Frances McDormand explains Inclusion Rider at Oscars - Full Backstage Speech

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
  • Frances McDormand won the Academy Awards for Best Actress for her work in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" and was interview in the press room backstage at the 2018 Oscars.
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  • 10mintwo
    10mintwo 3 months ago +1

    creepy worship session for a creepy socjus religion.

  • Donny Hathaway
    Donny Hathaway 4 months ago

    Diva! Legend! Always Margie to me 💖💖💖

  • my playlist shows why men are rejecting marriage

    suddenly Oscar Night women are covered up, when they used to be showy, and wear men's hair-styles.... haha

  • Ronald Mergatroy
    Ronald Mergatroy 10 months ago +2

    The comments by you propagandized leftist airheads on this thread are so stupid I feel like Rip Van Winkle, but I woke up in a Eric Blare nightmare. "She's so brave!" "She's double plus good."

  • Ronald Mergatroy
    Ronald Mergatroy 10 months ago +2

    White men do seem to be trending though. Keep griping and following your CIA Hollywood psyop propagandists directives and you smart ladies will continue to make the world a better, safer place for your (well you're a dyke so not you Frances, but other people who care about the future and have a stake) grandchildren to grow up in and be pillaged by the robber barons in government. Too bad if you have boys though, you'll just have to live with the shame and teach them to hate themselves, many you'll get lucky and they will be part of that statistically higher percentage of people who '"successfully" commit suicide. All so you can insure "equality" of outcome and not just equality of opportunity; god you spunky little broads are smart, no wonder THEY granted you the 'right' to vote, you are in no way easier to lead around than men. Nice place for your ten cent temperance movement, because we peasants really identify with Hollywood and actors and pedophiles. OH WHAT?? How about a rider against Hollywood pedophilia and child trafficking? Oh. I get it, not that important... Well much like the rest of historic events, change, inventions and civil rights, leave it to white men and we'll get it done. You leftist hags can cry about who gets what part in the production of some shite 1hr:30min brainwashing advertisement, the selfsame average white guy whom you are so envious you despise us, we are GOING to find these sons of bitches and track them down and bring justice and Gods vengeance.

  • Oakley Sierney
    Oakley Sierney 10 months ago

    Something I'm wondering about , she mentioned casting being part of the inclusion rider. It's hard to imagine how they could accomplish this is the setting is in a place and time where there was a lack of a certain demographic. For example a film about the nazi's having 50 black officers? A film about the black panthers where 50% of the cast is caucasian ? Does anyone know how that would work?

  • e causey
    e causey 11 months ago

    loved moonlight kingdom-saved me ..bill murray is doing one great art piece after another too!!-love the one when he goes looking for a son he didn't know he had in late life.

  • Nunsuch
    Nunsuch 11 months ago +1

    So let me get this straight: the puppet head actors now think they can force diversity on a movie title, for no other reason then for diversity’s sake?


  • Stephanie Robertson Brown

    The whole point of the inclusion rider is to get rid of the status quo!
    Unfortunately, studios hire the most bankable stars and the cheapest/easiest/fastest crew members. In Hollywood, this means actually skipping over the best auditions and the best crew members in their field simply because the actors aren’t bankable or the crew member costs too much through pay or insurance.
    This is why you tend to see the same faces over and over again or often hear of the studios consistently use the same crew members.
    More often than not, there are better options out there of deserving individuals to do the best work (ie acting, grips, runners, set design, etc.) but they simply aren’t getting the parts because studios are too greedy.

  • prometheus5700
    prometheus5700 11 months ago

    What a nut

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day 11 months ago

    Both moonlight and la la land both sucks

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day 11 months ago

    Affirmative action in movies! No thanks


    Box office bust will bring lower revenue $ watch out Hollywood your power is fading

  • Dink Martini
    Dink Martini Year ago

    Frances McDormand touts, again, the failings of socialism and group-think. She should stop to consider that this is a lose-lose. Somebody who hasn't bothered to make themselves indispensable and has inferior talent now has a job. They know they don't deserve it and have only been employed because of their skin color. Contrary to what the PC crowd is telling you, this is NOT satisfying or fulfilling for them. It teaches them to abandon their special-ness and to expect others to take care of them. Conversely, another person who has worked their ass off to get ahead in the biz is now sitting at home and fuming because their talent and perseverance has been shit on. They are now UNemployed because of their skin color. You'd better believe that they are not satisfied or fulfilled. They are being taught to abandon their dreams and that self reliance is futile and they may as well get on the free handouts wagon. Somebody tell me how this is a good thing. It all comes down to human nature, people. The longer we pretend that it doesn't exist, the longer the chaos will continue.

