iPad mini 2019 review: the best small tablet

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • The iPad mini is the best small tablet around. With the fifth-gen iPad mini, you basically get the entire feature set of the new iPad Air, in a smaller package with better tablet app support than anything else on the market. The Apple Pencil works just like the first-gen Pencil on any other iPad. After using the new iPad mini, we’re reminded why people like it so much and if you want a powerful small tablet, the new iPad mini is the best choice, full stop.
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Comments • 1 667

  • The Verge
    The Verge  Month ago +726

    Do you like the Mini’s size?

    • Umasankar Devineni
      Umasankar Devineni 2 days ago

      I don’t know which one I am but I know it’s your iPad mini. DOES

    • SixOThree
      SixOThree 16 days ago

      I have an iPad Mini 4 and it is pretty much my primary computing device. It goes with me to meetings at work and to the park on weekends. I have cellular so I am never doing the hotspot thing. It has iMessage so I can leave my phone at home. It's softback cover book size which very much changes the "rudeness" factor.

    • Abm farhan
      Abm farhan 18 days ago

      +Luke Fitzgerald then just trade in that and get the new one

    • Abm farhan
      Abm farhan 18 days ago


    • legrandhorg
      legrandhorg 19 days ago

      Absolutely, yes. I have been using an iPad Mini 2 since November 2014 and will be replacing it with this. I do see some issues with the new one though: Like you mentioned, taking a few design cues from the Pro series or even the Air wouldn't have hurt. The bezels are a blast from the past, and only supporting Pencil version 1 makes me wonder which version I have on order from Apple! I feel this is the tablet for me since I love my old Mini 2 to bits, but minimizing those bezels, getting Face ID support and the new Pencil wouldn't hurt.

  • Christine Roy
    Christine Roy 3 days ago

    I like the Mini. I’m on my 2nd. A mini 5 LTE replaced an original mini. I love to read on it, it’s easy to hold b/c bezels and it’s small and light, but it’s a noticeably bigger screen than a phone. This time I got Space Grey makes the bezels less noticeable but they don’t bother me. I have an essentially bezel-less phone an S10 and it looks cool but comes with its own compromises. A mini is just pick up and use it simple.

  • BJC T
    BJC T 4 days ago

    USBC is a pro feature for now but later apple might slowly bring out USBC to the other devices and make the switch to USBC overall

  • Monkeypixels
    Monkeypixels 4 days ago

    Great video. What’s the wrist band for your Apple Watch? Love the camouflage

  • Jabi'z Foodz
    Jabi'z Foodz 4 days ago

    Howe many ruppes

  • short step
    short step 5 days ago

    Apple and their service are almost gone from this home,was a fan for a few years,till the phone cracked and after paying a monthly bill for damage insurance,they still wanted over 200 to fix the screen,and NO loner FukAmatterFerYerself

  • Kxtie :3
    Kxtie :3 5 days ago

    i see it
    i like it
    i want it
    my mom told me to get a job ;D

  • Rajarshi Karmakar
    Rajarshi Karmakar 6 days ago

    Does it have a 3.5 mm Jack like iPad Air?

  • Mikael Ekström
    Mikael Ekström 6 days ago

    Is it to small for Watching movies and series comfortly or is it fine?

  • Tom Rongname
    Tom Rongname 8 days ago

    Gee. Another Apple suckup gives a "review" and does nothing but dump on Android. Yah you wouldn't want an Android tablet. They don't have apps or software. Nada. None. Only Apple was smart enough to give you that. Golly Gee. So what do you Apple fans out there think? I wonder if you'll have an opinion....yawn.

  • Michael Coley
    Michael Coley 8 days ago

    They are not “giant” bezels!!

