Highlights: England 33 - 19 Wales

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Relive the best of the action as England open their 2019 Quilter Internationals campaign with a victory over Wales at Twickenham.
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  • Australia is Gay
    Australia is Gay Day ago +1

    Wales be playing like a ranked 7 type team

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 3 days ago

    England forwards are huge..Dont peak to early though. But both these teams will be epic at the world cup. All black kiwi fan here ✊🏾

  • Jamo 107
    Jamo 107 3 days ago

    England your the 5th best in the world 😂

  • Mlungisi Gwala
    Mlungisi Gwala 3 days ago +2

    Gareth Davis ran a ball *ONE MAN* through more than 3/4 of England's team from just over the halfway line of the field. What??

  • MaxWa
    MaxWa 5 days ago +2

    Hey @England Rugby, any chance you could not put the score in the title so I can watch these highlights from the edge of my seat?
    Thanks :)

    MGRIFF 5 days ago

    Okay so let’s recap a week later. English tabloid headlines ‘England deny Wales 1st place rankings,’ then underneath in the comments all the English fans handing England the World Cup based on one fucking win😂🤣🤣. So where are you all now mouthy c🤬’s ...Wales are #1 and we won this week...guess the cup is ours then going by English fan standards...smh 😂🤣

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 5 days ago

    Enjoyable match to watch, three tries each.

  • Drone Druid
    Drone Druid 5 days ago

    That Garath Davis try was exquisite!

  • Marc Delaney
    Marc Delaney 5 days ago

    Look . Mutual respect / dislike is fine , ,BUT Eddie Jones is most arrogant contradiction cunt to ever coach in Northern Hemisphere .. how he could walk down street without kicked to death beyond me

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 5 days ago +5

    Wales look half asleep here. A fired up Wales are a different animal all together

    • john Blake
      john Blake 3 days ago

      By the way I ain’t english lol but good luck to the welsh

    • john Blake
      john Blake 3 days ago

      😂 argue all u want pal but that drop kick engraved England on that cup as for my argument,the welsh are nothing but chokers come World Cup and that’s facts🤷‍♂️

    • XxRemixerzxX
      XxRemixerzxX 3 days ago

      john Blake fluking a World Cup with a drop goal isn’t very convincing

    • john Blake
      john Blake 3 days ago

      Yes but England is on the cup is wales?nope cause they choke every World Cup...

    • XxRemixerzxX
      XxRemixerzxX 3 days ago

      john Blake wales choke in world cups? Is your memory shit or something because if I remember correctly England didn’t even get out of the pool

  • peace maker
    peace maker 5 days ago

    I'm only here to see my boe Tuilagi

  • Guerrilla Man
    Guerrilla Man 5 days ago

    England, looking good.

  • kelso fire
    kelso fire 5 days ago

    theres a lot of fat boys on this field

  • David Pearn
    David Pearn 5 days ago +2

    Don't ever write new Zealand off 17 nil up v Australia 40 mins

  • MadamSteamfunk
    MadamSteamfunk 6 days ago

    I love wales but they need new scrum halfs

    • Gethin Roberts
      Gethin Roberts 6 days ago +1

      MadamSteamfunk unfortunately our best scrum half is in france with toulon.. Gutted that rhys webb isnt in the team for this years RWC because he genuinely could make the difference in games as he’s such a quality 9

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones 6 days ago +8

    Great to finally see mutual respect between everyone in this comment section instead of uneducated 'fans' ridiculous attempt at banter. Fair play everyone

  • 1unsung
    1unsung 7 days ago

    Man this is boring as batshit, as usual. Nothing new here.

  • Henriette Stevens
    Henriette Stevens 7 days ago

    It's scary how bad English can't play rugby.If it weren't for all the Samoan players in the team, they would have no players to speak off.

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      Henriette those pacific Island players have been brought up in English sinse they were children so who are you to tell them that they shouldn't play for England? Also Farrell, May, and Daly are some of the best players in the world and they have no Samoan blood. Every single Rugby country has their foreign born players you hag so attacking Englands just because you dislike that country is just pathetic. Where you from? I bet you i can name multiple foreign born players in your squad.

    • Raoul Moat
      Raoul Moat 6 days ago

      You sound like you know your stuff!

  • Paul Cox
    Paul Cox 7 days ago

    This was not pretty performance but functional really not sure about team opening up all top sides.
    Bludgeoning all and sundry from pack will not do it in modern game

    DARTH MONG 7 days ago

    Watson's gained bulk but might have compromised speed. His top end looked quite laboured.

