I Attempted The Navy Seal Fitness Test

  • Starting the year off by testing myself in new ways, If you guys give Navy Seal Fitness Test a go make sure to share it with me! Enjoy!
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Comments • 80

  • Alex Cordero
    Alex Cordero 3 days ago

    You wanna know going into the marine corps. You should have someone there to proctor you if you doing it right or wrong

  • Garrison Johnson
    Garrison Johnson 4 days ago

    Navy Seal is the highest of the highs. You’re at the top and some of the most elite soldiers. I know people that have known people who passed the test but then dropped out of training because it was too hard

  • Arundeep Atkar
    Arundeep Atkar 6 days ago

    Would have also enjoyed seeing a SAS fitness test

  • Lamp Vs Wild
    Lamp Vs Wild 7 days ago

    You can't rest lmao. For push ups you would have to hold the push up position to "rest" and for pull ups you would still have to be hanging lol.

    XxCRIZIxX 8 days ago

    in the swim he was cheating he was pushing off the walls hahahaha

  • Liam Docker
    Liam Docker 8 days ago

    Do the Royal marine commando course its harder then the navy seals

  • Cara
    Cara 8 days ago

    Hate to break it to you. Pretty certain that pool is 20-25m. Firstly looks it, secondly UK law means private pools in private gyms can’t be longer than 25m. So sorry

  • Taylor Williamson
    Taylor Williamson 15 days ago

    Behz mate you need to chill on the weights and take some swimming lessons your not even putting your head underwater

  • Braidog
    Braidog 15 days ago

    Does he know how to actually swim he is just dog paddling

  • Kieran Tumiwa
    Kieran Tumiwa 19 days ago +1

    Ask if JJ should do this.He gyms

  • Gage Leos
    Gage Leos 21 day ago

    i like that you did this video (also im in the military so kinda bias).. you did your best

  • Leonhermannsite
    Leonhermannsite 24 days ago

    you cant do breaks while exercise

  • Joshua P.
    Joshua P. 28 days ago +1

    Can't do free style on the swimming test, has to be C.S.S. or Breast Stroke only. Also the fact he stopped multiple times in the swimming and he stopped in the middle of the pushups. Incorrect grip for the pullups, and the kicking. Yikes, also Cristiano Ronaldo has hella endurance, I wouldn't blame the diet.

  • bryanthegamer 206
    bryanthegamer 206 29 days ago

    No offence but you haveto do the run outdoors treadmill is unrealistic

  • Jori Gillijns
    Jori Gillijns 29 days ago

    you literally cheated in every single part of the challange lmao but respect bro keep up these kinda vids theyre fun

  • Magnus MTA
    Magnus MTA Month ago

    that no problem

  • Ordinary Sense
    Ordinary Sense Month ago

    dude behind the camera is the mvp here. without him he would not have done even this well. GG's to both

  • Erika N.
    Erika N. Month ago

    I was actually very impressed that you managed to complete the swimming test, since you have a very rough style.
    You must have strong lung capacity, wow!
    In any case ... I am a swimming instructor, if you have doubts ask well;)

  • Dave •
    Dave • Month ago

    You cant drop your knees to the floor while doing the push-ups lol, at least for the army you cant, navy seals I would think would have higher standards

  • Kyle Wharton
    Kyle Wharton Month ago

    Making me cringe whenever he says army when it’s a NAVY SEAL mock test

  • james buckley
    james buckley Month ago

    Is it fitness, or is it fatness?

  • SnowFloomer
    SnowFloomer Month ago

    Anyone know what watch he is using?

  • Robel Kidane
    Robel Kidane Month ago

    2:07 he's giving fetty wap a shoutout, look at his phone

  • Nova_R
    Nova_R Month ago +1

    When this is just the entry test, and when he does it wrong too.... well good for ya mate, you tried and you did your best. Proud of you

    ŁÎŁ ĶƏŃȚ Month ago

    I like the intro!

  • Alex Whittle
    Alex Whittle Month ago

    you should do the royal marines fittness test

  • Chazza 2799
    Chazza 2799 Month ago

    Try the old British army PFA
    44 Press ups minimum in 2 minutes
    Then 52 sit-ups in 2 minutes and a 1.5 mile run in 10 minutes if I can do it and run the 1.5 miles in under 9 minutes and I’m a stick you can do it too

  • ImSenpoo
    ImSenpoo Month ago

    copying logan paul, sad.

  • Logan S
    Logan S Month ago

    Not to try take away from your results, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be allowed to stand in the water and take breaks. I understand that your pool didn’t allow for treading water though

  • CiaBeeBee
    CiaBeeBee Month ago

    13:55 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • Harvi.
    Harvi. Month ago

    Well this is an American test so it will be all different in uk

  • Asif Rahaman
    Asif Rahaman Month ago +1

    Could've easily titled this with something to do with the WW3 draft and you would've gotten a ton more views

  • Lorentz Fabricius
    Lorentz Fabricius Month ago

    I don’t think you are allowed brakes during the swim.

