Batman (1989) is a Bad BATMAN Movie

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Batman 1989 is a Bad Batman Movie. Watch the Batman Video Essay before you dislike, hopefully it's at least entertaining and informative. I love Michael Keaton Batman, and Jack Nicholson Joker, but those are both not accurate representations of the Batman and Joker characters. This is a Batman Video Essay, but I did not put Video Essay in the title, are you proud of me Dad? This is the follow up video essay to Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Bad SPIDER-MAN movie. Tim Burton really did add a lot to the Batman mythos, but HiTop Films personally thinks that Tim Burton may not understand Batman. If you read this far did you get this whole description is a ploy for the TheXvid algorithm to find our Batman Video Essay? Please considering supporting HiTop Films by
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Comments • 4 115

  • HiTop Films
    HiTop Films  7 months ago +720

    I can't believe I have to clarify this, yet again. My OPINION is that Batman '89 is a bad BATMAN movie. Now that doesn't mean it is a bad movie, in fact it's a lot of fun and looks incredible, as I said countless times in the video. What being a bad Batman movie means to me, is that the film did not accurately portray the character of Bruce Wayne and what makes him tick. That is also just my OPINION, feel free to disagree, but maybe watch the video before you leave a lengthy comment telling me how wrong I am.
    To those of you who enjoyed the video and are sharing it, commenting, liking and donating to the Patreon, I cherish you guys, and I thank you endlessly for the support. These videos take a lot of time and a lot of effort, but you guys really do make it worth it.

    • Airman Cave Archives
      Airman Cave Archives 15 days ago

      Speaking of Batman:

    • centsofhumortv
      centsofhumortv 15 days ago


    • centsofhumortv
      centsofhumortv 15 days ago

      Dude!!!!! Thank u for understanding the batman 89 classic but how it had a secret nuclear bomb that became all other horrors..anyways i get it. BUT... this movie rocked balls

    • Lee Johnstone
      Lee Johnstone 17 days ago

      They might as well call it Joker 89

    • 1994/1989 Chevy Silverado 4x4
      1994/1989 Chevy Silverado 4x4 17 days ago

      HiTop Films I feel you Christian Bale has more depth

  • Gergely Boros
    Gergely Boros 12 minutes ago

    Its the best bad batman movie. Anyway i hate Tim Burton movies.

  • Trailers and Teasers
    Trailers and Teasers 4 hours ago

    Wait, did you plan it so that a youtube ad played exactly when you said "after this ad", cause it did for me and i was like holy shit you predicted it

  • One True Vikingbard
    One True Vikingbard 6 hours ago

    Not a fan of the self-righteous Gary Stu Batman who thinks torture is the morally superior option to murder but still plots the deaths of the Justice League (ie, the conroy version). So I don’t have a problem with a more realistic Batman: also I thought that Vale was the main character, not Batman

  • EasyO
    EasyO 8 hours ago

    When you asked whats human about this Batman and drives Bruce Wayne i immediately thought about that scene when Vicky Vale described Bruces reaction when witnessing the Joker´s massacre. This felt very "Batman" to me back then.

  • Off Brand Flip Flops
    Off Brand Flip Flops 9 hours ago

    1992 Batman Returns is better than this Batman film! The best Batman movie is "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker"

  • Necronomibong
    Necronomibong 13 hours ago +2

    The best Batman film ever made. i love when kids say this is a bad movie. just proves how ignorant they are.

  • Jaco Tromp
    Jaco Tromp 16 hours ago

    That was NOT the 1989 Batman coffee cup, that was the 1992 Batman Returns coffee cup.

  • Jaco Tromp
    Jaco Tromp 16 hours ago

    It's not good at all, but I saw it in the cinema in 1989 when I was 10 years old and I was blown away. It's about the nostalgia, that it was the first comic book movie I saw on the big screen. It still one of my favourite. I love it

  • Jc jc
    Jc jc 22 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Lord Pop
    Lord Pop 22 hours ago

    Wait that's *not* Bill Murray?

