Weekend Update: Pete Davidson & John Mulaney Review Clint Eastwood's The Mule - SNL

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Pete Davidson and John Mulaney talk about their unexpected friendship and give a review of a superhero movie for old people, Clint Eastwood's The Mule.
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Comments • 3 555

  • Angelica Figueroa
    Angelica Figueroa 5 hours ago

    Does he think that by sitting next to John it buffers his odd comedy? He just looks like an unwilling ventriloquist doll

  • The Brothers Blue
    The Brothers Blue Day ago +1

    1:06 that eye roll tho

  • Cassie Norwood
    Cassie Norwood Day ago

    When Pete said I didn’t mention her once it kind of broke my heart a little but then I realized he was happy about it and is okay now

  • Notsure
    Notsure 2 days ago +1

    i love that thing john does when hes on with another comedian, theyre talking and he just grins and stares off into the distance

  • Matt Neff
    Matt Neff 2 days ago +1

    If Mulaney ever gets his own late night show, this should be a reoccurring segment. "At the Movies with John and Pete"

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts 2 days ago +1

    Awww he’s so cute and soft. 😍♥️💔.

  • sarah
    sarah 3 days ago

    i love these two so goddamn much

  • TheEnoEtile
    TheEnoEtile 4 days ago +1

    I dont usually enjoy Pete Davidson much. But Pete Davidson with John Mulaney is always great.

  • dr fox _64k
    dr fox _64k 4 days ago

    He look like the habit from everymanhyrbid

  • Xion Temoc
    Xion Temoc 6 days ago +1

    "mental health" I would HATE to know I got famous, like FAMOUS for threatening suicide añd GETTING all the fame and attention from most of the people that would never give a fuck ABOUT me anyway.........yets he basks in it. Fucking ridiculous. Hey kids fuckit. Throw that tantrum when you disagree with your parents and keep saying your gonna kill yourself to controlling them. SMH. Nice message good to take all this FAMOUS attention as legite and not for the truth that if they didn't give it to you, people might retaliate on socmed

  • kev3d
    kev3d 6 days ago

    Why does Pete Davidson always look like he has leukemia or something? Get some sun! Eat a meal!

  • Hildzia M
    Hildzia M 7 days ago

    4:17 that's when Pete lost it xd

  • Shïnìgâmí _
    Shïnìgâmí _ 8 days ago

    Im so childish, but this may be my fav snl clip. 2 funny.

  • Hannah Bee
    Hannah Bee 8 days ago +1

    Why do the two of them remind me of Carly and Sam from iCarly when they are together

  • Amelia Hudgins
    Amelia Hudgins 9 days ago

    Oh my gosh this is amazing

  • Anna Eve
    Anna Eve 10 days ago

    Pete is so attractive😩

  • Sara Madit
    Sara Madit 11 days ago

    "I've been hanging out with Pete"
    *Puts hand on Pete*
    "You are loved by all, Pete"
    *Puts hand on Pete's shoulder*
    Are they more than friends?🤔

  • Courtney Ryan
    Courtney Ryan 11 days ago +1

    Dude John mulaney and Pete davidsons bromance is amazing I love it so much

  • Xavi Neira
    Xavi Neira 11 days ago

    John mulany is a hero. As well as those around him that cared for him

  • Faith Schwartz
    Faith Schwartz 13 days ago

    Pete is too cute

  • MambaEdits
    MambaEdits 14 days ago

    Does Pete davidson bring anything to this show? Like any characters or sketch ideas or he just terrible spots on weekend update?

    • Mr Paper
      Mr Paper 13 days ago

      MambaEdits H I mean this was a funny video to most people. He also does some sketches that are usually pretty funny.

  • Marcus Dagostino
    Marcus Dagostino 14 days ago

    pete saying “i didnt mention her once!” was so wholesome

  • Jennaka Taton
    Jennaka Taton 15 days ago

    All I can hear is Andrew talking

  • Cliodhna-Moon Dunne
    Cliodhna-Moon Dunne 15 days ago

    Did anyone else notice something with Petes eyes around the 1:08 mark?

  • momo glo
    momo glo 16 days ago

    Pete's shirt says "Monica". [Giggles to myself]

  • Jennifer S.
    Jennifer S. 16 days ago

    Appreciation for Pete's shirt.

  • Tiff Winchester
    Tiff Winchester 16 days ago

    Pete's Crüe shirt 🤘

  • Jessamyn Rose
    Jessamyn Rose 17 days ago

    I am CRYING with laughter

  • mama j A
    mama j A 17 days ago

    Pete and Che ? No bromance there?

  • Zac Mcbride
    Zac Mcbride 18 days ago

    Just noticed pete’s motley crue shirt

  • UHFStation1
    UHFStation1 18 days ago

    I only remember the one 3-some in that movie. When was the second?

  • Matt Neff
    Matt Neff 18 days ago +2

    I love how John points to Pete at the end when he says "and I will have three-ways."

