We Asked 100 People if They've Ever Cheated | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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    We Asked 100 People if They've Ever Cheated | Keep it 100 | Cut
    #Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge
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Comments • 6 905

  • Kijura -
    Kijura - 39 minutes ago

    2:57 I feel offended, why I dont have a boyfriend? I'm might a girl 4:56 the weeknd also cheated lul

  • cam mann
    cam mann Hour ago

    These are totally made up. Like, one of the women was in the one video saying she was in her first relationship and now is in the video saying she cheated on someone. How Sway?

  • Hyacinth Niemann
    Hyacinth Niemann Hour ago

    Just breakup. There's really no reason to cheat other than to feel powerful.

  • laurence momberg
    laurence momberg 3 hours ago +1

    “You feel horrible, I don’t know guys can do it” she said that like only guys cheat. 🤒😂 she’s so narrow minded obviously

  • Cyrxn
    Cyrxn 6 hours ago

    Shit like this is why I'm a misanthrope.

  • suvignan pothuraju
    suvignan pothuraju 7 hours ago

    If i have been cheated i just leave them and i don't want be judgemental or abusive towards them.

  • iTz Olie
    iTz Olie 10 hours ago

    Been cheated on twice and now I feel like I’m worth less than dirt. But hey their lives are fine.

  • kudoz
    kudoz 11 hours ago

    0:23 who is he he looks like inosuke a bittt

  • C Cook11600
    C Cook11600 12 hours ago

    Please pause at 28 and just take it all in😂

  • Lukas Richards
    Lukas Richards 13 hours ago

    That first girl deserves a slap in the face she’s arrogant as fuck

  • Naomi Henry
    Naomi Henry 17 hours ago

    Yo cut you guys need to move to New York I wanna be on this so bad ☹️

  • samana1fromsomalia
    samana1fromsomalia 17 hours ago

    Cheaters eat shit because you suck!

  • Marilyn15
    Marilyn15 21 hour ago

    It's very telling how they all answered the question

  • Rach H
    Rach H 22 hours ago +1

    “Never been in a relationship, so no.” Relatable af

  • Veqo
    Veqo Day ago

    2:07 i WaS sExUaLLy cOnfUsEd
    so yeah valid excuse to cheat on your bf/gf

  • Alex Callaghan
    Alex Callaghan Day ago

    The one that said “you have a girlfriend, you suck” shouldn’t be in here, they’re obviously thinking all cheaters are male (which even this study disproves) and are probably homophobic if they think like that

  • Casonhall
    Casonhall Day ago

    If you don't trust the person, then don't date them. If you look at your boyfriend or girlfriend and think they might cheat on you, then break up with them. There is no point in a relationship if you can't trust them all the time.

  • Fah미나
    Fah미나 Day ago

    I hope the cheaters read the comments.

  • Gbitty X
    Gbitty X Day ago

    Listen to all these liars

  • Leonel Castañarez

    How can you laugh at the thought of ruining someones trust...it's sad man

  • Kendall uwu
    Kendall uwu 2 days ago

    I've gotten cheated on
    now i have trust issues
    thank you for corrupting my senses

  • MooMoo India
    MooMoo India 2 days ago

    3:16 meee! So technically i havent cheated.

  • shelly young
    shelly young 2 days ago


  • Loitering Rambler
    Loitering Rambler 2 days ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like this guy who reviews food in a crazy weird gay way

  • The_Broken_God
    The_Broken_God 2 days ago

    1:58 This shit happened to me multiple times. Being confused is not a fucking excuse for being a shitty person. I hope her skin rots off her bones.

  • Levi Ryan
    Levi Ryan 2 days ago

    i cheated on my first girlfriend ever because the relationship had become long-distance after 8 months without me having any say in the matter. she moved in with her mother who she was taken from by cps as a child, dyed her hair, became uncomfortably sexual and abusive, and told me that if i ever left her that she would hurt/kill herself and it would be my fault. i fell in love with a different girl who knew i had a girlfriend but didnt care because she had fallen in love with me, too. i thought that by keeping my girlfriend in the dark that i wouldnt be hurting either of them, because the old girl had someone to emotionally abuse and manipulate, and the new girl had someone to be in love with. it was a shitty thing to do, and looking back on it, i realize that it was bad. i ruined the original girlfriends life and havent spoken to her in years, and the second girl did move on eventually, but it took her a while, and shes been distrusting of guys ever since. i hate when cheating is always portrayed as someone being an utterly piece of shit person, because i had no choice. i was drowning in an abusive, shitty relationship, so i did what any drowning person would do: swim to the closest shore. im not trying to justify my actions by any means, but theres two sides to every story.
    thank you for reading my story, it means a lot to me. the cheating also had a very negative long-term affect on me; 3 years later and when i think of either girl i start to cry. my current (very loving and supportive) girlfriend of almost 2 years told me it would be healthy to talk about this whole situation, so here i am. much love to you guys.

  • charles parent
    charles parent 2 days ago

    Some people cheat, some people dont cheat, and there is me, who just never had a relationship.

  • Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez 2 days ago

    You can't be a cheater if all your relationships have only been sexual and both individuals knew it.

  • HejterStefan sadas
    HejterStefan sadas 2 days ago

    Btw this first girl was in a vid your worst brake up and she said she was in here 1st rlsh and now shis jere...

