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    We Asked 100 People if They Are Racist | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 80

  • Cut
    Cut  4 days ago +762

    Hey friends! Life isn’t normal for anybody right now, but we’re doing our best to upload regular content for our community of fans and friends. That means we’ll be editing as much as we can from the videos we shot before we went on quarantine--and pushing ourselves to make some fun new things to keep you company, wherever you are. We love you guys!

    • Thor
      Thor Day ago

      @Robert Patterson and you are wrong

    • AscendingDruid
      AscendingDruid 2 days ago

      @Patriotic Bird Again, here is part 2 of that other reply, you may have already seen it and read it, I'm still gonna try and post it again for context. Cut is definitely deleting these, so thanks for the sabotage you assholes.
      *"Also with my name,I’m not even really American. I just put this username because the bird looked cool so I just stuck with this name. Seriously,there is a whole paragraph about my username like wth?!"* - Seems like this post-modernism thing is contagious. So you picked a name, and profile picture that gives off the impression you are from the US, you have in your description "Bird Gang Protects America" and yet that is what, a gotcha on me?

      I'd say you just exposed yourself as weirdo charlatan, who thinks that because you don't care about how you present yourself you somehow win. That is bizarre dude. Oh and yeah, a paragraph about your username, was it too much for you to read, did it hurt your feelings? I just didn't know too many words would be such a problem for you, well I'm afraid this reply is going to be quite long, so you might want to clutch your pearls real tight.

      *"f you think that some random stock photo bird represents what I believe..."* - So because you're a liar, who's presenting as an American Patriot, that's somehow a fault with me. Right, got it, good to know you're even more ridiculous than I first thought.

      You know I was only half joking with you when I said you were a sniveling weasel, now I think you should definitely change it to that, suits you far better.

      *"...then I don’t think you should even bother with it at this point."* - Should bother with what? Taking people at face value? Believing people until they give me reason not to? Or do you mean I shouldn't bother commenting or replying to you, because if that's what you mean, then shit man, I ain't going nowhere. They have to censor and ban me to get me to fuck off.

      *"EDIT:Re-reading your comments again I don’t think you even bothered trying to have a sensible argument,you just wanted to be an ass."* - How many times do you have to attempt to pass off your terrible opinion as fact? I told you, weasel, it just don't work that way.
      Besides, I don't give a shit how you think I was being, because apparently they don't have wit where you come from, so you perceive it as anger, you really are kinda basic aren't you?

    • AscendingDruid
      AscendingDruid 2 days ago

      @Patriotic Bird One more thing you are conveniently ignoring, that what you quoted, wasn't even the first thing I said to that guy. You're using the next comment and saying "one of" the first things. Yet I didn't open with that did I?
      My first comment to him was asking him to step outside of his bubble, no cursing, it wan't pleasant, it also wan't overtly mean. Only when he displayed his cowardice did I call him for what he was.
      Why are you ignoring things like this? Oh that's right, because it competently wrecks your entire argument. Nice dodging there weasel, but you'll have to do better.