  • Dennis Tetrault
    Dennis Tetrault 9 days ago

    I love the new mini I don’t care about bezels at all I love Apple Pencil and don’t care or expect the second pencil because it was made for the Pro and a completely re designed mini would make the cost much higher. This is a really powerful little tablet and its design is still beautiful

  • Rejaul Bari
    Rejaul Bari 14 days ago

    I will be Buying it
    In 2020 In Sha Allah 😎

  • Jam Salonga
    Jam Salonga 15 days ago

    I would still go for ipad 2018 for the price

  • jomsart
    jomsart 15 days ago

    Wow Apple Pencil support

  • C2 Soul
    C2 Soul 16 days ago

    I think the best for mobile gaming

  • lol awn
    lol awn 18 days ago

    0:56 the home button disturbs me

  • Debanjan Das
    Debanjan Das 18 days ago

    Apple be like 100$ for headphone as an additional feature or live the dongle life.

  • Al Mol
    Al Mol 19 days ago +1

    This is useless stuff u dont need.... ever.... trust me, now go on with your lives....

  • Gabriel Pãtroi
    Gabriel Pãtroi 19 days ago

    surface go!

  • nat a
    nat a 20 days ago

    Excellent reveiw👍

  • Hiro's Arts and Music
    Hiro's Arts and Music 20 days ago +1

    If it can work with apple pencil ill buy

    It does..... time to collect money!!!

  • Mr. bonus
    Mr. bonus 21 day ago

    If it just looked more modern with thinner bezels it would of been an instant buy..

  • Sue g
    Sue g 21 day ago

    I've been looking for a tablet this size that has pen compatibility for a LONGGG time since all the tablets out there with s pen is almost always 10inch. If it had thinner bezels, making the screen ratio a bit bigger, I would've been sold 100%. I'm going to wait until something like that comes out in the market but until then, I'm going to stick it out with my Samsung tab s3

  • miko
    miko 21 day ago

    New iPad mini just proves apple’s arrogance.

  • Eevee Playz
    Eevee Playz 22 days ago

    Ipad mini 5 or ipad air 3
    please help me

  • Roy Giesbrecht
    Roy Giesbrecht 23 days ago +1

    Idk why but I like Touch ID, i use iPhone XS but an iPad , that many will use like family or friends, I want it secure so Touch ID can handle multiple fingerprints, but Face ID , only one.

  • mama potatoz_Roblox
    mama potatoz_Roblox 23 days ago

    I’m using an iPad mini 4 I thought a case and I’ve dropped it a lot. It hasn’t cracked and I’ve had it for about 5 years so I highly recommended it

  • hitthemoney
    hitthemoney 23 days ago +9

    Guys the mini is better than the iPad Pro 2018

    No Headphone Jack

  • kanehi
    kanehi 24 days ago

    You might like the new faster processor but your brain remains the same which is much slower in doing tasks. I'll keep my Mini 4 for now with it's 128gb and it's still fast enough for my needs. All I use it for is reading the news, watch TheXvid, Netflix and FB.

  • Poliarinis
    Poliarinis 24 days ago

    I would rather get an mi pad 4. Better value for money

  • Mango
    Mango 25 days ago

    Apple is also all about money. pencil in the box is a android people idea only!

  • Ed Towel
    Ed Towel 26 days ago +1

    Every time I see one of these videos, I'm saddened. Apple couldve done so many cool things with the mini form factor.

  • Andrew Baldwin
    Andrew Baldwin 26 days ago

    I’ve got a first gen iPad mini, but I’m finding the older IOS limitations and the aged battery means I use it a lot less than I used to. Would you recommend the upgrade ? Especially as it’s got the pencil usage and in line specs with the new iPad Air ?

  • Michał G
    Michał G 26 days ago +1

    Same giant bezel ... Are you the only reviewer on entire TheXvid to point that out?

  • Hong An
    Hong An 26 days ago

    Anyone noticed the speakers of mini 5 is much worse than mini 4.. I heard some people say the hi fi chip is much cut. Air is good still

  • Churros McChurros
    Churros McChurros 26 days ago

    I assume they're going to USB-C on all products eventually? I think USB-C on these iPads would have been a perfect place to begin the phase in because people are going to go crazy if/when/probably it eventually goes to the iPhones.

