Sen. Lindsey Graham introduces bill to extend detention of migrant children

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Senator Lindsey Graham has introduced a bill to extend the detention of migrant children from 20 to 100 days, as well as force migrants to apply for asylum in their home country instead of at the border. Graham contends his bill would help the country "regain control of our border," CBSN reports.

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  • An American
    An American Month ago

    Feinstein “the children, the children, the children.......”. What a putz. “We are at an impass”. We won’t do it. You’ve been at an impass for 40 years. Go home and shut up.

  • Thanos Aldren
    Thanos Aldren 2 months ago

    Bet trump has hacked communications between him and the man dicking him down. That's why he did a 180 on trump.

  • Vigilantowl
    Vigilantowl 2 months ago

    Let's make a Win for Liberty 🗽 and see to it that David Weikle has the Opportunity to Primary Graham... because,
    Rights are Not Granted, they are Recognized!
    listen and get to know David

  • dafttool
    dafttool 4 months ago +1

    Graham: *”Lordy, Lordy. -Honey, fetch my smelling salts, dear. I feel my vapors coming on again.”*

    [young man, in brightly colored neon short-shorts & cut-off t-shirt, sprints out of the room, then quickly returns with a small brown bottle in his soft, little hand]

    Graham: *”You silly pumpkin, that’s our poppers. The smelling salts are on the bureau, next to my cuff links & tittie clamps.”*

  • dakrontu
    dakrontu 4 months ago +1

    It's a strange kind of Christianity that these Republicans embrace, a kind unique to America, unrecognisable elsewhere, as it has nothing to do with Jesus or God or tolerance or mercy.

  • Carrie Beaver
    Carrie Beaver 4 months ago

    LG is an humanitarian crisis.

  • Lance Charles
    Lance Charles 4 months ago

    Hateful man

  • Robert Jerome
    Robert Jerome 4 months ago

    Just don't jail em...forced labor.....10 year min.

  • Sheryl Chapman
    Sheryl Chapman 4 months ago

    Apparently this is what South Carolina loves.

  • Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName

    MSNBC is showing an expose’ of graham and how off the rails he’s become. Advising trump jr to ignore subpoena, and his flipping like a landed fish about trump.

  • DON Zoller
    DON Zoller 4 months ago

    Bad man

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 4 months ago +1

    Larry Flynt if you're listening....As you did during Clinton's presidency...please offer up a reward to anyone who has verifiable dirt on Lindsey Graham. That traitorous drama "queen" has some skeletons in his closet.

  • Máire Walton
    Máire Walton 4 months ago +1

    Well, ah suggest Miz Lindsey should go sit in detention for 💯 days and let us know just how that feels! Do onto others..... you good ole self professed Christian person you!

  • Nadi Nadi
    Nadi Nadi 4 months ago +1

    Lock up the babies and send them back danger, but wait... every fetus life is precious and abortion of all kind should be outlawed.

    • Faye D
      Faye D 4 months ago

      So what exactly is your suggestion? Let everyone come here?

  • Fiona Corliss
    Fiona Corliss 4 months ago

    Lol WHAT THE F!!?! Lindsey is PATHETIC.

  • MG Massey
    MG Massey 4 months ago +1

    How about detention for politicians who are arseholes?

  • Brooke Bianco
    Brooke Bianco 4 months ago

    So much for Republicans standing for upholding our laws... Graham just called for a blatant violation of several US federal and international law.

    • Brooke Bianco
      Brooke Bianco 4 months ago

      @paul pasztor he cant unilaterally write international law

  • Diane laughalot
    Diane laughalot 4 months ago

    Lindsay needs to put in jail for being a repuglickin😁 see how he likes it.

  • Giovanni Soave
    Giovanni Soave 4 months ago +7

    Sen Graham no longer believes in law and order. Sell-out.

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi 4 months ago

      He's a Republican. He never did.

  • bis3cuit
    bis3cuit 4 months ago +4

    Evil Scumbag!!

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 4 months ago +8

    Well of course. These so called Republican christians love to cage children.

    • Otak313
      Otak313 4 months ago

      Caging them doesn't sound as bad as just sending them back to the countries that they fled because they were afraid for their lives.

  • walk in beauty
    walk in beauty 4 months ago

    DNA testing has proven that they are using children for fake family's.
    Reference : Channel 10 news San Diego app. 2 weeks ago.