  • Red_Doggo
    Red_Doggo Day ago

    We need to go back in time to stop this from being made, if it stops Justice League from being made. It's a simple calculus.

  • Casey Kunz
    Casey Kunz Day ago

    I was 9 when this movie came out... and wow, best movie ever! But as an adult... ehhh...

  • reececuplol13
    reececuplol13 Day ago

    God, I see it from your point of view. The version of me 14 minutes ago was about to jump your shit. But now that I have finished it, you are absolutely right. Yes. Thank you for opening my head. And I actually have 4 of the McDonald's mugs lol.

  • shuttlekawk
    shuttlekawk Day ago

    It's still the best Bats movie...

  • Charlie  Clark
    Charlie Clark Day ago

    No its not

  • NicoMajor101
    NicoMajor101 Day ago

    I work at Dunkin Donuts as well

  • Destiny: ryonhoodoo
    Destiny: ryonhoodoo 2 days ago

    '89 and '92 were great. Everything made after McDonalds getting upset about the Penguin being to dark and they couldn't sell Happy Meals with Batman toys was crap.

  • Destiny: ryonhoodoo
    Destiny: ryonhoodoo 2 days ago

    This is click bat

  • Jackie Brison
    Jackie Brison 2 days ago

    In the end if someone wants to relate to a superhero and take it seriously all the power to them

  • Jacques Malan
    Jacques Malan 2 days ago

    Batman 1989 is a GREAT Batman movie, but not a GOOD Batman movie

  • Mr. Nice guy!
    Mr. Nice guy! 2 days ago

    It's one of the best movies ever made. Just like all the other BATMAN movies. Even Adam west. There would've always been a BATMAN, even without 89 BATMAN. Because of "The Multiverse". I think Thomas Wayne was the only version of BATMAN that used guns.

  • Casey P
    Casey P 2 days ago

    He's batman because he's completely fucking insane. Hahaha

  • Bigotemushroom
    Bigotemushroom 2 days ago

    I agree with literally all of your opinions except this one. The bat turn did bother me.

  • Jay Luck
    Jay Luck 2 days ago

    What I’d change?
    Red Hood arc.
    No Batman origin story.
    No love interest.
    But keep Vicky.
    Cut Knox; helper character.
    No Prince. Sorry.
    Just condense it really... and try not to reveal to the audience that Bruce is in fact Batman until the last possible moment.
    I’m sorry I won’t be uploading my cut that I now have in mind. But “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” 😊

  • Jay Luck
    Jay Luck 2 days ago

    Even today I look past everything you said, even though I agree.
    Batman ‘89 was lacking, but while the creators may not have intended this effect, everything we knew as Fans of the character we used to fill in that blanks not explored in the movie. Giving way for everything that followed to be more easily dissected and reconstructed in our minds to be the Batman we individually want him to be.
    Batman ‘89 was simply the next attempt at making another DC origin story film with substance (not Kryptonite), and it worked as a first good movie template for our imaginations when it came to Batman. Kevin, Mark, Christopher, Christian, Heath; they all built on that template in their own craft. Everything we’ve seen since Nolan’s take hasn’t build on the franchise, it’s only been supported by it.
    We got what we got, ‘89 did the best it could. It was a good expansion atop a great foundation... and I appreciate it.

  • Green Maverick
    Green Maverick 2 days ago

    topic starter is a millennial.

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 2 days ago

    Alot of 80’s movies Don’t Have loads of explanation/Depth. lay Off Lol, I mean Hav you seen Back to the Future ?

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 2 days ago

    I Liked Joker as the murderer of Batman’s parents .

  • joanfan
    joanfan 2 days ago

    Yeah? Well, yo mama is a bad Batman movie.

