UNEXPECTED Real Dark Web Mystery Box Goes Horribly Wrong! (Disturbing Content) Very Scary!

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • An unexpected box arrives in Steve’s PO address with no return label and we decided to investigate it’s contents on camera. What we found was extremely shocking and disturbing.
    I can not help but believe this box was from the same sender as the first dark web mystery box I ordered over a year ago. Are we now being stalked by a psychopath? The items in this box are all very real and have been handled appropriately. It is very scary to think a crime may have been committed and someone out there is continuing to send us evidence. We did not ask for this box and we did not order this one! This is by far the scariest deep web box I have ever opened….
    The first dark web box I received
    The Thumb Drive from the box
    2nd Dark Web Box - Father Tim
    The VHS Tape from the Box

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  • Matthew Katene
    Matthew Katene 36 minutes ago

    It's all shet I say every thing they got I got at home fucking everyday crap in a box I feel ppl over think shit

  • XxxImagins WagonxxX

    I think that tray is for doctor tools and such

  • Lea Angela
    Lea Angela 2 hours ago

    Does anybody know the full name of the priest? I want to watch/know the story about it.

  • Tyler Combs
    Tyler Combs 4 hours ago

    The girl who’s name that was on the backpack was found dead

  • krumskrum
    krumskrum 5 hours ago

    Oooooh a meat grinder ... Scarryyyyy. For fucks sake I can put some shit in a box and they would think I used that for killing people

  • Joachim Petersson
    Joachim Petersson 5 hours ago

    Real or fake? You guys tell me.

  • Maricar Dayahan
    Maricar Dayahan 5 hours ago

    The background music makes it more scary

  • Dark Light Gaming YT
    Dark Light Gaming YT 6 hours ago

    Dude every box that’s a single person they murdered
    And some items they used to murder them

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 7 hours ago

    Im miss your mystery box videos...Regards from Serbia

  • daren harris
    daren harris 8 hours ago

    Turn the fucking lights on so you can see!!

  • Blazed Pineapple
    Blazed Pineapple 8 hours ago

    I was thinking please be teeth and it fucking was

  • El Rey Perez
    El Rey Perez 8 hours ago

    Man ur vids are the best love watching all ur vids plz DNT stop or slow down on uploading vids

  • MiraiVirus
    MiraiVirus 9 hours ago

    this comment section is a fuckin church

  • MJ Aceno
    MJ Aceno 9 hours ago

    *My life is cursed anyway..*

  • lostdestiny
    lostdestiny 9 hours ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    I know this was a set up
    and so should you.
    anything for views

