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  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • It's the reboot Disney fans are talking about, but is the first episode worth your time?
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    DuckTales is a 2017 American animated television series by Disney Television Animation, and is a reboot of the original series of the same name.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +3428

    A reboot that's good? DUCKTALES WOOHOO!
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    • YouTuber Stangirl16
      YouTuber Stangirl16 22 days ago

      Crazy old *BIRD not broad

    • Sofia The Wolf Gamer
      Sofia The Wolf Gamer 3 months ago

      Actually the horse does reappear. His name is manny and he becomes the assistant to Scrooge’s number one scientist, Gyro Gearloose. He reappears several times in season 1 and is overall my favorite character

    • sam
      sam 3 months ago


    • Death Sorcerer
      Death Sorcerer 4 months ago

      Who lied to you

    • Michal Smith
      Michal Smith 6 months ago +1

      Channel Awesome if you want to know what happened to the horse go watch the season finale.

  • the rainbow stoneship

    "too soon... *points at a picture of molly cunningham* can you get rid of her while you're at it?"
    i fucking lost it.

  • Sam Gutierrez
    Sam Gutierrez 3 days ago

    God bless you guys for supporting people who struggle with cancer!!!

  • Zachary Hudson
    Zachary Hudson 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice that when webby asked who was the evil triplet they all pointed to lewey. (I dont know how to spell his name)

  • Just Cringe
    Just Cringe 3 days ago

    Kingdom hearts was right donald needs sub titles

  • Fantastic Caleb
    Fantastic Caleb 4 days ago

    Fun fact: this was the first Channel Awesome video I've ever saw in my live. *Great review! WOO-HOO!*

  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander 8 days ago

    10:39 for a good moment

  • Nickel The Wise
    Nickel The Wise 10 days ago

    See, I knew I had a full, enjoyable first episode after all the details, all the fun dialogue, the ending reveal, and the second I saw the Roxanne-esque recurring background character as a reporter, my brain instantly went, "THAT'S what she is! A deep cover spy for Glomgold that's both following the adventures AND infiltrating local news to see even more!". My friend was a little annoyed at my enthusiasm, but it's whatcha get. This show did have a couple ground-dragging episodes down the road, but the more characters and recurrent plot elements emerged, the more fun I was having.. can't spoil it though, so follow Critic's excitement and catch all of this show ya can~

  • ThePaganSun
    ThePaganSun 12 days ago

    The horse with Scrooge's statue head is called Manny and eventually ends up working for inventor Gyro Gearloose.

  • Jesse Schoedel
    Jesse Schoedel 13 days ago

    To be fair, we do eventually see that horse again. It gets a job at McDuck Industries, working with Gyro Gearloose. It gets to the point where it isn't even really a joke anymore, just a regular part of the environment.

  • Thepeternator 18
    Thepeternator 18 13 days ago

    Donald Duck callers the babysitter crazy old bird

  • Kamil Kurzawa
    Kamil Kurzawa 17 days ago

    I want to know your reaction and opinions an Season 1 finale

  • Lava 64
    Lava 64 18 days ago

    5:24 me after seeing the mot scariest shit ever

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 19 days ago

    10th doctor David tennant

  • L Death note
    L Death note 20 days ago

    So now that the seasons been wrapped up maybe you could do a series review

  • Hayley Nelson
    Hayley Nelson 20 days ago

    Update please! I want to know what you think of the season

  • Challenge Brain
    Challenge Brain 22 days ago

    QUACKLING HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cars collection 06
    cars collection 06 25 days ago

    Chi-chi-chi-chip and dale rescue rangers, wait it's ducktales. FUCK IT WOO HOO.

  • Nio DLC
    Nio DLC 25 days ago

    Sadie from Steve Universe is the young girl duck oh my god I can never unhear it

  • smaug
    smaug 26 days ago

    10:17 when you find out 3 characters frpm your favorite tv show haves a mom and almost loose it

    • smaug
      smaug 26 days ago

      I love ducktales

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt Month ago +1

    Ducktails (2017) is the New Gravity Falls!

    • joseph Greenhorn
      joseph Greenhorn 25 days ago

      its actually from the same people who made gravity falls

  • Toontastic Gaming
    Toontastic Gaming Month ago

    Hey nostalgia critic the first season is over. Can you do a top 11 of this show

    KING GOONCH Month ago

    Duck tits woohoo

  • JJMDude
    JJMDude Month ago

    Hilariously enough, the Headless Man Horse IS a recurring character, and assistant to Gyro Gearloose...
    Swear to god, these writers don't waste anything.