  • Locker107 38834
    Locker107 38834 20 days ago

    Looks like I need to go see this movie

  • Denis Ruckebusch
    Denis Ruckebusch 21 day ago

    I did watch The Mule last night and it was even crazier than those guys made it sound. Destined to be a classic.

  • davide coffman munisteri

    That was super heart warming John helping out his mate Pete

  • SpukiTheLoveKitten75
    SpukiTheLoveKitten75 22 days ago

    Pete Davidson is such a cutie-pie!

  • artwillneverbesilent ART

    1. Pete and John work perfectly together! 2.the mule is amazing! 3. I love how Pete made that joke because. Coming from a mentally ill person I make jokes like that all the time so that joke was a real hoot. 4. The mule is amazing!

  • SHea FLeming
    SHea FLeming 23 days ago +1

    Pete repping the Motley Crue shirt before The Dirt came out!

  • Anneliese Petersmarck
    Anneliese Petersmarck 23 days ago

    Honestly coming back to this after seeing The Dirt and realizing Pete is wearing a Mötley Crüe shirt is cute

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 24 days ago

    Where do people get their perfect teeth? Childhood braces or adult veneers?

  • PrinceOuiji
    PrinceOuiji 24 days ago +1

    John Mulaney: I’ve only had Pete Davidson for a day and a half but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself

  • Alexza Alamo
    Alexza Alamo 24 days ago

    3:44-3:55 FUUCCKK 😂😂😂

  • Corey Joe Hendricks
    Corey Joe Hendricks 24 days ago +2

    I need John Mulaney, Pete Davidson, AND Nick Kroll ALL TOGETHER!

  • jane haviland
    jane haviland 24 days ago +1

    they are my favorite pair of people

  • Nick Cuevas
    Nick Cuevas 24 days ago

    I miss Mike Myers.

  • Emma McBride
    Emma McBride 25 days ago

    John Mulaney just shines light on everyone’s life doesn’t he

  • Forgotten King
    Forgotten King 25 days ago

    PLOT HOLE. did he buy the lamb skin condoms?

  • ArtemisScribe
    ArtemisScribe 26 days ago

    Does anyone else feel really really sorry for Anna who almost certainly got the real, unscripted version of this duologue when John and Pete left the cinema?

  • Rae_ 744
    Rae_ 744 26 days ago

    John is Pete’s father

  • L L
    L L 26 days ago +1

    Is John now Petes dad

  • TheKrazysexykool
    TheKrazysexykool 27 days ago +4

    I have watched this clip 1000 timed and it still makes me laugh hysterically

  • Gav Brewis
    Gav Brewis 27 days ago

    Well that's cringy

  • soimboredandtesting
    soimboredandtesting 27 days ago

    They have odd incredible chemistry

  • owen c.
    owen c. 28 days ago +1

    these two have amazing chemistry id watch like, ANYTHING they did together.
    on another note as someone who deals w mental illness it makes me so happy to see how encouraging and postive mulaney is

  • Leo Contrino
    Leo Contrino 28 days ago


  • Kylon Kane
    Kylon Kane 28 days ago

    John Mulaney's face is so.......distinguished 😂

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi 28 days ago

    He brings a level of class to the that it really needed.

  • jocey
    jocey 29 days ago

    Only people that have tried to attempt suicide are allowed to laugh at suicide jk it’s a Mexican shit we laugh at everything, love Pete’s sense of humor cus I’ve been there done that anyways my grandpa was 92 AND GOT A SPEEDING TICKET

  • Rondalyn Reynolds
    Rondalyn Reynolds 29 days ago

    Pure gold🤣

  • Matthew Stiglbauer
    Matthew Stiglbauer 29 days ago +3

    There's a joy in this clip that I can't get enough of

  • Itsyogirl Bella
    Itsyogirl Bella 29 days ago

    they would be a cute couple 😂

  • Namesis Gutierrez.
    Namesis Gutierrez. Month ago

    this is so offensive i love it

  • Winston Ross
    Winston Ross Month ago +2

    John Mulaney's voice is reminding me of the "Top Cat" cartoon from the 60's

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess Month ago

    It absolutely is fucked up that a 90 yr old shouldn't be able to drive. My grandfather died because he and his 'wife' were driving and shouldn't have been because of their age.

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess Month ago

    God I felt awkward when john told Pete he is loved etc which is super sweet and wonderful but I'm just fucked up and people showing genuine emotions makes me uncomfortable lmao

  • Anna Sekeres
    Anna Sekeres Month ago

    Love that Pete’s wearing a Motley Crue shirt. The dirt on Netflix. Watch it.

  • Mackalrath027
    Mackalrath027 Month ago

    I miss this type of humor on SNL - everything seems so produced, I loved laughing along with everyone.

  • Emalia Messich
    Emalia Messich Month ago

    John and Pete together is everything.

