i went to a CATCH YOUR OWN FOOD restaurant !!!

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • so i went to a fishing restaurant where you literally fish your own meal and then choose how you want it cooked. I'M NOT JOKING. sea bream, lobster and so many options. please don't forget to subscribe for more videos, thanks
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  • Alfie H Enry
    Alfie H Enry 2 days ago +2

    How do you say Japan is a good country they eat dog for god sake

  • Johnredcorn 1
    Johnredcorn 1 5 days ago +4

    I feel bad your alone

  • Ugandan Gamer
    Ugandan Gamer 10 days ago +4

    Now that's fresh food

  • Lettybabe
    Lettybabe 10 days ago +5

    I'm vegetarian and it was a bit hard for me to watch the man kill the little fishy but I understand that plenty of people enjoy eating fish and meat so I'm happy to watch your videos regardless of whether the food is meat or not ☺
    Tbf you named the video well so we knew what to expect clicking on it ☺

  • Henry Reina Mancia
    Henry Reina Mancia 11 days ago +7

    I thought he said bitch right

  • Taylor Neal
    Taylor Neal 13 days ago +2

    Poor fish :(

  • Addison Carlson
    Addison Carlson 13 days ago +1


    • pixelymoodel yes
      pixelymoodel yes 5 days ago

      No one:
      Absolutely no one:
      Not a single soul:
      Addison: Omg

    • Kezania
      Kezania 6 days ago

      I know. I'm also shocked 😅

  • BrehanaH
    BrehanaH 14 days ago +2

    My favorite part..... R.I.P my breath 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cubing King
    Cubing King 15 days ago +3

    Is 7000 yen like 70 dollars or 7000 dollards

  • Pedro Maldonado
    Pedro Maldonado 17 days ago +4

    Boi are you retarded SHRIMP?! 5:26

  • Rylan Henderson
    Rylan Henderson 18 days ago +8

    It makes me mad when I see people raised with like no talent and no experience like your so picky like how are you going to go to that restaurant and say I don’t think I’m going to eat the fish

  • Kai’s Garden & Things
    Kai’s Garden & Things 19 days ago +3

    7000 yen is not that much

  • María Angélica Contreras

    Shock! (O_O)

  • Ryder Ortiz
    Ryder Ortiz 19 days ago +3

    Lobster means spider of the sea

  • Nayeli _690
    Nayeli _690 23 days ago +9

    So their basically scamming u if u think abt it

    NADAVO DA VINCI 26 days ago +8

    I'm sorry little nemo

  • Johanna Carnet
    Johanna Carnet 27 days ago +8

    Lots of fishs literally everywhere :
    "OMG there is a fish there!"- Raphael Gomes 2018

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola 28 days ago +4

    WHO wants to be vegetarian

  • aileen go
    aileen go 29 days ago +2

    New subscriber here

  • Aud
    Aud 29 days ago +5

    “I’m sorry your so fricken delicious Nemo.” 😂🐠

  • Ciken Pile
    Ciken Pile Month ago +5

    I love your vids , and ur my fav youtuber , and i literally can't skip one single of ur vids , but it's hard to watch vids like this ... i feel like i am not supposed to watch this vid cuz as i sad it's hard to , and even worst im vegan so yeah , but u could try to make some vegan vids , that would be awesome , still lovee you ❤

  • gruesome doctor
    gruesome doctor Month ago +4

    2:19 ohhhhh wait a sec u seeing this if only her shorts were up a little higher

    • bigev213
      bigev213 16 days ago

      Super thick glad I wasn't the only one that saw that lol

    • martin ghaly
      martin ghaly 20 days ago

      She hella thick no I mean thicker than a snicker

  • XGl1tch M1racl3
    XGl1tch M1racl3 Month ago +8

    Idk why...but seeing him saying holy schnitzel cracked me up! 🤣🤣

  • It’s just Me
    It’s just Me Month ago +2

    Your killing living things rude

  • Cillian PLAYZ
    Cillian PLAYZ Month ago +5

    Did you just swear

  • DumbPlayz & Vlogz
    DumbPlayz & Vlogz Month ago +6

    That place seen very bad xd

  • Clone commando kix
    Clone commando kix Month ago +5

    I love fish

  • AbbyJr
    AbbyJr Month ago +11

    Great. Now im hungry. And its midnight...

