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  • Published on May 8, 2022
  • Want to like Danny MacAskill? - Check how his new 'How to wheelie' video www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3kiL...
    In the summer of 2021 Danny MacAskill put out a call to action to his 3.5 million social media fans asking them to . Riders and fans applied from around the world to feature alongside Danny in his latest project from @Five Ten and @Cut Media Media. Join Danny MacAskill and a host of friends as he pushes the boundaries of the humble wheelie and learns a thing or two from friends old and new.
    Mountain biking has become more popular by the day and participation is currently at an all-time high for this amazing sport. However, you do not need a mountain or a bike park to get out and enjoy your bike. The wheelie is, for many, the first thing they will ever learn on a bike, but it can open the doors to an entire new world.
    Joining forces, adidas Five Ten and Danny MacAskill want to share their passion for cycling. In this latest collaboration they showcase how the humble wheelie has brought riders together from around the world in their love of bikes. Once again,
    Join the challenge, upload your best wheelie to social media and challenge your friends to try it too!
    Danny MacAskill
    Hans Rey
    Viola Brand
    Send It Brad
    Nay Whaaat
    Lil Spartan
    Ali Clarkson
    And friends
    ‘Do A Wheelie’ is a @Cut Media production in partnership with adidas @Five Ten
    Discover the full adidas Five Ten range at www.adidas.com/fiveten
    Music: ‘Show Me’ by Mint Royale
    Written By: Neil Claxton, Chris Baker, Gail Schatz and Bertha Egnos
    Film by Cut Media: www.cutmedia.com
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  • Five Ten
    Five Ten 18 days ago +323

    You can learn to wheelie from the man himself in our exclusive 'How To Wheelie' tutorial from Danny MacAskill! don't miss out: www.adidas.com/510day_danny_macaskill

    • 易凉凉
      易凉凉 3 days ago

      rick roll? lol

    • Pozitivi
      Pozitivi 9 days ago

      @Andrew Sneacker Keep training :)
      You can do it!
      Everybody can , wheelie is pretty easy :)

    • geko
      geko 11 days ago

      P.s Seems fake, that bike would be stolen in UK. 🤣

    • Heath B
      Heath B 12 days ago

      Absolutely heartwarming and positive all around.
      When we are free to come together...we do.
      When we are free to create good things...we do.
      When we are free to make the world a better place...we do.
      So let's never forget that...especially with the upcoming issues we are about to face as a People and Country.
      Stay, positive, stay strong, stay free!!

  • Ali Clarkson
    Ali Clarkson 18 days ago +848

    Been waiting for this and holy moly was it worth the wait, that was class!!
    The vibe is so good and having everyone involved was such a selfless act and really gave a great community feel to it all. You and the team smashed it out of the park once again 🤘🏻

    • Paul Krapp
      Paul Krapp 11 days ago

      Great to see you in this video Ali! I smiled through the whole thing. 😀

    • Max Lein
      Max Lein 12 days ago

      @Matthew Gies We all know what a cameo is. Small role, big (cargo) bike, I thought the joke was pretty obvious. 🙃

    • Matthew Gies
      Matthew Gies 12 days ago

      @Max Lein cameo, n.: a small theatrical role usually performed by a well-known actor and often limited to a single scene
      "A major star appears in a cameo in the movie."
      broadly : a brief appearance or role
      ... Feel better now?

    • Max Lein
      Max Lein 13 days ago

      My 4-year-old daughter loves this video as much as I do. Usually, I don’t like when she plays things on a loop, but this video is an exception. Oh, the fact that women are in the video doing crazy stunts really had a huge impact on her. When she saw Viola, she exclaimed “That’s me!” PS We were practicing bike riding for an hour or so today.

    • Max Lein
      Max Lein 13 days ago

      @Matthew Gies Cameo?!? A guy doing a wheelie with a cargobike is not what I think of when I hear cameo! 🤣

  • Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer 18 days ago +577

    Awesome work!
    We all started with a wheelie and seeing such an edit made me smile a lot 🙏🏼
    Hope we can ride together soon

      SEND IT BRAD 9 days ago

      My bro glad you enjoyed man was sick being a part of this and maybe one day we’ll meet and have a sesh 👍🏼🕰🧨

      SEND IT BRAD 9 days ago


    • Tyler V
      Tyler V 11 days ago

      @Obi - Wan Kenobi they did a while a go like 2 years

    • visserswp
      visserswp 13 days ago

      Any chance you’ll be coming to the gmbn festival in Saalbach, just like Danny?