  • Sarvesh Sundaram
    Sarvesh Sundaram Month ago

    "The deja Vus"

  • WynRed C
    WynRed C Month ago

    Doug must've loved the last couple episodes of the season

  • Bo Bagwell
    Bo Bagwell Month ago

    Teen titans go BE THEAS GOOD

  • Agent California
    Agent California Month ago +1

    Not that I’m complaining, but webby feels like a personality copy of what Penny was in RWBY.

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson Month ago

    My favorite part of this premiere was the part where Launchpad (while poisoned) spontaneously starts speaking Swedish to cover for Webby. The absurdity (which the others would agree with; just look at their faces) gets me laughing every time.

  • Fazendo Mangá
    Fazendo Mangá Month ago

    Best part that you actually know what happened now with the horse wothout head, he show's up even in the last episode!

  • Max Eidemiller
    Max Eidemiller Month ago +1

    Duck tales.

  • Headpfones
    Headpfones Month ago

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of Duck tales when I was younger didn’t hate it didn’t mind it kind of thing but since my friend showed me the reboot I’ve been wanting to give it a whole new try

  • Marie Faulkner
    Marie Faulkner Month ago

    We do end up seeing that horse again he's a recurring character

  • The amazing doughnut 101

    20 years later IT WILL FINALLY LEAVE

  • SuitedCasually
    SuitedCasually Month ago

    I geuss its good that later in a different episode we do see that man horse thing again so i think nostalgia critic can rest easy now

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago

    5:45 bullshit!
    great video :D keep up the amazing work :D

  • Dejan Slakeski
    Dejan Slakeski Month ago

    Evil triplet

  • bluechong
    bluechong Month ago

    Thanks, the thumbnail gave me nightmares

  • dowingba
    dowingba Month ago

    Humans and raccoons are all mammals.

  • craig /super craig
    craig /super craig Month ago

    He is there

  • ShadowVanish 42
    ShadowVanish 42 Month ago

    About never seeing the horse again...

  • rock girl
    rock girl Month ago

    The duck tales are beautifully 😄😆🐥

  • Penny Cat
    Penny Cat 2 months ago

    Imagine if mabel and webby became a duo spinoff

  • KentheMemester 90210
    KentheMemester 90210 2 months ago +1

    10:16 the first time i saw this review, i thought he was gonna spit out the champagne and yell, "WHAT!"

  • Hannah Cat
    Hannah Cat 2 months ago


  • Jessica Jayes
    Jessica Jayes 2 months ago

    Who else loved the reboot? Don't get me wrong, I loved the original as a kid, but I also enjoyed this in adulthood. It's like asking to compare original "Star Trek" to "Next Generation", both are good.

  • Sam Stanell
    Sam Stanell 2 months ago

    The horse does come back

  • D. J. Scott
    D. J. Scott 2 months ago

    Shouldn't it have been "Quacklantis" to avoid confusion with other Disney films?

  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 2 months ago

    so a fail?

  • Miguel L
    Miguel L 2 months ago


  • David Soto
    David Soto 2 months ago

    We do see that horse again

  • Akos Nagy
    Akos Nagy 2 months ago

    And it's horrible. Reboots suck!

  • Diamond Preston
    Diamond Preston 2 months ago

    Her name is Bella Duck

  • Jessy Cakes
    Jessy Cakes 2 months ago +3

    I’d be really interested in an update review after all of season 1 being done, tons of characters from the original getting rebooted and the new characters!
    Not to mention finding out what actually happened to their mom, I’m so curious to know what you think

  • klimmr3021
    klimmr3021 2 months ago

    Critic, why stop here? No seriously, why not do a Vlog of this show like you and your brother used to do? In fact, don't you still need to catch up with Steven Universe?

  • Minecraft Kunoichi
    Minecraft Kunoichi 2 months ago

    Who else wants to see him react to all of the episodes? I really wanna see his reaction to seeing Manny again!

  • Mama Maldonado
    Mama Maldonado 2 months ago

    1:54 he said bird

  • Rick attack studio's
    Rick attack studio's 3 months ago

    Now for the season finale we see the horse

  • David King
    David King 3 months ago +1

    5:45 who’s watching this after seeing the episodes where the horse works for gyro

  • Real King K
    Real King K 3 months ago

    Eat Your Heart out Cartoon network

  • tokuguy the tokusatsu master

    at least we get a better version of quack pack

  • Homer Zombie
    Homer Zombie 3 months ago

    We already know his mom and dad are though

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 3 months ago

    Too bad i saw this too late.. that youtube channel is dead and the video unlisted. Oh well.

  • REBDful
    REBDful 3 months ago

    You see the headless horse again it works in Gyro's lab

  • Conor
    Conor 3 months ago

    Ok he clearly said crazy old BIRD not broad

  • Jamie Willkner
    Jamie Willkner 3 months ago

    Wish I can do reviews like this.

