Suge Knight Believes Tupac Is Still Alive - BET Breaks

  • Published on Sep 21, 2017
  • Tupac fans still preach he faked his death, and a new show explores his murder and conspiracy with Suge Knight.
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Comments • 122

  • The Genius
    The Genius 16 hours ago

    Suge was in the car so he was pretty much part of it and the only surviving evidence or testimony. I don’t think he’s lying. He says it with a conviction.

  • James James
    James James 17 days ago +1

    Suge Knight he's finished. 2pac and all the others so glad they can rest in peace.

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves Month ago

    She fine

  • Nicky Morris
    Nicky Morris Month ago +1

    More importantly suge tells us how he's a real man by not ratting on the killers of pac. This tells me he knows who did it. But really he knows it was only by keeping his mouth shut that he could survive.

  • Alex antonetti
    Alex antonetti 2 months ago

    I'm pac

  • Colinmiranda When ure a bastard n want ppl to view

    Tupac last seen was in malaysia I'm from malayaia, check Google if you don't believe me, I'm on fb Colin Ace Miranda, I assure you he's alive and partying in clubs...

  • Veronica Moore
    Veronica Moore 2 months ago

    What the Billy Lo is going on? Straight out of the Bruce Lee film "Game of Death."

  • swiftyy plays
    swiftyy plays 2 months ago +1

    this is plain dumb shit Suge Knight was in the car with pac while he got shot

  • Shay & Jay world
    Shay & Jay world 3 months ago

    Suge knight you know ho killed tuapac

  • Anna Stasi Football
    Anna Stasi Football 3 months ago +4

    I honestly think suge pulled the trigger. 2 is not alive

    • Breezy Ru
      Breezy Ru Month ago

      How an he got hit on his right side you sound dumb asf suge big ass couldn’t even reach around him an shoot him 😂😂

    • Che Com
      Che Com 2 months ago +1

      20I9 U dead wrong MOB

  • AJ_Hwd49
    AJ_Hwd49 4 months ago +1

    Aliens from the future killed Tupac !

  • Right Coast
    Right Coast 4 months ago +2

    Tupac would not have been able to stay quiet. Point blank period. There's no way. He wanted to use his voice and always would have.

  • Daan Smets
    Daan Smets 4 months ago +7

    Suge knight killed Tupac, he gave the order!!!

    • Htate sil
      Htate sil Month ago

      Yeah and sit in the car with him pacs alive MAKAVELI fooled u

    • SinfullDragoon
      SinfullDragoon 4 months ago +4

      no he didn't, it was mf Diddy

  • Lor. Juice
    Lor. Juice 4 months ago

    TUPAC CHANGED HIS NAME TOO MAKAVELI BEFORE HE DIED, NICOLAS MACHIAVELLI (pronounces the same as makaveli) WAS AN ITALIAN WAR ARTIST WHO WROTE ABOUT FAKING HIS DEATH AS A TOOL AGAINST HIS ENEMIES, ALSO WHEN TUPAC WAS CREMATED THE CREMATOR SAID HE WAS 6Ft AND 215 pounds, Tupac was nowhere near that weight, his driver license and ID stated he was 5’10 with a weight of 168lbs

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago 4 months ago +1

    How can this be possible? Hospitals cannot pronounce a person dead and lie about it.

  • CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth

    He is alive. He went to jail in LA in 2017. Go type in all the details.

    • Duggalo
      Duggalo 2 months ago

      @CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth Dumb. Try harder

    • Tf Oh
      Tf Oh 4 months ago

      CenterStarsChannel so he faked his own death and then starts telling people it’s really him lol you see how silly you sound. Hes dead leave it alone

    • CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth
      CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth 4 months ago

      Story goes that a guy looking like him was rapping in jail in 2017 claiming to be him. So this inmate called his buddy who looked up the details and supposedly he was the real deal. Same name birthday and everything. The video of looking up thr details is floating around Facebook. Who knows for sure. Stuff can be faked. Who really knows? Basically if he faked his own death then he had a good reason. The thing is if it came out he is alive and some of his fans offed themselves when he was reported dead, that would be a terrible thing to live with.

  • Tyrone Muhammad
    Tyrone Muhammad 4 months ago +12

    Pac Is Alive Yo. Pac Saw What Was Coming And Faked His Own Death. Tupac Is Alive Yo. What Up Pac Holla

    • Daxtrow
      Daxtrow Month ago

      Che Com Hail Marry*

    • Tyrone Muhammad
      Tyrone Muhammad 2 months ago +1

      @Che Com Yo Holla If U Here Me. Oh Yeah. U Sho Know What To Say Yo. For Real. I Bearwitness To That Yo.