    • AscendingDruid
      AscendingDruid 2 days ago

      @Patriotic Bird *" When I said let's clear up some of your points, I meant that we could discuss some of your points that seem unclear. Clearly that wasn't basic enough so let's say this instead: Lets discuss some of your points."* - You are blaming me for not understanding you when you aren't being accurate with what you type. You didn't actually say any of that. Either type what you actually mean, or you can fuck off with this petty, pedantic bullshit.
      *"When I said "I have read every comment you made and I don’t see a change in perspective" I meant that I don't see a change in MY perspective. ut maybe I was unclear, o I'll let that fly."* - Yeah you are being unclear, perhaps purposefully so. How can you blame me for your incapability to be coherent an accurate in what you say, like you just did in the previous paragraph. You're being pathetic.
      *"Actually, saying however would make sense. Here's an example,
      I like hot dogs, however, I don't like hot dogs with mustard. I know its a weird example, but it can still be applied to what I said."* - Are we talking about hotdogs now? Your allegory isn't relevant. Stay on topic and don't try to use something unrelated in order to try and evade the clear contrarianism coming from you.
      *"Yea, actually I do have evidence that most of the talk you do is just cursing and in general being a jerk. By the way, this all comes from what YOU said."* - So what's your problem then, you latter claim that you're not the internet police yet your sole purpose here is to apparently chastise me for how you think I comment. Once again weasel, I don't care about your perceptions. How is that not sinking into your thick skull, I've said it like 3 times now.
      *"Clearly you want attention though if one of the first things you posted..."* - How is any of what I said inaccurate? Have you even attempted to debate any of these points, no you haven't. All you're doing is complaining that I'm not being nice to people. Why? Fuck knows.
      Does it really get you all twisted the way you think I talk to people? How does that affect you and why do you care so much to carry on, not debating anything I actually said, just the way I said it. Once again, it's pathetic that you object to naughty words so much. You really are sensitive. Otherwise you wouldn't give a shit how I speak. You can fuck yourself weasel, all you are doing here is clutching your pearls and saying "You're mean" and guess what? I don't care. Did I ask you to comment in the first place, no. You did it of your own volition, and for the final fucking time:
      So you can assume "I want attention" all you want, you're wrong, I've already explained to you my purpose and intentions, You just keep ignoring that part of my comments because you're a fucking coward. If you did actually address them, then you would have to admit that just because you say something doesn't mean its true.
      *"Already showed proof of your own words, so I don't have to repeat this again."* - This is the whole thing, like I said all you're doing is clutching pearls and attempting to dictate how I was feeling when I was typing these comments. Guess what numbnuts, you don't get to that. At least not without me calling out your bullshit for what it is. Seriously, do they have wit where you come from , or is it an alien concept to simpletons like you?
      *"I'm not trying to be the internet police, but if you act like a dick expect people to call you to for being a dick."* - You are certainly acting like some sort of comment policeman. I don't care if you think I'm a dick, in fact aren't you engaging in the exact same practice you are accusing me of? Turns out you are just a pearl clutching busybody, who would rather concentrate on calling others "dicks" than engage in any of what was said.
      You're some sensitive, little charlatan, who ducks and dives out of the way of the difficult and inconvenient stuff, and just complains about how other people talk.
      Do you really have nothing better to do than police speech and make moral judgments? I guess me taking the piss outta you about your handle really got to you. I'm sorry that I'm not a nice person to racists and ideologues, I never knew that would upset you so much and it's hilarious that it does.

    • Patriotic Bird
      Patriotic Bird 2 days ago

      @AscendingDruid Ok, let's explain some things.

      When I said let's clear up some of your points, I meant that we could discuss some of your points that seem unclear. Clearly that wasn't basic enough so let's say this instead: Lets *discuss* some of your points.

      When I said "I have read every comment you made and I don’t see a change in perspective" I meant that I don't see a change in MY perspective. ut maybe I was unclear, o I'll let that fly.

      Actually, saying however would make sense. Here's an example,
      I like hot dogs, however, I don't like hot dogs with mustard. I know its a weird example, but it can still be applied to what I said.

      Yea, actually I do have evidence that most of the talk you do is just cursing and in general being a jerk. By the way, this all comes from what YOU said.
      "It just appears like you're another soft and delicate person, who thinks bad words from strangers on the internet mean anything. You should get a grip dude, after all, your handle is "Patriotic Bird", and I'd expect someone with a name like that to actually have some balls, and not get twisted over words. Hell, I would expect you to actually be calling out these intersectional for what they've done to your country; yet you're here attempting to chastise me for saying a few naughty things to a Marxist.

      It seems a bit strange really, perhaps you're not so much a patriotic bird, maybe more like a sniveling weasel."

