Top 10 Game Of Thrones Characters

  • Published on Apr 11, 2015
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  •  7 months ago +17

    The last season of Game of Thrones is almost here and we cannot contain our excitement. If you feel the same way, follow our Game of Thrones playlist here:

    • Robert Hyde
      Robert Hyde 7 months ago +1 Don’t act like you didn’t just make the worst top 10 in history

  • Lerato Loyal
    Lerato Loyal Day ago

    Ned? Drogo?

  • Sherin Mary
    Sherin Mary 11 days ago

    10 little finger (baelish)
    9 Brienne of Tarth
    8 Jaime Lannister (kingslayer)
    7 The hound (sandor)
    6 Cersei Lannister
    5 What??...Joffrey😂😂😂
    4 John snow
    2 Daenerys Targaryen
    1 Tyrion Lannister

    People who deserve to be on list
    Tywin, Varys, n if possible,Ned

  • Abdurahiman Noushad
    Abdurahiman Noushad 12 days ago

    Theon and Sansa not even mentioned🙄

  • Ad Menad
    Ad Menad 19 days ago

    I think no one hates arya stark ,I love her so much😁😂😁😀😀

  • Shivam Lal
    Shivam Lal 25 days ago

    My Top ten:
    2-Arya Stark
    3-Jon Snow
    4-Jamie Lenister
    5-Sir Davos
    8-Ned Stark
    9-Robb Stark
    10-Stannis Baratheon

  • Felix SVW
    Felix SVW 27 days ago

    1. Tyrion Lannister
    2. Davos Seaworth
    3. Tormund Giantsbane
    4. Jon Snow
    5. Jaime Lannister
    6. Jorah Mormont
    7. Arya Stark
    8. Ned Stark
    9. Eddison Tolett
    10. Samwell Tarly
    11. Podrick Payne
    12. Sandor Clegane
    13. Grenn
    14. Theon Greyjoy
    15. Varys
    16. Bronn
    17. Brienne of Tarth
    18. Barristan Selmy
    19. Benjen Stark
    20. Beric Dondarrion

  • Lucien Block
    Lucien Block Month ago

    In no perticular order
    The Hound

  • HIGH5
    HIGH5 Month ago

    Tyrion is the best character ever...

  • Kenny Semper
    Kenny Semper Month ago

    10. Eddar “ Nee “ Stark
    9. Samwell Tarly
    8. Theon Greyjoy
    7.Jamie Lannister
    6.Sansa Stark
    5. Tyrion Lannister
    4. Cersei Lannister
    3. Ramsay Bolton
    2 . Daenerys Targaryen
    ( Honorable mentions)
    Petyr Baelish, Stannis Baratheon, Tywin Lannister, Arya Stark , Ollena Tyrell , Jorah Mormont .
    1. Jon Snow .

    ANANDHU A Month ago

    Tyrion Lannister,Jon Snow,Daeneris,Cersei,Arya,Jaime,Hound,Sansa Stark,Brandon Stark.

  • Mia Antezana
    Mia Antezana Month ago

    Wtf?!?? Where is Sansa?

  • حماني حماني

    Cersei is the best

  • Eve Demon - Unicorn

    The king in the North?!

  • Just Wondering
    Just Wondering Month ago

    Seriously Catelyn and Rob aren’t on the list not even as honourable mentions

  • Ajinkya Shinde
    Ajinkya Shinde Month ago

    I think top 10 is short for game of thrones i have watch game of thrones 3 times and my opinion is
    1 .john
    2. Daenerys
    3. Tyrion
    4. arya

  • Philippe 1
    Philippe 1 Month ago

    I hate Brienne

  • sgpin 123
    sgpin 123 Month ago

    1 jon snow
    2 little finger
    3 tyrion lannister
    4 arya starc
    5 ned starc
    7 jaimme
    8 the hound
    9 cersie
    10 ygrite

  • Fr M
    Fr M Month ago

    What is this list based on? Because Cercei and Joffrey are the worst.
    Ps: I love the hound

  • Tyler Wittenborn
    Tyler Wittenborn Month ago

    honestly unpopular opinion but Cersei is my favorite cause she a bad bitch

  • robert bobby
    robert bobby Month ago

    in last episode everybody gave up cause they knew its insanely stupid,just tyrion actor still did his best,no matter what nonsense screenplay made he to come out of his mouth

