Chickens: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on May 18, 2015
  • John Oliver explains how chicken farming can be unfair, punishing, and inhumane. And not just for the chickens!
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Comments • 7 337

  • Jay witha Dee
    Jay witha Dee 22 hours ago

    What’s kfc?

  • Joe Boxer
    Joe Boxer 2 days ago

    While listening to this truly sad story, I couldn’t help wonder how many of such cheated farmers voted for Donald Trump?

  • ysa :P
    ysa :P 3 days ago

    If those Disney chicken nuggets aren't called "MickNuggets", I will cry.

  • rose smith
    rose smith 4 days ago

    I bought some chicks one day and two of them turned out to be cornish crosses which grow so fast that all my chickes were same age but the cornish crosses were 3 times bigger and I did not give them any medicated food or hormones, I got these chickens as pets, and I was shocked how fast and big they got that I have to slaughter them and it was mostly meat, not fat, (they are dumpy chickens, they get so big then cant stand and walk very long before they plop down. it was just to inhumane to let them continue, I tried to find someone to take them or thehumane society wouldnt take them. I gave them normal life, since they were supposed to be pets not food. it hurt me to kill them. but anyway the cornish crosses were always hungry. so I will be very careful what chickens I get in the future.

  • Maria Eduarda Rocha
    Maria Eduarda Rocha 5 days ago

    armadillo actually tastes pretty good....

  • Le Khoa
    Le Khoa 6 days ago

    Thanks to the show, now I know that there’s a ton of issues taking place in America.

  • systematic101
    systematic101 7 days ago

    it should be illegal for a politician to take money from a business. It should also be illegal for a politician to work for a company after they leave office for a set number of years.

  • systematic101
    systematic101 7 days ago

    I avoid all of this BS by buying directly from a farm that raises their own livestock. I currently have 2 farmers. Both do beef but only 1 do chicken and turkey. They hatch their own birds.

  • Bleached bee.
    Bleached bee. 7 days ago +3

    *top is firsthand story about chicken plants, bottom is about the chickens!*
    I live in small town Kansas, and we fought like no tomorrow to keep a Tyson plant out of our town. They ravage farms with their runoff and smell for a mile radius. If our protesting didn’t work, many friends of mine (and my family!) would have lost a water source due to contamination, had crops ruined and had the stench of chicken plant radiating through our home.
    Also, my family rescued some chickens from a different plant b4 they were taken, and we got one with a LITERAL HOLE IN ITS NECK! They also had almost no feathers, peck wounds and overgrown beaks/broken beaks. Some didn’t even last a year and some are still kickin it. I have had a few chickens since I was little, just for fun, and they have personalities and souls just like a dog or cat would! I had one that would sit on my shoulder like a parrot, and no living thing deserves to be treated like chickens in plants!

  • Pichu
    Pichu 8 days ago

    This is fucking awful, I live in America and knew a little on how badly chickens are treated bad, but this fucking stupid.

  • Pichu
    Pichu 8 days ago

    This is fucking awful, I live in America and knew a little on how badly chickens are treated bad, but this fucking stupid.

  • O Corley
    O Corley 9 days ago

    Bet they're never hungry tho, maybe poor af but not hungry😒

  • moonjude1
    moonjude1 11 days ago

    A fucking men. I have told the local yahoos in Randolph county Arkansas for yrs now that they are chicken fuckers. Wheres the t shirt?

  • Peter Kleinman
    Peter Kleinman 11 days ago

    Host John Oliver is other than a latter day version of Will Rogers. But maybe master Will is looking out with approval on John and Team LWT.

  • FaustusFBI 3760
    FaustusFBI 3760 13 days ago

    I have a theory that not only a lack of health produces disease and ailments but also an over abundance of it. This may concern things like rashes and skin disorders, allergies, cancers, mental health, and many other areas. We may need a balance and a normal amount of unhealthiness in order to remain healthy. What people need is a prescription for junk food and skipping showers. There's evidence in fat storage and Spanish immunity over the Native Americans...Where else? These people are so healthy it's disgusting, sickly, and weak. I think people have an abundance of health and immunity that is storing "fats.". They need a little grit or tooth in their system. We can bring back oil, pollution, dirty cities, beef, eggs and vegetable oil, pasteurized milk, and anything else "unhealthy."