  • Aleksas Banys
    Aleksas Banys 11 hours ago


  • Angel Molina
    Angel Molina 11 hours ago +2

    On March 1st, 2019, 11 year old Amberly Alexis Barnett went missing from her Aunt’s mobile home in Alabama.
    The Murder of 11 Year Old Amberly Alexis Barnett
    Amberly, lived in Polk County, Georgia with her mother, Jonie Barnett, but had been living with her Aunt at her trailer in Collinsville, Alabama near Mount Vernon, when she disappeared. On the evening of March 1st, her Aunt took a quick trip to a local Walmart with her boyfriend and left Amberly home alone. Amberly had asked for Chinese takeaway for dinner and had decided to stay home and eat while her guardians went out to the store. When they returned at around 6PM the 11 year old was nowhere to be found. Her cellphone, which she was usually glued to, had been left behind. Knowing that Amberly would not go anywhere without telling them first, they began to panic. She was quickly reported missing and the local police showed up at the home around an hour later.
    Locals in DeKalb County began to search for the missing 11 year old, but could not locate her. One of those involved in the search was a 33 year old man named Christopher Wayne Madison, who reportedly who lived next door. Madison informed police that he had searched in and around the premises to the best of his abilities but had, unfortunately, found no trace of the child nor any clues that could help lead to her discovery. He knew Amberly through his girlfriend, Krista, with whom he had two children of his own. Amberly was the niece of his girlfriend’s brother’s partner.
    The Murder of 11 Year Old Amberly Alexis Barnett
    Madison was quick to report a suspicious vehicle that he claimed to have seen parked outside Amberly’s Aunt’s home on the night Amberly went missing. Madison described the vehicle as a Dodge Durango, dark in shade, although he could not specify which color. The police interviewed nearby residents and neighbors but none of them had seen a car of that description on the night the child had vanished.
    Early the following morning investigators resumed their search and found themselves following a morbid trail of breadcrumbs that lead them into the woods just 600 feet behind the mobile home Amberly had been staying in with her Aunt. A strand of long blonde hair was tangled in the spiny branch of a pine tree and fresh impressions in the dirt suggested that something had been dragged across the forest floor. A child’s sock was found snagged and left behind in a patch of vegetation. The officer’s stomachs likely churned with the looming and inevitable realization of what they were about to discover.
    They discovered Amberly’s body relatively quickly. She was positioned on her back and it was clear that she had been murdered. There was a length of blue rope around her neck that indicated the cause of death was likely ligature strangulation. Her face was crimson and there was a sock on one of her feet to match the one that was caught in the brush along the way. A strand of black hair was found on her body and sent for testing. Someone had callously murdered her and cruelly disposed of her body in the woods, the question was, who?
    The Murder of 11 Year Old Amberly Alexis Barnett
    The police searched Chris Madison’s residence. They found blood in various areas of the house, in the bathroom and on the walls. They found long blonde hair in the bathtub which appeared to have been ripped from the scalp and a pair of denim jeans saturated in red. There was blood on his mattress and in and around his bed. Evidence was collected and bagged and sent for testing.
    Madison was arrested on March 4th in connection with the murder as well as being in possession of a controlled substance. More of the same blue rope that was found tied around Amberly’s neck was also found in the suspect’s home. His girlfriend confirmed that she had seen the same type of rope around the house and police found more of it in the backyard, including a knife that had been bound with the same blue rope. After his arrest details of his bondage fetish soon began to hit the headlines. Paraphernalia connected to his interest in bondage was found in his home.
    Further details of the crime have yet to be publically released at this early stage in the case and investigators have not yet commented on a motive.
    The evidence collected from the scene is currently being tested and the suspect is being held without bond at the DeKalb county jail.
    Christopher Madison and his girlfriend, Krista, maintained a shared Facebook profile featuring pictures of them with their children. The profile states that the two met in April of 2013. Amberly was also on social media. She made an instragram post on the day that she was murdered- a black and white selfie with a dog filter over her face, captioned: “So I may go to the mall today and get some new clothes”. In the photo she’s sitting in the passenger seat of a car, smiling.
    Her profile reads: “Amberly Alexis Barnett. Life is so fragile”.
    A go-fund-me page was set up to cover funeral costs here. The campaign greatly exceeded its goal of $2000 in less than 20 days.

  • Megan Douglas
    Megan Douglas 12 hours ago

    And midway through my bedroom door slams closed. Ok official creeped out!

  • Inked SavageS4
    Inked SavageS4 12 hours ago

    Super fake

  • Celluxin
    Celluxin 13 hours ago

    If you’re gonna act at least make it believable cause overacting is just as bad as bad acting

  • Brooke Lambert
    Brooke Lambert 13 hours ago

    Amberly Barnett was a 11 year old girl who was missing and found dead in March...

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 14 hours ago

    They specifically request dark web stuff, then they can't figure out why there's a long "rope" thing on the ornament that looks like a noose.

  • Lisa Matteson
    Lisa Matteson 14 hours ago

    Large needle is for biopsy . Glad your wearing gloves

  • LC Gaming & More.
    LC Gaming & More. 14 hours ago


  • MarkVentures
    MarkVentures 15 hours ago

    Don't use blue light please it's not good

  • keywitin Burnstick
    keywitin Burnstick 16 hours ago

    Get those dusted for prints.

  • AquaMoment
    AquaMoment 17 hours ago

    the weirdest thing ever.. The whole video I had the word "teeth" in my mind... how...i was like.. noooooooo way!

  • dfnkjaws
    dfnkjaws 17 hours ago

    I think the background light is a bit unnecessary....?

  • Gary Browne
    Gary Browne 17 hours ago

    2 idiots buy a box. This conversation is agony to listen to.

  • scary Potter
    scary Potter 19 hours ago

    On your box when you were asking questions it sounded like a girl who spoke back to you

  • Abby Deaton
    Abby Deaton 20 hours ago

    So any updates?

  • Cagatay Ocal
    Cagatay Ocal 21 hour ago +1

    Can you guys tuck me into bed please 😊😓

  • Victor DeMarco
    Victor DeMarco 22 hours ago

    Seriously, these black box unboxing seems like a desperate attempt to get viewers bc at first glance it seems interesting, but then you think why would an actual criminal send evidence to ppl who might call the police. Then also why would you call the police, like they are going to take it for evidence. I mean c'mon you are just jumping to conclusions here. You are not detectives.

