I Built a FLOATING CASTLE in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • this took me 5 hours.. not joking..
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  • Iced Macchiatae
    Iced Macchiatae 3 months ago +10510

    Dan: "Is that a *skinless* cat? Dude! you're gonna get sunburned!"

    I- dan i think u meant hairless

    DILL PICKEL Hour ago

    hey dan so you probably dont read your comments but i created a elevator thats really easy at getting up and down. the only thing you need that you dont have right now is slime. but i could make a video and send it to u

    DILL PICKEL Hour ago

    thats a cool castle

  • Steven White
    Steven White 4 hours ago

    29:34 that's probably what Dan's wife says during sex😂

  • Junester Gomez
    Junester Gomez 5 hours ago


  • Junester Gomez
    Junester Gomez 5 hours ago

    fur less cat you mean

  • Aliesha Whyte
    Aliesha Whyte 7 hours ago


  • Danilo Dizon
    Danilo Dizon 10 hours ago

    hi my game has a Cool world name of world working and SCP 2 and i saw a floating i think is island

  • Mr spy
    Mr spy 10 hours ago

    It looks very great, good and just amaizing

  • Olivia_ gacha
    Olivia_ gacha 11 hours ago

    I love mincraft

  • Crystal WolfX
    Crystal WolfX 12 hours ago

    Dan: are these trash?
    Villager: uh-huh
    (Listen closely)
    Love you dan!

  • Malakhi Gene Edgehill
    Malakhi Gene Edgehill 14 hours ago

    Magma block

  • speedy x1
    speedy x1 17 hours ago

    You said u wouldn’t tell the wood cuter but you said I’ll gut stellest

  • Gaming Burger
    Gaming Burger 18 hours ago

    Dear Daniel
    I have been a fan for 4 years and I love you always the number 1 thing on my x mas list is dan tdm merch I have a hat and a shirt I always love your vids and please reply and pin this comment bye I hope you have a great day
    sincerely your 4-year fan gaming burger

  • Juli Kerr
    Juli Kerr 19 hours ago

    To have an elevator going down:
    You do the same thing you did with the up elevator, except instead of using soul sand, you use the magma cubes you got from the nether. Your welcome.

  • great days
    great days 23 hours ago +1

    U can go down with sapling

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson Day ago

    Who hasnt realized that Dan just found a Wandering Trader,wich is really rare just to see a random villager "wandering" around his bridge and give no f"s about it? Also who is from 16 November?

  • Geoffrey Braun
    Geoffrey Braun Day ago +1

    Well dan, if it is in hard mode
    of course it will be hard.

  • Ryu Gmsh
    Ryu Gmsh Day ago


  • Catherine Waite
    Catherine Waite Day ago

    you should surround the portal with cobblestone because mobs can't leave

  • Gaming With Keezus

    26:49 yeah I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road...

  • Austin Flash
    Austin Flash Day ago

    Dan: i think you need sand
    Dabs in a desert
    Dan: I don’t have any

  • David Gloteanu
    David Gloteanu Day ago

    That sound was herobrine

  • Christian Nava
    Christian Nava Day ago +1

    I thought in hardcore you can't regenerate health unless you eat a golden apple

  • Sebastian Kay
    Sebastian Kay Day ago


  • Ninjakid Tom
    Ninjakid Tom Day ago

    Hi, I'm still quite new to Minecraft, enjoying your posts. I don't have any friends yet, but I need help in my world. Would you be able to help me out, please?

  • The Minecraft Warrior

    How can a creeper be handy if he doesn't have any hands? 😏

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 2 days ago


  • Brainard Juma
    Brainard Juma 2 days ago


  • Simon Arutunian
    Simon Arutunian 2 days ago

    Me: Soul sand appears in waters too.
    Dan: Going to the nether.

  • Madhu Sudan Raju
    Madhu Sudan Raju 2 days ago

    I think u should say which ep no it is

  • Thomas Hutchison
    Thomas Hutchison 3 days ago

    love the castle

  • xXpurple puppy GachaXx

    Use soul sand it won’t hurt you

  • Molotav
    Molotav 3 days ago


  • Yuen Theng Kong
    Yuen Theng Kong 3 days ago

    the way Dan just shoved the poor sheep into that hole

    i dead hahaha

  • Junu McCall
    Junu McCall 3 days ago


  • TheEmerald Jacob
    TheEmerald Jacob 4 days ago

    I just got obsessed with Minecraft again while looking for games to play before sword and shield.

  • Elizabeth Deciga
    Elizabeth Deciga 4 days ago +1

    My Name Is Max

  • Unknown Someone
    Unknown Someone 4 days ago

    Its because its deep

  • zack aouie tolentino

    Magma block

  • ッSnowwyz
    ッSnowwyz 4 days ago +1

    Dan: savagely shoves sheep in hole
    (Sheep goes in)
    Also Dan: *laughs*

  • diamond playz
    diamond playz 4 days ago +1

    sorry i barely now how to spell im in 2grand

  • diamond playz
    diamond playz 4 days ago

    i never new your name is danyell robert minddleton

  • Corrin Family
    Corrin Family 4 days ago

    Use two elevators
    Love you😍❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Triple C Catch Clean Cook

    Its magma blocks

  • Sameli Siljamo
    Sameli Siljamo 4 days ago

    8:06 Is that a bridge? It only has three campfires

  • Brianna Jo
    Brianna Jo 5 days ago

    I found 8 diamonds in around 30 minutes lol

  • Jude Bonifacio
    Jude Bonifacio 5 days ago

    dan there is one achivment that is hard you need all of the buffs to have how did we get hear the achivment
    inclouding bad omen and hero of the village

  • Sith Potato salad
    Sith Potato salad 5 days ago

    Dan you need kelp to make the water elevator

  • Amor Ettir
    Amor Ettir 5 days ago

    I wonder if he knows what a trap house is

  • George Clark
    George Clark 5 days ago

    you know how to get that away its commence ouse a fence ok

  • Christian Sluice
    Christian Sluice 6 days ago

    "ahh, a sheep" DanTDM 2019

  • Christian Sluice
    Christian Sluice 6 days ago

    how does a bath remind you of a bow?

  • Skull S
    Skull S 6 days ago

    Dan:ive actually used my brain for once

    me:dan got a brain

  • Swordsman CN
    Swordsman CN 6 days ago

    Dantdm: are the trash?
    Wandering trader:mhmm

  • GachaPenguin
    GachaPenguin 6 days ago

    For the bubble elevator thing (I dunno if he fixed this): sometimes there’s a glitch where you place an iron door in front of the water, then you open and close it a couple of times and break it and sometimes it glitches and the water stays

  • GachaPenguin
    GachaPenguin 6 days ago

    When he was trying to un light the camp fires laughed so hard

  • Afrah
    Afrah 6 days ago

    When u get a new block, they add stuff to ur recipe book (aka crafting table) so sometimes they don’t show recipes for some objects. Also don’t u need magma blocks for the bubbles in the water?

    RILEY REKKER 6 days ago

    You can ownly craft campfires on a crafting table

  • Zev Rasmussen
    Zev Rasmussen 6 days ago

    Can I get a f in chat for dr. Trayaurus