  • Emily An
    Emily An 7 days ago

    i have no idea whats going on

  • Steve Usher
    Steve Usher 7 days ago

    England stuffed us fair and square. Different result this Saturday though.

      LUMPY SKULL 5 days ago

      @Jamie Lee ohh dear...

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      I can see Wales winning by 5 tomorrow. Wales are hard to beat on Cardiff but the World Cup isn't in Cardiff sooo.

    • Jamie Lee
      Jamie Lee 7 days ago

      Agreed. England will win by 7 this Saturday.

  • Cyrille B.
    Cyrille B. 7 days ago

    Ugly rugby

  • less kiss
    less kiss 7 days ago

    pre season jolly up

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 7 days ago

    Take that you sheep shaggers

    • GateCrasher
      GateCrasher 5 days ago

      Take that you English inbreds

    • Nad Savan
      Nad Savan 5 days ago

      Atleast we'll got the six nations and what's that?
      The calcutta Cup stayed in Scotland

    EBOMBAY 8 days ago

    I’m working this match in 2 days

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 8 days ago +3

    Gatland did his post match conference with an attitude like he lost on purpose or almost didn’t really care

    • SoftwareDev 101
      SoftwareDev 101 6 days ago

      Ptao Tom ahhh yes his quote that the results of these international tests don’t matter?
      I would say he was just trying to downplay his team losing. We all know these are important games. Yes, the internationals are a great testing ground pre RWC, however you want to be winning these and going in to the World Cup on the back of wins not losses as it boosts the confidence and moral of your players.
      I’d sooner go in to the World Cup confident rather than with your heads down after taking a beating previously.
      Roll on the RWC though, I absolutely can’t wait.

    • less kiss
      less kiss 7 days ago

      Itoje, Underhill, George may, Farrell, slade, nowell plus more to come back. Strongest squad since 2004

  • Scott James Johnson
    Scott James Johnson 8 days ago +2

    It was a glorious result for England because England stopped the 14 consecutive match winning streak the Welsh wouldn't shut up about. Lol What's even sweeter that the first time Wales turned World Number 1s in history it was never official because the rankings didn't change until Monday. 😂 Can it get sweeter? Yes it can because their 14 match winning streak equals Englands second best unbeaten run which was set by Martin Johnsons team long ago in Englands golden era. In other words it just proves that Wales are just a less talented English squad. 😂

    • Nad Savan
      Nad Savan 5 days ago

      @Scott James Johnson no. 1 in no way did they struggle no. 2 13-6 hm?

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 5 days ago

      @Nad Savan The 6nations was months ago pal and Wales did struggle against a very poor French team and had trouble against Italy. Still the 6 Nations was months ago.

    • Nad Savan
      Nad Savan 5 days ago

      Six nations tells a different story

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 8 days ago


  • Tom k.williams
    Tom k.williams 8 days ago

    Dirty English cunts ....God save your German queen lmao!

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 8 days ago

      Africa,Australia,Ireland and win the world cup?

  • Marc Delaney
    Marc Delaney 8 days ago

    Fucking hell , is there any actual English in world cup squad

  • restless being
    restless being 8 days ago

    Tuilagis run was the only thing I came here to watch and you didn't show it

  • petrolhead1960
    petrolhead1960 8 days ago

    Who’s the big, long haired No. 18 for England?

  • Vapor_x_ Fire
    Vapor_x_ Fire 8 days ago

    Full of cunts

  • Proud Kiwi
    Proud Kiwi 8 days ago

    England might have a chance to make it out of pool play this time around. 😝

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 8 days ago +1

      You might not get smashed by a team who England haven't lost to in 4 years. 😕

    • canvas bed
      canvas bed 8 days ago +2

      You MIGHT beat australia this weekend.

  • Cosmo BB
    Cosmo BB 8 days ago

    England look good, they def World Cup contenders

  • Jonno Roberts
    Jonno Roberts 9 days ago

    Please don’t put the score in the title!

