 days ago

    Finally. Somebody who gets the essence of the caped crusader. Superb debate. Totally agree with you.

  • Jay Gunter
    Jay Gunter 18 days ago

    Sorry it was my fault I was 12 when it came out I saw it in theaters and of course 12-year-old me love it but goddamn I washed it two years ago it's a bad movie but what's worse is that people have the audacity to compare 89 joker to Heath ledger SMH there's no comparison that shouldn't even be spoken in the same breath

  • ItsDoomguy666
    ItsDoomguy666 19 days ago

    So basically the movie it self is Batman cause if it didn't exist then good things and bad things would happen much like if Batman kills the joker then good things and bad things will happen ain't that something

  • Oscar Mendiola
    Oscar Mendiola 19 days ago

    Batman 1989 is awesome, it’s my favorite Batman movie.

  • Arkhamgamer169
    Arkhamgamer169 19 days ago

    I like the movie partly 'cause I grew up watching it, but also because of Jack Nicholsons AMAZING joker

  • Arkhamgamer169
    Arkhamgamer169 19 days ago

    2:36 that's racist

  • Evan Boyer
    Evan Boyer 20 days ago

    You cannot do Hans Zimmers theme like that in the first minute

  • JZPotter
    JZPotter 21 day ago +1

    Man, I would love the chance to work on a film with you.

    • spAmking
      spAmking 20 days ago +1

      JZPotter i know right

  • Spencer West
    Spencer West 21 day ago

    1989 is a good Batman movie.
    It just got outdated by The Dark Knight.

  • Mr Oldfashioned
    Mr Oldfashioned 22 days ago

    Dude you are entitled to your opinion if you think Batman 89 is a bad movie, but I would like to point out that the 'kill Batman' is one interpretation of the character and actually has a fan base obviously me included in that group. The 'no kill Batman' is just another interpretation, now whatever interpretation you choose to gravitate towards is down to yourself but what I do not like is you suggesting that the 'no kill Batman' is the definitive irrefutable general consensus version set in stone and the other versions have no place in the valid world. The 'kill Batman' has found its way in several comic books, animated movies and movie adaptations including 'The Dark Knight Returns' where he kills the Joker and openly said 'Out of all the people I killed, I let you live!' Have respect and accept that there are different renditions of the character, I don't like the Adam West tv show but I respect it for what it is and I certainly would not go out of my way to make a youtube video to say why it is a bad show because I respect its fans and that rendition. Was your feelings towards Batman 89 so bitter that you had a go out of your way to make this video? Now we should see a video titled 'Why the Dark Knight movies were bad movies.' And point out how there was no backstory to some of the major villains, how Gotham had no personality, Batman's hilarious voice, diverting from source material, the list goes on. Anybody can make a video about any movie and say why it's bad because at the end of the day it's subjective.

    • VII III
      VII III 22 days ago

      +Mr Oldfashioned Ok, well I think a Non-Lethal Batman is better... but yeah.

    • Mr Oldfashioned
      Mr Oldfashioned 22 days ago

      +VII III We could have this debate until the cows come home, so we are going to have to agree to disagree. There is a difference between a cold blooded insane serial killer and someone who kills for justice.

    • VII III
      VII III 22 days ago

      +Mr Oldfashioned Actually I agree if done very well, its really good, but if your gonna tell me he just decided "Yeah, imma just decide killing is necessarily at the beginning and just become an insane cold hearted serial killer" which in 1989 is not good at all.

    • Mr Oldfashioned
      Mr Oldfashioned 22 days ago

      +VII III Well of course you are entitled to your opinions. The 'kill Batman' is better for me. He isn't a murder machine in the sense that he kills everything or everyone. The newest adaptation from Snyder is the 'kill Batman' which is a real treat for us 'kill Batman' lovers!

    • VII III
      VII III 22 days ago

      Well that's true I guess. But I think he means on how (this is mine and his opinion) OG No-Kill Batman is a fuck ton better than A Murder Machine

  • Joe Acosta
    Joe Acosta 22 days ago

    Without this movie, we wouldn’t have Batman The Animated Series and the DCAU. For that, I’m grateful.

