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  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • It's the reboot Disney fans are talking about, but is the first episode worth your time?
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    DuckTales is a 2017 American animated television series by Disney Television Animation, and is a reboot of the original series of the same name.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +3504

    A reboot that's good? DUCKTALES WOOHOO!
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  • Vendetta V
    Vendetta V 12 hours ago

    Can you react to samurai jack reboot?

  • Movie Maniac
    Movie Maniac Day ago

    Clever how you had the break come where it did, since they would later split this into two parts (even though the part with Glomgold with the other women in Scottish wear was in the beginning of the second part).

  • musical mango
    musical mango 10 days ago

    DuckTales uwu

  • Ocelotl Chimalpahin
    Ocelotl Chimalpahin 11 days ago

    Well I guess he's bounced back huh

  • Paloma Freitas
    Paloma Freitas 11 days ago

    How did the critic not know about Della Duck? He was an actual child of the 80s who watched the original series. I never watched the show but as a Disney fan I was at least somewhat versed in it

  • Lewis Scott
    Lewis Scott 13 days ago

    I love the way you say hello. No gay, not like there's anything wrong with it.

    KING K.THICC 15 days ago

    Glumgold ate his hat and grew fat from it

  • Alpin Art
    Alpin Art 16 days ago

    crazy old bird

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 16 days ago

    Please review Final Space!

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 18 days ago

    Actually, the headless man horse shows up in the battle against Magica DeSpell

  • Flaming MFGster
    Flaming MFGster 18 days ago

    Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
    Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

  • FreedomFighter 6281
    FreedomFighter 6281 19 days ago


  • YeetusĐ” Feetus
    YeetusĐ” Feetus 20 days ago

    The nostalgia threw me under the bus.

  • The Missing Link
    The Missing Link 20 days ago

    Duck tales must’ve watched this because you see a lot more of the horse

  • MrSasunaru101
    MrSasunaru101 20 days ago

    I love Weebie but down right hate Mabel.

  • Oliver 200Dude
    Oliver 200Dude 22 days ago

    Somehow, the horse DID come back. And he is great.

  • xxrobodragonxx
    xxrobodragonxx 22 days ago

    I wonder how old people are when they learn that goofy is actually a type of homeless cow from Scotland

  • Shy Spy 23
    Shy Spy 23 23 days ago

    I catch Duck Tales once and a while and I love it

  • Delta 23
    Delta 23 26 days ago

    Idk if anyone will see this but pause at 9:06 and see if you see what I'm seeing.

  • Kamil Kurzawa
    Kamil Kurzawa 26 days ago

    Horse now works for Scruge...

  • Orlando Maldonado
    Orlando Maldonado 27 days ago

    We get to see the horse later in the series

  • Crystal Hope Dragon
    Crystal Hope Dragon 27 days ago

    Did you continue watching after this? I want to know how you felt about what they DID do with the headless man horse. Talk about detailed writing.

  • SBaby
    SBaby 27 days ago

    4:15 - She's kind of like a cross between Pinkie Pie, Mabel and Sticks. If you gave her Velma's VA.

  • Nightmare Eclipse
    Nightmare Eclipse 27 days ago


  • anthony preston
    anthony preston 28 days ago

    Roxannes my kind of looks like it belongs to illuminati that would be some epic foreshadowing

  • LostBoyAJ
    LostBoyAJ 29 days ago

    The horse comes back in the episode Beware the buddy system

  • Nicky Fire
    Nicky Fire 29 days ago

    De headless horse with scrooges head (his name is manny I think ?) Actually comes back in later episodes

  • Ed SkyNight
    Ed SkyNight Month ago

    That is so freaking weird. I thought critic was supposed to review videos and movies that’ll make him suffer through the minutes. Guess there will be some stuff that he’ll actually like. Makes sense afterall ducktales is a magnificent reboot, but this guy can find problems in all kinds of movies. Some of which I thought were movies that were ok. So I thought he was gonna find something bad in this.

  • geraldine woods
    geraldine woods Month ago

    You see the scrooge house again

  • The EdRay Report
    The EdRay Report Month ago

    This reboot would have been good if Alan Young didn't die.

  • Joey Peters
    Joey Peters Month ago

    Like ,subscribe, And can i get 999999999999999999999999999999999999999997865789999999999 prillion veiws and 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 prillion subscriptions to my entire youtube channel please?

  • Disney Bran, Disney Man

    This is literally one of the only good cartoon reboot shows.

  • Goldenpants 123
    Goldenpants 123 Month ago

    if only dark souls had such a good remaster

  • Montana Sizemore
    Montana Sizemore Month ago

    This is bothering me but I'm pretty sure that's not the voice of Mable

  • Julie Porter
    Julie Porter Month ago

    The original was great! The reboot made it better!
    Not only do they have their mom, but the most recent episode starred her "Whatever Happened to Della Duck?"

