Man United's Solskjaer didn't become a master tactician in one week - Craig Burley | Premier League

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • ESPN FC's Craig Burley and Ross Dyer wrap up the weekend action in the Premier League including Jurgen Klopp's fabulous rotations and Liverpool continuing to dominate the league table, Leicester proving to see serious challengers after eight wins in a row, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer having a strong week at Manchester United, Chelsea not being ready for the physical battle against Duncan Ferguson's Everton squad and Arsenal finding themselves in the bottom half of the league table.
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Comments • 285

  • Nobel Bin Eakub
    Nobel Bin Eakub 9 days ago

    if you need criticism bring craig burley!! rubish
    own goal, wrong position by goalkeeper ( who has been said world no.1) or a stunning goal by mahrez w/e u say.. if you want ole to be there to save goals .. maaan, dont watch football. this team is rebuilding still in 5th spot .. what u expect more, time is not right for man utd atm.. thats it!

  • Jude Ephraim
    Jude Ephraim 22 days ago

    You guys used man united headline to click bait folks here.. You'll are scammers

  • R W
    R W Month ago

    Burley's point, yeah sure. But Klopp didnt become a master tactician in one week either, nor did he bring success to Liverpool in one season either. Yet he expects someone like Poch to turn Man U around in an instant. If thats how it works its a wonder why coaches like Mourinho and van Gaal didnt bring any significant improvements to the club at all. And same for Poch in Spurs. What legacy did Poch leave behind him? The coach that kind of almost won something before crashing and burning.

  • indiresh_d_s
    indiresh_d_s Month ago

    Absolute nonsense what he's saying about Ole ! Ole was struggling before the previous week due to injuries. Not because his tactics weren't right. Atleast get simple facts straight. Plugging one hole in midfield with a rejuvenated player makes a world of difference ! These pundits moan so much. But they don't talk about the major difference in work rate compared to last season. These are baby steps towards a brighter future. You can't go from being a bang-average team to title winning champions in one week. It takes time. So yes. I still trust Ole.

  • Every Thing
    Every Thing Month ago

    Ole at the wheel

  • Stephen Fernandes
    Stephen Fernandes Month ago

    Burley is sour grapes

  • K2 The Master
    K2 The Master Month ago

    I remember speaking to a ex team mate of Burleys and he told me no way did he ever thing Burley would become a manager. I can see why he said that now.

  • Rayan Charafeddine
    Rayan Charafeddine Month ago

    Liverpool squad is ceeeertainly behind Citeh's

  • marobchar
    marobchar Month ago +1

    Craig Burley......... whooooooooooo

  • Pa Quilligan
    Pa Quilligan Month ago +2

    The most anti United man ever. Ole's tactics have been great against the big 6.

  • Phillip Mahony
    Phillip Mahony Month ago

    Leicester aren't going away and as a Liverpool fan I'm glad to see that because it will keep us on our toes!

  • Anthony Woodhouse
    Anthony Woodhouse Month ago

    and Craig Burley still hasn’t become a good pundit in .... what 6-7 years

  • Sanjay Joshi
    Sanjay Joshi Month ago

    Laughable ,

  • Vivek Verma
    Vivek Verma Month ago

    Espn pundits are so so baised as if they are advocating their clubs only

  • Adair manolito
    Adair manolito Month ago

    Craig is a closet Manchester United fan. He is so critical of Ole and is with the Ole out brigade. 🤣🤣🤣

  • BladeChild
    BladeChild Month ago

    Burley's anti-Solksjaer rhetoric has been clear and unchanging for sometime. Stop asking him about it

  • waavyjones waavyjones

    My goodness.... Craig burley is just talking without saying anything. Some hose him him off the screen

  • Jeffery Jeff
    Jeffery Jeff Month ago

    This guy is clueless and filled with hatred

  • 1 Park
    1 Park Month ago

    lol Solskjaer is absolute trash as a manager!