  • Luis Lizarraga
    Luis Lizarraga Year ago

    Right, se just found out guys, it's not like it's politically convenient for her at the moment.

  • loredelamor
    loredelamor Year ago

    As someone that is working on a 12 episode script for television, this news makes my passion for the media field die inside. What this is telling me is that studios will be filling quotas on not the talents that deserve the rolls but hacks or lesser talent based on skin tone and gender or sexuality) This is scary times we live in!

  • Michael DiLorenzo

    When Artistic Freedom is curbed or dictated, even indirectly, Hollywood is Dead. These three Idiots have moved the Industry closer to that Death.

  • tmbroth2
    tmbroth2 Year ago

    Did no one else notice that she walked the wrong way in the end 6:02 LMAO

  • Matt Ma
    Matt Ma Year ago

    Well, should McDormand be the protagonist of the next "Alien" movie (if any)...?

  • Robbie
    Robbie Year ago

    idk man, actors must be casted appropriately... a black man can't play lincoln

  • soilgrasswaterair
    soilgrasswaterair Year ago +1

    I like that Frances McDormand brought up the Inclusion Rider, about time! And people yapping about how it’s all wrong to have more inclusion and it would only mean white people would lose their acting jobs or POC would only get hired based on the color of their skin. How is 50% all of the sudden a 100%? The majority of people getting hired are white because white is decided to make more bank, that’s not getting hired based on merit, but simply because the bosses at the movie studios/ tv networks for too long decided white actors will give them a bigger profit. Look at the leading movies right now, breaking financial record after financial record! Bullsh*t statement to conclude POC would only get hired based on ethnicity background when plenty of POC have been trained at Ivy League universities and so many are very talanted, but they still lose out on parts due too being considered ”too ethnic” or the film/tv show already filled their diversity bucket, meaning the usual 95% white and 5% POC ratio in a project. No one should lose out on a job based on the color of their skin, and if you can’t see that then you’re the issue not those whom hire POC and the POC who audition for parts. Just look at which movies Hollywood market and push for the most, compare that to the movies being the most successful right now. For example take Girls’ Trip with Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett-Smith for, their movie got very little promotion money compared to Rough Night with Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon, but the audience still chose Girls’ Trip over Rough Night. People crave new stories to be told and they crave to see a bigger variety of faces on the screen, and the movies and tv shows making bank at the moment truly shows that. I can’t see the issue (because there is none), with letting more POC join in especially not when the entire film history and award seasons look awfully d*mn white. No one is saying don’t hire white people, it’s only expressed let’s not basically *only* hire white people. It shouldn’t be that difficult to follow such a simple narrative. It’s an uneasy feeling to go to the movies with friends when me and a few others are the ONLY one in the group seeing ourselves being represented, that’s totally sideways, so just imagine not seeing yourself represented for decades, it wouldn’t sit very well with you, now would it?!! How is it so extremly difficult for some to look beyond themselves? Why is it considered to be such a threatening thing to open up the spectrum of whom gets hired? If you can’t handle it then don’t go to the movies, it’s as simple as that, no one will miss sharing the room with you racists anyway. Because that’s what you people are, even if you try to wrap it in different transparent explanations as to why nothing needs to change, why the movies need to continue to consist of white people in the majority of the roles. Seriously what happened, what made you this cruel to spew such vile hatred against anyone based on not their actions but on their skin color?! It’s f*cking crazy!

  • Cynthia Haskell
    Cynthia Haskell Year ago

    This is a fantastic movie, and I am so happy she won Best Actress.

  • Boe Dillard
    Boe Dillard Year ago

    Gary Busey is still ugly in drag.

  • Mr Slate
    Mr Slate Year ago

    Who is this guy?

  • TheDoomer
    TheDoomer Year ago

    Frances McD got White dudes shook. Get it homegirl.

  • Joanie Adams
    Joanie Adams Year ago

    cant stand this overrated hideous woman. is it just cool to look like a hag at the oscar's? how posh.