  • Mehdi Martins
    Mehdi Martins Month ago

    Bro didnt even swim it properly

  • RPPlay
    RPPlay Month ago

    Subscribe to me bro!!!! Love your work

  • Scott Agnew
    Scott Agnew Month ago

    This inspires me to go work out

  • Max Scowen
    Max Scowen Month ago

    As if the cameraman wasn’t keeping count for him 😂😂😂 useless

  • jordan harris
    jordan harris Month ago

    Get some goggles and freestyle. Make it alot easier. Coming from a swimmer

  • Brandon Murray
    Brandon Murray Month ago

    Seals do an open water swim but behz Is in the uk so probably wouldn’t do that

  • Yusuf_J7
    Yusuf_J7 Month ago

    We now know who to recruit in ww3

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha Month ago

    It just hurts to watch this as an former swimmer

  • Stephen Shillan
    Stephen Shillan Month ago

    This is why this man is my workout inspiration

  • Thomas Fifita
    Thomas Fifita Month ago

    Wheres Ethans eye brows?

  • Klutzee
    Klutzee Month ago

    You are supposed to swim it using the Combat Side Stroke...fyi
    and its actually super easy stroke that doesnt use alot of energy at all
    also once you put your knees down on the deck that ends the evolution regardless of how much time is left

  • Just D
    Just D Month ago

    if these are the requirements to be a seal then a literal toddler could make it haha

  • Inaki Gonzalez Gomez

    I've done 100 sit ups in 5 minutes and I was 10

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall Month ago

    Do sas training it’s 4 times harder

  • victor
    victor Month ago


  • Sophie Auld
    Sophie Auld Month ago

    can't he just pay for skin removal rather than train for another 10 million years?

  • bill da hill
    bill da hill Month ago

    you duck at swimming wtf

  • Riley DeLong
    Riley DeLong Month ago

    I'm just saying he would have failed the push up portion for hitting the ground

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones Month ago

    Ha ha you cant even do 10 pull ups!!

  • CasualGamer
    CasualGamer Month ago

    This challenge/test was done completely wrong, but good try.

  • EndLxZz
    EndLxZz Month ago

    i wanna see ksi do this

  • Alexander Lacaden
    Alexander Lacaden Month ago

    You guys should make sidemen fitness clothing or equipment.

  • Maestro_Ahmed
    Maestro_Ahmed Month ago

    Your British it should have been SAS

  • Infinity Bois
    Infinity Bois Month ago

    I’m in the Army and you should do the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).
    -T Pushups
    -Power Throw
    -Sprint, Drag, Carry
    -Leg Tuck
    -2 Mile Run

  • 4i4o Pav4o
    4i4o Pav4o Month ago

    Why train for a seal fam ur British... Train like the SAS

  • Mick M
    Mick M Month ago

    Lifting weights doesn't equate to functional fitness

  • Jason Ye YI
    Jason Ye YI Month ago +7

    i like how everyone in the comments is telling him everything he is doing wrong and laughing at him when they will do even worse and probs cant even do 5 push ups lmao

  • chirilaradu21
    chirilaradu21 Month ago

    Does 2 reps.

    How many?


  • unknown source
    unknown source Month ago

    500m in 8 min that is easy

  • Am
    Am Month ago

    Tbh the test sounds quite easy

  • CadetLemon
    CadetLemon Month ago

    Now do that every day for like 8 weeks, I'd personally never make it through 2 weeks

  • James McGleish
    James McGleish Month ago

    My body aches WATCHING this video

  • Russy Cakes
    Russy Cakes Month ago

    good job thou

  • Russy Cakes
    Russy Cakes Month ago

    bro this pretty easy no cap

  • John Kistler
    John Kistler Month ago

    Technically on you didn't pass the push up test. You're not allowed to touch your knees to the ground to rest or else your disqualified. You could rest with your butt in the air in a downward dog position but you can't rest by touching your knees to the ground.

  • Amirali Dahi
    Amirali Dahi Month ago

    Does he realize he did the pull ups wrong? He can’t kick his legs and he also can’t get down and go up again 🤦‍♂️

  • Super Saiyan Moses X

    you look sick and tired but also healthy. you need to get some damn rest

  • Riku
    Riku Month ago

    Biggest thing about army physical tests is that you have proper medical support around so you can literally push your self to so bear to death as you can without the fear of not getting the required help. While it gives sort of an mental edge it also raises the expectations of what you can do because you have all the support around.

  • Anis Neziri
    Anis Neziri Month ago

    You were not doing the sit ups corectly

  • Ryan Duplaga
    Ryan Duplaga Month ago

    He cannot count for the life of him

  • Feden Semir
    Feden Semir Month ago

    Whys he swimming like that

  • Prajoal PHAGAMI
    Prajoal PHAGAMI Month ago

    u should look forward not down when u do push up, works the chest muscles more that way.

  • Chase Quinter
    Chase Quinter Month ago

    My man really don't know how to swim

  • Ryan Hickman
    Ryan Hickman Month ago

    The start is easy

  • Fraud
    Fraud Month ago

    Did he just farted at 7:58 LMFAO😂

  • Bionicarm Man123
    Bionicarm Man123 Month ago

    You can’t place your knees whilst doing the press upa

  • James Logan
    James Logan Month ago

    I'd love to see behz do the British army fitness test.