  • Olivia Macdonald
    Olivia Macdonald 2 days ago +3

    It’s sad how the people who have cheated either laugh about or try to
    justify it when in reality they ruined a relationship and someone’s self confidence.

  • boom pyro
    boom pyro 2 days ago

    i did cheat one time.....

    now i have 6.5 billion dollars in gta

  • raydaveed
    raydaveed 2 days ago

    "Cheating is the worst" :
    Nope i don't think so.
    The problem is exclusivity is never trully discussed and always taboo-ed. If you are going to be with one person the rest of your life, it's going to be more than sex, feelings and sex work together but are two distinct things. You are not necessarily going to satisfied this part forever. So it depends of the couple. Best case scenario is to at some point be open and spoken about it. No secrets. Then working around it.

  • RiaRia
    RiaRia 3 days ago +1

    Yes I have cheated on...

    On my math test

  • Maria 44
    Maria 44 3 days ago +2

    3:16 Awh you’ll find someone :(

  • RudonsTV
    RudonsTV 3 days ago

    ''Have you ever cheated?''
    ''I have tunnel vision''
    00:32 lol

  • Darren Counihan
    Darren Counihan 3 days ago +42

    When a cheater laughs at cheating, it's pretty disgusting.

  • 1Million Subscribers without videos

    I have never cheated and people think I'm that type of person it's kinda sad

  • AF
    AF 3 days ago

    0:18 omg who is heee

  • M A
    M A 3 days ago

    No, but i considered it to get out of an abusive and manipulative relationship

  • Burkeeboy 69
    Burkeeboy 69 3 days ago

    At 0:28 what is he wearing?

  • Liverpool 4Life
    Liverpool 4Life 4 days ago +1

    2:24 “ u feel horrible, I don’t know how guys can do it” says the bitch who just said she did it and knows joe it feels so fucking sexist

  • Isabella Olsen
    Isabella Olsen 4 days ago

    Dude said “No but I’m open to it” 😂😂

  • Mika_ Anagno
    Mika_ Anagno 4 days ago

    Losing hope in humanity

  • Alberto Ferrer
    Alberto Ferrer 4 days ago

    3:47 well I think things don't work like that

  • Kay Khamarnii
    Kay Khamarnii 4 days ago

    Respect yourself enough to respect other people.

  • Mr. Muun
    Mr. Muun 4 days ago

    2:20 ''You feel horrible, i don't know how GUYS can do it''... that made me pissed of, i'd just love to be in this studio and correct everyone saying stupid shit like that. like ''bih, you're a girl and YOU CHEATED, whatchu mean GuYs?!''.

  • Tay Loser
    Tay Loser 4 days ago

    Just be grateful with the person you have, some people don't have someone to love them...

  • Isucc Long
    Isucc Long 4 days ago

    1:15 are you proud of that? you see disgustingly nonchalant about it

  • Helen Mehari
    Helen Mehari 4 days ago

    But no I am open to it 😂😭😭😅😅😅😅

  • Amy Braswell
    Amy Braswell 5 days ago


  • Allyson Ayala
    Allyson Ayala 5 days ago

    Nice of Cut to show the cheaters off so everyone knows to avoid them lol

  • Tui
    Tui 5 days ago

    0:28 even a robot 🤖 is more honest than people

    LONG LIVE JAHSEH 5 days ago

    2:58 Lil Wayne?

  • Abijeet Rajasekaran
    Abijeet Rajasekaran 5 days ago +26

    I hate when people use their sexuality as a means to justify cheating.

    • mork
      mork Day ago

      Cuptain Capcake that’s invalid. The definition of cheating does not encompass excuses, there is no excuse. I don’t care if a person struggles with their sexuality, they should not do it.

    • Abijeet Rajasekaran
      Abijeet Rajasekaran Day ago

      @Cuptain Capcake Plus, I don't really understand how cheating is a "complex process". Like I get that there are multiple factors that contribute to that decision, but it ultimately comes down to the selfishness of an individual and is thus condemnable. Justifying cheating by saying it's a very complicated conundrum sounds like something a cheater would say.

    • Abijeet Rajasekaran
      Abijeet Rajasekaran Day ago

      @Cuptain Capcake What? I don't think I understand. I'm talking about people that say stuff like "I'm bisexual, I don't like to choose." or something along the lines of blaming their incompetence in maintaining your monogomous relationship on their sexuality.

    • Cuptain Capcake
      Cuptain Capcake Day ago +1

      It’s a tough process and it’s much more complex than “blaming it on your sexuality”

  • Zayde Sharaf
    Zayde Sharaf 5 days ago

    0:27 be looking like he was assimilated

  • AyAyRon
    AyAyRon 5 days ago +1

    Police: How can we be sure that you didn't murder this man?

    Me: 0:27

  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 5 days ago

    “No but I’m open to it” WHAT 😂

  • Koan Morris
    Koan Morris 5 days ago

    sexual cuddling 😂😂😂

  • chainsaw gutsfuck
    chainsaw gutsfuck 5 days ago

    YES but he was beating me and i was too afraid to leave, so i secretly was with a girl

  • Salome A
    Salome A 6 days ago

    Cheating is disgusting