  • cali
    cali Month ago

    i've seen this twice and I still have no idea what the fuck this is

  • Hana Phelps
    Hana Phelps Month ago

    I love Pete so much

  • TheKnightSkye
    TheKnightSkye Month ago

    Several scenes in this movie were taped in my town. My dad actually got to work on the sets and meet some of the actors and actresses!
    (I ❤️ SNL! You guys are the best!)

  • Brooklin Mincone
    Brooklin Mincone Month ago +1

    If these two did a special, or a show, or a "day in the life of" movie I'd watch it forever

  • Valerie Stokes
    Valerie Stokes Month ago

    Pete and John is my favorite bromance

  • Kaylee Umstead
    Kaylee Umstead Month ago

    pete and john together are my life

  • kevin
    kevin Month ago


  • PureRedScorpio
    PureRedScorpio Month ago

    When guys think they can keep touching you because you're gay 01:07

  • Komal Khan
    Komal Khan Month ago

    4:18 4:29 awwww Pete's laugh

  • Shelly Ann Patrick
    Shelly Ann Patrick Month ago

    Friend of Pete looks like a news anchor from BBC, CNN he got style God gifted. I don't know about that movie but every star you mentioned I've seen their movies. Harry Potter tattoos Pete got. I'm not important to Pete I'm just his 2 weeks old fan still I love Mr Harry Potter the actor who played the role as if he were my son. I don't have green, blue eyes or fair skin tone as him yet when he was little boy he kinda looked like me. My class fellows used to say is he your son. To me his every movie is important. So tattoos Pete got they are cool for me. Oh I forgot Pete looks like my mom's sister's son who used to play with me when we were kids yet I was engaged to his oldest brother but I liked him very much. I was a girl he is very tall I think around Pete. Pete is 6/3 he bends his neck to come inside the door. Here in my India tall height boys girls are considered hot beautiful. Pete has no idea how lucky he is but he doesn't know that because he is a innocent child he wants to be short height. How should I explain how cool is he being tall. For example if I were an actress & I get lead role with our Pete I'll be considered lucky here even in India for being heroin of such a 🔥 boy. Trampoline I don't jump on it nor joy land rides something wrong with my heart. But Mr Pete will not throw me out of his fan club for I had my 1st heart attack when I was 18 since then I don't try to play any kind of sports.

  • beloved
    beloved Month ago

    i love these two so much, and i'm so happy that pete is looking happier

  • Mark Serrano
    Mark Serrano Month ago

    These two need some type of movie together I don't care what the subject is.

  • Demyanii
    Demyanii Month ago

    Pete acts like he’s on drugs

  • OliverDucky
    OliverDucky Month ago

    F l o w e r M a n

  • Brandon Hinrichs
    Brandon Hinrichs Month ago

    Two words. Kate Beckinsale! Kate fucking Beckinsale? Pete Davidson is my hero!

  • Reece Georgens
    Reece Georgens Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the awkward I guess u call it a hug exchange at around 4:44 with Pete and John. What the hell was that, it looked like Pete went for a hug and John went for a handshake, then John half grabbed Pete’s hand. 😂

  • DopeNinja4Life
    DopeNinja4Life Month ago

    Great duo

  • con con
    con con Month ago


  • Kaitlin Woods
    Kaitlin Woods Month ago

    Can they please have their own show?!

  • Tommy Hill
    Tommy Hill Month ago +45

    Meanwhile, Andy Garcia sits at home trying to figure how he was rude at "a Lakers game once".

    • tejaswoman
      tejaswoman 29 days ago +2

      Well, John drops a pretty big hint when he says that in his fantasy movie, Andy Garcia will move his legs so that John can get to his seat.

  • Kimi Yamamoto
    Kimi Yamamoto Month ago

    ok well we know pete is high but what’s John’s excuse lmao

  • Kara Mahoney
    Kara Mahoney Month ago

    john and pete work so well together

  • Kara Mahoney
    Kara Mahoney Month ago

    loved pete's slide in

  • Kalonda Makano
    Kalonda Makano Month ago

    Pete's Motley Crue shirt

  • Katelyn Corona
    Katelyn Corona Month ago

    pete davidson: andy garcia

  • Obamastolemybike
    Obamastolemybike Month ago

    Wow! Great advertising for the movie "Mule". Now excuse me while i go watch it illegally on gomovies

  • champagne alamanzar

    "oh thankyou john" so fucking patronising lmaoo

  • butterfliesinreverse
    butterfliesinreverse Month ago +1

    We NEEEEEED more John and Pete together.

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago

    John and Pete Im done I love you two haha

  • Athena Bianca
    Athena Bianca Month ago +1

    Okay everyone, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say but it’s funny as hell. Hear me out, okay? Doesn’t Pete’s posture throughout the video and movements (as well as the dark circles under his eyes) remind you of Uncle Fester from the Addams Family? Especially at (4:42) and on.

  • Chase Reed
    Chase Reed Month ago

    You can’t hate Pete

  • marlonious
    marlonious Month ago

    Pete just gets hotter and hotter ffs