    • Chirag Ramlochun
      Chirag Ramlochun 14 days ago

      The goat

  • Steezy MTB
    Steezy MTB 13 days ago +50

    The song was amazing, the whole video was vibing so hard it had me literally in tears, because it made me so happy. The kid with the balance bike broke me down. Such an amazing edit, massive thanks to all parties involved.

    • Man Walks Dogs
      Man Walks Dogs 2 days ago +1

      Came to the comments wiping the tears away with a smile on my face to say exactly that. :')

    • Text Me At Telegram👉@DannyMacAskill
      Text Me At Telegram👉@DannyMacAskill 13 days ago

      Thanks for watching and showing love.
      Congratulations 🍾you won a prize!!send me a text above to acknowledge your prize💯

  • Joe Pavey
    Joe Pavey 18 days ago +76

    Ali Clarkson on the delivery bike was seriously impressive! “Mainly I can’t see…”

    • Asem Asem
      Asem Asem 13 days ago

      I tought it was cgi 😅, but it's real!!! Awesome skill

    • Stoffel Dilligas
      Stoffel Dilligas 13 days ago +1

      I reckon that the boxes contained helium balloons.......
      .......but I am jealous because I can't wheelie.
      But I agree, super impressive

  • Blair Nichols
    Blair Nichols 18 days ago +45

    Hans was an absolute childhood idol of mine! Saw him at a display where he wheelied out the back of a van, dropped to the ground and wheelied around the perimiter of the display area like a boss. It was this moment and a certain MBUK video that paved the way for my childhood. Many happy years!

    • NooDLES411911
      NooDLES411911 13 days ago

      Same man. Hans Rey is a legend. Watched the shit out of his Level the Vibes VHS in the 90s

  • Violalovescycling
    Violalovescycling 20 days ago +507

    It was so much fun! Thanks for having me in this video project 🤩🤩🤩

    • Jon Powell
      Jon Powell 13 days ago

      You are just amazing my dear!

    • Ladislav Hennel
      Ladislav Hennel 14 days ago

      Amazing to see acrobatics bike. When I was a kid there was popular sport in Czechoslovakia, bikeball (like football), but on same acrobatic bikes that you have. I used to love watching it. You would enjoy playing that game am sure 😁

    • Trail Runnah
      Trail Runnah 16 days ago +2

      You did such an amazing job! Whenever I see you ride, it blows my mind how talented you are. I can't imagine all the hours of hard work and practice that you put into this.

    • Aécio Bispo
      Aécio Bispo 16 days ago

      You're amazing! 😍

    • Graham Odger
      Graham Odger 16 days ago +1

      You are insanely talented 💪💪💪

  • hardtail party
    hardtail party 17 days ago +29

    Fantastic. Nothing makes you feel like a kid like a wheelie. I couldn't stop smiling when Hans Rey joined in. Also, that chameleon is one of the easiest hardtails on the market to wheelie. The balance spot is huge

    • liouy cnny
      liouy cnny 14 days ago

      (essential) beauty sleep. Brilliant watch as per

  • BiciFaidate.it®
    BiciFaidate.it® 18 days ago +5

    Beautiful 🤟

  • C
    C 18 days ago +13

    Cinematography, Skills, Story Telling, Music all on point! Better than most Blockbuster movies these days. Thanks!

  • tobortine
    tobortine 18 days ago +3

    As usual Danny knocks it right out of the park - Awesome, inspiring and heart warming.

  • Ian Zinner Photo
    Ian Zinner Photo 12 days ago +3

    This is one of the greatest videos ever! From the jams, to the collabs with everyone else, and Danny being the bike magician he is, this is top notch!

  • Live Loose MTB
    Live Loose MTB 18 days ago +3

    Such a feel good video! Had me smiling the whole way though 😃 and from a filmmaking perspective, that was top draw👌 loved it!

