Is Japan Average Salary Better than Yours

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • The Japanese average salary in Tokyo is better than the Japan average salary.
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    A Japanese workers total income mainly depends on the type of Job but other factors play into the rate such as area and gender. In this video we explore how much Japanese earn, the Japan average annual income as well as detail the japan average monthly income for specific jobs in jobs in Japan. If you are interested in working in job or wondering how to get a job in Japan, then this video may be a good resource as it will provide insight on the Japan minimum wage and average salaries for specific Japanese jobs. When looking at the average salary in Japan, it's also helpful to see the average working hours in japan. I also detail the average salary for an English teacher in Japan for those who are interested. After watching this video, let me know if you think the average Japanese salary and work life is better or worse than yours. Sometimes Japanese workers and Japan work life gets a portrayed terribly in media, but based on Japan working hours it doesn't seem that bad. Also, Japan has many national Holidays in addition to a minimum of 10 paid annual leave days. Working in Japan may not be that bad, but it also depends on the company so it is important to choose wisely. The minimum wage in Japan also ranks quite hight compared to most companies and is covered in this video.
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Comments • 2 891

  • Paolo fromTOKYO
    Paolo fromTOKYO  Month ago +94

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    • Shubham Ambekar
      Shubham Ambekar Month ago

      Did you come from Peru?

    • ChocoOreo Milkshake
      ChocoOreo Milkshake Month ago

      @Paolo fromTOKYO can u do a reaction video on "Hijab Cosplay/Cosplay Hijab" please?

    • M Sya2
      M Sya2 Month ago

      you should do more research on fact thoroughly though as your info for Malaysia Holidays 15 is Incorrect as Malaysia has 20 for Public/National Holiday and that is not Count/Including for the each State/Prefecture has their own Holidays if you Count that Malaysia has about 50 holidays throughout the year.

    • Cri Kogas
      Cri Kogas Month ago

      Ho Paolo,i know is not refarding the video...but i want to ask you something.
      If you enter in Japan with tourist visa, abd lest's say after 1-2 weeks you decide to find a job in Japan ,what you have to do ?! I mean to work for few months...just as an experience .

  • michael oles
    michael oles 5 hours ago

    Everywhere I travel I see young Japanese girls I know why...their salaries are higher than most

  • EdsonYHS
    EdsonYHS 7 hours ago

    I've heard that some companies won't pay you every week, and sometimes will pay you 2 or the 3rd week after. Is that true?

  • Nebojsa Pavlovic
    Nebojsa Pavlovic 17 hours ago

    Average salary in Serbia is somewhere from 300 euros to 500 euros

  • Sigma Reaver
    Sigma Reaver 19 hours ago

    Please be careful with your use of statistics. I don't know how you calculated the average salaries for the genders, but keep in mind that there are jobs that women are less likely to apply for, and there are jobs that men are less likely to apply for. It's not always discrimination, and in the US this has been debunked a number of times. I'm all for equivalency, but please provide more details and fact checking when it comes to statistics that are often misused and misconstrued by political activists.

  • Roseki
    Roseki 21 hour ago

    is the salary difference PER HOUR? Because women in japan do a lot of part time jobs, it is obvious that they will earn less for less hour worked.

  • jelo crush
    jelo crush 21 hour ago

    In India both men and women paid equally according to the job and position.
    Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Sanji Smutje
    Sanji Smutje 22 hours ago

    Can you help me to make a living in japan? I want to live in japan and leave the country i am

  • Illusion Intelligence
    Illusion Intelligence 23 hours ago

    What about the taxes?

  • white fatalis
    white fatalis Day ago

    My annual salary only 5.5k, so sad

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith Day ago

    It is not what you make.... it is what you can buy with what you make..... I have seen your video's and every person lives in a box the size of my master bedroom...… and what do you pay for that.....??? when you show what people make then you show what they spend everyday to live..... they make just enough to live... go look at your video about what you spend each day.... just in food I think it was 3000 a month now x that by 12 that comes out to 36,000 a year and you say the avg is 35,000-50,000 that is way low

  • hl S
    hl S Day ago

    a quick amendment suggestion in the public holiday data in Hong Kong:

    Hong Kong does have quite a lot of public holidays (17) but only 12 labour holidays, which are counted into the paid days for workers lol

  • Ash Dragon
    Ash Dragon Day ago

    Very nice info!!!👍👍👍

  • An Hw
    An Hw Day ago

    I know someone who is Japanese that took exception to your take on vacation and work culture. So much so he said he stopped watching your videos because your views are very narrow and misleading. He said you use statistics on paper and your own personal experience that likely isn’t the same as most Japanese people. He said what’s on paper isn’t what is in reality. He said many Japanese people are actively discouraged from taking vacation so even though they have vacation days they are basically shamed into not taking them. They are also expected to work on public holidays often. And work hours are longer than what Is on paper. As someone who works his whole life in service industry, he said your numbers using average reported numbers don’t account for actual pay and years to get to that level. He said based on some of the jobs he has had compared to your figures, he doesn’t know where you got them. His past partner is a teacher and he has no idea how you determine that salary level and vacation days based on that profession. He was rather upset about your portrayal and how you used your own situation as a westerner to state that Japanese people don’t have a crazy work culture. He feels you do a disservice to the issues of Japanese culture by depicting things in a way that is very surface.