  • john sakowicz
    john sakowicz 14 days ago


  • CheezSamurai
    CheezSamurai 14 days ago

    16:11 best part

  • Emmanuel U
    Emmanuel U 15 days ago


  • Wendy Galecki
    Wendy Galecki 18 days ago

    Alligator tastes like cheap canned tuna but with the *consistency* of chicken. The taste does not mate well with the consistency. Made me gag. Severely. I could not eat it.

  • xtension xward
    xtension xward 18 days ago

    kid in front of aTV : Mom Mom ! my dad is a potential chicken fucker XD

  • Thomas C.
    Thomas C. 20 days ago

    The poor chicken farmers taken advantaged of by big corporations with enormous clout should be supported by people power! And John Oliver is giving them that chance by publicly shaming these public servants who sided with big corporations because of greed.

  • Free GamerGuy
    Free GamerGuy 22 days ago +3

    Why does chicken farming sound like communism
    The company gives you the chickens
    Then the government sells the chickens
    Then the government distributes wealth

  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis 23 days ago

    I see that 2.3 K chickenfuckers have come here to downvote this video so far.

  • Jackson Dunnell
    Jackson Dunnell 24 days ago

    *Sandor Clegane has entered the chat*

  • Alexa Erwin
    Alexa Erwin 25 days ago

    Michael Welch "160 million chicks a week" looks like Colonel Sanders from KFC, chicken's empire greed written all over his face

  • Mandycat Cureton
    Mandycat Cureton 26 days ago

    The price you pay for dealing in the blood and flesh trade. I wish I could have sympathy, but I don’t.

  • angel maggot
    angel maggot 27 days ago

    Ghost Chickens in the

  • mike askme
    mike askme 28 days ago

    This sounds like a chance or a ideal to sell directly to the consumer, farm to table take out the middle man.

  • Thisismyfandom
    Thisismyfandom 29 days ago +3

    + yet vegans are the preachy ones and animal agriculture is run by mom-and-pop farms isn't it. hm.

    • AmberAmbitions
      AmberAmbitions 15 days ago

      Well, yes, but the thing is, he specifically said the companies put harsh regulations on how the chickens must be housed and treated.
      Vegans, at their core, are anti-animal exploitation, and any agricultural use of animals is inherently exploitation. Yes, some animals, like sheep, need that to survive. Those are fine, they need someone to cut their wool, as long as that someone isn't treating them poorly, then it's fine. But in cases like chickens, where they can and do survive in the wild without human intervention, and eggs don't need to be removed for them to survive, then they are against that.

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten

    Capitalism ladies and gentlemen.

  • Rohan Kd
    Rohan Kd Month ago

    16:44 Birthplace of the Nationwide ad with Tori Kelly

  • Prathamesh Jiwatode

    Marcy kupter's name was also in the list at the end, 😂😂😂 dude correct

  • Spondoolie
    Spondoolie Month ago

    Go vegan

  • katelyn nicholas
    katelyn nicholas Month ago

    *_look at all those chickens_*

  • Member A. I. F.
    Member A. I. F. Month ago

    And four years later...Steve Womack is still in office. Not quite sure what Arkansas's waiting for.

    DRUMMERGUY 007 Month ago

    1:41 Paul McCartney

  • Justin Vega
    Justin Vega Month ago

    Everything tastes like chicken?
    Yup the Matrix fucked up along the way and the machines were too lazy to pick up the tastes along the way. Sons of bitches

  • Efrain Rodarte
    Efrain Rodarte Month ago


  • BoboHobo
    BoboHobo Month ago +1

    You forgot that everything looks like a penis.