  • aaron munn
    aaron munn 18 days ago +1

    You're a wizard Danny! Been watching you for years! Still amazed at the things you do!

  • blahblahwhatblahblah
    blahblahwhatblahblah 18 days ago +2

    Danny, I think this may be the best video you've done, and that's saying something! I was grinning my head off the whole way through - and I've watched it three times in a row. Absolutely superb, love the vibe and the message, and was inspired by everyone doing their thing. Applause all round!

  • Jon Cobb
    Jon Cobb 18 days ago +358

    That made me smile all the way through - especially lovin the Ali c cameo

  • David Parry
    David Parry 7 days ago +1

    Loving the wheelies - -please keep it to safe places and make sure you use your senses and look and signal whenever you’re on the road! Love and peace to Grandmaster Danny 🙏🏽

  • aceminer26
    aceminer26 18 days ago +1

    Yo that was awesome my dude! Can we appreciate how time and effort went into this 5 minute video!!

  • G W
    G W 18 days ago

    This was beautiful, really highlighted the incredible joy a bicycle can bring no matter who you are.
    Actually had a year in my eye by the end, just what I needed.

  • Aaron.Biketrials
    Aaron.Biketrials 18 days ago +1

    Epic...just epic!
    Awesome to see Hans and Ali!
    Awesome riding everyone!

  • Red Bull Bike
    Red Bull Bike 18 days ago +488

    Danny after filming: “Front tire giveaway. Condition: brand new!” 😀👊

  • The Whizkid
    The Whizkid 16 days ago +1

    :D Hey thats cool! Love it. Learning how to do a wheelie is one of my goals for 22. Perfect motivation at the right time!

  • Dayle Guy
    Dayle Guy 17 days ago

    Love it! We’ll done to everyone who took part and put this together. A happy celebration of cycling with a twist.

  • Campbell Clark
    Campbell Clark 18 days ago +8

    Trials riders are THE BEST. Loved seeing Hans at 1:43, that fist bump was the best thing I've ever seen!

  • Emanuel Gebauer
    Emanuel Gebauer 18 days ago +2

    Awesome edit! Great skill, great vibes 🥳

  • Björn Elwhagen
    Björn Elwhagen 18 days ago +1

    Amazing vid as always, Danny! Mad skills by the other riders as well!

  • Geoff Waymark
    Geoff Waymark 18 days ago +5

    Just makes me happy. Hope Danny gets to turn up and play in one of the kids viral vids when he's Hans age, hope Hans does too.

  • CactusJackSlade
    CactusJackSlade 17 days ago

    Danny: You and your videos always bring awe and a smile to my face. Thank you for what you do!

  • Sick Sends
    Sick Sends 18 days ago

    I love how sick and just amazing Danny MacAskill is and his edits are always just happy and so steezy! Keep it going!!

  • Andrew Dodd
    Andrew Dodd 18 days ago +43

    Absolutely love this! Perfectly captures the essence of riding bikes - no matter where you're from or how old you are. Love a wheelie!

    • Cal Mac
      Cal Mac 18 days ago

      Ali C, Fabio, Viola and now the Doddster! Bike community Royalty 😜

  • Csaba
    Csaba 18 days ago +2

    That was brilliant editing! Makes certain tricks effortless :). Very nice video, congrats to all the riders and producers. What’s next? Do a manual? ;)

  • marlon
    marlon 18 days ago +1

    Love it Danny, 40yr old and got my trials bike back recently! Happy days, great inspirational video man even for an old skool rider :)

  • Kevin Tessner
    Kevin Tessner 18 days ago

    Thanks to all of the riders and crew, and to you Danny for bringing them together in such a great celebration.

  • berberbyheart
    berberbyheart 18 days ago

    Thank you so much!
    Still so amazing and humble at the same time.
    And thanks for making us discover all this incredibly talented youth.
    Absolutely loved it!

  • Tim Bachmann
    Tim Bachmann 18 days ago +1

    This Video is the best! So creative, amazing skills, and just positive riding vibes 🙌

  • George Kirschbaum
    George Kirschbaum 18 days ago +1

    Danny, man... way to bring the joy. Totally pumped and smiling after that one. Shout out to you and the crew for making another great video. Props to everyone on their bikes... those riders have mad skills and riding with Hans- is legend.

