My $190 eBay Gamble

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Kicking it old school with eBay.
    Why Disney doesn’t make 2D animations anymore:
    Create your own Windows 10 install USB:
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  • james sun
    james sun 3 days ago

    Anyone know where i can buy the tool kit

  • Fans, speakers, and more

    My cheap HP laptop is 5 years old and came pre-installed with Windows 8.1. And 4 gigs of RAM. Let that sink in.

  • Tyler Ash
    Tyler Ash 5 days ago

    Hackintosh It!!

  • Dtr146
    Dtr146 7 days ago

    if anybody's going to do this I highly recommend that you make real good notes of what the seller puts in the description. I've got several stories of being scammed because of misinformation

  • Helix Adam Oxford
    Helix Adam Oxford 8 days ago

    Hey all, Scott here

  • RadiantLobster
    RadiantLobster 15 days ago

    So what should I do to put a fresh copy of windows on a usb so I can put it on computer builds that I do?

  • OCG - Overwatch Console Gameplays

    A C T U A L L Y

  • TheBossinator
    TheBossinator 29 days ago

    I hope a m5 8gb ram wasnt 1100 even in 2015

  • Nolan Heistad
    Nolan Heistad Month ago

    my vostro 3550 cost me 20 bucks and i tosssed a spare ssd in it.

  • lol blizz
    lol blizz Month ago

    Review huawei matebook d

  • Khaled Salhani
    Khaled Salhani Month ago

    Quit the bloody comedy for God's sake!

  • pat
    pat Month ago

    Tons of used business laptops that a great price.

  • Denz Alba
    Denz Alba Month ago

    Give away ❤️

  • C Dog
    C Dog Month ago

    What is a good budget laptop for sound production? I’ll be using FL studio 20 to make beats and stuff

  • aka ahnaf
    aka ahnaf 2 months ago

    I have the same laptop

  • WyattTheSkid
    WyattTheSkid 2 months ago

    I enjoy watching you waste money and shit talk the things you buy. keep it up! :D

  • Ashley Edwards
    Ashley Edwards 2 months ago

    I am getting a new Acer Chromebook R11 (2018 version) I’m excited to get the Chromebook! I have a YT channel called My Random Day, I’ll do a unboxing there!

  • I am a 750 ti
    I am a 750 ti 2 months ago

    why not just a thinkpad

  • ButtersTheGun_XBOX
    ButtersTheGun_XBOX 2 months ago

    You think that laptop is dirty and dusty?, found out why my xbox was over heating, a literal dust clump clogging every single intake.

  • Subham Karmakar
    Subham Karmakar 2 months ago

    And now, when you actually have a lot of money, you are opening boxes with keys.

  • Coldi Gaming
    Coldi Gaming 2 months ago

    1:32, Pan Am Airlines

  • flo0fey
    flo0fey 2 months ago

    Test the Lenovo y500

  • jman
    jman 2 months ago

    so much forehead.

  • Alessio Battimo
    Alessio Battimo 3 months ago

    This video was blocked in Belgium...

  • Aragiss
    Aragiss 3 months ago +1

    I would have run a Memtest to test the RAM. It's not replacable so if the RAM is going faulty, the laptop is as good as trash.

  • Johne
    Johne 3 months ago

    Isn't gambling illegal tho?

    Hey guys this is Austin! Today, I'm reviewing this crowbar on how well it will get me out of prison!

  • Nikkstein Gaming
    Nikkstein Gaming 3 months ago +1

    That aspect ratio!!! URGHH!!!

  • Black Stone
    Black Stone 3 months ago +1

    What's the background music around 4:50 called? I hear it in so many TheXvid videos but I can't find the song title.

  • Mecha Games
    Mecha Games 3 months ago

    I got a Dell latitude 4580 2016 model for $300 was it a good deal.

    AFRIN AKTAR 3 months ago

    Nice 😀😀😀😀

    RASSHU 3 months ago +1

    Its that a Minecraft remix in the backound?

  • Jase Wolf
    Jase Wolf 3 months ago

    My gran came to me with her early 2011 Dell Inspiron 1545, which whilst it was somewhat an ok laptop hardware wise, for Windows in today's world, it's just unbearable because the drivers won't work beyond Windows 8.
    I found on Ebay a late 2012 Acer Travelmate P253 with an IvyBridge i5 3230M. In absolute brilliant like new condition for £125. Upgraded the RAM to 8GB, as it's DDR3 I had some lying around. And an SSD too. Smashing laptop. Not by far a great screen as what you get with today's devices, but besides that, brilliant cheap purchase for my gran to have something that just works flawlessly right after install, without needing to install drivers.
    And it being UEFI too, very nice. Would of loved to try hackintoshing it as I can imagine it would work just fine with the hardware, but not for my gran lol.