      Clearly you want attention though if one of the first things you posted was this
      "You use bad language as an excuse not to engage because one, your ideas are terrible and inherently racist, and two, because you're a coward.

      It's typical of you intersectional to cry about being called some mean names, while you're preaching actual racist definitions and theory. If you can't handle that then you should fuck off back to your safe space, pretend that you even are an adult, and try your best not to cry, because guess what cupcake; most people do not agree with your Marxist bullshit.

      Already showed proof of your own words, so I don't have to repeat this again.

      I'm not trying to be the internet police, but if you act like a dick expect people to call you to for being a dick.

  • Alisher
    Alisher 15 minutes ago

    Sorry guys, I'm I the only one who believes that only racist would say that everyone is racist?

  • Michael S
    Michael S 47 minutes ago

    Can we all agree that black people think they are wayyyy more special than they are?

  • Jaeda Jones
    Jaeda Jones 52 minutes ago

    loved the last one

  • globalwarming19
    globalwarming19 Hour ago

    Probably everyone has made implicit racial bias decisions subconsciously when growing up or thought them, so everyone has demonstrated racist behavior at some point of their life.

  • DIY crafts
    DIY crafts Hour ago

    3:15 I hate her just because I am Mexican doesn't mean you should treat people like that

  • bookie lane
    bookie lane Hour ago

    im black and yes blacks can be racist. my memaw was terrible to all races. i grew up hearing all sorts overly racist shit. so as a honest woman yeah i say racist shit sometimes even about my own race. so we all have said things we shouldn't, do i hate people no. i think that hate is what seperates being racist and being proud of who you are

  • CamiLuv U
    CamiLuv U Hour ago

    I’m the last lady🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don’t like nobody either

  • Benjamin Volk
    Benjamin Volk Hour ago

    Some people are realy brainfuckt. Every Body could or could not be racist wtf im White dude from Berlin and i saw germans being racist to moslems, Black People to Asiens, asians to german and on and on Even people thinking everybofy is racist from Germany and i think that is racist. I didnt Even new that Something like racism existent Till i was 13 and had that topic in School

  • Michael S
    Michael S Hour ago

    "Black people can't be racist."
    Well then not only are you a racist, you're also a fucking idiot.

  • S C
    S C Hour ago

    scrolling through these comments....

  • multifandom edits
    multifandom edits Hour ago +1

    “I think all white people are racist.”
    Bitch, no they fucking aren’t. They’re not the same as their ancestors, who shamefully enslaved black people in the past. Ok, they may be related to these people, but they are not the same people! What about the younger generation who are white today? They probably have no idea of their origin and (I sure hope) treat all people as equal, as it should be. That is a shitty thing to say when you can’t even prove that every person with white skin IS racist.

  • mæ x
    mæ x Hour ago

    Why are so many people of colour so adamant on the belief of white people being privileged, and haven't gone through any hardships? We're all human god dammit. Anyone can be racist, society is pretty damn equal with everything added up. For example, any race (except Caucasian) can say just about anything when it comes to race on social media, lets say. Same goes for women when it comes to gender/men. Yet both still complain about the lack of equality.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not minimising any issues anyone has to go through, although I just think it is inappropriate to be fuelling something you are against so strongly. We live in a generation that *for the most part* accepts one another. Besides, even if you don't, there is no way you can verbalise it because media will eat you alive. It's like cyber bullying, or the "mean girl" at school, like you'd be shunned if you were mean to someone nowadays.

    Note: I have nothing against anyone, I'm just someone who holds strong virtues. Good day.

  • Cameron Champa
    Cameron Champa Hour ago

    1:34 take yourself less seriously for the love of god

  • Maya Kadan
    Maya Kadan Hour ago

    PLEASE: white americans, not white people.