  • Muon Fpv
    Muon Fpv 18 days ago

    A truly unique work of art, in every aspect: writing, filming, editing, post-production... It made me smile through all the video 😊 Thanks Danny and all the crew.

  • Nick Caro
    Nick Caro 18 days ago +2

    That was awesome Danny! Past, present and future! So good to see the OG Hans Rey there too. Great filming from the Cut Media team as always!!

    • Heath B
      Heath B 12 days ago

      Absolutely heartwarming and positive all around.
      When we are free to come together...we do.
      When we are free to create good things...we do.
      When we are free to make the world a better place...we do.
      Stay, positive, stay strong, stay free!!

  • Cut Media
    Cut Media 18 days ago +135

    You put the front wheel down yet Danny?? Awesome working with you as always! 🔥🔥🔥 👊

    • Brent Kastner
      Brent Kastner 17 days ago +2

      You guys absolutely crushed the shots and the editing on this one. SO FUN!

    • Luca Cometti
      Luca Cometti 17 days ago +2

      absolutely mint work from you guys! Such an awesome mix of crazy creativity, humor and beautiful cinematography

    • Neil Logan
      Neil Logan 17 days ago +1

      Yaas. Gav S Livingston, legend. X

    • Sanchez Latchman
      Sanchez Latchman 18 days ago +1

      You guys are great, thanks 👍

    • Gustav Holmström
      Gustav Holmström 18 days ago +4

      The world needs a behind the scenes on the editing of this 😄

  • Donatas Žvirblis Enduro

    What an amazing and joyful vibe you are broadcasting! You're a legend Danny. Big ups for all the production crew ❤️

  • Federico Astrada
    Federico Astrada 18 days ago

    Hats off! Amazing production, amazing talent, great editing and directing. This is a really good one!

  • Old Man Stumpie
    Old Man Stumpie 18 days ago

    Smiles for miles from everyone in it and everyone watching it. Love your work Danny!

  • Carmen Rey
    Carmen Rey 8 days ago

    Amazing video, as always so well thought out, produced, great music and its fun. And of course i like Hans' cameo. Well done Danny, the crew and the talent

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 18 days ago

    Always an absolute delight when Danny uploads. The man never disappoints!

  • zantash
    zantash 18 days ago

    man, it was such a pleasure to watch this masterpiece. Thank you for making my day dude

  • Jana Cabal Minion
    Jana Cabal Minion 18 days ago

    I don't know how to say this better: This just puts a smile on my face! Well done!

  • Pat Hoffman
    Pat Hoffman 18 days ago

    That was awesome, I can't remember a video that made me smile bigger. What a great way to get people motivated to wheelie. I have a lot of practicing to do. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cypri1
    Cypri1 18 days ago

    Such a nice edit ! And those vibes 🤯🙏 thanks for making us smile 🙏🤝

  • Andreas Zircher
    Andreas Zircher 18 days ago

    Such a piece of art! Amazing and fun to watch! Love it!

  • M Stock
    M Stock 18 days ago

    absolutely awesome vibes and fun with this video. Definitely going home to do some wheelies.

  • ayedidye
    ayedidye 18 days ago

    The sense of community in this one is just beautiful mate. Thanks for your amazing videos!

  • Frank Anon
    Frank Anon 18 days ago +28

    This was so fun! Loved seeing all the cameos and locations. The front flip to rear was pretty crazy too. Top notch production

  • Lukav Soundseeker
    Lukav Soundseeker 9 days ago

    Amazing video! Very positive vibe and that feeling of unity! That's what world needs at the moment.
    Love the fact that Hans 'No Way' Rey is in it 💪💪💪

  • Dreadiedude
    Dreadiedude 12 days ago

    This was amazing! Your skill is insane. And awesome to get so many other people involved and featured :) (forgot to add, the editing was so good!)

  • Fabián Rojas
    Fabián Rojas 18 days ago

    Hermoso video Danny, como siempre material de calidad, debe ser de lo mejor de este año. Saludos

  • mfueelcikxe
    mfueelcikxe 18 days ago

    One of the best things on the internet! That was so much fun to watch and captured very well the immense fun of wheelies. Nice one!