  • JumpyWun
    JumpyWun Year ago +2

    Who gave this mentally challenged man a microphone

  • Chase O
    Chase O Year ago

    5% white 5%black 5%Hispanic 5%men 5%women 5% christian 5%muslim 5%jewish 5%catholic etc......... and on.... thats how i demand every movie is

  • mNqHOgjJsY
    mNqHOgjJsY Year ago +2

    Dear Hollywood: No one gives a shit. That is all.

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan Year ago +2

    So in short people who can't win by their own merits need help based on what they are according to some political panel. That is a very Sexist, very Racist and very pathetic thing to call for. Totally Pathetic.

    • Michael Ryan
      Michael Ryan Year ago

      True. Good thing is the market forces are pretty much scuttling it all.

    • jadis40
      jadis40 Year ago +1

      This inclusion rider is nothing more than a participation trophy. You don't otherwise have the skills or talent for work or a role? That's ok! We'll give you the job or role anyway to show off how diverse and "progressive" we are in order to fill some quota.

  • Ernway edeth
    Ernway edeth Year ago +1

    ignorance in the name of diversity

  • Ernway edeth
    Ernway edeth Year ago +1

    you guys know this type of thinking doesn't end well?

  • Kirsten Marshall
    Kirsten Marshall Year ago +2

    What a fuching Boss!

  • James Watkins
    James Watkins Year ago +2

    Feminists should just kill themselves.

  • ernie pforr
    ernie pforr Year ago +2

    man was not created for the woman's sake,
    but woman for the man's sake.

  • Kadesh Hendricksen

    Called her Margot. Gross!!

  • PJ Dexter
    PJ Dexter Year ago +1

    Yeah it was a different oscars, lowest ratings ever and utterly boring.

  • Thi D.
    Thi D. Year ago +1

    Congrats Frances!! What a wonderful speech!!!

  • MrBobman1966
    MrBobman1966 Year ago

    nice mop dude.. you get achieve that look by dunking ur head in a toilet and flushing? inquiring minds wanna kno..

  • Bob Woodward
    Bob Woodward Year ago +1

    The inclusion rider is nothing more than Workplace Hiring Quotas.
    Diversity Quotas are ILLEGAL because they discriminate based on Race.
    This violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Hollywood should be ashamed for pushing discrimination in the workplace.

  • Ryan Lankford
    Ryan Lankford Year ago +3

    50% representation out of 12% of the population. EOE = fake equity.

  • russell timmerman

    yep.. competence is a myth... Hire on the basis of skin color and genitals, that's the way forward...

  • jadis40
    jadis40 Year ago +5

    Mandated diversity and inclusion. Just another form of reverse discrimination. If the best choice for a role is a white actor or actress, then so be it. This is nothing more than cultural marxism at its worst. Frances is just your typical Hollywood libtard. Gary Oldman, on the other hand, in his acceptance speech was pure class. I have more respect for him than her.

    • Paul G
      Paul G 2 months ago

      But how can someone of color or a woman get credibility or build a foundation of merit when majority of roles in hollywood are not written for them or they are not considered for? I work in the film industry and see many great actors who are of color and at the end of the day, they go for the white person. Or someone they know and generally those actors or directors, etc who are credible are generally white because they are favored and have won awards and have been around for years. But you do not see too many actors of color, producers, directors because they aren't given the opportunity.

    • Adrian Lyngdoh
      Adrian Lyngdoh Year ago

      jadis40 really? He saluted a war criminal.

  • TropicalPriest
    TropicalPriest Year ago +6

    I like her as an actress, but this is the exact rhetoric that fuels white nationalist strawmen, look at the comments. As a white women, she's not aware of the negative feedback which will primarily target the credentials of theoretical minority figures. It's sad how out of touch most rich/famous people actually are.

  • TropicalPriest
    TropicalPriest Year ago +5

    Mmm, this is a lot like progressive stacking, which is generally regarded as a terrible idea. A much better solution would be to write good roles for minorities (like Black Panther). Or better yet, Hollywood drops their whole fixation with race and starts simply casting roles based on who works, regardless of what they look like.