  • Shireen Srigiri
    Shireen Srigiri Month ago

    Only 5secs about MAN UTD and the headline turns to MAN UTD..... Believe it Craig.... MAN UTD are running the PL and Liverpool are winning it coz MAN UTD are letting them win😂😂😂 live with it

  • Shireen Srigiri
    Shireen Srigiri Month ago

    Craig Barley loves MAN UTD so much... Keep the passion mate😂😂

  • muck bash
    muck bash Month ago

    Shut up Craig, i bet you can't do any better then ole can you? In fact he is atleast trying,unlike you sitting behind a desk and criticising others.

  • Luke Matthew
    Luke Matthew Month ago

    what do you expect him to say? he's an ex-Chelsea player and a Loserfool fan

  • Nitin Tyagi
    Nitin Tyagi Month ago

    Liverpool literally won six points in one game with man city losing to utd

  • bobby dukes
    bobby dukes Month ago

    He just needs more time

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D Month ago

    This guy is a moron - I hope he sees this comment

  • Celtfifa
    Celtfifa Month ago

    Can we get a replay of these lot laughing saying United wont have a chance of beating City too?

  • Mr White
    Mr White Month ago

    Great to be a Manchester United supporter!
    You know you support the biggest club in the country when media outlets use Manchester United in the title of a video mainly about a different team! Liverpool in this case ha ha

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland Month ago

    no he went and had a read of lots of books from all the great managers of all time Alex Ferguson for one

  • Hacksaw Havoc
    Hacksaw Havoc Month ago

    People forget that sane is injured and while I rate mahrez very highly sane adds ridiculous pace and directness to the attack

  • jubril fadipe
    jubril fadipe Month ago

    Click bait

  • Sigurd Kvernmoen
    Sigurd Kvernmoen Month ago +41

    This guy is such a tool, basically just getting paid to be negative about everyone and everything

  • Vishaal Venugopal
    Vishaal Venugopal Month ago

    solskjaer may not always make the right decision in-game and sometimes his team can play uninspiring football......however undoubtedly there are things he does frank lampard can learn from and adapt to his game.

  • Nicole Rodgers
    Nicole Rodgers Month ago

    dayum!!!! they really need to discuss United to get paid....

  • Nelson Boogie
    Nelson Boogie Month ago

    Just give Ole credit u criticise too much Greg u and Steve

  • D J
    D J Month ago

    Lets be honest Burley need to take his mouth to the toilet for a while now, we all know what he talk

  • ian crowley
    ian crowley Month ago

    Please UNSUBSCRIBE if you're a UNITED fan

  • mosgba
    mosgba Month ago

    Title of the video is a click bate, wouldn't have clicked though

  • ian crowley
    ian crowley Month ago +9

    I love Manchester United...
    And that's why I'm UNSUBSCRIBING this ESPN UK channel...
    CRAIG is bias...
    And never respects our club

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago +1


  • Arne Magnus Lundby
    Arne Magnus Lundby Month ago

    nope it can not turn in a day! bullcrapman!!

  • Robel
    Robel Month ago

    Craig burley you are a mug yourself....

  • Just busting your balls

    Wolverhampton wanders letters looked squashed.

  • Mfundo Butshingi
    Mfundo Butshingi Month ago

    Ole took 14 points our of 18 points against Top6. . . . .and it's not his problem we don't have creative midfielders. Throw in two creative midfielders in that mid, Man United would be a different beast. Otherwise, Martial, Rashford, and James are very good, but what they can do when they don't get service in the mid. . .We need a midfield who can search Martial with a pinpoint long pass, then the rest is history.

  • Charles Xavier
    Charles Xavier Month ago +59

    Looks like Burley is still pissed about Giggsy shagging his wife

    • badgerxxxx
      badgerxxxx 10 days ago

      To be fair it wasn't the shagging. The worst bit was the taunting. Burley went to the local park one day and there was Giggs swinging on the big tyre, eating a banana, scratching his armpits and going "ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh"!

    • nisham khalid
      nisham khalid Month ago

      top top💯

    • ZubairHD
      ZubairHD Month ago +2

      Charles Xavier top comment

  • bhu nji
    bhu nji Month ago

    Ole's not so bad. Pep Guardiola wouldn't do better either with this current Man United squad.