  • Aaron Polichio
    Aaron Polichio Month ago

    we live in the matrix AI made every thing taste like chicken.

  • Alena S
    Alena S Month ago

    This video was the last nudge for me deciding to commit to vegetarianism.

  • Michael Zinns
    Michael Zinns Month ago

    This is a perfect example of the problem with unregulated capitalism in every industry in this country. Big money runs Washington.

  • crypticarus
    crypticarus Month ago

    god, i love that he eats the chicken and the SPITS IT OUT
    like, i know it's cus he couldn't waste the time on chewing it and swallowing as he needed to continue talking and continue the show, but still hahaha

  • Dean
    Dean Month ago

    woot! =D

  • The Electrician
    The Electrician Month ago

    Many people suggest the angle should be about not eating chicken altogether or simply going vegan totally buy you cannot implement a government policy to regulate eating habits.

  • xratedvixen
    xratedvixen Month ago

    They may produce that much chicken, but how much is wasted?

  • Στέλιος Δούκας

    Why aren't the workers in America unionizing?

    • juu
      juu 16 days ago

      I just got a job at home depot and they made me watch an anti-union video and told me to report anyone trying to unionize.

    • mike askme
      mike askme 28 days ago

      you must not know anything about America, Unions are dirty words here.

    • Alex Medley
      Alex Medley Month ago

      @Στέλιος Δούκας Thanks for asking. Getting the word out is the goal. 💕

    • Στέλιος Δούκας
      Στέλιος Δούκας Month ago +1

      @Alex Medley I mean ...that's just fucked up. I figured it would be something like that though.Thanks for your reply!

    • Alex Medley
      Alex Medley Month ago +1

      The amount of anti-union propaganda put out by business owners/large corporations and the threat of retaliation in the form of job loss, personal defamation, or collective punishment makes workers afraid to unionize. The propaganda is insane. In one of the first grocery jobs I worked in, there were fliers up everywhere that reminded people that unions would take advantage of workers and destroy profits. We were also required to watch an anti-union video provided by the company when someone proposed forming one and the managers found out about it.

  • Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I

    Solution you don’t need to eat chicken on every meal everyday year around. Corporations are scum but we have enable them every step of the way.

  • Anita Thomas
    Anita Thomas Month ago

    The big corporations are killing us all...They control the government not ...We the people

  • Tom Roberts
    Tom Roberts Month ago

    too often, these are the demographics that support Trump and the GOP. They crow about "bad government" and ignore that these are industry rules set in a private marketplace - they are angry at the wrong source. And then they double-down by voting GOP, the party that strengthens and protects industries that have preyed on farmers for more than 40 years. I kind of lose sympathy after all this time because, as any conservative or libertarian would tell you, "it's your choice, it's your fault."

  • Botanica 2012
    Botanica 2012 Month ago +6

    Easy - just stop eating chicken and help farmers produce plant based chicken nuggets.

  • Sally Bowles
    Sally Bowles Month ago

    Warren Beatty numbers :D :D

  • sean callahan
    sean callahan Month ago

    That Vet is a good human. Love people like him who take no shit.

  • Jun Yin
    Jun Yin Month ago +1

    Surprisingly it takes an English man to save poorly informed Americans.

  • Captain Y. Submarine

    I stopped eating I went vegan.

  • Faisal Hafeez
    Faisal Hafeez Month ago

    Would anyone be willing to eat insects instead of chicken? Much more environmentally friendly and we can treat insects better.

