Teyana Taylor’s New Dance Workout Is the Only Fitspiration You Need | Vogue

  • Published on Jan 18, 2017
  • There’s no better advertisement for Kanye West protégée Teyana Taylor’s new workout program, Fade 2 Fit, than her own supernaturally sculpted body. Here, she turns her New York City hotel suite into a backdrop for push-ups, pillow crunches, bicep curls, and the kind of freestyle dance cardio that’s destined to go viral.
    Director: Matt Baron
    Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham
    Hair: Nikki Nelms; Makeup: Miguel Ramos; Manicure: Casey Herman
    Skirt by Alberta Ferretti
    Director of Photography: Mathieu Plainfosse
    1st AC: Ben Katz; 2nd AC: Ted Snow
    Producer: Sydney Fisher; Editor: Bobby Wagnerman
    Color: Nick Metcalf, The Mill
    Music: Stelios Phili soundcloud.com/steliosphili/lord-have-mercy
    Filmed at the Waldorf Astoria
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    Teyana Taylor’s New Dance Workout Is the Only Fitspiration You Need | Vogue
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  • Bernardo Bila
    Bernardo Bila 7 days ago

    Man, I need this woman

  • Aaliyah Randall
    Aaliyah Randall 28 days ago


  • gramos
    gramos Month ago

    The Albanian rapper Tayna ripped of this whole video for her song Shqipe, wow 💀

  • Liz b
    Liz b 5 months ago

    Teyana Taylor got the best body in the business , hands down!

    LEGIT SAM 6IX 6 months ago


  • Gracelike rain
    Gracelike rain 7 months ago

    Vogue I dont understand this one I understood the dance she did in kanyes video because it was a workout in a gym but this one... is weird

  • Dave David
    Dave David 7 months ago

    What's the name of the song???

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee 8 months ago

    I love the fact that she doesnt hold back

  • Tammy Anderson
    Tammy Anderson 8 months ago

    never heard of her

  • Rebekah Powers
    Rebekah Powers 9 months ago

    Ciara copies this in her new video

  • Keef Plays
    Keef Plays 9 months ago +1


  • Noy
    Noy 9 months ago

    Dumbest video ever

    ANGEL DIMARIA 10 months ago

    Sounds like FADE, she dances

  • xhenis Lulja
    xhenis Lulja 10 months ago

    Nje vjedhje shume e bukur nga ana e taynes 😂

  • Chevane Authers
    Chevane Authers 11 months ago

    A thought it was riri on the thumbnail

  • bailando74
    bailando74 11 months ago

    Is this woman a stripper? What is inspiring about this? Apparently Vogue continues it's descent into sleaze. How sad!

  • Cherita Day
    Cherita Day 11 months ago +3

    I'm so happy for this beautiful young lady, she is doing amazing things and it's well deserved. 💖

  • 122 12к
    122 12к Year ago

    Мабуть батюшка прилюбодействовав перед великим постом .Соблазнився і впав в депресію

  • Culluts
    Culluts Year ago


  • Mr Papillon
    Mr Papillon Year ago

    Song: Lord Have Mercy by Stelios Phili.

  • PINT Lyrics
    PINT Lyrics Year ago

    Tayna -shqipe music has copied this dance go check it

  • juanakida
    juanakida Year ago


  • Victoria Martini
    Victoria Martini Year ago +2

    Tayna - shqipe copied this

  • Oladimeji•
    Oladimeji• Year ago

    Instrumental sounds alot like fade

  • gilont4
    gilont4 Year ago

    I love danceee

  • jocelyn frye
    jocelyn frye Year ago

    I just love her

  • destiny marsh
    destiny marsh Year ago

    Bruhhhh she is so fine, on meee


    TAYNA 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • People are people

    I like how is soca/dancehall dat playin

  • Sinj51595
    Sinj51595 Year ago

    She is a goddess!

  • shannon stewart
    shannon stewart Year ago

    Love me some Tay! But my girl def would NOT be dancing round the homies dressed like that lmao. Das fo my eyes only😉

  • Meme Cole
    Meme Cole Year ago +1

    Idk she look stank to me😢😂😂

  • dark soul black
    dark soul black Year ago

    you got me

  • C Anais
    C Anais Year ago

    I’ve never seen this until now

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza Year ago

    0:22 xdd

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza Year ago

    0:22 xdd

  • Waranle
    Waranle Year ago

    Dumb whit lol

  • Rica Walden
    Rica Walden Year ago

    I love her 💖💖

  • Shakira 8
    Shakira 8 Year ago

    Just want to say she has had surgeory so working out is good but somethings are unattainable Naturally. Love yourself xox

  • Jennifer Martin
    Jennifer Martin Year ago

    whats the hype here?

  • heisenberg
    heisenberg Year ago


  • MerelyMo
    MerelyMo Year ago

    Ummmmmmm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm..... I love you TT so I'll be nice......stop waisting time and money! I'm just gonna be nice cuz I'm real Chicago! Gurrrrllllll!

  • Kevin Kqira
    Kevin Kqira Year ago

    tayna version 2

  • Jessica Amber
    Jessica Amber Year ago

    Her body is perfect!!

  • King S
    King S Year ago

    ايش ذا كأنها خبله 🤨

  • CREWDOG289
    CREWDOG289 Year ago

    Illuminati dance

  • Maya Soul
    Maya Soul Year ago


  • Giorgio Gi
    Giorgio Gi Year ago

    I feel like fitwasting my life on the couch after this

  • losingsleep 888
    losingsleep 888 Year ago

    Low key me

  • Dam Starz
    Dam Starz Year ago +1

    The music is perfect

  • Annaleisha Mae
    Annaleisha Mae Year ago


  • SheenaL.
    SheenaL. Year ago

    Shame shes a b irl

  • p eter
    p eter Year ago

    i would pipe fasho

  • Justine Njeim
    Justine Njeim Year ago

    Okk but can you imagine sleeping with a corset on??

  • Maandag Middag
    Maandag Middag Year ago

    Yeah, I Will look ridiculous doing this. But she looks great🤷🏼‍♀️

  • TaD D
    TaD D Year ago


  • cj wins
    cj wins Year ago


  • Alex Wesker
    Alex Wesker Year ago

    I forgot who she was, had to Google her lol

  • Samantha Lara
    Samantha Lara Year ago

    She’s just so gorgeous