  • 男名前のない
    男名前のない 2 months ago +2

    1.Jamie Lannister
    2.Tyrion Lannister
    3.Stannis Baratheon
    4.Theon Greyjoy
    5.Tywin Lannister

  • Nana yaw Nketia
    Nana yaw Nketia 2 months ago

    1 Jon snow
    2 Arya stark
    3 Tyrion lannister 4Cersei lannister
    5 danaerys targaryen
    6 Sansa stark
    7 Joffrey Baratheon
    8 lord Bailish
    9Jamie lannister
    10 The hound

  • Scarlet Lagine
    Scarlet Lagine 2 months ago

    How come Joffrey in the top 10 wtffff

  • Tammy Brown
    Tammy Brown 2 months ago

    1. Daenerys targaryen
    2. Jon snow
    3. Tyrrien Lannister
    4. Arya stark
    5. Brienne of tarth
    6. Olenna
    7. Samwell tarly
    8. Sansa stark
    9. Jamie Lannister
    10. Sandor The hound clegane

  • Venom
    Venom 2 months ago

    Tyrion lannister runs the show !!!

  • Walter White
    Walter White 2 months ago

    My top 20
    1. Arya
    2. Dany
    3. Jon
    4. Tyrion
    5. Sansa
    6. Cersei
    7. Theon
    8. Jaime
    9. Littlefinger
    10. Bran
    12. The Hound
    13. Sam
    14. Jorah
    15. Ser Davos
    16. Varys
    17. Olenna
    18. Brienne
    19. Tormund
    20. Rhaegar

  • Joao Gamero
    Joao Gamero 2 months ago +2

    My top 30:
    1- Daenerys and their dragons 🐉 -kalessi❤️
    2- Jamie Lannister - best development character 👍
    3- Jon snow - true heir of iron throne 🤴
    4-Cersei Lannister -great actress, what a bitch🤮
    5-Arya Stark -badass girl🗡
    6- Tyrion Lannister -the imp🍷
    7-Sandor Clegane-the hound🐶
    8- Ramsey Bolton- evil 🌭
    9- Bronn - cool 😎 /sir Davos- onion knight🧤
    10- Brienne of Tarth -kight🤺
    11- sir Jorah - loyal 🤝
    12- Joffrey -psycho 🏹
    13-Tormund Giantsbane -mother’s milk 🍼
    14- Theon Greyjoy - redemption🙏
    15- Sansa Stark- queen of the north 👸
    16-Petyr Baelish -little finger🖕
    17- sir Gregor clegane - the mountain 🏔/
    18-Oberyn martell -the viper 🐍/ Samuel turly - friend 📜
    19-Missandei- loyalty 👭
    20- grey worm - warrior ⚔️
    21-khal Drogo - died to soon 🐴
    22-Varys- the spider 🕷
    23- Ned Stark - gone to soon ❄️
    24- Melisandre- the Red woman 👹
    25-Euron Greyjoy - assole 🌊
    26- Rob Stark- young wolf 🐺
    27- hodor- hodor 🚪
    28- walder Frey what a dick 🥧
    29- lady Stark- bad luck 🔪
    30- Bran Stark- boring 3 eye raven 🦅/ and the night king - disappointment 🧟‍♂️

  • Mimzy1313
    Mimzy1313 2 months ago guys fucked up!! Tywin, Ned, Ramsay, and Varys are Honorable Mentions?!!!!!!! Lunacy!!! Utter lunacy.

  • Riccardo Giovannelli
    Riccardo Giovannelli 3 months ago +1

    1) Robb Stark
    2) Robb Stark
    3) Robb Stark
    4) Robb Stark
    5) Robb Stark
    6) Robb Stark
    7) Robb Stark
    8) Robb Stark
    9) Robb Stark
    10) Robb Stark

  • urtypicalasian7
    urtypicalasian7 3 months ago

    y is joffrey on the list??

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä 3 months ago

      urtypicalasian7 yeah true but there are no ”boring” scenes with Joffrey

    • urtypicalasian7
      urtypicalasian7 3 months ago

      A linear character that has had no character development for 4 seasons. But I shall respect ur opinion

    • Joku Äijä
      Joku Äijä 3 months ago

      urtypicalasian7 because he is an amazing character, that doesn’t mean they have to be good or liked

  • librado Peate
    librado Peate 3 months ago

    Jorah Mourmont Samuel Tadley?