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty Month ago

    The really sad story about all this .. Is that yet once again Big Business Interests & Your Government has the American Farmer & worker bent over and if you try tell anyone they will financially bury you . Your farm will go into Foreclosure your worker's fired Or loose there jobs . They have us living but just barely while our Government bails them out with Tax payer dollars cuts the taxes so they can purchase back there own stock so the CEO get huge bonus checks while the Farmer & worker are stretched out so thin that if the worker has to miss even one day's pay Or the farmer has a 10% cut by the Corporate interests they are financially devastated . So the moral to the story is either shut up say nothing & keep on producing more with less and hopefully if everything stays about the same in price and none of the costs for anything go up you can just about break even and pay your workers ..Hey fella's Maybe you noticed that over the past 40 yrs But take a good look at who fiscal quarter after fiscal quarter need's a corn hauler to take the company profits to the Bank ? and if you look real good look at who is driving ? Yeppper it's you it's your driving it's your sweat it's your effort ..When was the last time you needed more than an envelope to take a deposit to your fucking Bank ? So you keep on listening to these scumbags talk about less Corporate regulation and what that is actually code for is . THEY FUCK YOU MORE ...YOU EARN LESS ...YOU GET SCREWED THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVEN LESS.. That is what Deregulation is code for ...So My God people try and remember that in November ..There is NO WAY TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . With the same lousy double talking SOB in office I'm sorry people .. it's just NOT gonna happen. I'm sorry ..

  • Remarkable Rapport
    Remarkable Rapport Month ago

    I’ve watched 20 of these in the last 7 days. I’ve been missing out.

  • Abdullah Hamad
    Abdullah Hamad Month ago +1

    There are 65 restaurants within a five mile radius of me. I see a lot of meat getting sold, but I don't see any livestock or chickens or animals supplying that meat. Soylent Green is indeed made of: People.

  • Frank Heuvelman
    Frank Heuvelman Month ago

    Why I don't like America.

  • Frank Heuvelman
    Frank Heuvelman Month ago

    The whole world is private asset.

  • queenredspecial
    queenredspecial Month ago

    This is so utterly gross.

  • rotten otten o
    rotten otten o Month ago

    I love chicken. 🎶🍗

  • HT200
    HT200 Month ago +1

    They don't even get sunlight? Try imagining humans in their place. Maybe then people will be moved to do something.

  • jacksputrid
    jacksputrid Month ago

    .... #oliver2024

  • MrFunnyGuy015
    MrFunnyGuy015 Month ago

    I think this video about chickens is probably even more depressing than the usual ones about the factory farms. 😲

  • Danyil Underwood
    Danyil Underwood 2 months ago

    Too bad all those people talking all vote Republican, you know, cuz deregulation is good for Uhmerrika

  • Danyil Underwood
    Danyil Underwood 2 months ago

    Thank God there are no unions in the South!

  • Ismael Ouedraogo
    Ismael Ouedraogo 2 months ago


  • No-Conspiracy No-Jobs
    No-Conspiracy No-Jobs 2 months ago

    No shark meat

  • californiakayaker N6GRG

    Does this include the egg business ?

  • pwillow blossom
    pwillow blossom 2 months ago

    corporations are the fucking devil

  • varun009
    varun009 2 months ago

    I'm not eating chicken anymore. We've got a lot of invasive green iguanas here in South florida and they do taste just like chicken. Fuck these companies.

    AGENT X SECURITY 2 months ago +1


  • Edgekiller3
    Edgekiller3 2 months ago

    Why did I fuck you over vs 10% battery life

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 2 months ago

    It is a shame that corporations lie to people then hold the consumers' feet to the fire because they signed a contract but the corporation doesn't hold up their end of the deal.😬

  • random earthling
    random earthling 2 months ago

    Don't eat living beings please! All animals in this industry suffer.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 2 months ago +1

    Who the hell actually isn't vegan yet? Do you realize that we're waking people up to the horrors of factory farming (regardless of species) every single day? If you haven't considered a real job yet... then that's on you assholes, that's on you.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 2 months ago

    Who's for fried chicken?

  • Robert Corbett
    Robert Corbett 2 months ago

    The industry has been like this for a long time. So do your research before entering it. And they are cruel to the chickens. So I have no sympathy for the chicken farmers.

