XPRIZE announces details - Elon Musk’s $100 million carbon capture prize (Carbon Removal

  • Published on Feb 7, 2021
  • XPRIZE Carbon Removal at Gigaton Scale: www.xprize.org/prizes/elonmusk
    Check out my other video on Elon's prize: thexvid.com/video/D8j-fSWyEXY/video.html
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    Carbon Removal Academy - carbonremovalacademy.com/
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    We need to remove 100 parts per million of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That means removing about 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide...and doing something useful with it! I've got an insatiable desire to help figure this out. The changing climate will create the first trillionaire.
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  • Luca
    Luca Year ago +7

    Such an interesting movement! Can’t wait to get involved

  • mojaverockets
    mojaverockets 8 months ago

    392 million gallons of gasoline per day used per day in the US in 2018. Each gallon of gas makes 20 pounds of CO2...that is 7.84 billion pounds or 3.92 million tons of CO2 each day. Driving slower (remember the 55 mph speed limit days) saved me 12% gas consumption. So each year that would amount to 1.43 gigatons annual usage and 172 million tons less by driving slower in the US

  • Konstantin Kurlayev
    Konstantin Kurlayev 10 months ago +3

    I have a brilliant idea about the carbon removal megaXtons. But let's get to the point of sale .The intelectual property protection at first, we will see what is next...

  • JM Vadillo
    JM Vadillo Year ago +1

    Im working in it as phD research in Spain. Very interesting found a YT channel like yours

  • Jocelyn Joseph
    Jocelyn Joseph 9 months ago +1

    CO2 in the atmosphere has been going up 📈in the last few decades, to above 380ppm for the first time in more than 500 000 years, and now in AUGUST 2020, it's 410ppm.

  • André Heuzé
    André Heuzé Year ago +2

    What an interesting channel! Subscribed

  • Jigger Jones
    Jigger Jones Year ago +3

    CO2 in the atmosphere stands at 0.04%. Has anyone put any thought to what would happen to the environment if CO2 levels were to drop to 0.02, or even zero? Wouldn't that be destructive to the forests?

    • mojaverockets
      mojaverockets 8 months ago

      @Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski We are still in the 'Ice Age'. Several million years ago when atmospheric CO2 was around 770 ppm there were no glaciers in Antarctica.

    • Finn Mrck
      Finn Mrck 9 months ago

      @Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski Not True. Pre industrial levels were around 280 ppm.

    • Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski
      Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski  Year ago

      Yes, climate scientists have modeled this, and compared to historical levels as well. Historically 200 ppm (0.02%) was last seen during an ice age (~280). Zero carbon dioxide would be destructive for trees as they pull carbon from the air to grow, among other challenges with temperature drop. Pre-industrial age carbon levels were around 350 ppm, today we're around 420 ppm. Human life on this planet is a delicate balance for sure. NASA has an excellent climate modeling page: climate.nasa.gov/

  • Brian Meserlian
    Brian Meserlian 11 months ago +1

    I own a 250 acre sod farm (grass).
    Grass is one of the planets best natural coolers.
    I also plan to operate my entire farm from solar energy and electric trucks, tractors, and other electrical equipment.
    How do I enter this contest?

    COCO PUFF 5 months ago

    I just learned about this like a week ago. This will be easy to win. The money is nice, but im not a big fan of money. My currency is based on compassion, and character. Imagination, can sometimes be better than even knowledge. I have some crazy ideas.

  • rodkeh
    rodkeh 8 months ago +1

    Elon Musk is the greatest threat to all life on this planet today.

  • Theodore Falce
    Theodore Falce 8 months ago

    This is a two sided deal. Small prize money compared to what they will make off the production of graphene from all this collected carbon.

  • saiello2061
    saiello2061 Year ago

    $50m top prize money is utterly pathetic. You can be almost guaranteed that if you take ANY of that prize money, you'll lose all rights to technologies that will be priceless. Musk has shown previous form here with his "hype-on-a-loop" competition who's entrants were required to give up all intellectual property rights for no remuneration. If you manage to be instrumental in solving this "problem", you'd be known as the person that singled handedly saved an entire planet..... Thats one hell of ego trip that someone like Musk ain't gonna pass up....
    When Musk first came to my attention I was fully prepared to give the man the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, over the years that faith has been gradually chipped away. He's a brilliant salesman, business entrepreneur and persuader. I've seen no evidence that he's some kind of technical genius. He leaves that to others. And then rips them off. I'd be very, very careful with this one, read the small print. And read it again several times over.

    • saiello2061
      saiello2061 11 months ago

      @Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski After a brief scan I can only see a couple of repeated mentions of IP rights that must be initially held by the entrants. Nothing about who these IP rights remain with when the prize money is handed over. This is a draft document, I'd be interested to see the legal small print.

    • Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski
      Startups in Carbon Removal - Tito Jankowski  11 months ago

      Sounds like you have some misconceptions about how this prize works. Here are the prize guidelines: www.xprize.org/prizes/elonmusk/guidelines

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson Year ago

    Lobotomize liberalism.
    That'll put a big dent in it right there.
    But seriously, is it THAT important to risk the destruction of the environment based on pure theory and assertion? (as that's what it is)
    Discerning people say, "No".
    I give Musk a pass due to all the much more real and important things he's doing (Tesla not included)

  • Blair Macdonald
    Blair Macdonald 9 months ago

    What if I could prove we don't need to touch CO2, that the physics is wrong, would that be a contender?

  • Dhiraj Yogi
    Dhiraj Yogi Year ago +1

    hello there is there any way to get funding for the project. we really need some funds for our project.

  • Allan Hansen
    Allan Hansen Year ago +2

    Plant a gazillion trees and leave them alone

    • mojaverockets
      mojaverockets 8 months ago

      In my life, I've planted over 100 trees and I live in the Mojave Desert. Some of them have grown 18" in diameter and all are on their own for water after getting established. One thing I've done is to capture what little rain we get that normally runs off the roof and driveway out to the street into shallow basins for the trees instead of contributing to flooding downstream people. I think much of the flooding that occurs in cities is attributed to rain getting dumped onto the streets and in rivers as more development takes place.

  • Stoned Viking
    Stoned Viking Year ago +2

    Farming. How do I pick up my prize?

  • all i n one
    all i n one 11 months ago

    I am join challenge carbon capture

  • Rathakrishnan Duraiswamy

    I have send a Correct idea to him no answer from him

  • Shashank B
    Shashank B Year ago

    Do you know how to get investors

  • all i n one
    all i n one 11 months ago

    Please reply me your help