  • Kieran
    Kieran Month ago +1

    Utd park the bus and counter attack with an expensive team. Its not rocket science

    PAUL GOON Month ago

    Liverpool don't need other teams to drop points. They're just simply the best.

  • Richard Askham
    Richard Askham Month ago

    Didn’t become a master tactician in a week ? He’s yet to become any kind of master tactician at all, he’s doing ok but really with the squad he has he should be doing better

  • SaReGaMa Piano
    SaReGaMa Piano Month ago +2

    27% doesn't include his stint as interim manager - fake news

  • zoe lane
    zoe lane Month ago

    nobody said ole became master in 1 week but everyone said Craig Burley is an idiot in 1 second

  • david james
    david james Month ago

    Ooh the fifth placed team wins a game, que hundreds of vids and reports

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark Month ago +2

    Neither did any manager evolve overnight. CB needs to give people a chance especially when his own professional record is so modest

  • A. Long
    A. Long Month ago +25

    What Craig means is that Ole has always been the master tactician. Interesting.

  • Memory Machingambi
    Memory Machingambi Month ago

    Why does clop talk as if Liverpool are the first epl team to participate in the CWC? When you are a top club, there are no excuses. Nutrition, Recovery, Treatments have all gotten better so if English clubs in decades gone by could handle the congested fixture, so can Liverpool (and city for that matter since Pep is another complainer)

    • Memory Machingambi
      Memory Machingambi Month ago +1

      doucey1992: I see you are one of those; resorting to name calling behind your keyboard. For the record, Liverpool have actually never won the current version of the CWC. They lost in the final in their only previous appearance at the tournament (2005). Again, for the record, ManU won it in 2008 but I suppose they aren’t English, are they? I’ll leave it to others to decide who the fool is.....

    • doucey1992
      doucey1992 Month ago

      Liverpool are the only English team to win it you fool

  • Shawn Ugochwukwu
    Shawn Ugochwukwu Month ago +1

    Chelsea sitting in man utd position temporarily

  • HelgeKS
    HelgeKS Month ago +57

    The iconic Preston North End and Walsall legend (we all have a poster of him on the bedroom wall, don't we) rigthfully passing judgement on some of his lesser known contemporaries such as Solskjær, Lampard and Guardiola.

  • Aaron Agnew
    Aaron Agnew Month ago

    Burley just mentioned United briefly to have a dig at them, why does he not have a go at coaching if he's so knowledgeable instead of being in a studio talking about it

  • vikram dharma
    vikram dharma Month ago +102

    Every man utd fan knows Ole is a not a finished product as a coach. But Ole's loyalty and passion for Man utd is unmatchable. No coach in the world can genuinely feel that passionate love, which ole brings to man utd dressing room. So ,although pochetino would be ideal man utd coach, still fans want ole to continue, because love cannot be bought.

    • Rohit Kamal
      Rohit Kamal Month ago

      I love Ole. I hate the fact that these are the same fans who wanted him out a week or two back.

    • Muhammad Rehann
      Muhammad Rehann Month ago +2


    • Luis fernandes
      Luis fernandes Month ago +2

      That's a good tactic show alot love for your bosses and dont get sacked😁😁

    • Luul Abdullahi
      Luul Abdullahi Month ago +7

      Yeah i love ole let the team grow with him

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 Month ago

    Ok, I don’t think Ole is the as good a tactician as he showed these past 2 games, but hear me out: I don’t think he’s a bad tactician either. He knows the strengths of his unit, and plays toward them. I still think he can be a little too fast to hide behind a 1 score lead and that tends to be his downfall, but he isn’t detracting from the talent (or lack of in some cases) of the team.

    • Matt Tully
      Matt Tully Month ago

      he is trying to teach his team the benefits of sitting on a one goal game. it worked against spurs, after they retook the lead. and it was a bloomin corner thru the air that city finally scored on. besides that they quietened citys best attackers all game.