The Verge’s favorite gadgets from 2018

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • We’ve reviewed a lot of tech gadgets in 2018 - it’s been quite a busy year. So for our end of the year roundup, we asked The Verge team to tell us what their favorite gadget was this year and why. These aren't the best gadgets of the year, they’re just our favorites.
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    Here are some links to the products you saw in the video:
    PokeBall Plus:
    Apple Watch Series 4:
    My special Aflac duck:
    Google Home Hub:
    Sony α7 III camera:
    Sony 1000XM3 headphones:
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Comments • 207

  • The Verge
    The Verge  9 months ago +53

    What was your favorite gadget from 2018?

    • Kim
      Kim 8 months ago

      Ipad pro

  • Dabward Tentacles
    Dabward Tentacles 6 months ago

    You should review TheXvid rewind

  • Bebo killer
    Bebo killer 8 months ago

    I love my flip phone it the best Tech ever

  • Ujjwal Pawar
    Ujjwal Pawar 8 months ago

    3:00 surprised he still working with verge.. Lol

  • ProvenceLife
    ProvenceLife 8 months ago

    I had a very difficult time watching the video, in fact I didn't even finish watching because the lighting was so low. I couldn't see the products. Please make these videos lighter. Thank you in advance.

  • Jake Bradford
    Jake Bradford 8 months ago

    "LIBRARY sounds like a LIBERY"

  • Yusamac205
    Yusamac205 8 months ago +1

    My least favorite gadget that came out in 2018 was definitely the RED hydrogen 1. Those guys were stupid to release a phone that only had features nobody wanted.

    NΣKRØMΛNZΞR_ 8 months ago +3


  • dogecoin digger
    dogecoin digger 8 months ago

    paid advertising

    • AusDaes
      AusDaes 8 months ago

      dogecoin digger how?

  • Athrun000
    Athrun000 8 months ago

    My favourite this year is the UberScoot: 1600W/48v

  • M. Arbah Binamin
    M. Arbah Binamin 8 months ago +1

    I remembered that duck and the video about it that you guys make. The video was very heartwarming and touching. Most of all, it gives me hope, that through all these stuffs happening this year that feels just invested to make money, little stuffs like this still happens.

  • Supreme
    Supreme 8 months ago

    My favourite is probably your gaming rig or the wireless anti static bracelet 😂😂

  • Manoj
    Manoj 8 months ago +1

    I loved the duck

  • Mr. Doge
    Mr. Doge 8 months ago

    I got myself the Sony 1000xm3 headphones but they actually hurt the top of my head when I wear them for long enough, it seems that no one talks about that!

  • Deepanshu Verma
    Deepanshu Verma 8 months ago +2

    I have zero usb c gadget.

  • ch dn
    ch dn 8 months ago

    Oh! Come. ON!! This is favorite gadgets of 2018 vid. A whole year! It would have been nicer to have a lot more content with a lot more people.

  • alwyn jose
    alwyn jose 8 months ago

    Eatshit video

  • I am Noobmaster69
    I am Noobmaster69 8 months ago +1

    Where are Dieter and Nilay?

  • Sancl
    Sancl 8 months ago +4

    Yeah but where's the table

  • Ifan Pratama
    Ifan Pratama 8 months ago +2

    this chanel so stupid

  • Crimzon [OFFICIAL]
    Crimzon [OFFICIAL] 8 months ago

    Goddamn, does anyone have Megan Farokhmanesh's number

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom 9 months ago

    Some picks are wired as hell

  • faris zakaria
    faris zakaria 9 months ago

    Its not even April tho

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar 9 months ago

    Who else thought 2019 wasn't going to end ?

  • Victor Carvalho
    Victor Carvalho 9 months ago

    omg i love The Verge sooooo much, Happy Christmas everyone ❤️🎅

  • dhruva sakhare
    dhruva sakhare 9 months ago

    @4:18 "library sounds like a library"

  • Leonardo Perez
    Leonardo Perez 9 months ago

    Is this a mock site like the Onion but with technology?

  • Lee
    Lee 9 months ago

    @Chaim Agreed. USB C. Do more of this please. Best comment. :)

  • askl23
    askl23 9 months ago

    My favorite gadget was me.

  • Ewout Landuyt
    Ewout Landuyt 9 months ago

    My Favoriete Tech Gadget of 2018 is Dieter

  • href amid
    href amid 9 months ago

    Lol bs

  • harpersneil
    harpersneil 9 months ago

    The Soyrge

  • Sean Martin
    Sean Martin 9 months ago

    I underestimated how much I would like the Google Home Hub. I do wish the speaker was more comparable in quality to the original Google Home, but the photos of my family (and recently passed dog) make my heart swell. It really is amazing how they look like printed photos in a frame, and your clip in the video is the first I have seen with an actual comparison (thanks for that). I bought 2 more of these at the $99 Black Friday sale price.