  • Peni Nasemira
    Peni Nasemira 9 days ago

    Wales got a wake up call

    • Peni Nasemira
      Peni Nasemira 6 days ago

      @James Crude it is hard to except the loss, the rugby world are tired of hearing Wales going to win the world cup, you lost England in the friendly game

    • James Crude
      James Crude 6 days ago

      Peni Nasemira fuck you

  • Omario Jason's
    Omario Jason's 9 days ago

    Jhonny willconson

  • Joe its Joe
    Joe its Joe 9 days ago

    Willie Heinz? 😂

  • GeZinafeZ
    GeZinafeZ 9 days ago

    i have no idea whats going on

  • ste o
    ste o 9 days ago +1

    Itoje, Underhill, George may, Farrell, slade, nowell plus more to come back. Strongest squad since 2004

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      2002 and 2003

    • Ben
      Ben 6 days ago

      2003. . . . .
      2004 New Zealand won 36-6 & New Zealand won 36-12

  • Wayne Gatfield
    Wayne Gatfield 9 days ago

    pre season jolly up

  • Teddd
    Teddd 9 days ago

    Take that you sheep shaggers

    • Nad Savan
      Nad Savan 5 days ago

      Bruh atleast we won the six nations

    • Carywn Griffiths
      Carywn Griffiths 8 days ago +1

      Scott James Johnson except it isn’t mate. I’d love to see some evidence proving it’s true.

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 8 days ago

      Carywn good one lol But the story behind the Welsh sheep shagger is a true one so that takes a bit of the comedy away. 🤢

    • Carywn Griffiths
      Carywn Griffiths 8 days ago +1

      We shag em you eat em, How does our Seasoning taste?

  • suraj s subramanian
    suraj s subramanian 9 days ago +1

    I am not a huge rugby follower. I watch just the highlights. England have thrashed number 2 ranked Wales. Do they have it in them to beat New Zealand,South Africa,Australia,Ireland and win the world cup?

    • Nad Savan
      Nad Savan 5 days ago

      Bruh I doubt England will win and I doubt they'll beat *all* of those and besides that's not exactly how it works

    • Nicholas White
      Nicholas White 7 days ago

      England do have it in Them to beat those you name. Only problem is those you name also have it in them to beat England and all the others on the list. At this stage anyone who says “My team will win the RWC and all others have no chance”. Doesn’t know much about the game or how teams are currently performing. We can all hope for our team and as the tournament develops a more clear picture will appear but at the moment we must wait and see.

    • suraj s subramanian
      suraj s subramanian 9 days ago

      @David Pearn Why?

    • David Pearn
      David Pearn 9 days ago


  • Harroco
    Harroco 9 days ago +1

    Gatland did his post match conference with an attitude like he lost on purpose or almost didn’t really care

  • Rugby latest News
    Rugby latest News 9 days ago +2

    All the talk about if wales win and Aus win last week and they go first... not that it matters but if England beat Wales by 15+ then England go 1st in the world even in NZ thrash Aus by 100 points.
    England, Ireland or wales could be top next week at this time... not saying it matters spasticus, just some stats since a big deal been made of it recently. Also the likelyhood of NZ going into the World Cup as #1 in the rankings is so slim I’d bet a big buck on it. Ire, eng and wales hold so much close ranking points and they’re all playing each other. NZ have no chance of gaining much points (less than2 points separating top 4 sides which can be gained/lost in one match and 4 matches between these teams to be played.)

    • Nicholas White
      Nicholas White 7 days ago

      A good point well made. A pleasure to read a reasoned argument based on facts rather than arrogant ranting based on xenophobia and very little knowledge of rugby.

  • Sheikh
    Sheikh 9 days ago


  • Douglas Butler
    Douglas Butler 9 days ago +13

    The kiwi who says they should send their woman's team to play northern hemisphere sides is probably right after the men's last display

    • Samoan Taro is The best
      Samoan Taro is The best 2 days ago

      @Amigos Dos Amigos nz have too muck gay pride

    • john Blake
      john Blake 4 days ago

      U mean last nights game dougie???lol u there dougie

    • littlezit2
      littlezit2 5 days ago +1

      @Jc Walters Yes, the Aussie are shite

    • Jc Walters
      Jc Walters 5 days ago +1

      @littlezit2 you were saying lol

    • littlezit2
      littlezit2 6 days ago +1

      You should see the NZs men recently then? definitely should send the NZ women, they have more chance !!

  • pokefan100
    pokefan100 9 days ago

    Well done England! Same again please 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌹

  • Edward Foley
    Edward Foley 9 days ago


  • Patachule Godin
    Patachule Godin 9 days ago

    Who do you think is going to win RWC 2019?

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      South Africa are super confident but i have a feeling a huge upset is going against them this World Cup. Either Italy in the group stages or Japan in the Quarters.