  • Joseph Saunders
    Joseph Saunders 2 days ago

    Hey it was the 80's

  • ronald henson
    ronald henson 2 days ago

    Michael Keaton played as Batman Kevin Conroy is the best Batman

  • RupertBear
    RupertBear 2 days ago +1

    0:36 Do you mean opinions or assholes???

  • Andrew Francis
    Andrew Francis 2 days ago

    A very mature cat.... you weren’t even born then, but you convinced me....respect.

  • MX Bravo
    MX Bravo 2 days ago

    Very insightful. I like your approach.

  • The Wu-Tang Batman
    The Wu-Tang Batman 2 days ago

    What I liked about batman 89 was the darkness of it.
    After grown up with the 66 tv series..batman 89 was awesome and much closer to the batman comic books I was reading at the time..but knowing more about batman the way I do now some things don't mirror his comics book character...number one being no killing.
    And I always disliked the joker being the murderer of the waynes..even as a kid I knew this was shit.

  • yaqeen abdul quddus
    yaqeen abdul quddus 2 days ago

    naw, you're trying too hard...also, get a life lol

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones 2 days ago +1

    Less than 2 minutes in, and I am open to contuning my watching at a later time, contingent on the response to the following: Your personal (opinion) "Top 5" Sci-fi/Action/Superhero genre films?

  • Dru Blood
    Dru Blood 2 days ago

    There are plenary of comics where Batman kills or even uses a gun. So apparently only certain Batman comics where he doesn’t kill are the only real comics and all the other ones are not Batman. I’m so sick of the “Batman doesn’t kill” argument from pissy nerds. Batman kills sometimes. The end. He is a billionaire that wears a mask and beats up poor people, how is someone like that supposed to have these high morals that set him apart from other superheros? Batman 89’ is the best Batman film, fuck Nolan’s Batman, Christian bale is a jackoff with the worst Batman voice that makes him sound like he’s gargeling marbles while smoking a fucking dead cat.

  • Dru Blood
    Dru Blood 2 days ago +1

    Read the book “the greatest Batman stories ever told” it came out before you were born obviously. 25 different people have killed Bruce’s parents over time. Who cares if the joker did it in this one? This is a troll video.

  • Rylee Wallace
    Rylee Wallace 2 days ago +1

    Reading the title. Me: Fuck this guy and his video, this is one of the best batman movies that is or ever will be,
    After watching video. me: Mind blown,

  • jravage77
    jravage77 2 days ago +1

    It wasn't a bad representation; it was a quarter of a representation that was still recognizable and fun.

  • BarterTom
    BarterTom 3 days ago +1

    It was a bad film in general. All of the characters mumble their lines, there are huge plot holes, Michael Keaton doesn’t emote in the slightest and Jack Nicholson is hugely overrated as the Joker.

  • Mac Nason
    Mac Nason 3 days ago +1

    Guy u r fucking retarded great movie u r just gay

  • ChessRabbitt
    ChessRabbitt 3 days ago +1

    It had no storyline.

    • LudicrousKid
      LudicrousKid 2 days ago

      It does. Just not the type that would fit the Batman's characterization.

  • Luca
    Luca 3 days ago +2

    What i like about Batman 90: Suit and Michael Keaton (JESUS YOU HAVE A MAN-BAT FROM THE BATMAN TOY, I HAD ONE AS WELL WHEN I WAS YOUNGER 0-0)

  • Nicolas Roman Segura
    Nicolas Roman Segura 3 days ago +1

    a video saying bad things about the original batman movie? lets see the disl-YUP that seems about right