  • Alya Azeez
    Alya Azeez 22 hours ago +4

    The needle is for Vaccinations, the vaccination needles always have those hollow type needles, like so he can see this👍🏽

  • Alya Azeez
    Alya Azeez 22 hours ago +1

    It was A.B on the shoes and A. Barnett on the bag, idk man🤔

  • Sandija Kempe
    Sandija Kempe 22 hours ago

    Looks for that. Children missing all around the world, some maniack kill them and stuff fast deliver to internet ,for that they take they not gilty.So sad .

  • Yo iz Jules
    Yo iz Jules 23 hours ago

    Rest up AB. Gone but not forgotten 🙏🏽🤧

    THE BLAZING DYNAMO 23 hours ago +2

    I've been following your videos from when you got the first box that held the similar items from before, if i had to guess, I'd say the suspect must be a prominent member of a local church with a medical background.... maybe even an investigator in the case itself, what better way to allow for the body to be recovered and still evade detection....

  • I Like beans Pinto beans

    Wtf Do you mean when you say you can't Call the cops.

  • HeyItzHC
    HeyItzHC Day ago

    the metal tray like one used by surgeons or dentists to put the utensils on after they’ve been used or before they’ve been used

  • Savannah Retallick

    This dude he with really making me mad👎🏽😂

  • Mikkey
    Mikkey Day ago


  • 1999kittywoman
    1999kittywoman Day ago +1

    Maybe it's just the skeptic in me, but I really feel like a lot of these dark web boxes are just full of junk people are getting rid of, the type of shit leftover from the yardsale that no one wanted. Just random old trinkets and books that've been sitting in attics, garages, and basements for years and maybe they throw in a little rope and hair and shit to keep people buying them.

    • 1999kittywoman
      1999kittywoman Day ago

      okay nah the teeth was a fuck that

    • 1999kittywoman
      1999kittywoman Day ago

      OR it could be a good way to get rid of evidence, it's all possible. I'm just skeptical.

  • Philipp
    Philipp Day ago

    Completly made up by the video creator. Bad acting. Creating some kind of urban hoax shit ...

  • grungrlistener
    grungrlistener Day ago

    if you take out the music from audio,the video is just another boring teenage shit

  • ShopKristinaMak
    ShopKristinaMak Day ago

    This all show fake they wouldn’t get all those stuff

  • Miss Malbon
    Miss Malbon Day ago +3

    Maybe a crazy psychopath surgeon or dentist. Like buffalo bill from silence of the lambs. Stitching patterns? Stitches skin ? Someone is winding them up

  • WhosTrolled
    WhosTrolled Day ago

    They tortured her

  • finn neven
    finn neven Day ago

    wtf do they put that music in

  • coretta clifford

    Omg really!? That’s a sewing pattern you could purchase in the store back in the 70s and 80s. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Michelle Taylor
    Michelle Taylor Day ago

    Omg please take this box to the police I do not have a good feeling.and dont order anymore boxes please, love you video

  • Max Lane
    Max Lane Day ago +1


  • Riley FNAF
    Riley FNAF Day ago

    Actual human teeth so this guy loved someone so he gave her his teeth that is f****** gross I am very very serious

  • Riley FNAF
    Riley FNAF Day ago

    The dark web kill people even children and adults I think the coming after Jace stiction he's another TheXvidr by the way so I reckon you to not do any more dark web videos by opening up the boxes from Dark Web I think you opening up boxes from the dark web no dark web unboxing videos only serious that hunting you down

  • Sophia Lustre
    Sophia Lustre Day ago

    11:18 i think what you don't know was that was a surgical pan?? Idk

  • Bronx_Clapz
    Bronx_Clapz Day ago +1

    Who ever put those stuff in th mystery box they should rot in HELL
    Like if you want that to happen

  • Katelyn O'Connell

    What happened after giving it over to the authorities

  • Katelyn O'Connell

    Those are sewing panterns.

  • Jennifer Guerrant

    I would loooove to see them turn in evidence such as the little girls shoes to police. Would confirm this is real and if so it could help with a possible missing person case

  • Dslickz
    Dslickz Day ago +4

    These videos are fake in the dark web they don't sell mystery boxes