    • Vernon Eatwell
      Vernon Eatwell 7 days ago

      South Africa

  • Amsterdam
    Amsterdam 9 days ago

    You put the score in the title!

  • Fly
    Fly 9 days ago +25

    I wonder if I am the only welsh man and supporter to click on the like button !! Many positives to come out of this performance for both teams and I hope to see us both improve before and during the tournament and get through to the later stages. Would be lovely to see an all british final :-)

    • Fly
      Fly 6 days ago +1

      @W H I agree that it should be a very close tournament and as you say with not one of the main contenders with a home advantage. The boks are my biggest concern out of the SH teams as I think it looks like they are building into a reckoning force !!

    • W H
      W H 7 days ago +2

      @Mr Unenthusiastic not sure if you have been watching the rugby championship but NZ seem in poor form as of late, the Aussies had one good game but they were always going to throw the kitchen sink at NZ. South Africa have been playing well but I think it will definitely be the most open world cup we have ever seen. Especially being the first one in neutral territory.

    • Mr Unenthusiastic
      Mr Unenthusiastic 7 days ago

      See NZ, SA and aus play latly? None of the NH teams have a chance the way we are all playing atm (welsh btw) hope next weekend both teams improve

    • Lone Star
      Lone Star 7 days ago +2

      England vs Wales, final.
      It'd be glorious.
      Part English. Part Welsh. All British!

  • Callum Doyle
    Callum Doyle 9 days ago +2

    Why does he say “thokanasinga”

    • Ethan Joseph
      Ethan Joseph 8 days ago +1

      His pronunciation was spot on 😊 I'm cheering for both England and Fiji during this RWC 😊

    • Dan
      Dan 9 days ago +2

      In Fijian dialect the letter C is pronounced as "th", also a vowel followed by a g is pronounced as if it is "ng". Hence Cokanasiga becomes Thokanasinga and Tuilagi becomes Tuilangi.

    • Simon Jeffs
      Simon Jeffs 9 days ago +3

      Because that's how it's pronounced thok not cok

  • Jacques De la Harpe
    Jacques De la Harpe 9 days ago +1

    What stupid line-out call before halftime from Wales!

    • James Crude
      James Crude 6 days ago

      Jacques De la Harpe fuck you bitch

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 9 days ago +5

    Only thing I’ve noticed about England is how many specimens have bald heads😂 Baldy’s..

    • David Pearn
      David Pearn 9 days ago +2

      Because their heads get so big the hair just explodes 🤣🤣🤣

    • Alex Williams
      Alex Williams 9 days ago +1

      Un just pointing it out mate funny ain’t it

    • Un
      Un 9 days ago

      So what wanker jealous

  • Dionisius Wisnu
    Dionisius Wisnu 9 days ago

    Gareth bale get new job

  • Aimee Thomson
    Aimee Thomson 9 days ago

    ...didn't quite cut the mustard

    GWLAD 9 days ago +2

    Soft try over throw at line out shame on you Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    • GWLAD
      GWLAD 6 days ago

      Scott James Johnson not at that point you are missing the point old chap

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      Lol yeah i get that but even if Wales didn't gift England that try the score would have still been 26:19. Lol

    • GWLAD
      GWLAD 6 days ago

      Scott James Johnson mistakes like that are exactly how games are won and lost some rugby fan you are

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      England would have won even if Wales didn't make that dumb mistake.

    • Dan
      Dan 9 days ago

      @Jacques De la Harpe Hardly changed the game, England were on top before that happened.

  • PC gone mad 3142536
    PC gone mad 3142536 9 days ago +2

    If you want to win, the world cup just physically bash the opposition forward pack!!

    • James Crude
      James Crude 6 days ago

      PC gone mad 3142536 fuck you dickface

  • Pawel i Anetka Mes
    Pawel i Anetka Mes 9 days ago +18

    If England can play like this in the World Cup in Japan they will at least go into the Semifinals

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      How am I bigging England up when that's exactly what happened? That's like an Australian saying we smashed the AllBlacks. Lol I'm not your typical arrogant smug England fan pal. I'm aware that England have a major mental issue and the reason why England got booted out last World Cup because we had a young overrated team who lost to a better Welsh and Australian team. I appreciate that and i have to support Wales sometimes because my Gramp is Welsh. 😁

    • Mr Unenthusiastic
      Mr Unenthusiastic 6 days ago

      @Scott James Johnson bigged yourselfs up already huh? 🤣 id much rather england win than any of the SH but all this BIG talk is why you flopped last time. Cant deal with the expectations. Really Hope im proven wrong

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      Not far as last weekend game goes? You must be bitter pal because that was an England B/C side who just beat your Grandslam winning team. 3 uncapped players and stopped the Welsh winning streak. Last weekend proved England can beat the best in the World with their second/third team. That is so because that's exactly what happened.

