WEIRD FOOD COMBINATIONS People Love!!! (with my sister)

  • Published on Aug 20, 2017
  • Me and my sister try Chocolate & Pasta, Fish Fingers & Custard, Doritos & Milk and other weird food combinations that people love!
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  • Luke H
    Luke H 2 years ago +1300

    Why do you like DORITOS WITH MILK?! XD

  • Kxeen_Charlotte
    Kxeen_Charlotte 2 years ago +663

    He holds his pop socket weird. Lol😂😂

  • Laura louise
    Laura louise 2 years ago +552

    Raphael I'm 30 and I don't watch TV at all its repetitive, only thing I watch is TheXvid and I love your channel, my name as you can see is laura and my baby sisters name is Sara 💟

  • Lulu
    Lulu 2 years ago +621

    *Omg. My butt feels sticky* HAHAHAH I'M DYING

  • Rebekah Biller
    Rebekah Biller 2 years ago +171

    If you like marmite you should try it with ham, cocktail sausages so nice x

  • Nadja _K
    Nadja _K 2 years ago +668

    She should start a yt channel, who agrees??

  • Mega Megan
    Mega Megan 2 years ago +219

    not to be a hater but why does something bad always happen in your videos.

  • Little Missy
    Little Missy 2 years ago +138

    I have a older brother named Oscar 😛 Make more videos with Joana! 😃

  • ferida memeti
    ferida memeti 2 years ago +170

    Goals! You two look alike

  • constance keen
    constance keen 2 years ago +176

    Does he have a gf? He is so cute n my niece is in love with him

  • Joanna Nguyen
    Joanna Nguyen 2 years ago +86

    My name is Joanna here is joana. See the similarities

  • constance keen
    constance keen 2 years ago +90

    They actually make chocolate pasta

  • c2001f
    c2001f 2 years ago +143

    They have amazing hair!!

  • Bunnie Huxtable
    Bunnie Huxtable 2 years ago +43

    i have four siblings

  • constance keen
    constance keen 2 years ago +39

    Rapha you help me laugh lol

  • Bunnie Huxtable
    Bunnie Huxtable 2 years ago +56

    idk why, but this video literally has me LMAO, my cheeks hurt! 😂😂

  • xoLaetitia xo
    xoLaetitia xo 2 years ago +59

    i wish i had a brother ;3; i have a sister ;-;

    • Charlotte Yorke
      Charlotte Yorke 2 years ago +21

      Brothers are way worse trust me u don't want one

    • Charlotte Yorke
      Charlotte Yorke 2 years ago +19

      I have an older brother, it's not fun XD

  • Ellen Mctiernan
    Ellen Mctiernan 2 years ago +55

    Love the're sister should definitely start a TheXvid channel . I would definitley watch her videos.

  • MCoverGame
    MCoverGame 2 years ago +47

    Dye your hair color blue

  • RemyLexington
    RemyLexington 2 years ago +15

    Hi sis. Cool video Raphael

  • nocloutzii
    nocloutzii 2 years ago +78

    I swear he's fucking adorable. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

  • g r o v e r
    g r o v e r 2 years ago +88

    i like that he has a good relationship with his sister

  • g r o v e r
    g r o v e r 2 years ago +22

    paster is good with choclate

  • g r o v e r
    g r o v e r 2 years ago +71

    my brother+me =fight

  • حسونء [FM].
    حسونء [FM]. 2 years ago +41

    Can you do Canadian lunch vs American lunch like if you agree!!

  • morgan j
    morgan j 2 years ago +28

    "I've felt like killing you " lol

  • fely quinzon
    fely quinzon 2 years ago +61

    Yoh should try sundae and fries😍

  • Sean
    Sean 2 years ago +37


  • TeaPerm
    TeaPerm 2 years ago +10

    who ever forget to like the video?

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia 2 years ago +10

    Dude I loved all of those shows too!