  • Mashter Alexarius
    Mashter Alexarius 26 days ago

    I rather wait, Maybe they will Realise a new iPad mini 5 with more function. I wait about 6 months after they Realise.

  • Raimundo Castro
    Raimundo Castro 26 days ago

    I like Nilay's reviews, in one way he's quite critic when rating products, but in the end, I think that its the best way for being honest.
    I'm really considering but the Mini for its portability (I have an old iPad 2...), so it seems really practical in general terms. =)
    Good review!

  • Spherecomm
    Spherecomm 26 days ago

    Omg I want to upgrade so bad I hate this old A8

  • alliejr
    alliejr 27 days ago

    One aspect ignored by all of these consumer-oriented review sites is the commercial (including educational) market. They buy these by the ton. Those buyers don't like change. They need to be able to keep the same cases, brackets, connectors, software, support procedures, etc., etc., etc. Bumping the speed of the internals is exactly what they'd want. I know fanboys (and haters) don't want to hear it, but Apple does listen to its customers; just that sometimes that customer is not _YOU_ .

  • TankQ
    TankQ 27 days ago

    I like my mini

  • mcomeslast
    mcomeslast 27 days ago

    If they don’t update the previous minis,I’m not buying. I can’t use this as the apps won’t work on it. I’m not getting ghosted twice.

  • Kobe Bean Bryant
    Kobe Bean Bryant 27 days ago

    Apple thinks usb c is just for a Pro Feature when an ordinary smartphone has onw

  • JR White
    JR White 27 days ago

    It’s jus the design that bothers me tbh

  • DM620 Ie
    DM620 Ie 27 days ago

    Horrible narrator

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar 27 days ago

    So iPad mini Costs ~$500 here in India. Is it still a better option??

    • Anand Kumar
      Anand Kumar 26 days ago

      +Shubham Gupta English And what about the cellular version? it costs 10k more...

    • Shubham Gupta English
      Shubham Gupta English 26 days ago +1

      Yes, it is a better option. At Rs. 35K, It is very value for money.

  • Der Eskapist
    Der Eskapist 27 days ago +7

    If they included USB C, then you won't be able to charge the Apple Pencil, and they for sure won't be implementing the new Apple Pencil 2

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean 27 days ago +2

    They couldve at least put quad speakers. It looks so outdated for a device that hasnt been updated in so long. But then again, they're apple.

  • Kjetil Korsveien
    Kjetil Korsveien 27 days ago +7

    All you reviewers with no children never mentions that a lot of children has the iPad Mini. With the pen they can also draw on it. It’s perfect.

    • alliejr
      alliejr 27 days ago +1

      Truth! And also the low-end iPad. The kids do _NOT_ care about "screen not laminated". It plays video content and games, it looks great and the battery lasts forever for just over $200.

  • eatcheesekobe
    eatcheesekobe 27 days ago +1

    definitely not worth 400+100 dollars for an outdated machine design, especially when there's a cheaper option that's even bigger

    • Noet Games
      Noet Games 25 days ago

      eatcheesekobe actually for the power it can deliver is pretty good priced

  • Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X 27 days ago +1

    No other company in the world screws its as much as Apple. Forces USB-C on Macbooks but never includes it in ipads and iphones. 🤣

  • Kash Ismail
    Kash Ismail 28 days ago

    Really just wanted to see a new ~8" iPad mini with small bezels so I could watch full HD or better Netflix on a device that doesn't look like it's from 2012. I guess I'll just stick with my Mi Pad 8 setting this sad excuse of an update Apple just put out

  • Jan Bertumen
    Jan Bertumen 28 days ago

    if the pencil isn’t overpriced, i would buy it

  • Omer Bila
    Omer Bila 28 days ago +6

    I just binged watched every ipad mini 5 unboxing/review on TheXvid. Congrats, this is the best one hands down. Its the first review that went past the spec sheet, showed some multitasking features, compared the whole lineup, explained why Apple stuck with some old 'parts bin' parts, and basically went further than every other review i've seen so far... it was excellent. Great content.