  • Al O
    Al O 3 days ago +1

    So I know I'm a few months late on this video, "BUT" I have a few things to say about this. I will start by saying that 'BATMAN-89" was a phenomena. I remember buying and getting my hands into anything 'BAT-MAN'. Yes, that was the point right? I mean if Star Wars taught us anything is that is you come up with a great movie, then they put that fantasy into the hands of every child in the audience. So, that does not bother me so much; now is "BM-89" a "bad" movie? Well, as a 'batman' story, I always had a hard time accepting the Joker being the reason Bruce's parents die, but, I think Tim Burton took some creative liberties with that one. I can also see how Tim not have read any prior comics, may have taken the character a bit off its proverbial path. He embraced the "darkness" of Bruce's grief and tried to bounce it off Jack's character and eventually his alter ego, the Joker. One thing I will agree wtih this video is about the "studio interference". I believe that to WB, Batman is nothing but a big "cash cow". It's been obvious by the other films they put out on Batman and even some of the 70's Superman franchise, they just use this "powerful" trademark and just slap a label on it and market it for all the cash they can get. Now, I do beleive that if it wasn't for BM-89, then Nolan's Batman wouldn't have had a spring board to leap from. And then Zack's vision was also a key re-vision of the character, which I was hoping would start a new and fresh direction for the DCU. But, I digress, I still will get behind BM-89, because that was "my" Batman, the one that stared it all. It lead to a successful animated series and then to what we know to be the best character arch in the history of comics.

  • Da Stormcomin
    Da Stormcomin 3 days ago +1

    He keep saying its the best then its the worst. 🤔

  • Gemini
    Gemini 3 days ago +1

    I saw this movie at the drive in when I was 9 years old, its is the best Batman movie along with Batman Returns.

  • Rent My Ego
    Rent My Ego 3 days ago +1

    Let’s face it batman returns is far superior than Batman 1989.

  • John Simmons
    John Simmons 3 days ago +1

    It's Unwatchable...and I LOVE Batman. Plus I despise Tim Burton.

  • TeamSesh97
    TeamSesh97 3 days ago +2

    That kevin smith piece u played is sorta out of context

  • Allan Rodriguez
    Allan Rodriguez 3 days ago +1

    Nice collections of Batman merchandise....i want that batman coffee

  • mijmijrm
    mijmijrm 3 days ago +1

    Tim Burton creates collections of overly-styled visuals. That's about it.

  • mijmijrm
    mijmijrm 3 days ago +1

    couldn't agree with you more about Batman not killing people. If he did he wouldn't be anyone extraordinary - he'd just be an egomaniac psycho is a ridiculous, nonsense bat suit.

  • Ciscoak 907
    Ciscoak 907 3 days ago

    Clever ad break would been better without the countdown tho.

  • Fredrick  Odell
    Fredrick Odell 3 days ago


  • Edward Winters
    Edward Winters 3 days ago

    Well now that I see how young you are I can understand why you don't like this movie. Most people your age don't get Batman 89. Which I think will always be the best one, Batman Returns being a close follow up. I am 61 will be 62 next month and have been a Batman fan since I was a kid. And in my opinion Burton's Batman is closer to the comics than any of them. Nolan tried to take the characters and bring them out of the comics and into real life which was interesting and different. But I have to tell you when I saw Dark Knight I left the Drive in almost in tears, they took my favorite villain the Joker, made him uncouth, unfunny, and just some nut case blowing people up and worst of all HE DOES NOT TELL ONE SINGLE JOKE! The Joker is supposed to be funny yet dangerous, there was nothing funny about Ledger's Joker. I hated him, and was angry when Batman saved him in the end. Now in Batman 89 and 92 I hate the fact that Burton kills the Joker, and the Penguin. But in Batman forever they didn't kill the freaking Riddler which would have been fine with me.

  • Edward Winters
    Edward Winters 3 days ago

    I agree Burton should have gone into the origin of Bruce Wayne into Batman much deeper. This should have been a longer movie. As far as the Joker being the Wayne's killer I can take it or leave it. I must admit I thought it was kind of clever. And I agree Batman should not want to kill anyone. Now having said all that, I still think 89's and 91's Batman and Batman Returns soar over all the other Batman's ever made. I know everyone makes a big thing over Nolan's Batman and they were ok although I for one was not that impressed with Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. It was interesting and different I will give it that. But in my book Nicholson nailed it to the T.

