10 Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • We'll never forgive Joss Whedon.


    Avengers Endgame - 00:24
    Jurassic World - 01:04
    Transformers: Age Of Extinction - 02:05
    Hostel: Part II - 03:11
    Robocop (1987) - 04:19
    San Andreas - 05:23
    The Hitcher (1986) - 06:28
    Irreversible - 07:22
    Scream 2 - 08:29
    Serenity - 09:28
    Saw III - 10:23.
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  • Rambo, John J.
    Rambo, John J. Hour ago

    If I had time to think, I coild think of a ton, but just some quick ones of the tio of my head....
    •William Wallace in “Braveheart”!!!
    -Granted, he vowed to never beg for mercy to spite the king, (even spit out the anesthetic from the Queen), yelled Freedom, and outlived the King’s last dying wish, to be alive long enough to see Wallace dead..... which all added to his legend. But BRUTAL.
    •Quint from “Jaws”
    -getting eaten alive by the Carcharodon Carcharius (that was NOT quick, painless death)
    •Any torture victim in Hostile 1 or 2.
    *William Wallace’s wife!! Thrown against a pole and hroat slashed!

  • Whispy Woods
    Whispy Woods 2 hours ago

    John Wick's dog.....

  • User Xex
    User Xex 7 hours ago

    That one from Hostel was fucked up. One more reason never to watch those movies.

  • Niklas Breuer
    Niklas Breuer Day ago

    My personal place one would be the movie "the fog".
    Just the last minutes rly make this movie disgusting and its so unnessesery!;)

  • Pamela Irene
    Pamela Irene Day ago

    The main dudes wife in Saw 3d. She did nothing wrong. She didn't know her husband was a liar and she died in one of the most horrific torture devices in history.

  • In The Hole
    In The Hole Day ago

    Django unchained: Christoph Waltz

  • Takahiro Karasawa


  • FaTaL BuLL
    FaTaL BuLL 2 days ago

    Like San Andreas.. the wife's new BF Gordon.. is killed off!
    He's just the nice guy new partner who is unceremoniously.. wiped out.. again.

  • Lets Go Blues!!!
    Lets Go Blues!!! 2 days ago

    Yeah the girl in JW really got it horribly

  • Albert Vértiz
    Albert Vértiz 2 days ago +1

    IMO, Ryan Reynolds' character in the movie "Life" is brutal and it happens way too soon. Being totally ripped apart from the inside, with the rest of the crew watching hopelessly, along with the sound effects and Reynolds' acting, is terrifying and hardly bearable. Plus, he's RYAN REYNOLDS!!!!!

  • gregoryvn3
    gregoryvn3 2 days ago

    Wash, nooooooo! *sobs*

  • Jason Hollis
    Jason Hollis 2 days ago

    All of these deaths are amazing lol. Films are just too PG nowadays lol. Even when it's an 18 it's not really an 18 it's more like a 12 lol

  • Jesse Tafel
    Jesse Tafel 2 days ago

    Kaori in Akira

    NARROW 3 days ago +1

    Partner really you're using the term partner how about the term husband or is the term husband or mankind to triggering for you

  • Dakoda Barr
    Dakoda Barr 3 days ago

    What about oola from star wars?

  • Matthew Caughey
    Matthew Caughey 3 days ago

    I’ve had my rib cage ripped out. I’ll tell ya it hurts like hell. I heal pretty fast but advanced tissue regeneration really takes a lot out of you

  • cujo fire
    cujo fire 3 days ago

    This was a great video I enjoyed it

  • Kennedy Mcdon
    Kennedy Mcdon 3 days ago

    I honestly used to believe hostel was just a high budget babe station movie

  • Victoria Albastra
    Victoria Albastra 3 days ago

    Hostel creeped me out because that stuff actually happens

  • greenraider44
    greenraider44 3 days ago

    Ehh I might be the debbie downer, but horror movies shouldent really count because most everyone that dies did not deserve it, that’s why it’s horror

  • Mm..Food Mos'definitly

    This top was pretty bad honestly minus hicther

  • Josh Chelf
    Josh Chelf 4 days ago +1

    How about the young, innocent French woman who gets terrorized, stripped naked, humiliated and killed by the vampires in the theatre in Interview With the Vampire...all in front of a live audience?