    • Donny Hathaway
      Donny Hathaway 4 months ago

      That's what she's fighting for - colorblind casting.........actors can't demand that yet - so what she's pushing is a move in the right direction

  • MoralSingularity
    MoralSingularity Year ago +3

    Pathetic. But, that is marxism at its finest: equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity, done by force, racism and sexism. liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    DIVINEHAZEL Year ago

    Does this mean that people who normally dont have a chance of breaking into the movie business will have a chance???
    If that's the case then it's a great idea!!!

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago +1

      no this means that racism and sexism is ok to liberals, if it is their racism and sexism.

  • Derben Leyla
    Derben Leyla Year ago +3

    More ratty identity politics. Black people are not underepresented in Hollywood films. Black people make up only about 12% of the US's population yet have some of the biggest box office names around (Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, etc.).

  • ruben howe
    ruben howe Year ago

    Alien movie actress next...

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green Year ago +2

    Just another fat mouth yank, spouting bullshit from a pre written script, can't think off the top of the head, because they are thick!

  • Cheryl R Leigh
    Cheryl R Leigh Year ago

    Stacy Smith | TEDWomen 2016 | The data behind Hollywood's sexism | via @TEDTalks

  • Cheryl R Leigh
    Cheryl R Leigh Year ago

    What is an inclusion rider? Explaining Frances McDormand’s call to action at the Oscars.

  • Bradley Waye
    Bradley Waye Year ago

    She speak the truth.

  • Lauren Burke
    Lauren Burke Year ago +2

    Why does the lady say Missour-a??

    • Nunsuch
      Nunsuch 11 months ago

      Lauren Burke That’s how it’s said.

  • Jiwon Kim
    Jiwon Kim Year ago +1

    Her acceptance speech for diversity and inclusion was so inspirational.

  • Nic B
    Nic B Year ago +5

    Puke. And that's why no one wants to watch the Oscars. We're sick of hearing about your political views!!! Now I'll go find somewhere to illegally watch her movie.

  • Beachy Keen
    Beachy Keen Year ago +4

    WHO can demand? Producers? Directors? Shouldn't cast/crew assignments be based on skill/merit?

  • My TaeTae
    My TaeTae Year ago

    I Love her. she is the best

  • Jazzyboy
    Jazzyboy Year ago

    Can someone tell this crazy cow to shut the f%&*k up

  • bluedasher74
    bluedasher74 Year ago +3

    What did she do in this movie that was so award-worthy? It's was as if she was playing herself. Listen to her speak in this interview and compare it to her character in the movie. No difference between the two.

    • Sofia CM
      Sofia CM Year ago +1

      bluedasher74 I mean she is always laughing and screaming. Her character was moody and didn't smile at all. They are completely different

    • Sofia CM
      Sofia CM Year ago +1

      The problem with people is that they think that you need to do performances too over the top to be the best. Her performance was great she was subtle and she clearly didn't play herself

  • ForCryinOutLoud O'Neill

    How do you people not understand that YES, there ARE people that specifically choose actors, and staff based SPECIFICALLY because they are white, specifically because they are male and NOT because they are the "best person for the job"? Inclusion rider forces them to actually hire "the best person for the job" from a pool of people BEYOND the "white male" pool that has existed for DECADES in Hollywood. This is a really GOOD thing for the industry, for women, for people of color - yeah, it might suck for the white men of Hollywood that have had a strangle hold on the industry for decades, but you know what, who fucking cares, it's about damn time that their hold was broken and other people had the chance to shine because you know what? People OTHER than the "white man" best guy for the job are sometimes "THE BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB" but get passed over because they aren't white and they don't have a cock, so it's about time that shit stopped happening. The inclusion rider clause should have been getting used LONG before now (and it was there FOR A REASON, because obviously someone fucking KNEW that white men would try and stop women, and people of color from "stepping out of line" and that that was WRONG but just as clearly the white Hollywood male elite managed to keep knowledge of this clause from everyone that might actually have USED it). If you don't actually understand that this isn't about choosing someone based on their gender or skin color but rather STOPPING Hollywood from doing just that, stopping them from flooding every damn movie with 99% white people, with every damn movie 90% white men, then you clearly are part of the damn problem.
    Good on Frances for bringing this clause to light, and I hope that ALL actors in Hollywood start using it.

    • T Clark
      T Clark Year ago

      Jesus can a person be so blinded by ideology?