  • The Lego Reviewer
    The Lego Reviewer Month ago +6

    Why are people getting mad at this is it because there in a tank only to eat is it because they are still alive
    I live in a fishing town this is basically a fish tank you can eat from

  • The Lego Reviewer
    The Lego Reviewer Month ago +6

    Final a restaurant that won’t get mad when I fish and eat the fish in there fish tank

  • Pasta salat
    Pasta salat Month ago +7

    Im feeling bad for the fishes😔

  • Johnny's Pizza
    Johnny's Pizza Month ago


  • TheGamingDino Mr T
    TheGamingDino Mr T Month ago +8

    These fish are being tortured

  • Raza Pahlavi
    Raza Pahlavi Month ago +8

    11:30 I'm not wearing any pants - LOL :) EPIC!

  • Forbidden Plays
    Forbidden Plays Month ago +5

    Dont u feel bad for Nimo

  • Football Analytics
    Football Analytics Month ago +8

    2:40 daaaaaamn

  • [B F] Dugo
    [B F] Dugo Month ago +4

    I think they're enoki mushrooms.

  • Anonymous Gaming_YT
    Anonymous Gaming_YT Month ago +8

    7:24 😂😂😂

  • Nathaniel Mccullough
    Nathaniel Mccullough Month ago +2

    I feel like I'm getting dumber watching this guy. I will never watch this channel again!

    • aizen38
      aizen38 Month ago +1

      I guess you have your opinions. But I'm not sure if it's sarcasm or not. The "I'm getting dumber by watching this guy" seems joke type. But idk.

    • Asma Bhat
      Asma Bhat Month ago +1

      @Ana Marija Babaja the most epic reply ever....😂😂😂😂😂

    • AbbasBlueRed
      AbbasBlueRed Month ago +1

      And your damber idiot hater I'm not trying to be mean but your a hater IDIOT he's better than you and nobody cares especially him

    • Aleeah Vaughn
      Aleeah Vaughn Month ago +1

      I really dont care if your gonna whatch the channel again it's not like he cares either

    • 陈明丽
      陈明丽 Month ago +1

      @Ana Marija Babaja whahahhahaa 😂

  • Caleb Fully loaded
    Caleb Fully loaded Month ago +4

    It’s lobster

  • Kara Luong
    Kara Luong Month ago +6

    I went there Once In Japan too. ☺️

  • DylanYakel3927
    DylanYakel3927 Month ago +19

    7:24 did he say bitch? 😂 I’m dead

  • 100k sub challenge P.s it’s shrek approved

    “It smells fishy” cuz it’s a fish

  • Nat Loves Animals
    Nat Loves Animals Month ago +2

    I've had fish bones stuck in my tonsils and it's not too painful!

  • שי-לי א
    שי-לי א Month ago +1

    Why u wrote it in Hebrew

  • nill preiss
    nill preiss Month ago +3

    I have to know... Like in every video, you talk in English, but sometimes the title of the video is written in the language I talk at where I live... Is this happens only to me?

    • gabriela henny
      gabriela henny Month ago +1

      It's auto translated,he actually wrote the title in english

  • Eunae Kim
    Eunae Kim Month ago +1

    Anyone who tried this in the United States or Canada would probably get busted for animal rights violation!

    • Saber
      Saber Month ago

      This isnt animal rights violation

  • Kinjal Agarwal
    Kinjal Agarwal Month ago +5

    any other veg watching this and literally dying

  • ItzCatChanOwO
    ItzCatChanOwO Month ago +4

    Tbh... I ate a fish bone sometimes :P I never even choked on it actually once or two :v

  • Qamar lovely1
    Qamar lovely1 Month ago +1

    seafood is my favorite food but I don't get to have them when I every want

  • evan thai
    evan thai Month ago +2

    Is it just me or do I feel pain when they catch the fish

  • Laura Duarte Morita
    Laura Duarte Morita Month ago +3

    I feel bad for the fish, but it mist be a different restaurantt

  • avi zimmer
    avi zimmer Month ago +1

    I think I went there is it in Fukuoka

  • Nancy Wong
    Nancy Wong Month ago +4

    I like how u can realize that fishes r living animals and how u feel bad eating them

  • Nancy Wong
    Nancy Wong Month ago +6


  • LILO l Lamenade
    LILO l Lamenade Month ago +4

    I myself was once choked on a fish bone and I almost died but my sis gave me bread and I was saved, actually no ,I died ,I'm writing this in my ...