  • SleepyDroid
    SleepyDroid 3 days ago

    still love this movie.

  • retro games plus doggo

    i like that hes not gay

  • Yasen Alhajri
    Yasen Alhajri 3 days ago

    It's batter that way killer psycho batman then just batman

  • Rick James
    Rick James 3 days ago

    Go fuck yourself you idiot

  • Thomas Scott News
    Thomas Scott News 3 days ago

    The Black Suit.

  • Thinking X
    Thinking X 3 days ago

    In the shootout scene at the chemical plant, Batman shoots his cliffhanger gun at the goon 30 feet away, & allows him to hang in midair, unharmed but later he’s got Jack Napier with one hand & allows him to fall into the chemical pool? So by Batman’s logic the goon’s life was more important that the 2nd in command mob boss?

  • stevkyt
    stevkyt 3 days ago

    I can't believe I have to answer your comment. You state that it's your opinion yet its your click bait title that implies that it is fact that this is a bad film. This is just an attempt to monetise and is a waste of time.

  • Justin Friedman
    Justin Friedman 3 days ago

    I love this batman 89, it was my favorite till Nolan's movies. Batman didn't intentionally kill Joker btw, Joker was more responsible for his own death. Batman just prevented Joker from getting away by grappling him to the statue. If Joker would of just let go of the ladder he wouldn't of died.

  • Dumsvensk
    Dumsvensk 4 days ago

    Your girlfriend is Emily VanCamp?

  • Aaron Cardenas
    Aaron Cardenas 4 days ago

    Lost my shit when the ad actually played. XD

  • Ker S
    Ker S 4 days ago

    to be honest, I thought this video was funny! "My girlfriend thinks I'm a broke loser..." "It True" lol

  • luis enrique vargas azcona

    A movie is a movie, I don't see any point to saying that certain movie is a good movie, but a bad movie.
    I get that the characters on that movie weren't faithful nor good, but the presentation and the tone were perfect, and I think that's enough to be recognized as a good movie.

  • O O
    O O 4 days ago

    This movie was my introduction to super heroes. Immediately after seeing it for the first time, I started begging for Batman comics and learned that the character in the films wasn’t exactly the same as the guy from Year One, Long Halloween, etc. And even after dedicating most of my life to Batman, I still love this movie. It was incredibly bold to have this very commercial Batman film not be an origin story or delve into the character before he was well known by casual movie watchers. I also love Batman and Robin. It’s a stupid movie, but it’s fun and super campy. It doesn’t try to be anything serious or seem to care if people like it or not.

  • MetalGearShady
    MetalGearShady 4 days ago

    so, basically you're saying superhero movies aren't real movies, like art, but rather means to promote related merch ? WOW
    I feel myself fooled :< I always thought that retarded movies about retards from comic books for kids and no-lifer retards were art

  • Tarz Legacy
    Tarz Legacy 4 days ago

    🔥💯FACTS!: Some of us dont need to know a back story. Take Pee Wee Big Adventure. Do we care why a grown man acts and wears weird things? No, its just hilarious. BATMAN should be mysterious. PLUS IT WAS THE FREAKIN 80s. Again, it was THE 80s, geared towards kids and toys. End of story. Everyone want's to be a expert. STFU!

  • Terry T
    Terry T 4 days ago

    Shut up, the film is genius!

  • Jason S
    Jason S 4 days ago

    I agree with you on a lot but I still like the movie

  • Kyle McDonough
    Kyle McDonough 4 days ago

    The public opinion/view on things like movies are always fluctuating up and down, light and dark, etc.

  • Agustín Baletti
    Agustín Baletti 4 days ago

    You. Can't. Say. That.
    Still it is Batman Returns which is the greatest.