  • Umer Masood
    Umer Masood 3 months ago

    I got a renewed 80$ elitebook which plays gta 4 and runs a core i5 560m 2.67ghz and windows 8.1

  • PwNer YT
    PwNer YT 3 months ago +9

    You are always taking risk at buying something

  • anna A
    anna A 3 months ago

    Ship it to me

  • Finn Jensen
    Finn Jensen 3 months ago

    I get a hp wrong buy from privat never used. 2018 model fore less than half price # 280 $ 500gb hd great screen 16 gb ram would like little more but man pc is cheap now

  • Khaled Salhani
    Khaled Salhani 3 months ago

    This is '"a" eBay or "an" eBay laptop?

  • Lomkey
    Lomkey 3 months ago

    Windows is not cheap would add the cost than $190. Unless getting them in a 3 party site with oem key.

  • Florbo Sagbag
    Florbo Sagbag 3 months ago

    It's just a used business laptop. Companies buy them in bulk and then generally after the extended warranty period ends they just get rid of them all and buy another lot in bulk. Generally they then end up with electronics recycling businesses who then list them on Ebay either without a hard drive or with a completely wiped hard drive for data security reasons. Generally, used business laptops are a safe buy from Ebay for this reason. Hardly what I'd call a gamble as I've done it many times in the past.

  • jack6134
    jack6134 3 months ago

    This channel made me a tech nerd

  • Caleb Dixon
    Caleb Dixon 3 months ago

    I have a old laptop I can’t get it to take power

  • Γιάννης Γ.
    Γιάννης Γ. 3 months ago

    It was probably stolen

  • TheDutyPaid
    TheDutyPaid 3 months ago

    Windows 10 Pro key from eBay for a dollar.

  • mghitu
    mghitu 3 months ago

    I didn't watch the video b/c I think Austin is an annoying person but for those money you could've bought the new iPod touch.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 3 months ago +2

    @0:02 I almost assumed you were Thomas. :D

  • Vishnu Mistry
    Vishnu Mistry 3 months ago

    Ebay is one of those shops full of gems. Like 2 weeks ago I bought a Windows 7 Alienware laptop, and it was for only £150

  • greg G
    greg G 3 months ago

    make more of these types of videos please

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 3 months ago

    You should give Linux a try instead in future projects like this. It will give you something to learn, and it works better requiring sometimes NO drivers to install and at most, the GPU driver if it is Nvidia. Intel and AMD are open source standard.

  • G3
    G3 3 months ago

    my best gamble, i was given a supposedly dead 2012 ultrabook, still alive but the hdd is dead & im left with a 32gb ssd, upgraded it to 120 ssd and 500gb hdd, works as my go-to laptop lol

  • J C
    J C 3 months ago

    why is $190 worth for core M LOL

  • Wassim Ch
    Wassim Ch 3 months ago

    Can i get this PC after the video

  • Evgeni Enchev
    Evgeni Enchev 3 months ago +2

    For 200 euro you can get a refurb lenovo or dell with i5 or i7 4th gen and 4gb ram. 1 year full waranty.

  • Satan
    Satan 3 months ago

    2:38 for free windows 7 / 10

  • Josh Jwillway
    Josh Jwillway 3 months ago +6

    I bought a X250 with 500gb HDD, 4gb RAM and 1366x768 screen.
    it now has 240gb ssd, 8gb ram and 1080p screen, is brilliant

    • Josh Jwillway
      Josh Jwillway 3 months ago

      @Anirudhh Raghavan It runs bf4 at 30fps :o

    • Anirudhh Raghavan
      Anirudhh Raghavan 3 months ago

      Phloat Wireless I feel you friend. Just stick with 1366x768. The X250 is NOT a gaming laptop by any means, so if I had to guess, I’d say you use it for either business, or other non gaming work, or video editing or anything, so 1080p is not a necessity. 1366x768 is mediocre these days, and for 95% of uses (mostly including gaming, it is perfectly usable.

    • Phloat Wireless
      Phloat Wireless 3 months ago

      replacing screens is so *URGGHHHHH*

  • SomeDude OutThere
    SomeDude OutThere 3 months ago

    Should've gotten a Thinkpad for the same price

  • ClueTrap
    ClueTrap 3 months ago

    His laptop videos is so Entertaining

  • bada buscus gaming
    bada buscus gaming 3 months ago

    Use that laptop for a month

  • zain.
    zain. 3 months ago

    Austin tryna copy Unbox Therapy with an Asian tech dude like Willy-Doo inspecting the tech. Luv ya nevertheless.

  • Random Human
    Random Human 3 months ago

    An* ebay laptop not a ebay laptop

  • Ocawesome101
    Ocawesome101 3 months ago +6

    Put Linux on it and I 95% GUARANTEE you that the thing will just WORK with ZERO messing around with settings.