Melanie Martinez - Class Fight [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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    Written and Directed by Melanie Martinez
    Executive Producers: Wes Teshome, Phil Botti & Ron Shapiro
    Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Tyler Zelinsky
    Co-Producer: Gergely Varga
    Co-Director: Alissa Torvinen
    Director of Photography: Josh McKie
    Choreography by Brian Friedman
    Production Design by Fernanda Guerrero
    Costume Design by Christina Flannery & Melanie Martinez
    Hair by William Blair
    Key Make Up: Devan Weitzman
    Special FX Make Up: Mo Meinhart
    Edited by Niles Howard & Emilie Aubry
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Hodges
    Post Producer: Seth Josephson
    Music by Melanie Martinez & Michael Keenan
    Casting by Anissa Williams, Zora DeHorter & Attila Mercel
    Crybaby: Melanie Martinez
    Angelita: Emma Harvey
    Kelly: Maggie Budzyna
    Ms Daphne: Anna Wittman
    Brandon: Vilmos Heim

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  • Nicola Słoniewska

    To jest głupie 👎🏻

  • Janeddy Perez
    Janeddy Perez Hour ago

    Melanie is me the bully gurl is mi bully

  • Guii Silva
    Guii Silva Hour ago

    i loved this version

  • •Miłi Thė Nėkö•

    La profesora se estaba drogando :vvvv

  • Eenee Enkhjin
    Eenee Enkhjin 2 hours ago

    Nice klip

  • Eenee Enkhjin
    Eenee Enkhjin 2 hours ago

    Nice song

  • Vixi, Pan!
    Vixi, Pan! 2 hours ago

  • Gustavo Alfredo
    Gustavo Alfredo 2 hours ago


  • Gustavo Alfredo
    Gustavo Alfredo 2 hours ago


  • gacha miciocorno
    gacha miciocorno 2 hours ago

    I told my music teacher to play it on TV and he did. Now we should play it with the cup song before Christmas

  • Maria Cecilia
    Maria Cecilia 3 hours ago


  • Kima Hrahsel
    Kima Hrahsel 4 hours ago

    It's came out on my birthday

  • Layla Bloom
    Layla Bloom 7 hours ago

    Melanie: chocking kelly with her hair
    Her friend: *SMILES*

  • Kayla Soulsby
    Kayla Soulsby 7 hours ago

    Did you see what she was wearing it was embarrassing for everyone and I told her that’s ugly... Kelly wears exact same dress

  • darkslayer 11YT
    darkslayer 11YT 9 hours ago +1


  • Fernanda Estrada
    Fernanda Estrada 12 hours ago +1

    *Part 2 of pacify her?*
    *Kelly looks like the girl*
    *Kelly hates Melanie for be near with her crush like the other girl*
    *Melanie still hate her*
    *The girl of pacify her has no name AND no voice AND the boy too.*
    *Kelly left the blue boy? Or Brandon its the blue boy?*
    *IDK •____•*

  • Ashley LMFAO Wasssup
    Ashley LMFAO Wasssup 13 hours ago

    The teacher was just sitting there doing crack

  • Lucy Castaño
    Lucy Castaño 14 hours ago

    Amo esa cansion y te Quiero Decir que ojala puedas aser mas cansiones asi😍😍

  • TzuyuX -
    TzuyuX - 15 hours ago

    This song is addicting

  • Kenneth Oden
    Kenneth Oden 15 hours ago

    Teacher on crack when students start to fight

  • Kenneth Oden
    Kenneth Oden 15 hours ago

    Making this video so sad but when you say your helping your not and I opp

  • Kenneth Oden
    Kenneth Oden 15 hours ago


  • Henry Berrios
    Henry Berrios 15 hours ago +1

    Kelly:carries around a knife(ya know just in case if she has to kill someone)... totally normal
    Melenie Martinez:black eyes
    Comment for Kelly and like for melenie

  • SunneeeCat Sunshine
    SunneeeCat Sunshine 16 hours ago

    The playground is for show
    Me: 2:57
    Yo that fricken child abuse

  • Adrian
    Adrian 17 hours ago

    My teacher: Homework!!
    Me: 2:56

  • Gabriel Guimarães
    Gabriel Guimarães 17 hours ago

    Melanie você tem que fazer um clipe de você fazendo o mesmo com ela

  • Lindsay Steffy
    Lindsay Steffy 18 hours ago

    Are all of those people your friends irl

  • Erick Moreira
    Erick Moreira 18 hours ago +1


  • vanoss gamer
    vanoss gamer 18 hours ago

    Is mad hatter the first to come up with k-12? Because if you go on the song mad hatter and than at the end her eyes are black????

