Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage say their parents are "trying to get money and scam" R. Kelly

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • The two women who live with R. Kelly are defending him and their relationship with him. Azriel Clary, 21, and Joycelyn Savage, 23, told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King they love Kelly even though their families claim he has brainwashed them. The women said there is nothing inappropriate about their relationship with the 52-year-old.
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Comments • 23 853

    BORICUA 4LIFE 21 hour ago

    You know what's going to be funny later on,
    That yrs from now when R Kelly gets tired of them & decides to find fresh meat they Will get kicked to the curve,
    Then they'll make a video saying how R kelly forced them to say all this good things about him.

  • Ali Reza Bakhshandeh
    Ali Reza Bakhshandeh 21 hour ago

    Wow. This is really sad all together.

  • Che M
    Che M 23 hours ago

    Sooo what happens when he gets sentenced to 15+ years in prison? R.Kelly is gonna promise them the moon, the stars and everything else under the sun when he get out smdh. Y’all sending commissary money and visiting or naw? 🧐

  • Somie Ohcysp
    Somie Ohcysp Day ago

    Is she ever gonna be able to be “free”😔 she could be forced to say everything that has came out her mouth idk😒

  • Wayne Daniels
    Wayne Daniels Day ago

    That dude got a good two beautiful girls like that let that man live

  • Jay1 Walaka
    Jay1 Walaka Day ago

    I think the girl in black didn't understand the whole purpose of the interview yet she agreed to do it.

  • Jade Clev
    Jade Clev 2 days ago

    Silly girls. Just proven he’s an abuser by making them turn against their families. The lies he’s told them girls and because they love him, they believe him over their own parents. I feel for their parents.

  • Kobra Montano
    Kobra Montano 3 days ago

    Lies 🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  • Blizz Queen
    Blizz Queen 3 days ago +4

    Theyre defending R Kelly because he groomed them since an early age so if they get out of line they get a beat down or worse when they get home

  • Super_Saiyan Ree
    Super_Saiyan Ree 3 days ago

    She was crying because she knows what Robert was doing to both of them and it's sad🤦🏽‍♂️

  • moubear32
    moubear32 4 days ago

    Soooooo ......... their mormons??? That's the type of relationship being described here. Furthermore R. Kelly who claims to be a " Christian " know's better. He has a lustful appetite and tries to fulfill it by having, weather willing or unwilling, so many women. King Solomon was the same way, like his father he also had a serious lust problem. Lust can never be quenched or fulfilled, it will always ask for more. Where are some of the so called religious influences in his life????? The kirk Franklin's and such. Sad. Pray for those women because the only thing worse than being a prisoner is not knowing that you are one.

  • Marisol Solano
    Marisol Solano 4 days ago

    This is disgusting , and abuse played out at its core !!! I’m mortified !!!!

  • La’star Broadway
    La’star Broadway 4 days ago

    Azriel, bucking to the ceiling 😂

  • LaTanya DAVIS
    LaTanya DAVIS 5 days ago +1

    I was 17 years old with a 24 year old boy friend just fast and hard headed did not want to listen to a single thing my dad said. I appreciate my dad letting me experience and learn on my own and not try to control me once I became 18 years old like these parents. That's a sign of guilt to me I kind of believe the girl about her parents, because they are grown now so why are you still bugging. Money hungry.

  • LaTanya DAVIS
    LaTanya DAVIS 5 days ago +1

    They are grown its nobody business about they relationship. It 3 way relationship all over the world why are there relationship a big deal. Those girls don't appear to be brain washed to me.

  • Jazmyn Brown
    Jazmyn Brown 5 days ago +1

    These two girls are hookers. He has them fooled.

  • Emily Sandy
    Emily Sandy 5 days ago

    I feel so sorry for them, they are super brainwashed! Smh

  • Niko Luoma
    Niko Luoma 5 days ago

    I can’t believe some of the comments from people. They’re making jokes and don’t understand what it’s like for the family or for the girls and what they had to go through. Have some damn respect jeez. I just hope that these girls can one day break free and can see their families again.

  • Jennifer Deluca
    Jennifer Deluca 5 days ago

    They say their parents want money but wheres the proof that they have actually got money? And im sure the parents can show proof of the texts. Both of these girls need help.

  • Stacy Vega
    Stacy Vega 6 days ago +5

    That girl in the black coat needa chill tf is ur problem lmao

  • Muva Sade
    Muva Sade 6 days ago

    I can’t believe there defending this Pedof🤢 pedof 🤮... I can’t even say it

  • Shan A
    Shan A 7 days ago

    I don't see the problem when you are a rich guy women find you attractive happens in rock, indie, banking all over the world

  • Jacquese Bailey
    Jacquese Bailey 7 days ago

    Let’s discredit what they say because they’re not the same age as us 🤦🏾‍♂️🤯

  • Chinita Doll
    Chinita Doll 7 days ago +6

    R Kelly let the black girl talk because the light skin isn’t able to articulate herself 😂

  • Nurse Peebles
    Nurse Peebles 7 days ago

    Azzie has left the compound!

  • San Ta
    San Ta 8 days ago

    I hope those girls find light soon. I feel so sorry for them.. money.. fame .. power.. feeling important.. those things are not worth selling your soul too. Please get help. Please open Your eyes.

  • Refilwe Lepulane
    Refilwe Lepulane 8 days ago

    U can tell that he already played with their minds.... I stand to believe he made her to believe that the parents wants money, by using a different number to send msgs to him n her.... How manipulative

  • Lovey Dovey
    Lovey Dovey 9 days ago

    They free to go from room to room, but, no money, no food, how you gonna eat, he ain't getting out of jail.