    • Mr Unenthusiastic
      Mr Unenthusiastic 6 days ago

      @Scott James Johnson tbh, anything can happen in a world cup. Ranking mean nothing. Just gotta hope, pray and support your home team! England have amazing potential! But not from last weekends game. (Im welsh btw)

    • Scott James Johnson
      Scott James Johnson 6 days ago

      @Mr Unenthusiastic Australia seriously? Yes they humiliate a broken AllBlack side but Wallabies would lose to England, Ireland and Wales. Lol Maybe even Scotland to be honest. South Africa are playing decent but they are to arrogant so if they do get booted out the World Cup it wouldn't supprise me at all. New Zealand ain't the same New Zealand but still are New Zealand. Me personally i think England and AllBlacks are the best teams in the World.

  • E Ryan
    E Ryan 9 days ago +1

    Think England have great chance winning the World Cup

    • Tony Tye
      Tony Tye 9 days ago +3

      They do, but so do about 5 other teams, with no contenders playing at home, makes for an exciting WC.

  • Douglas Butler
    Douglas Butler 9 days ago

    Billy showed Ross the way

  • Matt Wheeler
    Matt Wheeler 9 days ago

    Glad to actually see a drop goal, it's something I have noticed recently that it's becoming an under utilized skill to keep the score board ticking over. Need to keep that as a scoring option as we all know, it's vital to winning a World Cup.

    • Nicholas White
      Nicholas White 7 days ago

      Once played for Wakefield against Headingley, we won 15-0. Five drop goals.. They were furious, we just laughed.

    • Matt Wheeler
      Matt Wheeler 9 days ago

      @Tony Tye South Africa in 95 and 99 also

    • Tony Tye
      Tony Tye 9 days ago

      Was for england in 2003

  • Jamie Odonnell
    Jamie Odonnell 9 days ago +1

    This world cup will probably turn out like the soccer world cup all favourites out France wins haha

  • neverindoubt
    neverindoubt 9 days ago +1

    All the Ollys, Nigels and Colins getting excited about a warm up game.

    • Nicholas White
      Nicholas White 7 days ago

      neverindoubt strange how, according to Welsh fans, it has suddenly gone from an important test match which could extend a their unbeaten run to 15 and setting the base for overtaking England’s 18 and putting them in WR #1 spot to ‘just a warm up game’. Do you think Warren Gatlan and A W Jones said before the game “We have brought our best team to Twickenham but don’t bother trying to win the game doesn’t matter”.

  • Lily
    Lily 10 days ago +5

    Yes England thank u for doing us proud!💪🏻 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🔥

    • James Crude
      James Crude 5 days ago

      Lily They are fucking weak compared to Ireland

  • Atl 44
    Atl 44 10 days ago +2

    I’m a welsh fan... only came here to see the Gareth Davies try

    • Atl 44
      Atl 44 9 days ago

      Phoenix Fridge thank you it was a fantastic try no matter what you must never underestimate the speed and power of Davies as the English have now learnt

    • Phoenix Fridge
      Phoenix Fridge 9 days ago +2

      Saw the try in real time from the corner he scored in
      Would not have been many players stopped him once passed the scrum with defense out of line and if you look closely blind side held back just a second in the scrum
      And just a second is enough at that level
      This was warm up for both teams so wasnt expecting England or for that matter Wales to be top of game
      The pre RWc was an entertaining watch tho
      I think both team will learn from this and next weeks game could be better with EJ announcing his team so early
      Good luck to all the home nations I say
      just play up and play the game

    • Sugar Ocain
      Sugar Ocain 9 days ago

      @Tony Tye My worry is that yet again we start like a house on fire, putting points on the board, and then let teams come back at us. The Scotland game being a case in point (and I do credit them with their attitude to come back). My other concern is that I need more convincing that we have overcome our tendancy to give away cheap penalties. Still, pessimism is part of being English, lol.

