100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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    Revisiting the 100 Eggo Challenge!!
    7.7lb and 9000 Calories of a pretty unbalanced breakfast.
    This challenge was also preparation for the 2019 SJ Barracuda's World Waffle Eating Championship.
    --- Original 100 Eggo Challenge Video
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  • Jhanna Segui
    Jhanna Segui 2 minutes ago +1


  • Hatima Aytuwar
    Hatima Aytuwar 3 minutes ago

    If Eggo made a commercial

  • ツy6richo
    ツy6richo 25 minutes ago

    Why he doesn't get fatter ?

  • Beyblade Passion
    Beyblade Passion 33 minutes ago

    Is your name Matt stoniest or Matthew Stonie

  • Muff Mull
    Muff Mull 55 minutes ago

    Did he hide the waffles

  • Henry Aguilar
    Henry Aguilar 57 minutes ago

    This is heaven for eleven from stranger things

  • Lydel Gabucan
    Lydel Gabucan Hour ago

    Man!! Have u even suffered from acid reflux from all those challenges u have took??

  • Elliott Woolrich
    Elliott Woolrich Hour ago

    I’m hungry now

  • ItzYoGirl Sarah
    ItzYoGirl Sarah Hour ago

    Till this day I still don’t know how he is this skinny

  • Nova I Tokyo
    Nova I Tokyo Hour ago

    Eleven will love this

  • Xplosive_kd
    Xplosive_kd Hour ago

    My mind still hurts to think of how he stays skinny

  • hanum bhavita01
    hanum bhavita01 2 hours ago

    me : eating 1 wafle for 4 minute

    matt : eating 50 wafle for 4 minute
    diabetes : aM i JoKe To YoU?

  • Cultur3 SH0CK
    Cultur3 SH0CK 2 hours ago

    Zombie matt stonie : Today were going to be eating 1000 human brains

  • hafiz hazmi
    hafiz hazmi 2 hours ago

    2:48 - 2:53 :the next gen of howtobasic

  • Belinda Deleon
    Belinda Deleon 6 hours ago +1

    Crazy he gets paid hella money for eating hella food 😂😂 MBN where do I sign up

  • Chinita Ortega Flores
    Chinita Ortega Flores 6 hours ago

    Wawwwww eating Belgian wafels,,, i visit you this interesting experience hug you from Belgium Europe hug me back everyone and lets eat the wafels....

  • king khan
    king khan 7 hours ago

    TEACHER.......what u want to be in ur future
    .......le....student ...... @Matt Stonie

  • Casey Fields
    Casey Fields 8 hours ago

    Can you post a new video

  • AJ Martino
    AJ Martino 9 hours ago


  • SykoAspect
    SykoAspect 10 hours ago

    Eleven is drooling right now

  • Dominic Slaps
    Dominic Slaps 10 hours ago

    Thank god he’s not dead

  • White Fella
    White Fella 10 hours ago

    Eleven is on her way
    Like if u get the refference

  • Lenny jean
    Lenny jean 11 hours ago

    Takes 15 minutes to eat a slice of pizza.
    Matt: takes 15 minutes to eat 100 eggo waffles

  • Mary L
    Mary L 11 hours ago

    How this dude hasn't changed? I used to watch his videos like 2 or 3 years ago and today I wonder about this channel, search for it and Matt hasnt gain weight at all, not even a pound, how is that even possible??? I envy his digestive system so much!

  • Aura Muhamad
    Aura Muhamad 12 hours ago

    Tanboy Kun joined the chat

  • Serife Korkmaz
    Serife Korkmaz 14 hours ago

    Plase eat pasty

  • Provatina
    Provatina 17 hours ago +1

    I wonder what matt's fridge looks like

  • berat Koca
    berat Koca 18 hours ago

    You not human

  • Precious Aminah
    Precious Aminah 19 hours ago

    You Could’ve Put Them All In The Oven Lol

  • Boris Erdogan
    Boris Erdogan 19 hours ago

    Normal Person: Eats one waffle puts on 1 pound
    Matt Stonie: Eats 100 waffles loses 1 pound..

  • RainM S.
    RainM S. 20 hours ago

    I know you’re not you when you’re hungry, but this is outrageous.

  • Xxblue_beexX
    Xxblue_beexX 20 hours ago

    What we all want for breakfast

  • Sad Board Man
    Sad Board Man 21 hour ago

    Video starts at 4:23. Thank me NOW

  • Leonardo Lopez
    Leonardo Lopez Day ago +1

    E L E V E N W A N T S T O K N O W Y O U R L O C A T I O N

  • SlaughterKingXx
    SlaughterKingXx Day ago

    Why isnt he fat..

  • María Camacho
    María Camacho Day ago

    Espero que no tengas diabetes

  • ItzGavin
    ItzGavin Day ago

    I think Matt will actually keep the weight from this one, that’s a lot of carbs😂

    JUST A PAN Day ago

    *ticci Toby has entered the chat*

  • Noah Yarbrough
    Noah Yarbrough Day ago +1

    His friends mom: You need to eat more your so skinny!!

    His friend:

  • Disukyubi
    Disukyubi Day ago

    What' the song called at 4:30?

  • ğ ø đ ğ h ø ş ť

    Eleven is watching you

  • x Jaimy x
    x Jaimy x Day ago +1

    I gave his parents props cause he always eat his full plate

  • OffixialKj
    OffixialKj Day ago

    i guess he quit youtube now huh? “Thanks fir the 10 mil” then “igh imma head out”?? that aint it

  • Thomas Daintree
    Thomas Daintree Day ago +1

    For context I am Canadian

    Saw the thumbnail and I flipped my shit then saw him put that crap syrup

  • Darius Mirea
    Darius Mirea Day ago

    Please start uploading more you haven’t uploaded for 2 months

  • Jadou M.V
    Jadou M.V Day ago

    #strangrthings eleven😍😍

  • Mohamed Azzouzi
    Mohamed Azzouzi Day ago

    I do not understand how this dude is till alive and skinny as hell

  • Nurqistesya Tesya


  • Tamires Vitória Mendes



    Cmon come back with a vid it's been 2 months now

  • Zolta Balogh
    Zolta Balogh Day ago

    Eleven liked this video

  • G ZaaP OFI
    G ZaaP OFI Day ago

    Respect G

  • G ZaaP OFI
    G ZaaP OFI Day ago

    Send love !

  • Hana Ashenafi
    Hana Ashenafi Day ago

    not really a good idea to eat eggo while drinking water


    My brain:ohhhhhhh my godddd sjwjwjekeioeo3ler9pfkrj39did

    404 ERROR

  • Tee OG44
    Tee OG44 Day ago

    I totally wanted to throw up for you...but you're freaking awesome!!!! And congratulations🎊🎊🎊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • sazzatul alam
    sazzatul alam Day ago

    2:50 When you throw a party but realize at the last moment

  • Ban Ban Ban
    Ban Ban Ban Day ago

    How can he stay healthy? I'm really curious

  • Nimneth Thihansa

    Hey bro, can you eat 1000 cashew nuts with 50 white 🍪 chocolates. Accept the challenge bro.I am a SriLankan 👦 guy.Nimneth

  • Efe Kardes [KAPANIYOR]

    Canım çekti bee 😋