  • Eleanor Fudge
    Eleanor Fudge 2 months ago

    I musta read through a whole crapton of comments, hoping for some hero to have said from what movie that Sean Connery quote and no luck but I NEED TO KNOW! I guess I'll go quote-hunting on Google.

    • Eleanor Fudge
      Eleanor Fudge Month ago

      @Frankcast11 Wait, seriously?! I've SEEN that movie! A whole buncha times! I mean, sure, they were all like 15 years ago but how did I not know this was from The Rock, I friggin' love that movie!
      Either way, thank you, kind Internet Person.

    • Frankcast11
      Frankcast11 Month ago

      The Rock

  • mofoyouknow B
    mofoyouknow B 2 months ago

    Wish someone would snap that ass hole corporate attorneys neck like a chicken

  • mofoyouknow B
    mofoyouknow B 2 months ago

    STOP VOTING for the anti American worker party
    .........the Republican party is a corporate shill party

  • mofoyouknow B
    mofoyouknow B 2 months ago

    Boy bet those corporations hated those tax cuts they got. Keep voting Republican , they will fuck you every chance they get.

  • SirWBVentura
    SirWBVentura 2 months ago

    Another video justifying my misanthropy (hatred/distrust of mankind) & that [human] overpopulation is real. This I know is true... What did you learn today? He's another fact: Mankind is a festering parasite, relentlessly draining it's host dry.

  • Quality Toy Review!
    Quality Toy Review! 2 months ago

    I'd like to see a follow up on this

  • 96fps_from_mars
    96fps_from_mars 2 months ago

    I think LastWeekTonight should occasionally go back to old topics and cover how the situation has changed/improved

  • coolvips
    coolvips 2 months ago +16

    Unfortunately the same farmers most likely voted for Trump who want to remove all regulation.

    • Kyle Frank
      Kyle Frank Month ago

      Trump is terrible yet that has nothing. To do with the fact that your Poultry is reared in a humane condition.

  • Yngve Andersen
    Yngve Andersen 2 months ago


  • TheOrangeBush
    TheOrangeBush 2 months ago

    Hey that was a nice McCartney cameo

  • bibek thapa
    bibek thapa 2 months ago

    I’ve always told my wife, chicken in America doesn’t taste the same as it did in Nepal... chicken back home tasted soo good but of course didn’t have as much meat but I eat chicken in America I gag... I just don’t eat it anymore

  • Phina Buya
    Phina Buya 2 months ago

    2.2K dislikes on this vid ?!!!!! why?!!!

  • JoeNietzsche
    JoeNietzsche 2 months ago

    One of the consequences of improving things is more expensive chicken. Speaking for myself, I'd be more than happy to pay a more for chicken if it helps the farmers out (but ONLY if it helps the farmers!). Better conditions for the chickens and more pay to the farmers!

  • Jotta H.
    Jotta H. 2 months ago +29

    Unchecked capitalism is so much fun!
    To the 1%.

    • 0 01
      0 01 6 days ago

      Ameeica is a rich persons playground hosting parties inviting celebs sleeping with any actors or actresses you want anything is possible as long as you have enough money even murder sadly...

    • Ryan OConnor
      Ryan OConnor 13 days ago

      America needs communism/libertarian socialism very badly.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving
      AbsentWithoutLeaving Month ago

      Unregulated (so-called "pure") capitalism does not work. If anyone needs illustration, I suggest you hop in the way-back machine, set it to 200,8 and relive the massive global financial crisis.

  • J Rios
    J Rios 2 months ago

    Whenever republicans try to champion deregulation i will link this video.

  • J Rios
    J Rios 2 months ago +2

    Cruelty is the main ingredient at the southern u.s border.

  • earthling
    earthling 2 months ago

    shit business any way you look at it. go vegan :)

  • KouriRyu
    KouriRyu 2 months ago

    So, did the chicken business actually improve?

  • Julia Carl
    Julia Carl 2 months ago

    Once again the big guy screws the little guy!

  • Robert Baur
    Robert Baur 2 months ago

    why is cruelty so delicious