    • walk in beauty
      walk in beauty 4 months ago

      @paul pasztor Amen dear thank you! I can't imagine what these poor children have went through. 😢

  • Robert Arsenault
    Robert Arsenault 4 months ago +3

    He has lost his moral compass. He should respect gun but he won’t.

  • rawbrutaltruth
    rawbrutaltruth 4 months ago +2

    disgusting window dressing

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez 4 months ago

    It seems like ALL THE KINGDOMS OF WHITE PEOPLE should join forces & ATTEMPT TO WIPE OUT all other ETHNICITIES, like they do in The Lord of The Rings trilogy. That way your BORDERS WILL BE SAFE FROM COLOR, YOU RACIST FUCKERS!

  • wegder
    wegder 4 months ago

    That is how you change a law, not just ignoring the current law, government 101

  • James Oxford
    James Oxford 4 months ago +10

    John Kelly and the for-profit baby prison industry thank you Mr. Graham.

    • James Oxford
      James Oxford 4 months ago

      @Jack J one such facility is, or was, in Tornillo, Texas.

    • James Oxford
      James Oxford 4 months ago

      @Jack J For each kid that the trump administration puts into a detention facility, it costs the tax payer as much as $1400/day, and these are contracts given to private corporations, often in the private prison sector. John Kelly just took a job on the board of one such company that has profitted handsomely off trump's immigration policies. At the price they charge the tax payer, you could literally put them up at the Ritz in NYC with full butler service and probably still come out ahead.

    • Jack J
      Jack J 4 months ago

      "baby prison industry" Just where are these James? And I bet you just want ANYONE, enter our country, without an invite, dragging a child they claim is theirs, should just what? Put them up at the local Holliday Inn?
      Come on kid. What should border patrol do with 100ks of people? Oh, you want them moving in with you. Wonderful.

  • Peter Quinn
    Peter Quinn 4 months ago
    *_🇺🇸Politics=tax👼makers vs. tax🔫takers._*
    I care for feral cats and see reproductive parallels to low IQ immigrants fornicating _everyone_ into starvation _~wherever~_ they go. U.S.🇺🇸soil must be *_~OFF LIMITS~_* to cultures who procreate poverty-starvation.
    *_Diversity is the sworn enemy of👼MERIT._*

  • Michael Sinclair
    Michael Sinclair 4 months ago

    How stupid are the people of South Carolina?

  • Pompano IG mr. no cap
    Pompano IG mr. no cap 4 months ago +4

    Lindsey Graham is the only politician that I can say who actually trys,,

    But on the other hand he still gets pulled around like puppet by the T man😏

  • Parslow Pongbert
    Parslow Pongbert 4 months ago +5

    Lindsey Graham? You mean Beelzebub surely?

  • Dennis Janda
    Dennis Janda 4 months ago

    Build the Framping Wall if you care about America..Illegals don't run the Country, American Citizens do unless I'm wrong !!

    • Dennis Janda
      Dennis Janda 4 months ago

      @DraconicEpic..How much are we spending protecting borders of other countries but can't find the money to secure ourselves..Without borders where does the Country begin and end ??

    • DraconicEpic
      DraconicEpic 4 months ago

      For the love of all things holy, the Wall isn't cost-efficient. Anything that can be beat by a ladder or tunnel isn't worth hundreds of billions of dollars to build and maintain. Even worse is all the legal issues with eminent domain. Let's get this straight: Republican Congressman don't want the Wall, many Republicans don't want the Wall, Democrats don't want the Wall, and most Independents don't want the Wall. The best you will get is border security funding including fences for highly trafficked areas. Any suggestion for a large metal/stone/concrete wall across most, if not all, of the border is dead on arrival. Why? Because Congress needs to cut costs so they can give more tax cuts to people and businesses who don't need them. Any funding the Wall could have had got was burned up by the GOP tax bill.

    • Dennis Janda
      Dennis Janda 4 months ago

      Barbara Smith..So there were no illegals prior to then ??

    • Dennis Janda
      Dennis Janda 4 months ago

      indramatic..Tell them Mueller says HI back !!

    • Barbara Smith
      Barbara Smith 4 months ago +1

      American citizens haven't run this country since January 20, 2017, 11AM.

  • debra mcquain
    debra mcquain 4 months ago +22

    Republicans have become the biggest threat to our country’s democracy and the existence of our planet 👿

    • Jack Soxman
      Jack Soxman 4 months ago

      @debra mcquain More like you waste your life with your head in the sand. Grow up

    • debra mcquain
      debra mcquain 4 months ago

      Jack J 99% BS ......won’t waste my time.......