  • Hana Kyun
    Hana Kyun 2 years ago +8

    all my siblings are older then me im 13 i have a brother that is 16 and i have 2 sisters one is 19 and is 21

  • park jihoon wink
    park jihoon wink 2 years ago +19

    pls condenesed milk and chips i love that lol.......( :

  • Dennis Day
    Dennis Day 2 years ago +24

    Raphael, you should try salted peanuts in Coca Cola! It's a southern tradition here in America! You buy a Coke, drink a little bit of it, then pour in a small package of salted peanuts! The salt in the peanuts changes the flavor of the soda, and the peanuts get a little bit softer. It's very good!

  • Trending
    Trending 2 years ago +11

    8:01 best part 👌🏾

  • Trending
    Trending 2 years ago +12

    I like Ketchup with spaghetti ,and pizza with ranch plz do part 2

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor 2 years ago +34

    Your microwaves are like mini ovens!

  • Jessica Rikard
    Jessica Rikard 2 years ago +6

    I've heard of hot cheetos/cheese puffs with sour cream or cream cheese...guess that's similar?

  • DERIAN Duarte
    DERIAN Duarte 2 years ago +4

    I meant love

  • DERIAN Duarte
    DERIAN Duarte 2 years ago +6

    Live this dude like if you agree 👌

  • amirah ayana
    amirah ayana 2 years ago +29

    "I'm the good one"
    "I'm colorblind"

  • Alan Endicott
    Alan Endicott 2 years ago +11

    Try hot, buttered popcorn with frozen chocolate chips. Hot/cold, salt/sweet, soft/hard... it's everything.

    • Alan Endicott
      Alan Endicott 2 years ago

      Oh, Kevin, Darren, Sharon and John. Big family.

  • LafaYEET
    LafaYEET 2 years ago +13

    *cues trap queen even tho its old AF*

  • guinnevere100
    guinnevere100 2 years ago +4

    I have two brothers, they are both younger than me and their names are Alex and Daniel. Hugs from Boston.

  • LafaYEET
    LafaYEET 2 years ago +5

    -Raphael Gomez,2017

  • Dr. Aunty Beloved
    Dr. Aunty Beloved 2 years ago +4

    Omgoodness no way..where did this come from pregnant people?

  • Aldrin W
    Aldrin W 2 years ago +2

    can you pin me

  • Andrea N
    Andrea N 2 years ago +40

    I don't think that plate was microwave safe! LOL

  • Alison Arteaga
    Alison Arteaga 2 years ago +3

    This video was amazing!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!! Your accents are amazing!!!!!! EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU GUYS IS AMAZING!!!!

  • Mafuu
    Mafuu 2 years ago +1

    I have three other siblings one older brother (isaiah) one older sister (tatyana) and one younger brother (hakeem) they are all very annoying

  • Destiny Ortiz
    Destiny Ortiz 2 years ago

    Love PLL too

  • Chandra S
    Chandra S 2 years ago +3

    i love pickles diped in hershys surup its
    like sweet and salty

  • Melrose Lady of Darkness
    Melrose Lady of Darkness 2 years ago +5

    Any one think they look like twins

  • Ms V23
    Ms V23 2 years ago +18

    The fries w/cheese and marshmallows were probably nasty because of the plastic plate. Plastic can be really dangerous to heat up, it releases some pretty funky chemicals. Wouldn't want you to get sick!

  • Dweebgeek
    Dweebgeek 2 years ago

    Make another video with her please and have her start a TheXvid channel you and her are funny as heck

  • Ashley M. SANTIAGO
    Ashley M. SANTIAGO 2 years ago +8

    and we thought Raphael was picky he is nothing compared to his sister

  • Reila Murray
    Reila Murray 2 years ago +3

    My brother is a 17 years old maltes dog... Not the preties thing in the world...

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 2 years ago +2

    Loved this video!!! So much fun! I have 2 (much) older brothers, named Robert and Craig. They were in high school when I was born though.

  • Reila Murray
    Reila Murray 2 years ago +3

    peanuts inside a cheese sandwich... I use to love it when I was littleXD

  • Nick Maston
    Nick Maston 2 years ago +14

    Really bananas dripping ranch off its tip this video is boutta get demonetized😂

  • Twelves
    Twelves 2 years ago +7

    Did anyone ever mention how he looks like Steve from blues clues?