Will It Pancake? Taste Test


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  • hi dude
    hi dude 2 hours ago

    Let me get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Guinipig testicle.
    Sry for bad English I'm from America.

  • OctolingTerrier 21
    OctolingTerrier 21 3 hours ago

    8:03 look who's getting "boned" now

  • Iron lord
    Iron lord 23 hours ago

    11:20 it’s nice to know Rhett isn’t gay

  • XxBanna girlxX
    XxBanna girlxX Day ago

    "is there anything humans can eat that actually cleans their mouth besides gum?"
    Tic tac..

  • Cuan Moralee
    Cuan Moralee 3 days ago

    Watching it at 50% speed makes the most trippy video I've ever seen...

  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 3 days ago

    I miss it when they say will it pancake after saying what they mixed with the pancake.

  • alice sie
    alice sie 3 days ago

    Actually, in europe you eat bone marrow, it‘s called os à moelle and i absolutely looove it!

  • Georgia Cole
    Georgia Cole 3 days ago

    “Do they make anything you eat to freshen your breath”
    Mints. Yes you eat those

  • Azhrarn Dragon
    Azhrarn Dragon 7 days ago

    Cake nuts

  • Kaleb M. Welch
    Kaleb M. Welch 8 days ago +1

    Mentos, icebreakers, tic tacs could’ve done that instead lol

  • Matt Chaffin
    Matt Chaffin 9 days ago

    I could write a story on links forehead!

  • Noah Caupp
    Noah Caupp 13 days ago


  • LegoGnocchi
    LegoGnocchi 14 days ago

    They should've done bacon pancakes.

  • Jsweizston
    Jsweizston 18 days ago

    Tbh bone marrow is pretty good.. it's like butter.

    WILLY LYNCH 18 days ago

    It's called testicakes.

  • Gina Pasquariello
    Gina Pasquariello 19 days ago +1

    The thumbnail tho im petting my guinea pig right now

  • Reyhan Devara
    Reyhan Devara 20 days ago

    Have you guys ever heard about "Tulang Sumsum" Soup? Its basically from a bone and super tasty

    • Reyhan Devara
      Reyhan Devara 20 days ago

      Or bone marrow soup if you translate it...

  • Q Tip
    Q Tip 20 days ago

    bone marrow is good if cooked properly!

  • UnlicensedOkie
    UnlicensedOkie 20 days ago

    Bone butter
    You cook the bone marrow right, it’s like butter

  • Puzzled BFG
    Puzzled BFG 21 day ago

    Nothing you guys do is considered normal that's why I love you guys so much also I'm born and bred in the South just like you guys GO DAWGS.

  • Bobbie Daniel
    Bobbie Daniel 21 day ago

    The fruity pebble pancakes looked gross with the syrup.. Too sweet.. That's how I know I'm getting old 🤢

  • Frankenwolfer Guy
    Frankenwolfer Guy 22 days ago

    Frankenwolfer: Bones Will It Pancake Maybe

  • Jeanne Lopez
    Jeanne Lopez 22 days ago

    I have a pet guniea pig and i names it genie hehe abd gross pancakes btw but guniea pigs r kyoot tho

  • Jah TV
    Jah TV 23 days ago

    Is this considered Gay 😭

  • Klay Zheng
    Klay Zheng 25 days ago

    In chiense cultures, the inside of the bone marrow is considered the sacred part of the bone because there is so little of it. I've tasted it and it isn't that bad.

  • Nuraan H
    Nuraan H 25 days ago

    Rhett and Link get to use the term, That tastes like balls 😂

  • Madeleine Viehweg
    Madeleine Viehweg 28 days ago +1

    12:14 “it’s so cuteee” I couldn’t breathe 😂

  • Bloom Potato
    Bloom Potato 29 days ago

    Had 2 guinea pigs as pets. I am offended 😂

  • jeanne batac
    jeanne batac 29 days ago

    Bonemarrow is delicious when cooked right, with the right ingredients

  • Njr 9372
    Njr 9372 29 days ago +1


    Rhett and link have clearly never had mints...