    • Che Com
      Che Com 2 months ago +2

      Tyrone Muhammad Hell marry what do we have here Now

  • ThisGuy
    ThisGuy 5 months ago +3

    2Pac : "Let me die as i rest in peace"
    Leave him ! his dead !

  • Master
    Master 5 months ago

    So is Tupac in witness protection? You people need to quit. If he is still alive obviously he doesn't want anything to do with you clowns. Why look for a man you know doesn't wanna be found?

  • Betty Brown
    Betty Brown 5 months ago +8

    Did Tupac had a open or closed casket....I mean it did read a book on makaveli and Shakespeare in prison....bra might wanted to fake his death and live the United States of America because of the government here🤔💯

  • Dr Drew
    Dr Drew 5 months ago

    If Tupac is alive he doesn't want us to find him... as hard as it is we have to accept hes dead its been 20 years

  • 405King Fame
    405King Fame 6 months ago

  • 33X 33X
    33X 33X 6 months ago +1

    2pac is sadly dead. His mum saw him last and told the doctors to turn the life support machine off so i guess indirectly she killed him

  • Sahid Parsard
    Sahid Parsard 6 months ago +1

    They wouldn’t even let no one into Tupac’s medical room at the hospital🤔

  • Bj Wade
    Bj Wade 6 months ago

    I am Tupacs 4th cousin and I know info Amosc @wadegang3459

    • UltimateEliteGamer
      UltimateEliteGamer 4 months ago

      Sorry bud nobody is believing you🤣 wadegang or no gang

  • william pokuta
    william pokuta 6 months ago

    Saw 2pac in Dubai

  • The Tru-Dru Show
    The Tru-Dru Show 6 months ago +4

    If Tupac is alive I'm A Millionaire let's see what happens.

  • WRLD Bass
    WRLD Bass 7 months ago +2

    Suge Knight was literally killed

  • M. Low
    M. Low 8 months ago

    Why do people entertain this bullshit you guys are crazy ass white folks when they said Elvis was still alive all you got to do is interview the emergency doctors who operated on him and who supposedly performed the autopsy. I guarantee you you can't get no white person to lie for a black person.

  • Young South336
    Young South336 8 months ago

  • Bearded Ape Beard Care
    Bearded Ape Beard Care 8 months ago

    Why is Kasanova da Don pretending to be 2 PAC in his songs?? Have you heard his music??? It's crazy close to PACs tone, speech pattern, message, and lyrics. 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • streamerBTW ,
    streamerBTW , 9 months ago +4

    Suge knight was there so he is right

  • Christopher Singer
    Christopher Singer 9 months ago +6

    2pac is still alive in our hearts.... but nobody really knows whether 2pac is alive or not it will remain a mystery

  • ssami_545
    ssami_545 10 months ago +2

    Let the guy rest in peace, he died but will never be forgotten

  • Des M
    Des M 10 months ago

    DJ chop up is 2 pac lol

  • cosmoezra jay
    cosmoezra jay 11 months ago

    Follow me on IG:adekoyakareem

  • cedric williams
    cedric williams Year ago

    Check his sons Instagram !!!!

  • CJMacN1990
    CJMacN1990 2 years ago +1


  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar 2 years ago

    people he's dead he would never beable to fake his death impossible

  • Velocity
    Velocity 2 years ago +2

    He just trying to stay relevant. One interview, Pac's dead and the next interview Pac is alive. Stop being so gullible people.

    • Chasity Gregor
      Chasity Gregor Year ago

      Velocity Stopbeing so gullible.... Girl look up Kasanova the Don....that's all

  • NoNameforNow
    NoNameforNow 2 years ago +2

    I want Pac to be alive so badly... but God damn why can't y'all maw fuckas just let him rest in peace? Suge is a dumbass who's gonna stay behind bars so why are y'all taking his work?

  • Nikola Milosevic
    Nikola Milosevic 2 years ago +115

    2020 sugee: i am 2pac

  • Legion DC
    Legion DC 2 years ago +1

    Suge still in the booty house and he ain't gettin' out.
    Whatever you say, convict

  • Shy D
    Shy D 2 years ago +1

    Tupac is dead. He is gone.. y'all need to stop being gullible and believing that he's out there when he's not. Suge just trying to make all y'all die hard Tupac fans look dumb as hell. His aunt said he's gone, his mom said he's gone, mopreme said he's gone. Suge is going to jail for life, he doesn't have anything better to do than sit around and say "oh he dead.. no reggie killed him.. no my ex wife killed him.. nah he's alive.. wait he's dead again" .. he has flipped more times than a coin.

  • BeeleeDatPleighboi 100
    BeeleeDatPleighboi 100 2 years ago +32


    • Goopy Le Grande
      Goopy Le Grande 2 months ago +1

      I think she is not that sexy

    • Greg Hog
      Greg Hog 3 months ago +1

      Scottpilgrimfan 1800 and she ain’t hot, let’s be honest

    • Greg Hog
      Greg Hog 3 months ago +2

      Scottpilgrimfan 1800 your anime ass is probably too

    • Scottpilgrimfan 1800
      Scottpilgrimfan 1800 3 months ago +2

      @Greg Hog You probably are too.