  • Jonathan Lindsey
    Jonathan Lindsey 4 days ago

    No, it is not a good Batman movie for the current time. It was a perfect Batman movie when it came out. The character, and the way we view him, has evolved significantly in the years since. Same with the Richard Donner Superman movies. When this movie came out, Batman was undergoing a resurgence thanks to the Frank Miller books that re-envisioned him. Movies are like time capsules, they represent the time they were made.

  • Jason Fullerton
    Jason Fullerton 4 days ago

    The joker is not a complex character, he is a force of nature.

  • CapitanJusticia
    CapitanJusticia 4 days ago

    Batman's been around "79 years", not 89.

  • Trzn
    Trzn 4 days ago

    ALL comic book movies are bad movies.

  • spohlso
    spohlso 4 days ago

    I was 19 when the movie came out. Pretty much everything you said in this video, I felt when I first saw it in the theater.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 4 days ago +1

    Unlike assholes sadly everyone feels the need to share their opinion constantly. Batman (1989) is a great film. Why is the video 14 minutes long? That should be the whole video. These are initial thoughts while watching: I’m glad you don’t deny the cultural influences right out of the gate because you would look like an idiot. 🤷‍♂️....but here goes...rebutting while watching....the movie not being about Batman and being about Bruce Wayne May be the hottest takes of all hot take in terms of that being detrimental to the film. These, Batman murders Joker in the Burton verse. So what? I’m so tired of this Batman doesn’t kill shit, time and time again.....So you don’t give a flying fuck about Bob Kane??! Hahaha you just discredited yourself.....Bill Finger is amazing I’ll give you that but Batman has killed so many times through comics and every iteration of film this argument is tired as tired gets. I agree, that Joker, killing his parents in the film was a controversial decision...that’s absurd to get into Burton’s mind and say you get his intentions. You don’t. The film isn’t about his psyche?! Oh for god sakes. This Batman has no moral guidelines?! I have to protest again sir....And by the by, Bill Finger is one of many iterations of Batman so you get over it....I love everything about the Batman in “Batman”(1989). That’s ridiculous that there’s “nothing human about this Batman.” Dude, you deserve the dislikes for this one. I love how you keep going “these performances are great but let me tell you why it’s shit anyway because it doesn’t live up to how I feel comic adaptations should be.” It’s all I hear over and over in this video. Why is all of this such a problem for you? These characterizations....What more end goals do you need from Joker???? Oh please dude you sound like a 19 year old, no offense. The Dark Knight Returns had JUST come out. Neither Joker and Batman have no personality. That’s absurd. Keaton balances Bruce and Batman deftly. Why does Batman need an arc in this film that suits your idea of what it should be? Lol Holy shit. It was the start of a trilogy. The arc would have completed at the end of Batman Forever and the arc is definite in Returns...I totally agree with the cyclical nature of Batman. it just bounces back and forth between campy and gritty and people bitch wanting either until they get it and then they don’t. The bell tower dancing scene is iconic. The prince music is iconic. People that grew up with this film, you said you’re 19? Yeah we do not feel this way. The Joker has always had some black comedy in him. Nice speculation “....and how warner brothers works now.” You just described the entire toy industry as it pertains to film in general. All of these films have a large toy component to them. What’s the point? There’s nothing empty about this film. Your angle is just off. So what do you think the purpose of MCU is in comparison? Do you think they aren’t trying to make money and in large part through toy sales?...If you’re tired of DC arguments then stop making lightning rod vids that are designed to do exactly what you purport not to like. No offense dude but I’m kind of with your girlfriend but you’re talented at putting these videos together I just strongly disagree with your take on this film.

  • Abe Rafik
    Abe Rafik 4 days ago +1

    U millennials don't get what this movie did to our childhood, this was a game changer the memories i had with this movies

  • Sid Phillips
    Sid Phillips 4 days ago

    I never liked this movie much.

  • Abe Rafik
    Abe Rafik 4 days ago


    RORSCHACHTWO 4 days ago

    It‘s the movie that got me into Batman and I will always love it!