    • Ben S
      Ben S 18 days ago

      Yeah like york patties

  • Icy Foox
    Icy Foox Month ago

    Theres nothing humans can eat that won't get rid of stinky breath

    Because breath mints aren't a thing now

  • ToxicAudie
    ToxicAudie Month ago

    I've never heard a maybe....

  • Stugem S
    Stugem S Month ago

    bone marrow is amazing

  • projectallgamers 67

    Live your little fed to the fullest and put fruity pebbles in pankacks

  • Frey Aubur
    Frey Aubur Month ago

    Good mythical morning, a breakfast restaurant that’s sells everything they like and invent from the show!

  • Alan weaver
    Alan weaver Month ago

    You can eat breath mints

  • Kharis  Prasyanda
    Kharis Prasyanda Month ago

    sorry bros, but for me bone marrow is delicioussss

  • Jake Stonebarger
    Jake Stonebarger Month ago

    Made my guinea pigs watch this to remind them who's boss.

  • maddie Webb
    maddie Webb Month ago


  • Kara Biel
    Kara Biel Month ago

    Ok guys did you not think of breath mints for the? you asked about things to eat that freshen your breath?🤔🤣😏

  • RtN314
    RtN314 Month ago

    Y'all know about breath mints right?

  • Elias Danér
    Elias Danér Month ago

    I really don’t like American pancakes just plain.

  • Boooya Broncos
    Boooya Broncos Month ago

    They make mints that freshen your breath and you can eat it 😂

  • Pauli The3rd
    Pauli The3rd Month ago


  • Braydon Wilson
    Braydon Wilson Month ago


  • GodzillaBoy 808
    GodzillaBoy 808 Month ago


  • Moon's Gachas
    Moon's Gachas Month ago

    Ya forgot about mints

  • Evie Szwejbka
    Evie Szwejbka Month ago

    5:39 Tik tacs XD

  • Silver Dragon
    Silver Dragon Month ago

    Mint strips..... they made mint stripes. Its not gum, but it's not toothpaste. It just melts on your tongue, so you technically do eat it

  • Sreekar Pullabhatla

    Can you guys to a Will it Filet?

  • Summer Escoto
    Summer Escoto Month ago

    This video is offensive
    I have 2 guinea pigs

  • Hisham Bounaji
    Hisham Bounaji Month ago

    12:44 the face you make when you take a big dump

  • Anne-Marie Walker
    Anne-Marie Walker Month ago

    rhett just forgot that mints exist

  • Kaidence Handshoe
    Kaidence Handshoe Month ago

    "why havent they made things to eat to freshen your breath" Me- mints....mints exist...also theres chewy mints

  • Ash Saturn
    Ash Saturn Month ago

    My mom used to make fruity pebbles pancakes for me as a kid all the time. This isn’t a new concept 😂

  • David Musselman
    David Musselman Month ago

    10:30 Doesn't is sound like he didn't know guinea pig balls till he read it of a note card in the background?

  • joel lopez
    joel lopez Month ago

    Will it like my comment

  • Audrey -
    Audrey - Month ago

    5:40 mints...

  • Maciej Jakobczyk
    Maciej Jakobczyk Month ago

    replay 12:14 until you stop laughing , its soo good

  • simplayer84 :D
    simplayer84 :D Month ago

    i am so sick this weekend but your videos make me feel better :D

  • Addieartist
    Addieartist Month ago

    Just think... every time you eat jello, gummies, really anything that has gelatin in it, you are getting some of that bone marrow!!
    how much do you like them now?

  • Kasen Owens
    Kasen Owens Month ago

    Aye aye aye

  • Luke Wilder
    Luke Wilder Month ago

    Toothcake sounds like canbalism

  • UtterAndComplete
    UtterAndComplete Month ago

    hahahahhaa gross. Link is like a young handsome Dana Carvey.