  • Sam Willows
    Sam Willows 3 months ago

    Btw the Headless Horseman shows up later in the show

  • sans
    sans 3 months ago

    Please I beg you please do a season review now that season 1 is over

  • Kale
    Kale 3 months ago

    Actually, the doll with the arrow in it is a reference to her actual doll from the original show... I think.

  • J Bourbon
    J Bourbon 3 months ago

    1:53 Nonono, he said, "Crazy old bird."

  • red loves media
    red loves media 3 months ago

    We see the horse

  • Pretty P Johnson
    Pretty P Johnson 3 months ago +1

    "We never see that horse again" *points out a few episodes*

  • Goth Nerd
    Goth Nerd 3 months ago +1

    1:18 "The ship is sinking! I don't care, I'm a duck"-Russell Howard, Mock the Week, scenes we'd like to see

  • Rockpopper101
    Rockpopper101 3 months ago +2

    2:20 Hewbert, dewferd and Louis

  • White Gradient нет Vincent 7D 13

    Reboot still better than cartoon network's

  • Sara 0546309
    Sara 0546309 3 months ago

    I heard bird 1:50 does anyone agree with me??!!

  • Xander Ross
    Xander Ross 3 months ago



  • Rishi Bhakta
    Rishi Bhakta 3 months ago


  • Matias Wants Pizza Time


  • DiazSpeeltGames
    DiazSpeeltGames 3 months ago

    they do see the horse again, don't be so negative!!

  • crash clash killer
    crash clash killer 3 months ago

    The horse gets a job in the later episode

  • Austin Reed
    Austin Reed 3 months ago

    Max has a waifu now?

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush 3 months ago +1

    I always find it weird when they wear skrits/dresses and no panties. But fine, they don't wear bottoms at all in this universe. But then the doll at 4:25 wears panties. I'm confused.

  • Irene Saito
    Irene Saito 3 months ago

    The horse works for scroug

  • FlyBoyEnterprises
    FlyBoyEnterprises 3 months ago

    I was excited for a reboot of the series. I am glad I gave it a shot and DON'T regret it!! I CAN'T tell the difference between the ORIGINAL Scrooge or Launchpad.
    As for the rest, it took a while to get used to in regards to the direction and voices.
    I LOVE THE DIRECTION they are going and really fleshing out the characters.
    It's a reboot DONE RIGHT!!! And one that should be held as a prime example on how to properly do a reboot. They catered to the older fans and bringing in the new.

  • Fredministrator
    Fredministrator 3 months ago

    I don't like the reboot. It misses the adventure and girl duck is too op in fights, it can get behind the spytraining, but the massive equipment and the inhuman strenght just suck out the tension in every engagement with villians.

  • Kim Warren
    Kim Warren 3 months ago


  • Jeremy McLaughlin
    Jeremy McLaughlin 3 months ago

    2:13 The correct answer, as it would turn out, is in fact Llewellyn. You ever get the feeling that Donald purposefully gave Louie a Welsh name just to spite proud Scotsman Uncle Scrooge?

  • Derek Bates
    Derek Bates 3 months ago

    IT SUCKS!!!

  • Minecraft Kunoichi
    Minecraft Kunoichi 4 months ago

    Who's gonna tell him that the horse is just a regular character now?

  • Harlequinn
    Harlequinn 4 months ago

    Looked it up and yes Webby and Sadie from steven universe were voiced by the same person

  • Maswartz226
    Maswartz226 4 months ago

    BTW We see the horse again

  • Jason Nakao
    Jason Nakao 4 months ago

    Jokes on you. We get the horse back.

  • Jac Sanchez / Slash Command Films

    Eesh Disney is the Nintendo of animated television, they’re the only company of their kind that truly knows what their audience loves, they make changes where there should be changes, and it’s all family-friendly, as opposed to just kid-friendly (it’s fun and colorful but it’s still pretty clever and elaborate) albeit while, according to conspiracy theorists, constantly having a more disturbing and horrifying agenda, for some reason.

    • Harlequinn
      Harlequinn 4 months ago

      Nintendo however does stuff and then it's expected to be back next time like pokemon following you and a good plot in a zelda game

  • The Reverse Speedster
    The Reverse Speedster 4 months ago

    Yes it was amazing watched all the epsiodes

  • renewedx25
    renewedx25 4 months ago

    I feel like you need to do a season 1 review.

  • Padpaw22
    Padpaw22 4 months ago

    Least that horse showed up again later in the season.

  • A Bit of an Animator
    A Bit of an Animator 4 months ago

    It’s about time there was a good cartoon reboot

  • The Gamer Version C-137

    I know how it works here, but please update.

    YEONWOO MA 4 months ago +1

    Great!! I'm gonna go watch DuckTales right now!!