  • MJPK
    MJPK Month ago

    and the Manhorse became the assistant toward Gyro Gearloose

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White Month ago

    "We never see that horse again."
    He became one of Gyro's assistants and seems to be doing well.

  • Ducko
    Ducko Month ago

    This is good

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson Month ago

    David Tennant is a brilliant Scottish actor known for playing the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who between 2005 and 2010.

  • Zero Walker
    Zero Walker Month ago

    the sole reason I hate the new duck tales and can´t get my self to watch it. I hate the style it´s ugly and it has less color than any fallout game ever.

  • Daniel Vandello
    Daniel Vandello Month ago

    Donald said bird

  • Jennifer's truecolors


  • Lucios1995
    Lucios1995 Month ago

    Did he say at 11:06 that "It's only a first episode" instead of "It's only the first episode" because the first episode always puts all their chips on the table, instead of "You only watched one episode!"

  • Alex Talbain
    Alex Talbain Month ago +1

    Ducktales forever

  • Nathan Zadrozny
    Nathan Zadrozny Month ago

    We do see that horse again

  • CalveeThe Eevee
    CalveeThe Eevee Month ago

    He says "Crazy old bird" not "Crazy old broad"

  • RMC Entertainment
    RMC Entertainment Month ago

    Yes, it has been addressed in comics and old cartoons that the nephews have a mom. Not anything new. In the comics and old cartoons she dumped them with Donald and then either disappeared or died.

  • Viktor Madzov
    Viktor Madzov Month ago

    Dont worry, we will see that horse again ,

  • MrEriklenn
    MrEriklenn Month ago

    Donald Duck is the worst healer of all time as well

  • derealleonbaas 420
    derealleonbaas 420 Month ago

    Actually, the headless horse came back in a comic where he became an advocate for Scrooge but was out for revenge and he was sealed

  • Ranter De Rants
    Ranter De Rants Month ago

    Update review?

  • Briana Beaman
    Briana Beaman Month ago

    we see the horse again its 2019

  • Thoralmir
    Thoralmir Month ago

    The horse DOES come back later in the series.

  • DarynLuna
    DarynLuna Month ago

    'we never see that horse again' ....yeah about that

  • Otaku
    Otaku Month ago

    Re-watching this, it makes it clear: in order to get more in-depth coverage of this series, we need Disneycember: Ducktales to happen!

  • Stinger The Creepypasta Reader


    I warned u
    Magica de spell comes back and more powerful

  • JoshEntertainment
    JoshEntertainment Month ago +1

    You don't need finger prints to use a phone you just need warm blood

    • Starmadien2019
      Starmadien2019 Month ago

      If my cat can use her nose too open up my phone. So yeah.

  • John PS
    John PS Month ago

    Strange square heads on the Ducks.

  • Padparadscha
    Padparadscha Month ago

    I love that they do follow up with Manny the Headless Man Horse, assistant to Gyro Gearloose

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L Month ago +1

    Every episode of this show that doesn’t say the word “hashtag” or “meme” over five times is a great episode.

  • Christopher Mondy
    Christopher Mondy Month ago

    The headless man horse comes back later as a character called Manny

  • New3DSLUIGI364
    New3DSLUIGI364 Month ago +1

    Donald: Crazy Old Bird
    NC: Did he call her a Crazy Old Broad
    Donald: Crazy Old Bird

  • matthew styles
    matthew styles Month ago

    I tryed u for a second time and ya. SCREAMING SOMETHING DOESNT MAKE U FUNNY!!!. Was that funny? No? I prove my point

  • Jerigi Potter
    Jerigi Potter Month ago

    They see the horse again

  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanator Month ago

    speaking of pancreatic cancer anybody here about Alex Trebek

  • Sierra T.
    Sierra T. Month ago

    keep watching, Doug, Manny (the horse) comes back lol

  • Paneque Panaca
    Paneque Panaca Month ago +1

    Disney anounces DT remake!
    Me: Ok?
    Launchs trailer!
    Me: Ok, that's good!
    Has David Tennant voicing Scrooge!
    Me: *OH BOI*

  • Kitsunekun2
    Kitsunekun2 Month ago

    Wow, I bet you enjoyed the season 1 ending or is it season 2 ending? They're talking season 3 now.

    • Vladislav Karásek
      Vladislav Karásek Month ago

      Season 3 was confirmed before start of season 2. Now is airing season 2.

  • MC Draws
    MC Draws Month ago

    I LOVE DAVID TENNANT!!! I missed him so much!! I should watch this series!