  • Matthew Angel
    Matthew Angel 9 days ago

    Gayle king is an op straight up

  • Angie
    Angie 10 days ago

    People who still defend R. Kelly 🤢

  • Angel Hill
    Angel Hill 10 days ago

    That man is not a pedophile , then girls and parents are trying to get money

  • Cece Leann
    Cece Leann 10 days ago

    So sad they need some help!!

  • alex glenn
    alex glenn 10 days ago

    Lord have mercy...

  • LevelUp 2theTop
    LevelUp 2theTop 10 days ago

    MK Ultra is a Motherf*cker

  • Bindia Kumar
    Bindia Kumar 11 days ago

    Isn't it r Kelly who usually asks the girls to lie about there age??? And isn't it r Kelly who takes videos and pictures??? Yea let's just swap r Kelly for my parents. Hmmm Azriel is really emotional she is breaking. Obviously she thinks her self as a hoe.

  • peg peg
    peg peg 11 days ago

    I see it..absolutely agree with Ariel.. people just love negative gossip.

  • nina fatahi
    nina fatahi 12 days ago

    this is so disgusting lmao poor girls

    • Al Med
      Al Med 10 days ago

      Free r Kelly

  • Bri Marie
    Bri Marie 12 days ago +9

    I love how when she starts crying not a single tear comes out?!

  • GlamorousKiema
    GlamorousKiema 12 days ago

    This was their opportunity to at least LIE!!! They really made it worse

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 12 days ago +18

    Yall would be aggressive to if you wasn't getting fed..

  • cici83
    cici83 12 days ago

    Just give up they are too far gone.

  • NikkiSiixx
    NikkiSiixx 13 days ago +4

    You can hear the SHIVER in their voices. The stumbles of their words

  • Nene Loveless
    Nene Loveless 13 days ago +1

    She's not brainwashed. They telling the truth. They're grown women living a poly lifestyle with him. So what!!

  • HighWay 2Life
    HighWay 2Life 13 days ago

    These girls are nuts

  • Brittany 8189
    Brittany 8189 14 days ago

    She got mad about the 3way sex question because she knows damn well they all have sex together which is why rkelly has both of them. Its all about the young freaky sex to him...and she shouldn't of agreed to do an interview if she didn't want to be asked questions about her nasty "relationship". Simple as that

  • Lashanti Dawson
    Lashanti Dawson 14 days ago

    These girls are real actors very good performance

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight 14 days ago

    Lmao Your parents do not want R.KELLY money or want to blackmail him. She sounds like she HATES her parents!
    For what?! Her parents are worried and concerned not once time in the Netflix did her parents mention MONEY from him or HER!
    Hey were doing wellness checks on there daughter and just wanting to see if she’s okay....
    She’s brainwashed completely he turned the parents against there children.

  • Jenny From the block
    Jenny From the block 14 days ago

    These girls look so stupid lol I pray they get their senses together. I hope their parents find peace ❤️❤️R KELLY YOU ARE A MONSTER !!

    • Al Med
      Al Med 10 days ago

      R kelly was abused show some empathy. What’s not computing in your brain? He shelled out millions of dollars to these hoes who chase him. These girls are stupid and then cry wolf.

  • Raggedy Man
    Raggedy Man 14 days ago +12

    Ten years from now they'll be on tv confessing the abuse.
    We should've put him on lock down after Aaliyah. ☹

    • Al Med
      Al Med 10 days ago

      R kelly was abused show some empathy. What’s not computing in your brain? He shelled out millions of dollars to these hoes who chase him. These girls are stupid and then cry wolf.

  • Mscutiepatootie13
    Mscutiepatootie13 14 days ago

    Now I’m not saying R Kelly is innocent, but I believe their parents are doing it for money. One of their dads stated he took his underage daughter to R Kelly’s concert. Why would u do that when all he sings about is SEX!! I believe her parents are upset that R Kelly stopped giving them money 🙄.

  • Refentse Roxanna Mampa

    Theses’s girls are brainwashed and stupid AF !! Because they are more than 10 women filing and saying they report out on the Use they are video’s of him having sex with a 14 year old !! They are stupid they need to see the Truth what’s happening !!!!

  • Holly Warehouse
    Holly Warehouse 15 days ago

    Still kids. Stockholm syndrome. I just want the R KELLY’S series on Netflix. That dude is wack.

  • Lunden Maxwell
    Lunden Maxwell 15 days ago

    They just enjoy the lifestyle

  • Lunden Maxwell
    Lunden Maxwell 15 days ago

    There not brainwashed

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 16 days ago +23

    Crying cuz she knows she’s lying on her parents ...

  • Lanaeziah Burger
    Lanaeziah Burger 16 days ago

    Okay hear me out....... If her parents were really trying to blackmail R Kelly like she said they did. Where’s the messages that she said they have sent ? If they want to prove his innocence so much, why didn’t they bring the evidence ?? Correct me if I’m uneducated on this matter 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Fatalitygirl90
    Fatalitygirl90 16 days ago

    He has no money. His net worth is $100,000 lmfao. She is long gone under his influence.

  • Ray H
    Ray H 16 days ago

    We go to movies and amusement parks hahahahahaha

  • Kdot Kk
    Kdot Kk 17 days ago +8

    Azriel is really brainwashed, the lies she’s telling 🥴

  • Tigi Bucaro
    Tigi Bucaro 17 days ago

    someone mentioned this but i’ll say it again - when asked if they love R Kelly, they’re shaking their heads “no” the whole time