  • Annie tiltada
    Annie tiltada 19 hours ago +1

    Daddy to me go

  • Maykla
    Maykla 19 hours ago +1

    Мне не нравится этот клип.
    все действия в клипе под слова не подходят,слова-отдельно,действия-отдельно.
    Это бесит😐😒

  • The Awesome Shiro or Something

    Daddy chimed in: *STAY AWAY FROM BOYS*

  • J Lopes
    J Lopes 19 hours ago +1

    Melanie: Gives him eraser Kelly: Mah lord I'm going to literally cut this woman's knee , (Before I do something else stupid and probably get grounded.... 00:51 Melanie: Bruh -_-

  • Giulia Lana
    Giulia Lana 20 hours ago

    this album is wonderful!!

  • Stephanie Walsh
    Stephanie Walsh 20 hours ago

    Like the punching was simple but a you now

  • Its Ya Gurl. fOrTnItE
    Its Ya Gurl. fOrTnItE 21 hour ago +1

    2:52 since when are teachers doing drugs

  • Kawaii Muffin
    Kawaii Muffin 21 hour ago


  • ßåñ'ýø
    ßåñ'ýø 21 hour ago

    А**еть мне бы такие косы

  • Goldie_ Playz
    Goldie_ Playz 21 hour ago

    The best part was:
    Teacher: what the FUCK?
    Mellanie:her face was fucked up and my hand's were bloody 😂😂😂 i died😂😂😂
    (sry. Im bad at English ;-; ) (that place were on 02:57 )

  • Astrid Amaro
    Astrid Amaro 22 hours ago


  • 『ɛʋǟաօʀʟɖ』
    『ɛʋǟաօʀʟɖ』 23 hours ago

    me encanta la reaccion del 0:52

  • boki the king 1#
    boki the king 1# 23 hours ago

    You super 😀😀😀😀😀😀☺☺☺☺

  • boki the king 1#
    boki the king 1# 23 hours ago +1

    Super you my idol

  • Bessie Ganguin
    Bessie Ganguin 23 hours ago

    Honestly one of my fave Melanie Martinez songs

  • Møňïķą łïfĕ
    Møňïķą łïfĕ 23 hours ago

    Неужели от зависти такое можно сделать?!

  • ——NANCY_ CHAN——

    What the phuck😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Pawel Pronczuk
    Pawel Pronczuk Day ago

    Ha that's what you get you get chocked

  • Nhut Nguyen
    Nhut Nguyen Day ago


  • Thu Nga
    Thu Nga Day ago

    2:58 what to fuck

  • Shiro Uzumaki
    Shiro Uzumaki Day ago


  • ꧁Namida꧂ Bombsquad-Gacha Life

    melanie know she's power



  • teacher's pet
    teacher's pet Day ago +1

    leaves: *start floating*
    melanie to kelly: *yOu MaDe mE MaD*

  • Christian
    Christian Day ago +1

    i need to see her perform this song one more time 😍😍😍😫does anyone else except me wish the actual song had the ukulele or whatever that instrument is playing at the end with the violin 🥺😍😍

  • xCameronx
    xCameronx Day ago

    Kelly should br the one who is arrested. I MEaN! She used a fricking knife that was probabky not allowed in the school premises!!!

  • Michelle Tsau
    Michelle Tsau Day ago +1

    Melanie: Does something anyone would do to be nice
    Kelly: *Glares* “want me to mess up that little pretty face of yours?”

  • James Baxter
    James Baxter Day ago

    Was i the only one that noticed that Mrs. Teacher had a sick rail of Pablo Escobar she just took straight to her face! But had not one but two sidecars lined up ready to go.?

  • tracy baltazar
    tracy baltazar Day ago

    Melanie:Kelly got a fat @$$
    Me:but she dont have an @$$

  • kookie your friend

    wooo~ i love some good ol karma

  • Nerdygamer8 Baihao
    Nerdygamer8 Baihao Day ago +2

    1:00 "daddy chimed in go for the throat"
    What i heard: "daddy john lin go for the throat"