  • librado Peate
    librado Peate 3 months ago

    Jorah Mourmont Samuel Tadley?

  • Sayed Abbas
    Sayed Abbas 3 months ago +1

    Jaqen haqar should be on 1st

  • Kommandant Krag
    Kommandant Krag 3 months ago

    I dont understand you the half of them i hate so much

  • Rabie Jebrane
    Rabie Jebrane 3 months ago

    Robb stark
    Jon snow
    Tyrion lannister
    Arya stark
    Jaimie lannister
    Cersei lannister
    Sansa stark
    The hound
    Twyin lannister

  • Kubo Jakub
    Kubo Jakub 3 months ago

    I hate joffrey

  • Lucy Love
    Lucy Love 3 months ago

    JOFFERY at number 5 am I having a stroke.

  • Rupkatha Banerjee
    Rupkatha Banerjee 3 months ago

    No Sansa? Really?

  • Sujit Rekhe
    Sujit Rekhe 3 months ago

    I Loved when tyrion got 1 in GOT.

  • Hamza Boushaib
    Hamza Boushaib 3 months ago

    Tyrion best character

  • william conner
    william conner 3 months ago +1

    Where’s oberyn martell

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 months ago

    Can someone explain tywins the house that puts family first line. Arent the sons and daughters the family?

  • TheBSC
    TheBSC 3 months ago

    The Accurate Top 10 GoT Characters List:
    1. Daenerys Targaryen;
    2. Drogon;
    3. Rhaegal;
    4. Viserion;
    5. Missandei;
    6. Jorah;
    7. Torgo Nudho;
    8. Daario Naharis;
    9. Nirri;
    10. Rakharo.
    If I had one more place I would've included Oberyn Martell.

  • Katrina Jacksonmiller
    Katrina Jacksonmiller 4 months ago

    My three favorite Game of Thrones characters are Tywin Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and Petyr Baelish.

  • GaLimotion
    GaLimotion 4 months ago

    1. Theon

  • Chas Mondo
    Chas Mondo 4 months ago

    Joffrey...Cersei...Ilyn Payne...The Mountain...Beric Dondarrion...Watchmojo

  • Pro Kganyago
    Pro Kganyago 4 months ago

    Jom snow should be number 1

  • Ryan Black
    Ryan Black 4 months ago +1

    1.jaime Lannister
    2.tyrion Lannister
    3. Tywin Lannister
    4. Stannis baratheon
    5. Jon snow

  • I Talk Everything
    I Talk Everything 4 months ago +1

    “Won’t be counting characters from the book that haven’t appeared in the show”
    Meaning you’re too lazy to read it basically lol

  • Kunal Sharma
    Kunal Sharma 4 months ago

    Jaquen hgour...the faceless man😎

  • AllHandsOnDik
    AllHandsOnDik 4 months ago

    My top ten:
    10. Beric
    9. Brienne
    8. Bronn
    7. Jamie
    6. Sansa
    5. Tyrion
    4. Petyr
    3. Jorah
    2. The Hound
    Honorable mentions: Tywin, Shireen, Jon, Dany, Arya, Loras
    1. Davos

  • maja roos
    maja roos 4 months ago +1

    Theon is the best character. *fight me*

  • Shadoka
    Shadoka 4 months ago

    Let's be honest, if Jaime had a sword for his right hand, he would've been one of the greatest fighters in the entire show, considering he just learned how to use his left hand well so he could've dual-wielded like Arthur Dayne.

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor 4 months ago

    How about Hodor Hodor and Hodor

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor 4 months ago

    How is Hodor not #1

  • The Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary 4 months ago

    Theon doesnt make the list? Are you kidding me?

  • Alfred Ridder
    Alfred Ridder 4 months ago +1

    I nearly flipped my shit when a clip of Tyrion came up on honourable mentions

  • Amit Shradha
    Amit Shradha 4 months ago

    Well my fav one is ned stark....

  • ethan goldentuler
    ethan goldentuler 4 months ago

    more than half are dead by the end of the show lol