The Love My Husky Gives Will Make You Smile!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • The Love My Husky Gives Will Make You Smile!
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Comments • 318

  • Veronica
    Veronica  +296

    I love the way his ears go back. It must be great coming home to him.

  • Michael Jandreau

    Such a good boy, he must miss you everytime you go on a errand.

  • TopDog8762

    So cuddly. I see this often, God knew we would need unconditional love to make it thru life so he sent angels disguised as dogs to be our companions.

  • Lewis
    Lewis  +64

    Yeah, there's no way any person on this planet wouldn't say AWWWWW to key... he's way too cute 🥰

  • Joe Dionisio

    D'aaaawww, Key just gives you so much reason to come home, if only to see just how much he truly missed you when you were gone.

  • Liz Downing

    Well you have to give props to his communication skills, no way to confuse his desire for butt scratches 😂

  • Carole Roseburgh

    I just love key, How could anyone not love him. He's so cute.have a awesome day Jodi and grandma. 🙋🏽❤️👍🏽. He's really human wearing a fur coat‼️😂😅😁.

  • sabrina 1111

    The best thing about Key's greeting is how calm, sweet and loving he is. What a nice way to come back to your house!

  • Marieke
    Marieke  +22

    Watching Key brightens my day 🙂

  • Saddaddrummer

    Short one's, long one's, they're always the best ones.

  • AidaJof
    AidaJof  +6

    How can you resist that face? No one with half a heart could ... He deserves all the belly rubs he wants❤❤❤

  • Cassie Smith

    There's nothing cuter than when a dog loses their ears with happiness! 🥰

  • JordanRA

    Thank you so much for sharing these videos with us! Key is such a cute goofball, always makes me laugh 😂❤

  • Dina Vaz
    Dina Vaz  +12

    Oh that sweet precious face! He’s a lovey dovey boy!! 💗🤗💗🤗

  • Eila
    Eila  +9

    Aaaw Key always makes me smile😭

  • Samantha Henwood

    So so cute how can you not love that face!!!! Key completely & utterly loves & adores you Jodie!!!

  • Chienhui Chung

    Oh, what bliss it is to come home everyday to such a loveable, fluffy face. Thank you Jodie for sharing Key with the world!

  • Reema Mathur

    He becomes like a young pup who is quietly waiting for mum to be back😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕


    Awe I hear the love in the voice of Jodie's mother as well, so sweet.

  • David Charles iannotti

    This definitely made me smile.🙂 Thank you Jodie.