    • Jack J
      Jack J 4 months ago

      So Tell us where you get Republicans are threat to our democracy?
      Thats right. Some damn Politician and Liberal Media said that .
      You can't think on your own?
      Do the Citizens of a any country have a rights? Rights that protect their borders. Rights to have their views heard?
      So how is the lowest unemployment numbers the best in 50 years or all time high Stock Market and my 401k taking my democracy?
      Democrats are the real threat to 200+ years of Free Speech and Liberty. Bigger Government does not + Democracy kid.

    • TheReelReal
      TheReelReal 4 months ago

      paul pasztor They are from a planet where critical thinking is lacking.

    • TheReelReal
      TheReelReal 4 months ago

      @Vox Populi Lindsey Graham isn't the president.

  • James Phony
    James Phony 4 months ago +1

    But what about my illegal aliens that will vote people _like myself_ in........? 😧

    • Katarina D
      Katarina D 4 months ago

      just because you live there don't down the whole state.

  • Dexterous Porcupine
    Dexterous Porcupine 4 months ago

    It would deter the deluge of illegal aliens that are overwhelming our border. 500k illegal aliens have been apprehended this year alone, that is a 12 year high according to the CBP. Last year we only apprehended 496,000 for the whole year, this year we already passed that and we aren’t even done with the year, at this pace 1 million illegal aliens will overrun the country. These illegals aliens are using there children as pawns to exploit our lenient laws. Graham’s bill will deter them from doing this. Graham’s Bill is a logical solution, but democrats won’t pass this because they hate America and love illegal aliens more than USA citizens.

    • Ace-Ink
      Ace-Ink 4 months ago +4

      Right!!! Now stfu if you only support trump you are already against the US Citizens 🤷‍♂️

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 4 months ago +22

    Sold out to for profit organizations

    • Curtis 23
      Curtis 23 4 months ago

      @M yell trust me. The people that profit from locking children up , paid him to say this...

    • M yell
      M yell 4 months ago


  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean 4 months ago +11

    I will not vote for you

  • Real Christian.
    Real Christian. 4 months ago +25

    How Christian of him,bless his heart👹👍🏿

  • william esp Borrero
    william esp Borrero 4 months ago +5

    Lindsey graham has really sold his soul.i hope the people of Kentucky realize how much of a scumbag he really is.and decide its time for a change.

    • 11235 81321
      11235 81321 4 months ago

      @jeff lockaby agreed!

    • jeff lockaby
      jeff lockaby 4 months ago

      @11235 81321 that's love saying a heart attack is better or worse than a stroke...both SUCK...! ! !
      Just like both of these two sell out's suck

    • 11235 81321
      11235 81321 4 months ago

      @jeff lockaby oh lol! Opps! But 🐢 McConnell of Kentucky is worse!

    • jeff lockaby
      jeff lockaby 4 months ago

      @11235 81321 he's not from Kentucky.. he's from South Carolina lol

    • jeff lockaby
      jeff lockaby 4 months ago

      @Blair Murray thought all the Trumpturds wanted to drain the swamp...well Lindsay Lohan here IS the swamp..! ! !

  • Doug E
    Doug E 4 months ago +28

    I do believe Miss Lindsey has sold his soul to Donald Trump. Merciful heavens!

    • Midnight Rambler
      Midnight Rambler Month ago

      Doug E no he’s not playing the democrats game anymore

    • M yell
      M yell 4 months ago

      @Vox Populi along with the majority of Americans that elected these politicians and support them!

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi 4 months ago +1

      Along with the rest of the GOP.

  • nelson 100
    nelson 100 4 months ago +21

    I thought Lindsey Graham was a 'Man of God'.. yet he wants to jail migrant children and start more and more WARS..
    He is a fraud and is lying to the american people with his dangerous rhetoric that goes beyond everything he claims to be

    • Vox Populi
      Vox Populi 4 months ago

      These fuckleheads don't know anything about God or Jesus. They aren't Christians.

  • J Engelmann
    J Engelmann 4 months ago +7

    I wonder what Kompromat Donald has on Lindsey.

  • spice tea
    spice tea 4 months ago

    Graham likes to lock up children....he must like to rape them too.

  • David Evans
    David Evans 4 months ago +5