  • Philip Sparks
    Philip Sparks Month ago

    Mints....mints freshen your breath and you eat then lmao.

  • Skrall
    Skrall Month ago

    oh god its a blue waffle

  • Steven Gerrard
    Steven Gerrard Month ago

    The most yessed (if that makes sence) episode of Will It.

  • Jeffery woods
    Jeffery woods Month ago

    I got a guinea pig today

  • Tatiana Karkovich
    Tatiana Karkovich 2 months ago

    Silver baller flappies

  • spaceAlien Rissley
    spaceAlien Rissley 2 months ago

    You got that fake craft cheese won't make it in Wisconsin st fair

  • Krystal N
    Krystal N 2 months ago

    that was nasty like if you agree

  • DerpyBearMan PSN
    DerpyBearMan PSN 2 months ago

    I wonder what Rhett was going to say on the fish and locks pancake

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner 2 months ago

    Ugh... seeing that bone marrow made realize why it’s been used to make gelatin. I don’t know how something so good can come from that.

  • MrB MrB
    MrB MrB 2 months ago

    you are the two bravest people i know

  • Izzy Olson
    Izzy Olson 2 months ago

    The guinea pig balls got me... 😂🥴😶🤢😅😅

  • Anomaleeh
    Anomaleeh 2 months ago

    One clap for every ball! 👏👏👏

  • nurdyburdy
    nurdyburdy 2 months ago

    One time my dad made pig testicles for dinner and fried them and I was like six so i didn’t really know how it was kinda nasty so I just ate all of them and actually thought they were good.. it’s all in the brain, link

  • FundiMations
    FundiMations 2 months ago

    Will it sandwhich?

  • BarbaricAvatar
    BarbaricAvatar 2 months ago

    Always enjoy Link's competitiveness! If Rhett swallows then Link has to swallow too, if Rhett doesn't swallow then Link tries his darndest to get it down!

  • rudeman62
    rudeman62 2 months ago

    BACON cheeseburger pancakes...........the best drunk breakfast ever thought of

  • Brandon Shepherd
    Brandon Shepherd 2 months ago

    Why am I always eating when I watch this stuff

  • Sean Connor
    Sean Connor 2 months ago

    Link reminds me of Dana Carvey

    JUST KISS JIKOOK 2 months ago

    Cow Bone marrow is good cooked.

  • - Butters -
    - Butters - 2 months ago

    Rip the guinea pig's manly hood

  • Claire
    Claire 2 months ago

    This is how all the “My Strange Addiction” addictions begun 😂

  • Everardo Solis
    Everardo Solis 2 months ago

    i live in sanford nc so close to varina and apex

  • Katherine Fuglaar
    Katherine Fuglaar 2 months ago

    In Texas Bone Marrow is a delicacy lol people love it.

  • lannahhasola
    lannahhasola 2 months ago +5

    do americans not eat bone marrow? my family fights over who gets to eat it!

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago


  • NightAngelus
    NightAngelus 2 months ago

    Will it sticky bun?

  • Thewolfiequeen aj
    Thewolfiequeen aj 2 months ago

    5:41 Yes they made edible breath fresheners; the "mint ice cube" things, etc.

  • Thewolfiequeen aj
    Thewolfiequeen aj 2 months ago

    0:57 Fruit cake is a real thing now.

  • That Dude
    That Dude 2 months ago +1


  • Arwa Rovira
    Arwa Rovira 2 months ago

    Lol my sister really enjoys bone marrow. Slurps it right out, but it's seasoned lol

  • Charles Jesse
    Charles Jesse 2 months ago

    Where do you shop for your guinea pig nuts? They don't have them at Walmart.

  • Alpha Koala
    Alpha Koala 2 months ago

    Does it make them gay because they are balls?

  • Reagan Jensen
    Reagan Jensen 2 months ago

    its kind of awesome you guys ate guinea pig balls also rhett is the beard king :

  • Samantha Salgadomis
    Samantha Salgadomis 2 months ago

    OwO. I have a pet guinea pig...