  • Scott Sparque
    Scott Sparque 28 days ago

    Bot a DJI Mavic 2 Pro - need a screen to drive it, so the choice is a Note 4 (too small and slow), dji solution (expensive and limited utility). I'll go w/a MiniPad5.

  • Stuntman707
    Stuntman707 28 days ago

    I like this a lot.

  • Călin H
    Călin H 28 days ago

    As an iphone and macbook user, what apple is doing is BS! If you’ll rip people off just make a good AND up to date product. Give it some storage, remove the bezels, what’s nect? Recycled iphone 5 phones for a thousand bucks each?

  • Ivan Lipatov
    Ivan Lipatov 28 days ago

    Great review, wish you did the iPad Air 10.5 review instead of Dieter

  • 8 Gamer
    8 Gamer 28 days ago

    Only excited for processing power with perfect display for gaming.

  • Manu Sudan
    Manu Sudan 28 days ago

    I am using LENOVO TAB 4 8 PLAS... Its one of the best tablet. Go and use it.

  • Nelson Gomes
    Nelson Gomes 28 days ago

    why has no one reviewed the new air yet? there is literally no videos uploaded on youtube on that product :/

  • Yonatan Idan
    Yonatan Idan 28 days ago

    A really good video!
    I would be happy to help, debating whether to buy an ipad 6th 9.7 or another type of tablet the use would be mainly for studies (with the pen of course)
    When I got to the store to buy the familiar ipad, he stopped me and told me that Apple always tried to make the system slow down and that it would be a problem after six months - a year
    To this day I have always used Android

  • Best Thing
    Best Thing 28 days ago +28

    i don't care about bezels
    i ll buy only for a12 bionic chip

    • Billy Batson
      Billy Batson 15 days ago

      Same here.
      No matter how messed their phones are you cant beat apple when it comes to processors

    • Kanishk Mehra
      Kanishk Mehra 27 days ago +1

      Mee too

    • Debashis Karmakar
      Debashis Karmakar 27 days ago +1

      Or how can one knows that isheeps still exist???

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee 28 days ago +1

    I need the upgrade.

  • D GamerTv
    D GamerTv 28 days ago

    Is it good for gamers?

  • tommy lee
    tommy lee 29 days ago

    Why not OLED yet? Still LCD

  • CristDhaBoss Games
    CristDhaBoss Games 29 days ago +2

    I’m pretty sure the main reason for apple to keep the lighting cable was to allow for the first gen Apple Pencil support, like the other iPads. (With the exception of the new iPad pros)

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy 29 days ago

    Ugh, it’s this guy/lawyer

  • Jalen Rose41
    Jalen Rose41 29 days ago

    do a review if ipad mini could use luma fusion editing 4k 60fps videos

  • Breakdown Entertainment

    when will the Air 3 Video be released ?

    MAZINGER Z 29 days ago

    My 55 dollars used asus zenpad z8 is still running like a champ with the same form factor as the iPad mini. 399 cost is quite pricy for a 7.9 inch tablet in 2019.

  • Hayvanat2630
    Hayvanat2630 29 days ago

    Guys I still use my Ipad 2 from 2011 and it is pretty old hehe (yes im broke) but now Im saving up for a new Ipad and an apple pencil 1. I will mainly use it for reading comics/manga/homework/novels, watching movies/youtube/netflix and for drawing and taking notes (and maybe a couple of games here and there), so in general everyday stuff.
    It is between the new ipad mini 7.9 with A12 chip (2019) or the Ipad pro 10.5 A10X (2017). I cannot decide which one to buy. So I would like to know your guys´ opinion and experience on which one would be the best to mainly read comics/manga and drawing.

  • t kean jie
    t kean jie 29 days ago

    Feels like someone is pointing a gun on this dude during the end bit of the review

  • Anh Hùng
    Anh Hùng 29 days ago

    Ram ?