  • boy with luv BTS
    boy with luv BTS Month ago +3

    ugh can you please answer me guys... uhm why can other people swear on their videos but why cant he? I'm just confused😕....

    • Caleb -
      Caleb - Month ago

      i think he’s trying to keep his channel “family friendly” or sum

    • J C
      J C Month ago

      He would get demonitized

  • DeJanique Jennings
    DeJanique Jennings 2 months ago +9

    “He dead”😭

  • Matthew Cormaci
    Matthew Cormaci 2 months ago +7

    First Nemo is a clown fish second he is a cartoon third that was a mangrove snapper

  • nicht alparslan 361
    nicht alparslan 361 2 months ago +4

    2:35 thats some thick cake! :)

  • Jonah
    Jonah 2 months ago +8

    2:15 S***
    7:23 b****

    • Saber
      Saber Month ago

      He said bit, not bitch

    • Andrea Playz
      Andrea Playz Month ago

      Why can other you tubers curse and he can’t like leave him alone just ignore it 😐😒

    • Stella Sarsoni
      Stella Sarsoni 2 months ago +1

      @Sidneyboi yeah

    • Sidneyboi
      Sidneyboi 2 months ago +1

      He said she and bit

    • Stella Sarsoni
      Stella Sarsoni 2 months ago +2

      "like this bit shouldn't have any,right?!"

  • Animelover 66
    Animelover 66 2 months ago +4

    Wait did I here the b word!? 7:23

    • Rina Gasoline
      Rina Gasoline Month ago +1

      He said "this bit shouldn't have any"

    • Jonah
      Jonah 2 months ago +2

      I think he meant to say bit

  • Addyson Watters
    Addyson Watters 2 months ago +6

    I wish I could have seafood but i am 10/10 on the death chart if i ate it

  • Halieraven
    Halieraven 2 months ago +6

    Me: I went to a catch your own food restaurant... and didn’t eat anything

    Lol :p

  • wolfeygurl laserwood
    wolfeygurl laserwood 2 months ago +10

    Uhm 7:23 was that a b word!? XD it's Oki tho

    • jen12106
      jen12106 2 months ago +1

      No he didn’t he said “ this bit shouldnt have any “ but it kinda sounded like the b word

    • Mia Blalock
      Mia Blalock 2 months ago +1

      I listened to about ten times before turning on sub titles but yes yes he did

    • AG SlimeTube
      AG SlimeTube 2 months ago +2

      wolfeygurl laserwood lol I see it too

  • ASMR Brothers
    ASMR Brothers 2 months ago +2

    I been there

  • UnIcorn GYMNAST
    UnIcorn GYMNAST 2 months ago +7

    This is either lobster🦞 or shrinp🦐...
    *literally from a lobster carcass*

  • Xian Sanchez
    Xian Sanchez 2 months ago +5

    I'm in Philippines not there

  • G1xtch_L0b0
    G1xtch_L0b0 2 months ago +13

    7:23 u hear it?

    • Rina Gasoline
      Rina Gasoline Month ago

      He said "this bit shouldn't have any" there was no space between bit and shouldn't so it sounded like bitch lol

    • G1xtch_L0b0
      G1xtch_L0b0 2 months ago

      Jonah Owen Sorry that i'm not the only one that heard it tho

    • Jonah
      Jonah 2 months ago

      @G1xtch_L0b0 sorry that you're deaf

    • G1xtch_L0b0
      G1xtch_L0b0 2 months ago

      Jonah Owen no duh

    • Jonah
      Jonah 2 months ago

      He said this bit should listen again

  • Matthew Motomoto
    Matthew Motomoto 2 months ago +16

    Am I the only one just now watching this

  • thien cao
    thien cao 2 months ago +3

    I think those mushrooms are called enoki mushrooms

  • Edey Buendia
    Edey Buendia 2 months ago +2


  • Edey Buendia
    Edey Buendia 2 months ago +1

    He was only a kid

  • Edey Buendia
    Edey Buendia 2 months ago +1


  • Edey Buendia
    Edey Buendia 2 months ago +3


    • asmr channel
      asmr channel 2 months ago

      It's just a fish relax 🤦‍♀️