  • Zero _up9
    Zero _up9 Day ago

    In France you have 5 weeks of paid leave which is the legal minimum

  • Yaegiri
    Yaegiri Day ago

    Average Salary in Austria is between 1.700€ - 1.800€ per month (after you withdraw healthcare, wich is an obligatory when you're employed in Austria, and all taxes). BUT: In Austria you get double/thrice paid (gross + net) twice a year, in the summer and before Christmas. Which allows us to go on vacations etc. I live in Vienna and the living expenses are pretty good here, in my opinion. If I compare it to Tokyo, it's better, because the apartments are definitely cheaper and still bigger! Well, of course it's cheaper, because there are less people living in Vienna. Still, back in time when I was underpaid, I still could afford a 31m2 apartment, food, clothes, internet etc. and go to vacation :)

  • DJDanceClassic
    DJDanceClassic Day ago

    Ok, japanese women get half of japanese men, but at bukkake parties they make $10,000 !

  • DJDanceClassic
    DJDanceClassic Day ago

    Lol, $7 and 26 holidays. In holland we work 4 days a week minimum wage is $11 and we get 27 paid holidays and we get 10 official holidays and we get 8% extra salary for holidays

  • Double Minded
    Double Minded Day ago

    A day in a life of marketer seales manager

  • Double Minded
    Double Minded Day ago

    Im from pakistan and im your big fan!!plz make a video on the day of life marketer sales manager or seles

  • Lavinia Constantin

    I m from Romania, we have 21 days of paid leave and enough national days, but we still have a difference between man and women when it comes to payment. My salary is about 900 dollars per month( i m an engineer and i live in the capital where the payments are a little higher then the rest) we pay 200-350 aprox for rent depending where u are staying, the utilities are not that expensive in comparative but we do have more expensive food. Is hard to go on trips because u live month to month, i m lucky i have more money than minim that is about 500 dollars.

  • Uchiha Clan
    Uchiha Clan Day ago

    14th February Valentine's day doesn't exist in Japan..why??

  • Dongwoo Seo
    Dongwoo Seo Day ago

    I think it's better to show 'after tax paid' salary to compare with other countires :)

  • peach pie
    peach pie Day ago

    also in japan, public trasportation is expensive so company pays for their workers trasportation fee, even for partime job workers. and the most companies also offer housing allowance and various types of insurance.

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar Day ago

    Now you're own boss can take as many as leave you want

  • casicapa22
    casicapa22 Day ago

    Averages do skew reality though. That gender discrepancy is in part sexism and directly paying women less for the same role, but it also grows because women are generally more likely to work casual and part time, thereby earning less and dragging the average down. Same goes for toyko being much higher, given its a megacity more giant businesses with extremely well paid managers and government agencies with extremely well paid officials will drag up the average. A grain of salt is needed

  • casicapa22
    casicapa22 Day ago

    As an Australian on minimum wage, if you're doing it full time and especially if you live with a partner, it can definitely get you a reasonable (though far from cushy) lifestyle. You can get a mortgage and still put aside a little money on minimum wage. That said generally it isn't that easy finding a job these days at least in my experience. They tend to hire teenagers in minimum wage jobs because they don't earn the full rate until 21 years old. We also have a notoriously high cost of living here.

  • vel tra
    vel tra 2 days ago

    I earn 3000 USD per month. Not too good...

  • Fair Game
    Fair Game 2 days ago

    Here in the philippines its less than 300 usd/month. Wtf. Tight budget. Rich becomes richer.

  • Super Man
    Super Man 2 days ago

    Just curious that are those salary figures before tax or after?

  • Judy K
    Judy K 2 days ago

    very interesting I thought Japaneses culture worked a lot of long crazy hours Thanks again for this video ( Judy )

  • Kelly
    Kelly 2 days ago

    I really like your videos! Western media usually depicts Japan as being a horrible country to work. It is not true. At least from my experience, working at a multinational company. The standard working hours is lower than my home country (37h compared to 42h). My office work-life is very similar to where I come from (Brazil).

  • Buu
    Buu 2 days ago

    Qualified civil construction workers (not just labourers) get $85,000USD here in Australia. But I’m not sure what the risk is like in Japan but in Australia they’ve got an extremely high risk of injury & death.

  • Daffodale Berandez
    Daffodale Berandez 2 days ago

    I really love all the contents of your video. Thumbs up!

