UNEXPECTED Real Dark Web Mystery Box Goes Horribly Wrong! (Disturbing Content) Very Scary!

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • An unexpected box arrives in Steve’s PO address with no return label and we decided to investigate it’s contents on camera. What we found was extremely shocking and disturbing.
    I can not help but believe this box was from the same sender as the first dark web mystery box I ordered over a year ago. Are we now being stalked by a psychopath? The items in this box are all very real and have been handled appropriately. It is very scary to think a crime may have been committed and someone out there is continuing to send us evidence. We did not ask for this box and we did not order this one! This is by far the scariest deep web box I have ever opened….
    The first dark web box I received
    The Thumb Drive from the box
    2nd Dark Web Box - Father Tim
    The VHS Tape from the Box

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  • Nathan Turner
    Nathan Turner 4 hours ago

    Y’all should be wearing mask

  • Never_2_Old_Fitness
    Never_2_Old_Fitness 6 hours ago

    May anyone who believes this shit be cursed for a 1000 years. 😂😂😂

  • mean bang
    mean bang 13 hours ago

    I'm guessing a little girl had to get sugery but it failed and she died....my thought

  • 1122 Jck
    1122 Jck 13 hours ago

    Wait the backpack and the shoe both had the intinals A.B on it

  • Haiderisnotarobot
    Haiderisnotarobot 14 hours ago

    I honestly think this video is staged

  • The Roses
    The Roses 15 hours ago

    sorry but those are fake teeth lol i keep my tooth every time i go to the dentist and observe what happens and it looks nothing like that lol

  • The Roses
    The Roses 15 hours ago

    terrible acting lmao

  • Alicia
    Alicia 17 hours ago

    Somebody in the comments is telling us that this video is cursed. But guess what... I’m still watching this video. Like how should this video be cursed. But god please protect my family and me!

  • Rappa P
    Rappa P 18 hours ago

    Whoever sent this killed someone and the stuffed them and sewed them back together.

  • Claire Skey
    Claire Skey Day ago

    Pure Evil.😈 Please keep safe. 🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Day ago

    in the name of god protect my soul from any evil.amen.

  • Briella
    Briella Day ago

    You know what’s weird when you go on the dark web they have no damn mystery boxes the dark web is all porn and drugs and like fake money and documents not any mystery boxes every time I have ever looked and buzzfeed even said the same thing recently on there channel so I would love to know where this is from ?

  • ellobec
    ellobec Day ago

    Like. We all know this is fake. 22 minutes?

  • drevil 606
    drevil 606 Day ago

    So what was the disturbing part of the video, did i miss something ?

  • drevil 606
    drevil 606 Day ago

    Why are there so many superstitious christians praying in the comments ?

  • _im.skrillex_ Cuhh

    Lmao buys dark web mystery box and then complains it’s “too far” uhh dark web for a reason

  • Ryan Whitelaw
    Ryan Whitelaw Day ago +1

    Is any sane person buying the bullshit from these two lying, badly acted imbeciles?

  • Joe hertel
    Joe hertel Day ago

    The boxes are probably staged by someone who spends all their time looking into murder cases the two dolls represent two child murders the girl Amber Barnett was strangled with a piece of rope I'm sure if you look around you will find a case relating to a dismembered child from the time when the first box was ordered I don't think these guys staged the box I think whoever they bought the other ones looks at this like a sick joke and was genuinely trying to freak people out

  • S T
    S T 2 days ago

    If this was a legit mystery box, why would you stick your hands in the box if you couldn’t see into it?? I call bullshit.

  • Demønîîk Gîrl
    Demønîîk Gîrl 2 days ago +1

    And my stupid ass watches this at 11pm -_-

  • Felipe Pernambuco
    Felipe Pernambuco 2 days ago


  • Braaptism
    Braaptism 2 days ago

    The whiteboy without tats is fucking annoying

  • Elizabeth Tuell
    Elizabeth Tuell 2 days ago

    I want one

  • Leila A
    Leila A 2 days ago

    you guys realise that if, infact this surgeons mask was USED. that means that the police now have a spit/DNA sample of the person.

  • Jacob Sheets
    Jacob Sheets 2 days ago

    This makes me feel better

  • Alex wells
    Alex wells 2 days ago

    "Oh this video is cursed..." lmfao ok then imma be cursed. Dubass mf.