  • Sandra Davies
    Sandra Davies 2 hours ago

    The one who said Asian people can’t drive I feel you

  • Vick I
    Vick I 2 hours ago +1

    1:50 yes king!! 🙂 betta educate these people also I dont give a fuck if you’re black or not, educate your self. Its called being PREJUDICE. Thanks and no I wont argue with you 🙂 i said what i said, kiss my ass.

  • autiku - chan
    autiku - chan 2 hours ago

    “ Asian People Can’t Drive “
    Me: An Asian Girl With A Asian Mom And Dad That Can Drive-

  • chakiyahh
    chakiyahh 2 hours ago


  • Me
    Me 2 hours ago

    0:37 lmao

  • Sophie Clara
    Sophie Clara 2 hours ago

    "Please know that I'm crossing the street because you're a man not because you're black" that doesn't make it better

  • Neka Picka
    Neka Picka 2 hours ago

    Um actually any one can be racist. Dont matter what race u are. U can be.

  • dollasignash
    dollasignash 2 hours ago

    I think everyone's at least a Lil bit racist on the inside and indirectly if not they're probably prejudice and make stereotypical jokes

  • 12thGradeSlacker waffle

    "Konichiwa I want to eat sushi from your pussy"

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H 2 hours ago

    White people feeling bad about being “naturally racist” are just simpin.

  • Kaleb H
    Kaleb H 2 hours ago

    If you think you can’t be racist because your skin is a certain colour, you have a problem, and are most likely racist.

  • Rich W.
    Rich W. 2 hours ago

    I am of the opinion that we all feel some racially motivated sentiments, whether they be positive or negative.

  • Yotam Geller
    Yotam Geller 3 hours ago

    fire that make-up artist

  • johnjohn fx
    johnjohn fx 3 hours ago

    I call bullshit on everyone who says they are not racist. We all are racist. Granted we have different levels depending on the human experience but we all have stereotypes, beliefs and bias against. The only person who was completely honest was the last person, who say she was racist against everyone.

  • I_like_this
    I_like_this 3 hours ago +1

    its racist that they say black poeple canot be racist

  • Michu Fonteboa
    Michu Fonteboa 3 hours ago +2

    As a Spanish person I always get very surprised when I hear American people saying "I'm white, so I'm racist" "All white people are racist, they have privileges, etc" Can someone explain me what american schools teach you?

  • Rafael Xavier
    Rafael Xavier 4 hours ago

    Anybody can me racist even black people can be racist but only with BLACK PEOPLE there isn’t a thing such as “prejudice against white people” white people never suffered slavery exclusively because of their skin color and the society never oppressed them because of the same issue. If you’re talking about racism meaning xenophobia that is something that can happen even inside your own country. Just wanted to clear somethings up because I saw a lot of misunderstandings in the comment section.

    • Regina Phalange
      Regina Phalange Hour ago

      Yeah I get you now, it was just frustrating that you said slavery never happened to white peoples :)))

    • Rafael Xavier
      Rafael Xavier 2 hours ago

      Regina Phalange But their color didn’t really matter understand? Black people suffered exclusively because of their skin. I will edit my comment tho you’re right it seemed like I said that white people never suffered slavery and I didn’t mean to.

    • Regina Phalange
      Regina Phalange 3 hours ago +1

      Rafael Xavier to say who’re people never suffered slavery is just not right, we had white slavery aswell that nobody ever talks about which is wrong for example the chattel slavery of White Europeans by non-Europeans (such as North Africans and the Muslim world), as well as by Europeans themselves, such as the Viking thralls or European Galley slaves. From Antiquity, European slaves were common during the reign of Ancient Rome and were prominent during the Ottoman Empire into the early modern period. So don’t talk about something if you have no knowledge

  • andrew carson
    andrew carson 4 hours ago +1


  • Anthonny NOLA504
    Anthonny NOLA504 4 hours ago +1

    4:42 speak for yourself. Also all races can be racist and white privilege isn’t real. At least in my community in Louisiana

  • babymoonlight x
    babymoonlight x 4 hours ago +1

    It actually really pisses me off at the ignorance of saying ‘black people cant be racist’ I’m a Jew and I feel like I’ve received more prejudice from black people than really anyone else. Theres been a big increase in hate crimes toward Jews in New York by black people. fuck this shit. the hypocrisy, bro.

