Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers | December 13, 2019

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • The Lakers hand the Heat their first home loss of the season in a 113-110 victory in Miami. Anthony Davis recorded 33 points and 10 rebounds for the Lakers, while LeBron James added 28 points, 9 rebounds and 12 assists in the victory. Jimmy Butler tallied 23 points, 3 rebounds and 4 steals for the Heat in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 23-3 on the season, while the Heat fall to 18-7.
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  • Fábio de Souza
    Fábio de Souza Month ago

    Lakers the best. December Brazil

  • Abybatou Tall
    Abybatou Tall Month ago +1


  • Noah Schuster
    Noah Schuster Month ago

    I really love those Miami jerseys and that court.

  • Rodrigo Bezerra
    Rodrigo Bezerra Month ago

    Lebron entrou no modo mágico. A maturidade chegou e refinou ainda mais sua técnica.

  • liamdor
    liamdor Month ago

    The refs gave the Lakers nothing

  • K Chari
    K Chari Month ago

    Which team has the best duo in the league?
    1. Lakers
    2. Clippers
    3. Rockets

    • D D
      D D Month ago


  • Maureen Dacasin
    Maureen Dacasin Month ago

    Its a mismatch game, miami heat vs lebron, Davis, McGee.

  • Sahil Wadhera
    Sahil Wadhera Month ago +2

    Hahaha.. seemed like Butler shanked Lebron.. so Ghettooo

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer Month ago +1

    This was a great game. Really enjoyed that one.

  • Eldren Buising
    Eldren Buising Month ago +6

    LAKERS ON A ROLL :) 1st loss of miami in home..

  • Anthony Okeiyi
    Anthony Okeiyi Month ago +3

    I'm waiting on skip bayless to try say something while Shannon reads all the stats with jokes 😆😂

  • Sarcastic me
    Sarcastic me Month ago +4

    Mayron bang pilipino dito?😂

  • martinex 55
    martinex 55 Month ago +3

    AD is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • おかあさん
    おかあさん Month ago +1


  • Jimi Gomez
    Jimi Gomez Month ago +16

    I thought Jimmy pushed Lebron hard and should have been an offensive foul.

  • Manú
    Manú Month ago


  • lastmadcow
    lastmadcow Month ago

    Jimmy butler you would never be clutch. u just aint cut for it.

    • Moogle Kuppo
      Moogle Kuppo Month ago

      lastmadcow still has a good look but couldnt finished, may they try the clutch on KNunn

  • Ifeanyi Victor
    Ifeanyi Victor Month ago +4

    "the guy named lebron"🙄🙄

  • Janel Logrono
    Janel Logrono Month ago +11

    Cant wait for lakers against bucks or rockets

  • Ronnel Jay Capute
    Ronnel Jay Capute Month ago +23

    Heat first loss at home :(

    • A Raichu
      A Raichu Month ago

      They were awesome though, so don't feel too bad. The Heat is like, my third favorite team on my list.
      Coming from a Laker fan. Good luck to Miami.

    • Sarcastic me
      Sarcastic me Month ago +2

      Everybody loss there homeless people..😔

    • martinex 55
      martinex 55 Month ago +3

      This is lakers, what were you waiting for??

  • Yasta Padre
    Yasta Padre Month ago +1

    Dome Lakers, dome!

    DEAD GRATEFUL Month ago +7

    1:20 Daaaaaaammmnnn

  • Emirhan Yucel
    Emirhan Yucel Month ago +4

    Jimmy butler ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody Month ago +10

    AD & LBJ are simply The Best !!!

    • Hall hdjdjf
      Hall hdjdjf Month ago

      You watched the other two guys in la Tonight?

  • Diego Padilha
    Diego Padilha Month ago +3

    A final da NBA irá ser Milwaukee x Lakers, 7 jogos emocionantes, me arrisco a dizer que será a final da Década

    • Caio Pinho Maia
      Caio Pinho Maia Month ago

      Que pedrada vei.... final da década. Ta comecando a temporada. Vc parece que comeceu a assistir nba ontem.
      Vou ti ajudar 2010 Lakers 4x3 Bostas. Pronto nem preciso falar dar outras finais.
      2013 Heat 4x3 Spurs, aquela bola de 3 do Ray Allen.
      2016 Cleveland 4x3 Modinhas, foi bom jogo tbm.
      Ou seja, nao fala besteira

    • Fabio Martines
      Fabio Martines Month ago +2


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  • J Am
    J Am Month ago +11

    Bucks and Lakers are insane

  • habshabsrule
    habshabsrule Month ago +8

    LA baby!

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