  • Zhiloreznik
    Zhiloreznik 9 months ago

    A7 III because it has exposure dial? Come on Stefan .. out of all you choose the most mundane thing that most cameras have?

  • Victor
    Victor 9 months ago

    My 1000xm3 can't be charged with any usb-c charger, which is almost more frustrating than having a different port. My laptop charger won't charge them, my phone charger won't charge them, only my iPad charger can charge them for some reason.

  • BrainMagic
    BrainMagic 9 months ago

    Something refreshing to see instead of top smartphone picks

  • lmitch117
    lmitch117 9 months ago

    Does anyone know what watch band is on the Apple watch?

  • theni
    theni 9 months ago

    natt, how much has the company paid you for the duck?

  • djfoo000
    djfoo000 9 months ago

    "charge your headphone". I hate that sentence. It shouldn't make sense, but here we are in 2018.

  • Bailey Henderson
    Bailey Henderson 9 months ago +1

    I want you to know technology entertainment made e commerce happen so all three industries are at fault really sears and kmart JCP are trying to be what they are traditional companies refusing to cave to e commerce technology entertainment and picky people's hate and crazy ideas

  • Kevin Stefanus
    Kevin Stefanus 9 months ago

    Where is Dieter, Dami, and Ashley? :((

  • Jubayer Rony
    Jubayer Rony 9 months ago

    my favorite gadget of 2018 is Bose Home Speaker 500 !! absolutely loved the sound quality.

  • Sponsored By IKEA
    Sponsored By IKEA 9 months ago

    iPad 2018 is my favorite device, it brings Apple pencil to an affordable market.

  • Christopher Last Name
    Christopher Last Name 9 months ago

    My computer is now dead ! It over heated and the guy at the computer store said I shouldn't own a computer I followed your video to a T ! What happened to the video !

  • Yassine Gherbi
    Yassine Gherbi 9 months ago

    I can feel the the guys usb c wishes

  • Juan Adrian Garcia Cid
    Juan Adrian Garcia Cid 9 months ago

    Good video, much better than seeing 17 different smartphones.

  • Simon
    Simon 9 months ago

    The year that never felt like it was going to end .... What planet were you on ?

  • Simon
    Simon 9 months ago

    That phone ain't a gadget .... It's very expensive tech

  • Ants Of the sky
    Ants Of the sky 9 months ago

    The idea of the aflack one is creepy

  • Amigps01
    Amigps01 9 months ago

    2018 the year that felt like it was never going to end.
    Couldn’t agree more.

  • NFJ_digital
    NFJ_digital 9 months ago

    You think cars are gadgets?

  • Moran Monovich
    Moran Monovich 9 months ago

    nice 2018 gadgets review

  • Max Nevins
    Max Nevins 9 months ago +2

    My favourite gadgets were my HomePods (I know all the android fans hate them) but like the Apple Watch have gotten so much better over time. Now all of my commands are answered, and my HomeKit enabled products all work in harmony. I don’t even need to mention the sound quality. One HomePod blows two sonos ones out of the water and having two HomePods is a godsend. Yeah I know Siri can’t tell you the exact answer to one specific question like google assistant can. But I don’t need an assistant for that I need it to manage my home, sort through my music and maybe call and message some people so for me it’s perfect.

    • Max Nevins
      Max Nevins 9 months ago

      Courtney Moore I have them in stereo, well worth it.

    • Courtney Moore
      Courtney Moore 9 months ago

      Max Nevins YES! Mine too! I got my HomePod about a month ago and I wish I got it earlier! But still glad I got it regardless. It’s the best thing I definitely purchased this year. Also, your 2nd HomePod ... is it stereo paired or do you have it in a separate space? I’m thinking of purchasing another as well.

  • bhavesh devjani
    bhavesh devjani 9 months ago

    Where is Dami Lee??

  • Sydney
    Sydney 9 months ago

    4:28 🤣

  • Lincon, Nebraska
    Lincon, Nebraska 9 months ago

    Where to get the duck

  • Mohamad Slama
    Mohamad Slama 9 months ago

    wow your best is red phone for wt

  • Christian Berg
    Christian Berg 9 months ago +1

    Thumbs up for that duck.

  • Ibad asim
    Ibad asim 9 months ago

    iPad pro 2018

  • Aditya Gundawar
    Aditya Gundawar 9 months ago +1

    It's an expensive camera man!
    Treat it with respect!!😛😛