  • Hina Williams
    Hina Williams Month ago

    I'm still waiting on more of season 2 to be released xD But what they have so far I still love it and come back to it.

  • Taylor Gibson
    Taylor Gibson Month ago

    "Bird", crazy old "BIRD".

  • Jmartinex Gaming
    Jmartinex Gaming Month ago +6

    Louie’s real name is actually


    • Meow Woof
      Meow Woof Month ago

      I would have thought he'd be Louise

  • Quiwi Lin Lisolet
    Quiwi Lin Lisolet Month ago

    I hope you kept watching. It keeps being way smarter than it has any reason to be :P

  • Jemiah Penzien
    Jemiah Penzien Month ago

    We do see the horse again

  • Salvador Rico
    Salvador Rico Month ago

    I wanna see that Chinese dragon appear again

  • Willow from Buffy
    Willow from Buffy Month ago

    Joke's on you. The horse becomes a recurring character.

  • DarthVlog
    DarthVlog Month ago +1

    thx for making this as kid friendly as you can for any younger audiences wander to this (and that was me!)

  • Taylor Edwards
    Taylor Edwards Month ago +1

    DO TOP 11 NEW DUCKTALES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doctor Squid
    Doctor Squid Month ago +1


  • Mr Kr4k3n
    Mr Kr4k3n Month ago +2

    I love that David Tennant plays Scrooge

  • Lady Caiti
    Lady Caiti Month ago +2

    TIL that this Donald Duck is played by Don Cheadle. Most people found that out in an episode where Donald swallowed a pill that restored his voice which was crazy enough but the fact that he's been played by an Avenger was kinda shocking

    • Lady Caiti
      Lady Caiti Month ago

      +pigifi TIL that I was partially wrong lmao

    • pigifi
      pigifi Month ago

      Don Cheadle only voiced the lines that required the restored voice. Tony Anselmo still voices him as per default.

  • David Z
    David Z Month ago +2

    the headless horse is back later in the series as a lab assistant

  • DarthSironos
    DarthSironos Month ago +2

    This looks like a good reboot, except for the disturbing square heads and the girl being a psycho, imo.

  • the rainbow stoneship
    the rainbow stoneship Month ago +2

    "too soon... *points at a picture of molly cunningham* can you get rid of her while you're at it?"
    i fucking lost it.

  • Sam Gutierrez
    Sam Gutierrez Month ago +1

    God bless you guys for supporting people who struggle with cancer!!!

  • Zachary Hudson
    Zachary Hudson Month ago +1

    Did anyone notice that when webby asked who was the evil triplet they all pointed to lewey. (I dont know how to spell his name)

  • Just Cringe
    Just Cringe Month ago

    Kingdom hearts was right donald needs sub titles

  • Fantastic Caleb
    Fantastic Caleb Month ago +1

    Fun fact: this was the first Channel Awesome video I've ever saw in my live. *Great review! WOO-HOO!*

  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander 2 months ago +1

    10:39 for a good moment

  • Nickel The Wise
    Nickel The Wise 2 months ago

    See, I knew I had a full, enjoyable first episode after all the details, all the fun dialogue, the ending reveal, and the second I saw the Roxanne-esque recurring background character as a reporter, my brain instantly went, "THAT'S what she is! A deep cover spy for Glomgold that's both following the adventures AND infiltrating local news to see even more!". My friend was a little annoyed at my enthusiasm, but it's whatcha get. This show did have a couple ground-dragging episodes down the road, but the more characters and recurrent plot elements emerged, the more fun I was having.. can't spoil it though, so follow Critic's excitement and catch all of this show ya can~

  • ThePaganSun
    ThePaganSun 2 months ago +1

    The horse with Scrooge's statue head is called Manny and eventually ends up working for inventor Gyro Gearloose.

  • Jesse Schoedel
    Jesse Schoedel 2 months ago +2

    To be fair, we do eventually see that horse again. It gets a job at McDuck Industries, working with Gyro Gearloose. It gets to the point where it isn't even really a joke anymore, just a regular part of the environment.

  • Thepeternator 18
    Thepeternator 18 2 months ago

    Donald Duck callers the babysitter crazy old bird

  • Kamil Kurzawa
    Kamil Kurzawa 2 months ago

    I want to know your reaction and opinions an Season 1 finale

  • Lava 64
    Lava 64 2 months ago

    5:24 me after seeing the mot scariest shit ever

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 2 months ago

    10th doctor David tennant

  • L Death note
    L Death note 2 months ago +1

    So now that the seasons been wrapped up maybe you could do a series review

  • Hayley Nelson
    Hayley Nelson 2 months ago

    Update please! I want to know what you think of the season

  • Challenge Brain
    Challenge Brain 2 months ago

    QUACKLING HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!