    • Tony Tye
      Tony Tye 9 days ago

      @Sugar Ocain its englands biggest flaw, when it gets to scrappy open play and breaks, i think they tend to defend or minimise territorial gain and should give territory and just stop these long distance tries, happend against scotland too many times. They are pretty good when its tight and organised.

    • Sugar Ocain
      Sugar Ocain 9 days ago +1

      @Phoenix Fridge You specifically "came here" (instead of watching the highlights on TV) to see the Davies try so that is what we are discussing and the English defending was absolutely woeful especially the last "tackler" who had more than enough contact to bring him down. A bollocking from EJ no doubt followed. It's not the first time and EJ needs to sort it out before the WC. Of course I do sincerely give credit to Davies but that doesn't hide the fact that there was more than one error from the English defence (if you can call it that).

  • Peter Tyler
    Peter Tyler 10 days ago +2

    Its become a game of monster hi- tech over powered bodies

  • Kupa Cronk
    Kupa Cronk 10 days ago +2

    I can see the SH teams dominating the world cup again, Australia and SA seem to be peaking at the right time, Argentina always play well at world cups and NZ will probably come right at the world cup because pre world cup years NZ are usually poor but then go on to win the world cup. My prediction hasnt changed, i still think it will be a NZ/SA final at the world cup.

    • Kupa Cronk
      Kupa Cronk 9 days ago

      @Tony Tye, i cant see France beating England but if i had to pick an upset it would be Tonga v France. This is quite a tough pool, Tonga have beaten France before at a world cup and the US beat Scotland not long ago but my prediction is that Argentina and England will go through.

    • Tony Tye
      Tony Tye 9 days ago

      @Kupa Cronk maybe,dont see them beating england though, but france might beat england with their style of play, like i said even beating france might not get them through if other results go against them.

    • Kupa Cronk
      Kupa Cronk 9 days ago

      @Tony Tye, i think theyre capable of toppling France, theyve done it before in world cups and France havent been that good for a while now.

    • Tony Tye
      Tony Tye 9 days ago

      @Kupa Cronk sometimes they do, but more often they dont, they have a tough task this year in that group, they have to win against england or france and even then that might not be enough if other match go against them.

    • Kupa Cronk
      Kupa Cronk 9 days ago

      @Tony Tye, but what youre failing to remember is that Argentina and Australia usually play their best rugby at world cups. Look at the last world cup, Ireland had beaten Argentina in 5+ games in a row prior to the world cup but i think you know what happened in the QF and its not the first time Argentina have done that. I agree with you that they are the weakest of the rugby championship sides but they still seem to make the playoffs regularly.

  • Steve Stone
    Steve Stone 10 days ago +6

    The so called Sheriff needs to work on his Line out throwing before RWC!!!

    • Maori Warrior
      Maori Warrior 7 days ago

      More like don't throw long when you're 5 out from your own line.

  • sram kcaj
    sram kcaj 10 days ago

    World Cup is gonna be intereting.

  • W T.K
    W T.K 10 days ago +31

    There is no favourite to win the RWC 2019. This is going to be anyone's for the taking...

    • Tom
      Tom 4 days ago

      James Crude James, be quiet

    • Braden_Johnston29
      Braden_Johnston29 4 days ago

      Eugene ripia I never said they wouldn’t beat them again I just said they lost the trc and lost their most recent game to Australia. If it’s too hard for you to deal with the fact that New Zealand can lose you should stop watching rugby😂

    • Eugene ripia
      Eugene ripia 5 days ago

      @Rugby latest News 36 - 0

    • Eugene ripia
      Eugene ripia 5 days ago

      @Braden_Johnston29 *cough* what was that

    • James Crude
      James Crude 5 days ago

      Tom Fuck off dickhead

  • Patrick Webster
    Patrick Webster 10 days ago

    As an All Black I have to say perhaps we have to send our woman’s team to play northern hemisphere teams during the RWC.
    Very poor standards, you northern hemisphere teams needs to take your high heels 👠 off, wear Velcro gloves and stop fumbling the ball every 5 minutes. NZ real rugby!!!

    • Frankie Mooro
      Frankie Mooro 9 days ago

      XxWales15xX 😂😂

    • XxWales15xX
      XxWales15xX 9 days ago +4

      Pretty sure we all saw the NZ womens play on Saturday

    • Jeremy Cui
      Jeremy Cui 10 days ago +3

      Hey Patrick,
      Samu Kerevi just sent Beauden Barrett to the chiropractor last weekend and the whole wallabies sent you guys back across the pond with your tails between your legs 😂