    • jadis40
      jadis40 Year ago

      You're an idiot. And I hope actors will see through the smoke screen that this is and it's just a way of the libtards saying "Look how diverse we are! Isn't it wonderful?" To that I say, "No. It's not wonderful. It's just identity politics putting someone's skin color and sex above actual ability."

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago +1

      force, yep that is the liberal socialist way. forcing racism and sexism. you are an idiot.

  • The Artist Formerly Known As El Gringo

    So basically the way to fight discrimination in Hollywood is to engage in other forms of discrimination. Makes sense.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    I have to say that the Chinese reporter's question is meaningless, she'd just wasted a good chance to ask something really matters. Me as a Chinese audience, I really don't think an actress has to say something special to us, or to any other country's audience, we all know it's a good movie, and we don't need sonmeone asking the movie maker for some redundant propaganda words or explanation to understand it.

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor Year ago +1

    "we're making powerful images" YEEEEEES
    "Three Billboards" was not my favorite movie but Francis deserved it INDEED

  • nymet2454
    nymet2454 Year ago +1

    Frances McDormand is the millennial generation's answer to strong women like Bette Davis, Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford, Tallulah Bankhead.

  • Brian Eduardo
    Brian Eduardo Year ago +1

    As good as she was in Billboards I felt there was an element in her playing herself. I thought Sally Hawkins was really marvellous and would have given it to her.

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis Year ago +1

    I love Frances McDormand as a person and her speech was perfect. She's such an unbelievably talented badass! :D

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley Year ago +1

    Excellent - an “inclusion rider” is a clause that an actor can insist be inserted in their contract that requires cast and crew on a film to meet a certain level of diversity. "If the flowers of a garden were all of one color, the effect would be monotonous to the eye; but if the colors are variegated, it is most pleasing and wonderful. The difference in adornment of color and capacity of reflection among the flowers gives the garden its beauty and charm." ~ Baha'i Faith

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago +1

      lol what bullshit. does that quote say anything about that being sexist and racist?

  • Saggy T
    Saggy T Year ago


  • zambot3
    zambot3 Year ago

    Its Greek. Not one idea of what is being said.Oscar on the floor. Only an award when it wants to be.

  • Ivanovich Guchkov
    Ivanovich Guchkov Year ago +7

    African Americans are 13% of the population, why should they be more than 50% of the cast? Really makes you think.

  • ketboard012
    ketboard012 Year ago


  • Bro Capitalista
    Bro Capitalista Year ago


  • Cassiano Wogel
    Cassiano Wogel Year ago +1

    what an amazing personality

  • Simba J
    Simba J Year ago +33

    As a person of middle eastern decent, I do not like the concept of "inclusion rider" - even if it would work in my favour. Unless a script specifies a specific gender, age or race, the part should be awarded to the best auditionee instead of trying to meet a 50% diversity quota. Similarly, the crew members should be hired based on their merits and experience, not based on gender, age or race. I know I would be type cast based on my appearance, but until the day comes where a middle eastern is more marketable to a global audience than a white actor, I can simply accept the fact that the film industry is first and foremost a multi billion dollar business - it's not supposed to be fair.

    • Nunsuch
      Nunsuch 11 months ago

      Ruby James See my above comment. And she’s talking about actors as well as crew.

    • Nunsuch
      Nunsuch 11 months ago

      Stephanie Robertson Brown Wrong, watch the video, she’s talking about “forcing” studios to hire people simply based on color of skin or sex, which is discriminatory. It’s the opposite of hiring based on merit. Reverse discrimination is discrimination, it’s wrong, and has been proven not to work.
      If I’m doing casting hires and an actor tries this crap guess what? I’m telling them to walk and we get someone else. Actors don’t get to bully studios into hiring people based on their minority status, because that’s EXACTLY what she’s talking about.

    • Ruby James
      Ruby James 11 months ago

      not necessarily the cast but crew, writers etc.