  • biketothetop
    biketothetop 18 days ago +41

    Thanks Danny! This was a fun video and so cool to see all the different heroes of mine including Hans Ray, Ali Clarkson, and unexpectedly Viola Brand. Also great to see the involvement with all the kids learning in different phases.❤❤❤

  • Michael Waddington
    Michael Waddington 18 days ago

    An absolute joy right until the end of the credits!! Awesome!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻❤

  • David Ferrett
    David Ferrett 12 days ago

    Best drop yet!!!! ALWAYS raising the bar. Production, story, involvement, RIDING! 🎉🎉

  • paolo piu
    paolo piu 18 days ago

    as always, every video of yours makes you want to give up everything and go cycling, at that level not even in dreams, but the joy you give is something wonderful

  • Aju George
    Aju George 15 days ago +1

    smiling all the way till end,, such a great work, kudos team and concept :) love you all

  • Trevor Dennis
    Trevor Dennis 18 days ago +29

    The wee lad at the end with the scuffed elbow showed there is a price to pay learning to do those tricks, and we know even Danny has landed on his backside a time or two. Kudos for the bravery and determination they all put into getting as good as they are, and uber kudos to the young lady with the white bike. I have a feeling that even Danny was in awe of her skills.

  • Singa Varma
    Singa Varma 18 days ago

    That was beautiful 😍 perfect wheelie. perfect and extraordinary editing skills 👌

  • Paul Withers
    Paul Withers 18 days ago +5

    What a great production. Had everything from GOAT Hans to our bike life hoonies ... The wheelie's still the OG

  • Dan
    Dan 18 days ago +1

    Such a creative video and I'm loving the vibe in this one it just had me grinning the whole time and I'll make sure to tell all my buddies to do a wheelie on the next ride

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin 11 days ago

      The wee lad at the end with the scuffed elbow showed there is a price to pay learning to do those tricks, and we know even Danny has landed on his backside a time or two.

  • Subin Ram
    Subin Ram 18 days ago

    After so.. long come back,love to see you master and my inspiration,this was so... sick and 💥💥💥💥,crazy and next level,loved it,everyone's first trick on bicycle 'wheelie',
    The way it shooted and made was glorious and wonderful⭐❤❤

  • followtheboat
    followtheboat 18 days ago +28

    We need more videos like this in our lives. Thank you Danny and crew for raising smiles.

    • Heath B
      Heath B 12 days ago

      Absolutely heartwarming and positive all around.
      When we are free to come together...we do.
      When we are free to create good things...we do.
      When we are free to make the world a better place...we do.
      So let's never forget that...especially with the upcoming issues we are about to face as a People and Country.
      Stay, positive, stay strong, stay free!!

    • liouy cnny
      liouy cnny 14 days ago

      Trials riders are THE BEST. Loved seeing Hans at 1:43, that fist bump was the best thing I've ever seen!

  • Maxim W.
    Maxim W. 17 days ago

    This is so cool. I love the creativity behind it with all the people. Awesome 🔥

  • FryGuy63
    FryGuy63 18 days ago

    This is awesome. So many good cameos. After Effects work is super creative. Mind melting wheelies. Love every second of this.

  • Guambra2001
    Guambra2001 18 days ago

    That was great, had a smile the entire time. I still can’t wheelie for long 😞

  • 2512MaTHias
    2512MaTHias 16 days ago +2

    Absolutely amazing, one of your best videos ever!!! 😅😅😅
    The unbelievable skills of all of you, the children, the music, the scottish slang 👍👍👍
    And, to absolutely top everything, VIOLA in your video!!!
    I want to see much more of you both, perfect bike Duo! 😁😁😁

  • Running Turtle
    Running Turtle 18 days ago

    So damn good as always with Danny :) Loved it

  • T K
    T K 15 days ago

    That was fantastic, had me grinning the whole way through 😁🤘💥

  • Adrian Wilkinson
    Adrian Wilkinson 18 days ago

    Pure joy! ❤️ 🌎🌈 Well done Danny and Cut Media 👏👏👏

  • David Baucom
    David Baucom 18 days ago +1

    Danny does it again! Excellent!
    And Viola was in there too, she's a freak of nature lol.