    • Greg Hog
      Greg Hog 3 months ago +2

      shes ugly

  • BeeleeDatPleighboi 100
    BeeleeDatPleighboi 100 2 years ago +2


  • The List
    The List 2 years ago +66

    Suge Knight 1996 week after Pacs death
    : SouthSide Crips killed Tupac
    Suge Knight in February 2017
    : My ex wife and Reggie Wright killed Tupac
    Suge Knight Now :
    Tupac is alive

    • ZALGO
      ZALGO 2 months ago

      Cmon suge, we all know you did it

    • Matsuib Reinhold
      Matsuib Reinhold 2 months ago

      Now you are paying the price you will die inside those walls.

    • _ alus
      _ alus 2 months ago

      He just cant lie 😑😶

    • Che Com
      Che Com 2 months ago

      The List Because He Is ALIVE

    • Rilind Ramadani
      Rilind Ramadani 2 months ago

      @UltimateEliteGamer suge was shot in the head

  • Lasse Olsen
    Lasse Olsen 2 years ago +5

    Kasinova tha don song. Called mystery (; listen

  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 years ago +19

    Yea in our hearts

  • Reset Me
    Reset Me 2 years ago +5

    Boy I tell ya anything for publicity

  • Nicholas Golden
    Nicholas Golden 2 years ago +1

    FAIL. This show better be better than the Snapped documentary.

  • Nicholas Golden
    Nicholas Golden 2 years ago +11

    How would coming forward with this information affect Suges sentence at all Jamila? What are u talking about? Nice to look at, but useless if she doesnt even understand what she's reporting. Industry is a joke!

    • Nick Golden
      Nick Golden 2 years ago

      Lol it's like looking into a mirror, but not. Good point dude!

  • Guapo
    Guapo 2 years ago +5

    If PAC is still alive...then why is there no search going on for him from the police for escaping bail?? Just another stupid conspiracy theory. If he was alive, the FBI would be looking for his ass!

    • The Programmer of video games
      The Programmer of video games 2 years ago

      +Shy D for real,these people think the man is Jesus or something.

    • The Programmer of video games
      The Programmer of video games 2 years ago

      Pac is dead grow the hell up and move on,Pac wouldn't be quiet for this long.

    • Guapo
      Guapo 2 years ago

      LeRon Jones how is he alive? Oh let me guess TheXvid told you huh

    • Guapo
      Guapo 2 years ago

      Nathaniel O'Rion Nathaniel O'Rion what do you mean no evidence he died? 1. There is a coroner report. 2. There is an autopsy photo. 3. His mother made the decision to pull him off life support. You’re making a lot of wild claims, do you realize that? And it’s ironic you call me a “sheep” when you’re buying into these ridiculous theories. Please provide me your argument that 2pac is alive. And the “facts” that you claim to have.

    • Shy D
      Shy D 2 years ago

      Guapo pac is dead that's why nobody looking for him. He is dead and people need to stop believing that he out there somewhere.. like can the man Rest In Peace.

  • MacArthur Clutch
    MacArthur Clutch 2 years ago +70

    This chick be over doing it with her hands gestures.

    • Trenton Lane
      Trenton Lane 2 months ago

      @thesemfnnutts right

    • thesemfnnutts
      thesemfnnutts 2 years ago +3

      MacArthur Clutch that's just those white producers making her do that to seem "more Urban"

  • H C
    H C 2 years ago +1

    LOL suge needs a check again... think about it he does this every 4-5 years. Now all these media outlets will pay to interview him. Sad that he n3eds to do that to a dead man's name

  • Naz
    Naz 2 years ago +44

    Suge has lied consistently since Tupac was murdered. He completely discredits anything he has to say now.

    • Htate sil
      Htate sil Month ago

      That's what MAKAVELI wants money scheme

    • Shy D
      Shy D 2 years ago

      Egypt Chambers dumb* you're*
      also speak proper English dude. Over stand means to insist to long or too much.. not you're on top. Also you sound really dumb. Also understand means to perceive the intended meaning of something. And how old are you? 12?
      You also used over stand in an improper sentence.

    • Egypt Chambers
      Egypt Chambers 2 years ago

      shy D Your the one Dum I said Overstand not understand to understand something that means you are under it to Overstand means you on top slow head

    • Shy D
      Shy D 2 years ago

      Egypt Chambers I'm assuming you mean understand... but anyway you're so dumb, I'll let you believe what you want because clearly you don't know much....

  • Chanteria Thomas
    Chanteria Thomas 2 years ago +1