    • Stephanie Robertson Brown
      Stephanie Robertson Brown 11 months ago

      Ruby James EXACTLY!!!! Studios need inclusion riders so it forces them to actually hire competent individuals. 👍🏻

    • Stephanie Robertson Brown
      Stephanie Robertson Brown 11 months ago +1

      Nunsuch Unfortunately with studios we wish that this was the case but it isn’t so. YES, they should, but they don’t. Most studios go for how much a movie can make so that they aren’t in debt with out put cost, legalities, and insurance.
      There is more room for independent films to hire on competence because they are attached to individual investors or film companies, not big studios.
      There are few examples of hiring based off of competency such as the Harry Potter franchise and Training Day. But Severely missed the mark with films like Simone, Aloha, Breakfast At Tiffanies, to name a few. In those last three examples they chose white people or lighter skinned individuals to play the parts rather than competent individuals that were actually better for the part.
      In short: most studios are often racists and sexist thinking that since they’ve always hired the same mostly male white individuals that end up making the most bang for their buck, they’re going to continue with that formula to continue making the most money.
      We’re both kind of arguing for the same thing. You say they should hire competent people and I say that inclusion riders need to be added so that they are forced to hire those competent people instead of what they’ve been doing.

  • Dee R.
    Dee R. Year ago

    Google let me down.

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker Year ago

    one of the best for sure. every movie she is in is excellent.

    AVERYCK77 Year ago +1

    She is so good, so smart and so sweet ! I wish her the very best 💗🎈

  • L. P.
    L. P. Year ago +55

    I love people like this - unflinching in their uniqueness and eccentricities. Such a QUEEN! Good for her

  • Sandra Mercado
    Sandra Mercado Year ago

    I knew she was going to go home with the Oscar 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Doug Unfunny
    Doug Unfunny Year ago +11

    inclusion rider is ridiculous. now studios have to fill a diversity quota for the whole staff. so lets hold up production that is costing the studio money just so we can hire people of a certain race just to start production. what happened to hiring the right people for the job? movie crews are unions. the unions will not accept this. many of the studios hire staff union workers and that shit ain't gonna fly. you need to fill a quota while taking away jobs from union workers for the production. expect protest.

    • Paul G
      Paul G 2 months ago

      +Doug Unfunny I think you are missing the point here.

    • Doug Unfunny
      Doug Unfunny Year ago

      movie crews are unions. the unions will not accept this. many of the studios hire staff union workers and that shit ain't gonna fly. you need to fill a quota while taking away jobs from union workers for the production. expect protest.

    • Liza Beth
      Liza Beth Year ago

      Argue for whatever you believe but please at least make valid points. If you really think it would take any more time or delay production of a film at all to hire a diverse cast and crew you are utterly foolish.

    • Lee Milby
      Lee Milby Year ago +3

      What tends to happen in production is that people hire their friends. If people's friend group is not diverse, then the jobs go to people who are less qualified, but who know the producer/director. Making sure that production HAS to hire people from all walks of life could prevent cronyism and ensure that qualified pros from all walks of life can get a chance at the big time.

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago +3

      liberalism is what happened. they are socialists and socialism is based on evil, on taking from one person, by force and giving to another. In this instance, they will put in someone less qualified and perhaps not even germane to the story, at the expense of someone else.

  • William Francis
    William Francis Year ago

    Why was she being a bitch to the Chinese lady lol

  • roter13
    roter13 Year ago

    i didn't even know that "inclusion rider" was a real thing. Damn, that actually could change things

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago +1

      yes, for the worse. it is sexism and racism, wrapped up in the word diversity. stupid.

  • Not Public
    Not Public Year ago +5

    Equality of opportunity - Yes... Equality of outcome... hell no!

  • Francisco de Vasconcellos

    Inclusion rider- rewarding people because of their birth conditions, like gender, race, and religion and not because of merit... what a great message...

    • Paul G
      Paul G 2 months ago

      But how can somehow build merit when they are not given the chance?

    • BenitoTortellini
      BenitoTortellini 7 months ago

      "white men used to run the world so now minorities and women need to run the world"
      uh, why is one better than the other? Why not just go back to white supremacy, why is black supremacy better?

    • Nunsuch
      Nunsuch 11 months ago

      J B Yeah but those days are over. So what’s your point now? Payback?

    • Alex Monro
      Alex Monro Year ago

      How are white men getting all the benefits? Its not 1954. There's women and POC in successful movies all the time. Pretending women and POC are excluded from the entertainment industry is literally just something people are making up.

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago

      actually, moron, the consumers who have the most spending power dictate things like that, and when money is involved, the people in charge choose by merit, because they want the best possible to chance to make money, you have to be a total indoctrinated leftist idiot not to understand those basics. As for prejudiced, i suggest you rewatch black panther and see it in all its glory. But, trying to reason with equality of outcome psychopaths such as yourself is a wated of my time. You are clueless and you will always be so.