  • Felix Jeremy
    Felix Jeremy 29 days ago

    What price is it?

  • Brian
    Brian 29 days ago

    Different camera placements.

  • aj
    aj 29 days ago

    So many people here just saying great for pubg..they should start making devices as PUBG certified these days..

  • Czardaster
    Czardaster 29 days ago +8

    If Apple Make New iPhone SE With The Same Design And Pack With A12 Chip...

    But Not Calling It An SE 2

  • Kendue Jones
    Kendue Jones 29 days ago +1

    This tablet it's not bad but I love my Samsung tab 2 9.7 inch!😎😎

  • Mazza Star
    Mazza Star Month ago +2

    Good review, but I wish you would stop misleading your viewers into thinking the only way to charge the pencil is to stick it into the iPad lightning port as you show at 3:30 The Apple Pencil ships with an adapter where one side fits the pencil and the other side fits a lightning cable. Sticking it into the iPad is not the only way to charge it. You should have mentioned that. Or did you not know?

  • The beautiful Fellicia Hunt

    But dose it work like the large pro?

  • rohyco
    rohyco Month ago


  • Jordan Christie
    Jordan Christie Month ago +2

    “You can’t really swap out an old mini with a new one with no disruption if you change the port”
    Hello MacBook lineup 👋🏾

  • Alek Taylor
    Alek Taylor Month ago

    I just wish they made the iPad mini with the new design of the iPad pros. I’d have bought it in like 2 milliseconds.

  • Why Google?
    Why Google? Month ago

    As far as connectors go: Lightning > USB-C

  • Einstei8
    Einstei8 Month ago +1

    What about RAM? 2GB or 3GB?

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b Month ago +6

    whatching on my beloved Ipad mini, working as new since 2015

  • Mclean boys
    Mclean boys Month ago +1

    What Apple Watch band is that?

  • likajeje
    likajeje Month ago +4

    *BRO, can I have an IPad ??*
    *U have a lot!!*

  • joerg cruel
    joerg cruel Month ago +1

    full screen either with a bigger screen or a smaller overall size would have been great. Do we have to wait 4 more years to a similiar upgrade?

  • mark vaz
    mark vaz Month ago +3

    Apple have clearly moved from hardware company to service company now. Their hardware arent goundbreaking nowadays they are just updating their old versions and started to provide tonnes of new paid services like amazon

  • joshxkerrigan
    joshxkerrigan Month ago

    They "updated" this iPad mini but saved the best stuff for the Pro lineup, so this basically makes me feel like the Mini is purposed for schools, maybe elderly people, or those on a budget. For basically every single enthusiast, you'd be happier with an iPad Pro. All the new Face ID hardware, updated design, better speakers, larger "edge-to-edge" screen (no notch!) and an even better processor unit. They need to work on getting all the Pro hardware into the mini form factor.

  • Aidan
    Aidan Month ago

    Headphone jack?

  • Cpenguiner
    Cpenguiner Month ago

    The odd thing is that mini costs more than iPad.

  • Kareem Badr
    Kareem Badr Month ago

    I have an iPad pro 2018...but I don't really like that iPad...it's like a bigger phone...you can't put it in your pocket or put it in the bag...like...I don't really know...if you want an iPad...you should buy at least the 9.7 inch model..

  • SINU gaming
    SINU gaming Month ago

    Is best travelling

  • Chris Zimmer
    Chris Zimmer Month ago

    18 months and counting. Apple pencil cap still where it belongs--right on the end of the pencil.

  • Jan Moises Calderon

    whats the RAM? thank you! :)

  • Antonín Daněk
    Antonín Daněk Month ago

    Is it just me or every reviewer at Verge has the same kind of "melody" or dynamic, how they talk? It's actually good, makes everything easy to understand but it's just weird that you have all the same. Did you by any change have some company wide training on speech dynamics? :D