  • A R
    A R 2 days ago

    Having these holidays and taking advantage of them is a very big difference that you can't neglect just like that especially for Japan.

  • Man pro
    Man pro 3 days ago

    Nice nurses job dudes

  • Man pro
    Man pro 3 days ago

    Grocery store cashier what

  • SAYWHATdraaay
    SAYWHATdraaay 3 days ago

    Day in a life of a Carpenter

  • Exlex
    Exlex 5 days ago +1

    Switzerland doesn't officially have a minimum wage per hour, but it's very common to get at least 20 Swiss francs per hour which equals 20 dollars an hour.
    We work 41.7 hours a week. We have 9 holidays this number may vary depending on which canton you live in. And we get between 4 and 5 weeks of paid vacancy.

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 6 days ago

    welp that's it for me guys, going to go be an english teacher in tokyo.

  • FunnyBANANA
    FunnyBANANA 6 days ago

    in Romania average salary is like 500$ or les

  • Apolex
    Apolex 6 days ago

    Minim wage in Romania is 300 euros per month....

  • Victor Rothberg
    Victor Rothberg 7 days ago

    Denmark get’s about the double of What the get in Japan, but we also pay between 40-50% in taxes.

  • MSzi
    MSzi 7 days ago

    Work hours in general I think are really really misleading as most of extra hours in Japan are `not registered`. People often staying without claiming extra hours therefore those remain unregistered.

  • James Stclair
    James Stclair 7 days ago

    still high work hours, they live good yes, work hard yes, still nothing compared to high standards like norway. how i see it they benefit from good planning in similar way germany does.

    • James Stclair
      James Stclair 7 days ago

      and like shit world russia capitol pays far more than rest of country. so in all ? its like average europe. except cultures brings forth tidy ppl and cleansiness. so glad i dont live there :D

    • James Stclair
      James Stclair 7 days ago

      and then you dont take into count all the negatives japan culture brings, few children or not few NO CHILDREN. too bad they exterminate themself

  • Alexander Hoffmann
    Alexander Hoffmann 7 days ago

    The sources you used for annual salaries are wrong. Norway and Switzerland is almost double that of Australia. Minimum wage here in Norway is between 18-25$ per hour. Alot higher. Kind of missed to see Scandinavia there. :/

  • Kamaljeet Singh
    Kamaljeet Singh 7 days ago +1

    In india average salary of month is around 400 usd .. that means around 4800 to 5500 usd for a year . USA , JAPAN Have better salaries .. BY THE WAY YOUR VIDEO WAS AWESOME .. Tokyo is awesome place and It is great for japan that it size is around california state of USA but the production rate and GDP OF japan is very high in the world . THAT IS REALLY GREAT FOR A COUNTRY

  • Aldrin Christian
    Aldrin Christian 7 days ago

    I think you already know what the average and minimum salary are in my country Paolo... we're from the same country lol... Philippines!!! I also love to go to Japan even just for a travel... that's one of my favorite country since I was a kid...

  • Lex Aeterna
    Lex Aeterna 8 days ago

    This is why I want to work in Japan. Here in the Philippines, you are highly qualified and you work hard but they pay you crumbs and they would act like they pay you a lot even if you are making a ton of money for the company. Sad capitalist infested country. 😔

  • hibiki54
    hibiki54 8 days ago

    I don't think Japanese structural, sheet metal or HVAC construction companies are willing to match my $90k salary if I moved to Japan.

  • John Trajano
    John Trajano 9 days ago

    aight im movin to japan

  • DV Mary
    DV Mary 9 days ago

    What about running business in tokyo? Will the earning be high? example, food businesses (since everyones eat)

  • Ichiwo Konnichiwa
    Ichiwo Konnichiwa 9 days ago +12

    how much does porn stars make? Asking for a friend.

  • ruben varghese
    ruben varghese 9 days ago +2

    Nobody talks of the living daily expenses and more over the rent market or if you happen to purchase property in major japanese cities....

  • Candy TV
    Candy TV 10 days ago

    In germany a nurse gets 2k

  • K W
    K W 10 days ago +1

    I'm 41 years old living in Hawaii and make $40/hour.

  • Justin Ma
    Justin Ma 10 days ago

    I'm from Switzerland and I'm impressed!

    • Alexander Hoffmann
      Alexander Hoffmann 7 days ago

      You shouldn’t be, because the annual wages in Switzerland is on top if you remove very small countries like lichtenstein, luxembourg, etc

  • Adi Wbw
    Adi Wbw 11 days ago +2

    A day in the life of jav actress please.....

    • 37 Jeong
      37 Jeong 7 days ago +1

      Watch Terrace house lol

  • A.K. Hassan
    A.K. Hassan 11 days ago

    Hi bro,,, every year salary increase in parmanent job in Japan,,,, thank you,,,,

  • RawChinaLife
    RawChinaLife 11 days ago +1

    China does not have 21 public holidays - they are swapped out and you get less.