  • Robby24ish
    Robby24ish Year ago +1


  • Woozler554
    Woozler554 Year ago +13

    What a stupid woman. She thinks she's a goddess, but she actually overestimates her influence. You think Hollywood is lacking for actresses? Far from it. For every Frances McDormand, there are ten thousand would-be Frances McDormands. All that will happen is the studios will not bother to cast any actress or actor who demands such a ridiculous and unrealistic clause, and select those who are eager for work and could not care less about 'diversity'. These actors and actresses are such moronic people.

  • rscmrcmd
    rscmrcmd Year ago +4

    What are it's pronouns?

  • Sera Dar
    Sera Dar Year ago +2

    She is like a cook. ))

  • Andy O'Connor
    Andy O'Connor Year ago +4

    Margot? You mean Margot Robbie? She lost, you're interviewing the woman who won Frances McDormand. 😂😂

  • Carolina1
    Carolina1 Year ago +1

    Boy is she wonderful, but man, that dress...eesh.

    • Shirley Cameron
      Shirley Cameron Year ago


  • mredub44
    mredub44 Year ago +19

    She’s insane

  • Andy Dominic
    Andy Dominic Year ago +3

    I love her.

  • Hilarry Ciltnon
    Hilarry Ciltnon Year ago +10

    Look at all the Hollywood-worshipping plebs in the comments.

  • T Clark
    T Clark Year ago +32

    How, exactly, does one demand diversity? And what would be the point, exactly?

    • T Clark
      T Clark 10 months ago +1

      Nunsuch Lee knows DaWay....

    • T Clark
      T Clark 10 months ago +1

      Lee Milby Art is not about expression...its about Truth. As mentioned previously...pull yer head out.

    • Nunsuch
      Nunsuch 11 months ago +2

      Alex Monro The coward wont debate, Alex. She just wants to throw bombs with no real thought behind them.

    • Alex Monro
      Alex Monro 11 months ago

      Or the public uproar over Weinsteins sexual misdeeds happened because people spoke out. Why couldn't people in the industry speak out and say "this producer constantly refuses to hire any racial minorities for his crew no matter how qualified they are". I'm sure they'd be a similiar backlash.

    • Alex Monro
      Alex Monro 11 months ago +1

      Also I hope your slavery comment is solely referring to US history and not implying whites are the only race to own slaves

  • Carfilliot
    Carfilliot Year ago +6

    This is getting so boring, if we men started behaving the same way as women are recently we would be called bigoted and sexist, seems it one rule for humans with a fanny and another for those of us with a penis!!! Bring on the hate, i can handle it because I’m not some insecure, brainwashed female.....

    • Sofia CM
      Sofia CM Year ago

      Carfilliot I'm sure that even without her husband she would still be successful she is really talented and she went to Yale. But that's not the point. I agree with you when you say that powerful actresses like Meryl should have talked about Harvey before. However I don't blame other actresses because lots of them talked nobody gave a fuck and they lost their jobs

    • Carfilliot
      Carfilliot Year ago

      Sofia CM does Frances? She married one of the coen brothers in 1984, her first movie was in 1984 directed by her husband, so ummm...she only got into the business by sleeping with a director right? Shall we forget how she and others have gushed and sang the praises of Weinstein year after year at the Oscars? Did any of them say anything to stop other young actresses suffering abuse....that’s a big fat NO!!!

    • Sofia CM
      Sofia CM Year ago +1

      Well if men started behaving the same way this actresses did they would be shamed because men simply don't have shit to complain about (not in the industry at least)

  • katex
    katex Year ago +1

    Nice ending, it celebrates compassion and inclusion

    • jadis40
      jadis40 Year ago

      Compassion and inclusion is just lib-speak for "reverse discrimination".

    • MoralSingularity
      MoralSingularity Year ago +1

      inclusion by not hiring someone if they are white or a man? that is called racism and sexism, you moron.

  • Lady Haha
    Lady Haha Year ago +1

    Love love love love!!!!!!!!

  • Guido Anselmi
    Guido Anselmi Year ago +9

    The ending killed me, lmao.
    Picks up her Oscar by the head, swings it in the air and walks away. And then back the other way again, hahaha