  • Felix
    Felix 18 days ago +12

    Amazing as ever, Danny you never fail to make us all go "wow". Keep riding and being an awesome person

  • craig taylor
    craig taylor 17 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant ❗❗🎶🌱💐
    It's such an underrated stunt .... wheellie all day 🤘

  • Blake Miller
    Blake Miller 18 days ago +1

    Aside from the mind-boggling bike skills I love Danny's videos because they always have such a good, fun vibe. This was great!

  • Jörg Schneider
    Jörg Schneider 18 days ago +2

    Seems that Hans Rey Had a Lot of fun! The Guru of MTB 🥰
    Two generations of MTB idols ❤️

  • canag0d
    canag0d 14 days ago +1

    Amazing video… Danny you’re the man! Your ability to make people smile far surpasses your bike skills… And you’re the goat at riding a bike.

  • BIKE O'Clock
    BIKE O'Clock 18 days ago +8

    The vibe, the storyline, the wheelie frontflip… wow!!! Excellent work!

  • Laforge vtt
    Laforge vtt 17 days ago

    Wouhaaaououou !!!. que d'imagination, Et cette idée de faire participer plein de gens différent c'est génial !!!
    Je pense que celle là, je vais la regarder plein de fois.
    Continue de nous faire des vidéo aussi classe, c'est un vrai cadeau que tu nous fais.

  • Team RRC2
    Team RRC2 17 days ago +1

    Props to Hans Rey, well-deserved - the KING! Great to see you included in Danny's video!

  • Jamie Jackson
    Jamie Jackson 18 days ago

    Another amazing video and complete masterclass.
    Absolute legend.

  • tom4
    tom4 18 days ago +1

    THANK YOU !!! best video ever. I knew I was not alone in this world :). And Ali Clarkson on the bullit !!!, and the level of these kids !!!!

  • David Sokald
    David Sokald 17 days ago

    That was great it brought a big smile to my face! Thanks everyone 🙂

  • Kerry Williams
    Kerry Williams 15 days ago

    Thank you Danny and crew for uniting us all with smiles as big as the fun. Love it! And love wheelies!

  • Gun Powder
    Gun Powder 18 days ago

    I love your videos man. You have created your own art form and it has such good vibes. Nothing but good feeling here 🖖

  • Gary Hall
    Gary Hall 18 days ago

    Another great video. Made me smile all the way through 😁👍🏼

  • Joel Lewis
    Joel Lewis 20 days ago +16

    Now we have inspiration to take our wheelies to the pro level! Thanks Danny! 😎👊🏼

  • Cool mtb
    Cool mtb 18 days ago +1

    Watching Danny makes you want to go out side and ride 🤘🤘🤘👍

  • James Proulx
    James Proulx 16 days ago

    What a great cast and video! Great riding from all, love it!

  • Paul Krapp
    Paul Krapp 11 days ago

    Thank you so much! I laughed and smiled through the entire video! 😀👍

  • RC world
    RC world 18 days ago +1

    The fact that this whole film is on one wheel is crazy!! Good job danny😀👍

  • Jerry Volpini
    Jerry Volpini 17 days ago +1

    Great video, a lot of fun! 👍 I loved that you put together all these great riders but Hans Rey - EPIC!

  • Jeff Kuria
    Jeff Kuria 5 days ago +1

    Great motivation 🔥🔥🔥

  • MTB Ohana
    MTB Ohana 18 days ago

    Every Danny MacAskill video pust me in a good mood, puts a smile on my face, and makes me want to ride my bike.

  • А Н
    А Н 18 days ago +4

    Cool... every time only positive. I find myself smiling, all time, that I watched this video. 😃👍🏻

  • kd blender
    kd blender 18 days ago +7

    That is way too much amazing !! I love it ! Every production of Danny is a motivation for me

  • B10H4CK3R
    B10H4CK3R 17 days ago

    What a buzz heavy loved it ❤️ super light hearted and really was some fantastic scenery in my home country and city of Glasgow.