  • Tracey Taggart
    Tracey Taggart 4 days ago

    The movie was received mixed even by the viewers then. Batman only looked excellent when Schumacher movies came along.

  • Evangeliman
    Evangeliman 4 days ago

    Batman 89 never felt like batman to me... Aside from the music and visuals... The writing wasnt the batman i like and the take on the joker was lame. Good acting but still lame.

  • Arnel Samson
    Arnel Samson 4 days ago

    This proves Superman and Batman is the top 2 superhero of all time. coz everybody knows them.
    because Marvel movies is 3x inaccurate than dc films...

  • Gibson Weasel
    Gibson Weasel 4 days ago +1

    I love this film, its a total nut house!!! but there is things that just don't connect!! how Jack becomes the Joker is not very interesting :) I think the new Joker film coming out is going to give us a depth never seen before!!! as for Keaton, I like the way he's a weird rich guy :) its all fun but the film is really about a bunch of nutters :) it does have some mystery! we don't need to know everything but just enough to leave you thinking :) look at the Alien films!! they just made the creature look like an android science project :) shame we didn't get a film to focus on its stages and progress instead of just seeing a bunch of drawings :)

  • alexanderuk111
    alexanderuk111 4 days ago +1

    1. Batman tried to save Jack Napier - even after Jack shot a man, tried to kill a police officer and then tried to kill him. In fact, throughout the entire movie Batman opts to restrain criminals instead of killing them. This Batman is hardly a maniacal murderer.

    2. It's fucking obvious why he becomes Batman. It's the dictum of show don't tell - which is the hallmark of a good writer. We don't need his entire backstory. He kicks ass - therefore we know he is trained in martial arts. He solves complex problems - therefore we know he is well educated. His parents were murdered by a criminal - so we understand that he fights crime to protect others from the same fate. You pick up the breadcrumbs and draw your own conclusions.

    3. Nolan may not have understood the complex dynamic between Batman and Joker, but that doesn’t make his take on the character a bad one. In my opinion, a Batman that doesn’t kill regardless of the criminals atrocities is totally retarded. It is misplaced self-righteousness and quite frankly, fucking stupid. The fact that Batman would keep a villain like the Joker alive despite the risks he places to public safety - because he wants a better night’s sleep and feels good about himself - shows that he is as mentally ill as the Joker. This concept of not killing a villain is hashed up solely to avoid losing key characters and increase comic book sales - because any writer knows how hard it is to create a villain as iconic as the Joker.

    4. This movie is great because of the progress it makes when compared to earlier visual representations of Batman. It may not have been perfect but it's head and shoulders above previous depictions.

  • zach mayo
    zach mayo 5 days ago

    I agree with you about Spider-Man homecoming but this is my favorite batman film

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 5 days ago +2

    You just ruined your whole rant by saying you weren’t even born when it came out!!!!!
    Your a bloody child who knows fuck all about movies!
    Now go get a job and leave the reviews to the adults.

  • Perl Pictures
    Perl Pictures 5 days ago

    I love this movie. I understand that it has many deviations from the comics, but personally, that's what makes me like it more. If it were exactly like the comics, I wouldn't see the point in its existence. But you're not wrong, we just have different ways of looking at it.

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones 5 days ago

    this movie broke new ground in so many ways. before ledger, jack's joker was the joker. no one could think of another iteration. keaton was seen as a comedy actor, not action drama. '89 also defined the modern blockbuster. every action movie follows its business blueprint

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones 5 days ago

    its not a required element of his character not to kill. he's not a 'white knight' like superman, but he's also not a punisher type vigilante either. its only a thing bc of the serial nature of his stories: he has to be able to continuously battle these rogues. remove the serial angle (such as in films) and the real motivation for his rule vanishes. still has the dual identity conflict and tragic origin that goes to the heart of his character

  • MrGundam0083
    MrGundam0083 5 days ago

    and iguees the Nolan movies are...fuck outa here..Nolan borrrring