  • weird SAL
    weird SAL 4 days ago

    For Alex Murphy, it was a Paul-Verhoeven film. When it comes to violence, gore, nudity, sex, and the likes, PV goes all out. If this is the case, you may as well have included the truck driver, bad guy or not, driving into that acid tank and then what ended up happening to him.

  • Atomsk102
    Atomsk102 4 days ago +1

    I have a picture of me with Alan Tudyk. I'm wearing a t-shirt that says "Wash Lives!".

  • weird SAL
    weird SAL 4 days ago

    Haven't seen "San Andreas", so I don't know the whole story of throwing that guy in the dust wind, but leaving the girl in the car, in "World Trade Center", there was that one cop that was not trapped in the rubble and could've gone for help, but his coworkers told him to not leave them and help them. And well,...

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 4 days ago

    That woman from Hostel 2. She seemed so sweet and sad and lonely that I felt an empathy for her I rarely feel for movie characters. Every scene she was in made me sad. That death was really upsetting because it was so unfair.

  • Hector Preston
    Hector Preston 4 days ago

    Zara is a bitch she deserved it 10/10 for the dino doing the world a favor

  • Gilly Savard
    Gilly Savard 4 days ago

    They did Kerry so dirty, I loved her so much

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 4 days ago

    Hostel death scene wasnt unjustified. Shes hideous looking and a horribly annoying actress. The death was deserved. Its just unfortunate it was only in a movie.

  • AD H
    AD H 4 days ago

    Quint from Jaws

  • Jeremy George
    Jeremy George 4 days ago

    This is the most basic of basic-bitch assessments of film demises.

  • Butter Fly
    Butter Fly 4 days ago

    what was the movie name at the first ???

  • lindsee deltaco
    lindsee deltaco 5 days ago

    What about Bob newbey from stranger things

  • Ty Slow
    Ty Slow 5 days ago


  • Billy poppins
    Billy poppins 5 days ago

    Stark lives in the minds of all nerds

  • BenignAndaHalf
    BenignAndaHalf 5 days ago

    Dizzy noooo!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Jesson
    Patrick Jesson 5 days ago

    I disagree with the Robocop Alex Murphy death. His character came back, and there was a narrative purpose to how he died.

  • Fazal Juman
    Fazal Juman 5 days ago

    Mel Gibson in Braveheart, can't ever rewatch that scene.

  • kids rule
    kids rule 5 days ago

    Admittedly, Wash being killed off in Serenity was to put it mildly a shock.

  • El Peluca
    El Peluca 5 days ago

    Willem Dafoe in John Wick

  • deepak e
    deepak e 5 days ago

    deep blue sea

  • RyuujiVantek
    RyuujiVantek 5 days ago

    Where is *"The Box"* ?

  • Tobias Meißner
    Tobias Meißner 5 days ago

    King Kong in KING KONG (1933). Brutal and undeserved. I actually cried for him as a kid when I saw it on TV.

  • Mike Garrens
    Mike Garrens 5 days ago

    Robocop was rated X

  • David Verge
    David Verge 5 days ago

    Total garbage.

  • Tony Lester
    Tony Lester 6 days ago +3

    A character death that should have happened in a movie is Capt Marvel having her head knocked off by Thanos when he punched her in Endgame.

  • That Rad Guy
    That Rad Guy 6 days ago +1

    Man, that Saw death is just ridiculous. So she gets targeted because she 'works too much' and then the trap has no way of escaping. Wtf is the point? At least in the earlier ones, the people targeted deserved it in some way, and they had the chance to escape if they made some kind of sacrifice. 🙄😒

  • Kossolax the Foresworn

    lol she snaps in two in the remake like lego bricks, because thats how human body would react if pulled apart. might as well put less effort and place a crash test dummy there.