  • Ellie Kavanagh
    Ellie Kavanagh 2 days ago

    WTF IS THIS!!!!!😱

  • Flyinq Alxska
    Flyinq Alxska 2 days ago

    Hmm, i feel like some phsyco doctor kidnaps small girls cut them into small pieces and put them into that meat thingy and eats them O_O

  • Jessica Wilkinson
    Jessica Wilkinson 3 days ago

    praying figure looks vintage could be worth some money

  • makoota97
    makoota97 3 days ago

    could be ailea browns stuff she too is missing went missing in 2019 and still hasnt been found

  • videovisions
    videovisions 3 days ago

    If a stranger sends you a box out of nowhere it is best to open it in low light with creepy music playing in the background.

  • Joshua Fortini
    Joshua Fortini 3 days ago

    Um.....didn’t you say that the last three times?? 🤔

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 3 days ago

    14:05 man how many DNA will show up there?

  • Jaelle Bugeja
    Jaelle Bugeja 3 days ago


  • Tiny Giraffe
    Tiny Giraffe 4 days ago +1

    This is what happeneds to animals and we don’t care but we care about babies being murdered

  • hack sick
    hack sick 4 days ago

    idk why but you guys make this feel like so scary, world is big, and things like this keeps happening, but in normal life things like this does'nt happen usual, simply live ur life.

  • TheMaskedCrisis
    TheMaskedCrisis 4 days ago

    Me: Finds Dark Web Mystery Video.
    *Scrolls down to comments section first*
    Comments section: pLeAsE LeT GoD PrOtEcT EvErYoNe WaTcHiNg ThIs ViDeO.
    Me: 😐

  • BMW Stu
    BMW Stu 4 days ago +1

    can't believe i sat thru this garbage. yall are lame AF

  • Drowned Rat
    Drowned Rat 4 days ago


  • DAKHOTA118
    DAKHOTA118 4 days ago

    God protect me from any curse of this video amen god is not real

  • j. larson
    j. larson 4 days ago +2

    The other guy annoys me. And he talks too much

    GOPRO MOUNTAIN Bike 4 days ago +1

    WTF it teeth 🦷 bro also awesome GoPro and real human teeth 🦷 am no kidding show it police 🚔 it creepy

  • Stefan from the verge Anti pc disposal squad

    These are all fake

  • Dalton Robbins
    Dalton Robbins 4 days ago

    Try turning on a normal light u tart

  • Chris Monroe
    Chris Monroe 5 days ago

    The disturbing content is...they packed this box themselves.

  • Giolójjik
    Giolójjik 5 days ago

    How come there is ALWAYS drama here... other YTrs doing the same by millions... but drama is always here, fake, edited, etc... ?

  • Tusk
    Tusk 5 days ago +1

    bruh yall genuinely made this title and thought "yep lets good ship it out to our sub par troglodyte viewers"

  • Jordan Jesus
    Jordan Jesus 5 days ago

    Isn’t weird how to guy who sent these boxes watched one of his video. And how he knows everything about the guy

  • Ateo Atei
    Ateo Atei 5 days ago

    Omg how many unnecessary spooky sounds OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

  • CozzaPerks
    CozzaPerks 5 days ago

    You can’t buy these so called mystery boxes on the dark web. All these vids are fake

    ANNEMARIE IS HERE 5 days ago +4

    Who's watching this in 2020!!!!! Me: YAS!!!!!!

  • Deveon
    Deveon 5 days ago

    2 grown men afraid of an 80's surgical tool set. yikes.

  • james corben
    james corben 6 days ago

    I think he hung a boy and cut up ate the girl he should got in hell

  • Phillip Rooker
    Phillip Rooker 6 days ago

    So cheesey..

  • Yepitsstilllonie YT
    Yepitsstilllonie YT 6 days ago

    🙏🏻 protect us my lord

  • Psychic Medium Jesse


  • hopz.
    hopz. 6 days ago

    THESE ARE FAKE watch lucid, real content

  • Jamie Grandel
    Jamie Grandel 6 days ago

    Your bros a spaz

  • Joe Hayes
    Joe Hayes 6 days ago

    The letters on the shoes are the same initials on the back pack A B did anyone else catch that

  • Romeo Ballin
    Romeo Ballin 6 days ago +1

    Broo it's a dude I found from the TheXvid comments @MoneyMoves7 on Telegram & the dude is legit af. WU transfers, methods, CC's,checks, logs, fake money & physical cc's I'm only vouching because he didn't scam me yo