  • MR BlackandWhite
    MR BlackandWhite 4 hours ago +2

    "White people come into this world with so much privelidge" tell that to the kid of a meth addict single mum in the midwest, barely making ends meet and getting picked on at school by the very sort of people (ignorant progressive idiots) who claim their oppressed because their a woman or because their a person of colour. Fuck you

  • Jayden Kajdan
    Jayden Kajdan 4 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the lady at the end 😭😂👏

  • Zero Fox Given
    Zero Fox Given 4 hours ago +3

    Black folk: Racism is power plus prejudice.
    Me: So White people have no institutionalized power in Africa, meaning Whites cannot be racist towards black folk in Africa.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 hours ago +1

    half these people are dumb af

  • Serenia Kelly
    Serenia Kelly 4 hours ago +1

    After looking at these comments, I realize that a lot of black people need to tell the difference between “oppression” and “racism.” It’s so sad that a lot of y’all think blacks can’t be racist, especially towards white people. You’ve only gotten away with it because you’re black. Think about it, if you weren’t black, you’d be DRAGGED!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Tracy Vision
    Tracy Vision 5 hours ago

    "I've seen a black man walking towards me and I cross the street but please know that it's not that you're black it's just that you're a man" and why did she only single out a black man she could have just said all men

  • Desiree Mixon
    Desiree Mixon 5 hours ago

    Well black people cant be racist they can be prejudice

  • guccigucci456
    guccigucci456 5 hours ago +1

    Imagine not realizing that racism is a systematic oppression and since black people are not empowered enough to oppress others racially we can't be racist.

  • guccigucci456
    guccigucci456 5 hours ago +1

    The black people in this comment section running to be accepted by other races by saying "Black people can be racist. I'm saying this as a black person." is hilarious.

    • S C
      S C Hour ago

      and it's literally 90% of the comments....

    • S C
      S C Hour ago

      it's corny and very weird

  • AwakenedHussar
    AwakenedHussar 5 hours ago

    The guy at 1:50 is a complete moron! Has he never heard of the Barbary slave trade? I assume not.

  • joseph harper
    joseph harper 5 hours ago

    Saying that u can’t be racist makes u think u are better and above other races which makes u racist! U FUCK!!!

  • Jared
    Jared 5 hours ago

    I’ve actually never heard the stereotype that white ppl can’t cook. Ask Gordon Ramsey what he thinks about that one

  • Brady Bigley
    Brady Bigley 5 hours ago

    Cut is the new buzzfeed. You have the worst kind of people in your videos

  • B B
    B B 5 hours ago

    4:30 thought they had raven on this bitch

  • Ashley
    Ashley 5 hours ago +1

    explain how black people can be racist since y’all got your degrees in sociology and know every mf thing

  • Karl
    Karl 6 hours ago

    Questions i am asking now:
    1- why did I even click on this idiotic video which is meaningless. It lowers my IQ.
    2- why did I watch half of it?

  • Nike
    Nike 6 hours ago

    Yall niggas are damaged

  • hailey.riedinger
    hailey.riedinger 6 hours ago

    all white people are not racist what the actual fuck

    DANIEL LUKOVSKY 6 hours ago +1

    Haha “konichiwa, I want to eat rice from your p***y” sounds like a pickup line to me 😂😂

  • Waterandcereal
    Waterandcereal 6 hours ago +1

    I’m not racist guys haha I’m just joking I don’t actually think all black people are criminals haha

  • Secret Agent A
    Secret Agent A 7 hours ago

    Black people can be racist. Just cause they don’t have as much power as a majority of white people doesn’t mean they’re at the bottom. Any black American has it better off than someone else somewhere and they can take advantage of people because of their race.

