• Published on Aug 15, 2019
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Comments • 9 690

  • Sahil Sanil
    Sahil Sanil 14 hours ago

    Simon is a straight up Bully fam 😂

  • Leo Ahhh19
    Leo Ahhh19 Day ago

    I love how they react when they see vikk Enchanting something they know they are done

  • Dave Yuiti
    Dave Yuiti 2 days ago


  • Alex Bernal
    Alex Bernal 3 days ago

    When Harry mocked Ethan about the diamond sword 😂😂😂

  • PFPO Joffels
    PFPO Joffels 3 days ago

    Team A took it way to far

  • Leizyj Ziur
    Leizyj Ziur 3 days ago

    Imagine if Tobi and Harry logged in together and killed them all... If that happened... Thats Gonna Be LEGENDARY

  • Air endercraft
    Air endercraft 4 days ago

    everybody is team b at the end nocie

  • Ergrko 01
    Ergrko 01 4 days ago

    Hate Simon so much

  • Rory Caven
    Rory Caven 4 days ago +1

    Which team are you supporting:
    Like team A (Josh, JJ, Simon, Ethan)
    Comment team B

  • Dawid Brzezicki
    Dawid Brzezicki 4 days ago

    Any team is terrible with JJ

  • Gaymaster12 3
    Gaymaster12 3 5 days ago


  • Xlightningx
    Xlightningx 9 days ago

    When they said revenge horrid henry popped into my head lol

  • ChosenALEX96 ST
    ChosenALEX96 ST 10 days ago

    Na na na na teleport in Harry Potter that was a massive c*** move

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird 11 days ago +2

    Vikk: "They know smoke is coming their way."
    *cut to Team B*
    JJ: "Seed water, mmmm..."

  • Luke Bradley
    Luke Bradley 12 days ago +1

    Fair play Team A for getting a hell load of revenge

  • sum ant
    sum ant 13 days ago

    harry the arsonist who set fire to the bushfires of australia

  • Everything Garrett
    Everything Garrett 14 days ago

    Anyone else see the emerald ore?

  • honey lola rio
    honey lola rio 14 days ago

    #team a

  • Sandy Brownsmith
    Sandy Brownsmith 15 days ago

    Go away vick,Harry and Tobi

  • Queen Maryawna
    Queen Maryawna 17 days ago

    Vikk is so fucking soft he should’ve let that bitch burn

  • Billsfan 2002
    Billsfan 2002 19 days ago

    PLEASE make more sidecraft videos

  • come to roast leave roasted

    its over once vik gets pissed

  • alysha
    alysha 20 days ago

    Vik & Toby are too pure they even put out the fire out 🤣

  • Krackers 45
    Krackers 45 21 day ago +1

    Unpopular opinion= team b is better

  • Molly Nethercote
    Molly Nethercote 21 day ago +1

    I hate team A

  • Soumik Pal
    Soumik Pal 22 days ago

    Team B is nothing but bunch of dickheads. Josh ruined it.

  • Flappybird 1232
    Flappybird 1232 22 days ago

    Why don’t u do a hunger games style game we’re Josh and vim are against everyone

  • Katie Rawr
    Katie Rawr 22 days ago +2

    Why are people pressed about Josh cheating? It's just a game 💀

    • darklord903
      darklord903 19 days ago

      Joel Kanamuli what?

    • Joel Kanamuli
      Joel Kanamuli 19 days ago +1

      @darklord903 sym

    • darklord903
      darklord903 21 day ago

      Thank you! People taking a game to heart is cringe! They're all having fun.

  • Viktor Bergman
    Viktor Bergman 23 days ago +2

    Tobi: why is our house burnt down?
    Harry: Absolute bumsniffers😡

  • Person
    Person 23 days ago

    So many people still salty about josh teleporting lmao.... it's just a game, there all still friends stop being a bunch of babies

  • The Nuk4
    The Nuk4 23 days ago

    Expert - Vikk
    Pro - Josh & Simon
    Amateur - Ethan & Tobi
    Beginner - Harry
    Super Noob - JJ
    Who are you? I’m more of an Ethan or Tobi

  • Kamaboko Gonpachiro
    Kamaboko Gonpachiro 23 days ago

    So far this is the most boring episode it’s just bc the fact that they teleported them and all the ppl are like “OoOh TeAm B iS aSs”
    But srsly why couldn’t they just grind ?? Get good and attack again my brain hurts...

  • cr7 gaytan
    cr7 gaytan 23 days ago

    B team is cheater

  • AV8R1 Gaming
    AV8R1 Gaming 23 days ago

    Vedio starts
    Tobi : what the fuck
    Why is our shit blown

  • Hafizur Rahman
    Hafizur Rahman 26 days ago


  • Joe_ GB
    Joe_ GB 26 days ago

    I hate Team B

  • SAMUKUN_99
    SAMUKUN_99 29 days ago +3

    I only come here to enjoy JJ’s incredible minecraft skills

  • DynaXIV
    DynaXIV 29 days ago

    Vikk is the dad of Team A

  • WaffleAMV
    WaffleAMV Month ago

    everyone's scared of minecraft veteran vikk and i'm loving it

  • PercyHD
    PercyHD Month ago

    I would like to see Josh and Vik in the same team..
    2 vs 5...

    Sad thing is...

    Vik and josh will probably win

  • Shadow325
    Shadow325 Month ago

    They blow up thier house and get salty about the retaliation... OK then ethan lol

  • B
    B Month ago

    Team A should've just joined back the server at the same time and kill team B

  • lil_k_7
    lil_k_7 Month ago

    When it comes to minecraft
    Jj: level -100 noob
    Vikk: level 1010 sweat

  • Rinesh -
    Rinesh - Month ago

    vik is the prick lmao

  • OliviaLikes X
    OliviaLikes X Month ago +1

    team A🥰🥰😍😍🥺🥺xx

  • alisha
    alisha Month ago

    they made tobi upset🥺

  • Akhawk
    Akhawk Month ago

    Let just put down some lava and say HeY bOiS
    -Vikk 2019

  • tired af
    tired af Month ago +1

    Fuck simon so much such a salty fuckhead

  • Xor
    Xor Month ago

    vikk just pulled a red team from H3M
    get the reference?
    probably not

  • Saigie
    Saigie Month ago

    They rlly be like “Let’s give it back” after they stole their enchantment table, anvil, farm, everything. 😂

  • Urban Bean
    Urban Bean Month ago

    why was tobi just fishing and not fixing the house ("/

  • bxwdy.__
    bxwdy.__ Month ago +1

    its funny how serious vikk is 😂

  • Zorawar Singh
    Zorawar Singh 2 months ago

    19:37 I love how JJ initiated the fight with Harry and when he realises that he will will fuck up, he runs away xD

  • Hamstermist
    Hamstermist 2 months ago

    Coming back to watch the series

  • Drew Floyd
    Drew Floyd 2 months ago

    I always hated that they destroyed the crops and the chest and theirs weren’t destroyed. And the viks team was just getting a little revenge.

  • Agent ulgrin
    Agent ulgrin 2 months ago

    Why does Vik use a axe to fight

  • ꧁Hugh Jass ꧂
    ꧁Hugh Jass ꧂ 2 months ago +1


  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 2 months ago

    Harry is that one fucking annoying teammate

  • luciano
    luciano 2 months ago

    Harry is cunt

  • Angelo Bartolome
    Angelo Bartolome 2 months ago

    Everybody needs to chill on Josh. Josh didn’t want to cheat in the first place. Simon is the one who talked him into it