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 23 days ago

    Still An Better Batman Movie Than Batman & Robin

  • wrath231
    wrath231 23 days ago

    Its a damn fun movie...

  • Dru Blood
    Dru Blood 24 days ago

    Batman has killed over many different versions over the years, and there are many different versions of how Bruce’s parents dies

  • Chris Whitbread
    Chris Whitbread 24 days ago +3

    You're absolutely correct. The Tim Burton films were TERRIBLE Batman films, for all reasons you listed.
    You can add to it with the statement that Keaton didn't even try to prepare for the role. He didn't work out like Christopher Reeve did for Superman or do fight training. Burton's idea was put him in a fake muscle suit and let him use guns. The poor third act is actually a trademark of Burton films. He's always so obsessed with the visuals he ignores the story and allows the third act to fall apart. "Sleepy Hollow" was the only Burton film that I recall had a satisfying third act.

  • Stinger430
    Stinger430 24 days ago

    I've always thought it was a terrible movie. Keaton was a poor choice.

    ILUV ALL BBWS 25 days ago


    WE ARE VENOM 25 days ago


  • Cybernerd Studios
    Cybernerd Studios 25 days ago

    Because he is... UH UH UH EDGY?

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron 26 days ago

    Nolan's DC films are also bad Batman movies.

    • Tia Aaron
      Tia Aaron 22 days ago

      +VII III IMO,Batman Begins is the closest to Batman in the trilogy mostly due to the origin story.
      The other two are different stories. The Dark Knight is one of my favourite movies but Batman's character is such a disappointment. He's just so unremarkable. Christian Bale's bad acting is mostly the issue. That's why I don't consider it a good Batman movie even though it's an amazing movie on its own.
      The Dark Knight Rises,on the other hand, is a steaming pile of shit. The character of Bruce/Batman/Nolanman is so badly-written and out of touch with previous movies that makes me think Nolan was either high when he came up with it or he took too much note from Goyer. Other characters were failures too from Alfred and Gordon to the god awful villains. The plot was nonsensical.

    • VII III
      VII III 22 days ago

      Don't agree with Dark Knight, maybe the other 2, but not that.

  • Donnie D
    Donnie D 26 days ago

    Worst Batman films
    Batman begins
    Batman and Robin
    Batman forever
    Batman returns
    Justice league
    Best Batman films
    Tim Burton Batman
    Dark night returns part 1&2
    Batman mask of the fantasm
    Batman year one
    Batman under the red hood

  • kay doyle
    kay doyle 26 days ago

    Best Batman EVER is batman 89!!!

  • Micheal Mah'moud
    Micheal Mah'moud 26 days ago

    I would say this is more adhere to the early Batman comics in the noir and Batman killing in that sense. Tim at the very least read elements of Dark Knight Returns and Killing Joke and applied it to his interpretation of Batman

  • Cornell Overbeeke, MD
    Cornell Overbeeke, MD 27 days ago

    Batman is playing out his childhood trauma. He feels he is destined to suffer as he suffered the loss of his parents, but his life is too comfortable as a millionaire. So he designed the constricting batsuit as a kind of modern day Iron Maiden. The joker just gives him a rational excuse to torture himself.

    • VII III
      VII III 22 days ago

      That's quite too far fetched.

    ERGSEG 27 days ago

    Did Tim Burton really say he thought Batman was black? LMAOOOOOOO

  • Ryan Lord of memes
    Ryan Lord of memes 27 days ago

    can you do one about Batman returns because it’s not a good Batman movie or a good movie I mean it has no fucking story

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 27 days ago

    Batman 1989 is a good movie

  • Jacob Lakes
    Jacob Lakes 28 days ago

    To me the only good thing about this movie is the Batmobile.

  • SandmanEnters
    SandmanEnters 28 days ago

    I just found your channel man, I love it. I don't have any patreon money to give you, but I hope you get to where you want to go. Keep up the good work

  • Brick_Terminator *
    Brick_Terminator * 28 days ago

    Fuck it, I still love BATMAN 89