  • Secret Agent A
    Secret Agent A 7 hours ago

    3:14 here comes the retards

  • Elijah Bennett
    Elijah Bennett 7 hours ago

    "I'm racist because I'm white".
    The act of saying that is racist...saying a group of people is inherently something is racist...

  • Papa Nestum
    Papa Nestum 7 hours ago

    The girl that said she crossed the street only because he was a man and not bc he was black - SAME

  • Instant Regret Playlist
    Instant Regret Playlist 7 hours ago +1

    no, but I am very very very sexist

  • dykeriights
    dykeriights 7 hours ago

    america is so obsessed with race it's weird

  • Mawrk TV
    Mawrk TV 7 hours ago +1


  • Saltshaker
    Saltshaker 7 hours ago

    Lmao saying black people can't be racist is racist

  • Grey_ Cloudzz
    Grey_ Cloudzz 7 hours ago

    i hate the race argument

  • Rocco Lacivita
    Rocco Lacivita 7 hours ago

    Someone speaking to you in your native language isnt racist. Racism is when you dislike people based on the color of there skin. Or Other Racial Features

  • bailey125
    bailey125 8 hours ago +1

    **Racism: "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others."**
    Nowhere does the official definition mention institutionalism. The people that say "Black people can't be racist" are delusional.

  • Alexia Zamora
    Alexia Zamora 8 hours ago

    Some of these answers are... beyond disappointing

  • Trevor Sinlao
    Trevor Sinlao 8 hours ago

    You can be white, live in a racist society, but still *not be racist*
    I mean there were white people that marched with Martin Luther King

  • Rebecca Salmon
    Rebecca Salmon 8 hours ago

    Can we just exempt Americans from discussions about racism in the future? They always have the most ridiculous statements...

  • Rafael Anunciacion
    Rafael Anunciacion 9 hours ago

    "𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥'𝕤 𝕨𝕙𝕪 𝕚 𝕜𝕖𝕖𝕡 𝕞𝕪 𝕤𝕜𝕚𝕟 𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕣 𝕒 𝕤𝕖𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕥."

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 9 hours ago

    God damn feminists 🔫

  • Fajar Setiawan
    Fajar Setiawan 9 hours ago

    I have a Jewish friend. He said an interesting thing that when he was a kid he was bullied a lot for being a Jewish, but now people are telling him that he's privileged because he's a white man. Lol.

    Racism is not about race per se. It's just basically a cultural prejudice. It changes over time.

  • Dahyun Biased
    Dahyun Biased 9 hours ago

    Racism isn't making a joke or thinking stereotypes off the fly. It's the thinking that your race is better than other races.

  • Eli M
    Eli M 9 hours ago

    0:34 100 bucks says this bitch has never had consensual sex

  • jaremeka
    jaremeka 9 hours ago +1

    I'm not from US, but I bet those people who say 'black people can't be racist' and 'all white people are racist' must be brainwashed retards from the left lol

  • NatJazz
    NatJazz 10 hours ago

    1:48 this guy right here think he so woke, but he sounds ridiculous af.

  • Violet Leeann
    Violet Leeann 10 hours ago +1

    Anyone can be racist but not everyone is racist that is like saying everyone is a lil gay no not everyone is and saying everyone is racist just makes it more ok am I wrong or....

    SPADER 10 hours ago +2

    Everyone can be racist.
    Racism is basically you judge someone by there skin colour.
    Ofcourse racism against black people are much bigger but racism against white people exists.

  • Andrew McClenning
    Andrew McClenning 10 hours ago

    Every one is a BIT racist, to an extent. Have you seen white Leftists and Trump supporters of colour?

  • dan eli
    dan eli 10 hours ago

    I think everyone is racist
    Racist jokes are offending
    Shouldnt 1 person change the views on a whole race