  • Skeptical Fox
    Skeptical Fox 6 days ago


  • BigWyrmLineRat
    BigWyrmLineRat 6 days ago

    Samuel L Jackson in Deep Blue Sea. WTF!!

  • Zeke Edwards
    Zeke Edwards 6 days ago

    Oliver Reed- the devils
    Bishop- aliens
    Kevin bacons son- death sentence

  • ThatOneComposerGuy
    ThatOneComposerGuy 6 days ago

    The stepdad in 2012 getting ground up by those huge gears has always felt pointless to me. He was a legitimately good, likable dude, and they just murdered him in such an unnecessarily brutal fashion. Lol. 🤷‍♂️

    • ThatOneComposerGuy
      ThatOneComposerGuy 5 days ago

      HaltessiaGaming Right?? At the end when Cusack and Peet are all lovey-dovey, I just kept thinking, “Jeez, at least take a moment to mourn your ex who just died HORRIBLY a half hour ago.” 🤣

    • HaltessiaGaming
      HaltessiaGaming 5 days ago +1

      He was killed off so the ex could get back together with the lady.
      A *really* stupid reason

  • Al Oevera
    Al Oevera 7 days ago

    The opening scene from it follows could definitely fit into this category, even without seeing how it happened.

  • Drakijy
    Drakijy 7 days ago +1

    You had to go and retraumatize me by making me watch Wash die again.

  • RHBR
    RHBR 7 days ago

    Pretty much *every* death in Hostel is brutal. It's torture porn.

  • dem gutts
    dem gutts 7 days ago

    Murphy's death still hunts me.... " ni, ni, ni, ni, ni" bang

  • Quickscoping Sumo wrestler

    Can't be a grousome death list without a Saw movie

  • Emily Hanson
    Emily Hanson 7 days ago

    What about Iris (Brittany Snow) killing Lucas (Enver Gjokaj)in the end of Would You Rather. They could have walked out of the house together. I though that was senseless.

  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell 7 days ago

    D’artagnan in Django Unchained...

  • Todd Peterson
    Todd Peterson 7 days ago +3

    The protagonist's son in The Mist. #1 forever.

  • David Coleman
    David Coleman 7 days ago

    The entire cast of Game of Thrones Season 8. OK, it's not movies, but those folk deserved better.

  • Lucijan Lewa
    Lucijan Lewa 7 days ago +1

    Maybe that two cop's in Reservoir dogs who was brutally killed (both cop's were filled with bullets) by Harvey Keitel in the car. In my opinion that was unnecessary.

  • Ryan Sinopoulos
    Ryan Sinopoulos 7 days ago

    Not sure how popular of a film it is, but has anyone seen Untraceable? That acid tank scene with the detective is brutal.

  • Binura Galapatha Arachchi

    How about Final destination series ?

  • Johnny Demonic
    Johnny Demonic 7 days ago +1


  • markkens9
    markkens9 7 days ago

    I never understood why Wash had to die. I understand the physics behind why it could happen, but hey Joss, maybe 6 inches to his right???

  • T C
    T C 8 days ago +1

    Bruce Lee’s substitution in shaolin soccer 😂

  • Colton Nemitz
    Colton Nemitz 8 days ago

    Hallway rebel marines

  • Gerard Montgomery
    Gerard Montgomery 8 days ago

    No not Wash. No. You can't take the sky from me.

  • chase smith
    chase smith 8 days ago

    The guybin wicker man did he really deseve to be burned alive in a wicker man? I dont remeber

  • Idikis Sin
    Idikis Sin 8 days ago +3

    Robocop is a top scifi film. It doesn't matter what the title of a movie is. Don't judge a book by its cover. Come on.

  • EmpiricalPragmatist
    EmpiricalPragmatist 8 days ago +1

    I knew this wouldn't be the real top ten.
    You can't make the whole video about just the _Saw_ franchise.

  • Jipsu mies
    Jipsu mies 8 days ago

    No Simpsons the movie?

  • junior ruiz
    junior ruiz 8 days ago +5

    The poor Mexican guy from chappie.

  • Squint Eastwood
    Squint Eastwood 9 days ago

    what a cnt