Can Our Friends Tell Us Apart? - Merrell Twins

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • We’ve had our TheXvid channel for 10 years now! 🎉 To celebrate, we thought we’d quiz our friends who we’ve known for a long time to see how well they know us! Dun... dun... DUNNNN. Our friends obviously know us very well in other ways but do they know the answers to simple questions? Let’s find out! 🧐
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Comments • 7 210

  • merrelltwins
    merrelltwins  2 years ago +17942

    This is how many times the merrelltwins clapped after every correct answer 😂

    • C R
      C R 20 days ago


    • Lily Kong
      Lily Kong Month ago


    • Pxrsis
      Pxrsis 2 months ago

      Dang, they clapped 17k times😂😂

    • Kamya Gupta
      Kamya Gupta 4 months ago


    • Forever edits
      Forever edits 8 months ago

      Seventeen thousand times wow guys miss merrals

  • keiraaa
    keiraaa 2 years ago +1588

    I love how Aaron’s answers were so specific😂 that’s a true friend right there

  • Isabella’s world
    Isabella’s world 2 years ago +3382

    aaron’s out here giving life stories as an answer LMAO

  • Naqs
    Naqs Year ago +1839

    Everyone's going on about Aaron but JC did freaking great for someone who's just a friend to the twins. I need me a friend like that 👌🏼

    • Sarah Austin
      Sarah Austin 4 months ago

      @mahee patel sorry the comment says 1 year ago and they said 4 years ago, so I deducted 1 year from 4

    • mahee patel
      mahee patel 4 months ago +1

      @Sarah Austin not 3. it's more like 2 years since they've been dating since winter of 2017. in their wedding videos they said they'd been dating for about 4ish years.

    • Sarah Austin
      Sarah Austin 4 months ago +1

      @amethyst and now it’s come to light that Veronica and Arron were dating for 3 years when this video was posted

    • C R
      C R 4 months ago +1

      And Ryan!

    • Lindy Moyo
      Lindy Moyo Year ago +54

      What about Bobby? I know he didn't get 100% but honestly he either should've gotten 95% for getting one of the colours right or 100% for getting the date right when the twins got it wrong 😂

  • Ava Nomura
    Ava Nomura 2 years ago +1259

    roni and nessa: where are we from?
    no one:
    no one at all:
    alex: the womb

  • Davis Robinson
    Davis Robinson 2 years ago +540

    Anyone gonna talk about Aaron's math skills? He quickly said exactly how long he's known them, and that clip was unedited.

    • Annika
      Annika 9 months ago +4

      @Zoha Baig yeah! In the who’s more likely to with Aaron and Roni Aaron tells Roni he was a maths tutor!

    • Zoha Baig
      Zoha Baig 10 months ago +17

      Aaron was a really good student! He talks about being a shy nerdy kid a lot. Plus he’s Roni’s boyfriend so ofc he probably counts the day they met as an anniversary of some kind

  • Jessica Ibarra
    Jessica Ibarra 2 years ago +3496

    I love how Aaron doesn’t even hesitate or need answer choices

  • Ivan Ichianus
    Ivan Ichianus 4 months ago +122

    A Merrell Twins Biography could be written by just using Aaron’s answers 😂😂

  • Karina Estrada
    Karina Estrada 9 months ago +184

    “2 years, 2 months and 8 days” Aaron came prepared!! He didn’t want to be in the doghouse 😂 😂 🤣

  • Celeste
    Celeste 2 years ago +242

    Whenever Aaron gets the right answer Roni's like "of course he knows it"

  • Michelle Rios
    Michelle Rios 4 months ago +22

    coming back to this video after the marriage video is just so adorable…aaron is the best guy ever 💗

  • Savannah Jo
    Savannah Jo 2 years ago +5090

    Aaron should have gotten 110% for his super detailed answers

  • R A Y H A N A
    R A Y H A N A Year ago +81

    I keep rewatching this and love the fact of how specific Aaron is 😂❤

    STRIKEFURY 4 months ago +10

    Love re-watching Aaron being super detailed 😂😂😂

  • Vidushi Kumar
    Vidushi Kumar 4 months ago +14

    Now we know why Aaron knew EVERYTHING.

  • Crystal Campos
    Crystal Campos 4 months ago +41

    With those detailed answers no wonder Roni married him😭I’m so happy for them😩💕

  • Sofia A. Magarin
    Sofia A. Magarin 2 years ago +12125

    So no one is going to talk about how specific Arron’s answers are 😂

    • xx lovely xx
      xx lovely xx Year ago

      Actually, everyone is talking about it.

    • Manish :D
      Manish :D Year ago

      Literally everyone is talking about that so lol

    • Zane Batten
      Zane Batten Year ago

      HANNAH I’m not subscribing to you not tryna be rude but ur comment isn’t saying much about this video or comment so sorry if you think I’m being rude but I’m not just so you know.

    • Zane Batten
      Zane Batten Year ago +1

      So specific lol 😂

    • Ashlynn
      Ashlynn Year ago

      uh, no offense, but isn't aaron 7 years older than roni?

  • Haf Wyn Williams
    Haf Wyn Williams 2 years ago +204

    Aaah , remember those old days when we could sit next to our friends!

  • Jacky Flores
    Jacky Flores 4 months ago +10

    i love how jc got his answers right since he’s known the girls for so long 😭 they’re so cute

  • Chrissa Todd
    Chrissa Todd 4 months ago +18

    looking back at this knowing veronica and aaron are married now his knowledge of them makes so much sense now

  • Xuan Nguyen
    Xuan Nguyen 2 years ago +62

    I love how exact Aaron’s answers are

  • sheridyn jarvis
    sheridyn jarvis 2 years ago +1999

    Roni and Nessa : we're actually 45 mins apart
    Nezza : your poor mother

    • C2H2011
      C2H2011 Month ago +1

      I literally was searching for this comment 😂😂

    • Marcos-Lesly Marin
      Marcos-Lesly Marin Year ago


    • Debrae Farley
      Debrae Farley Year ago

      I was waiting for someone to say this the whole time. I was like is nobody gonna say and then it happened.

    • Paula’s Excuses
      Paula’s Excuses 2 years ago +2

      sheridyn jarvis Shes not wrong

    • Beauty By Lyndsay
      Beauty By Lyndsay 2 years ago +3

      sheridyn jarvis she said what I was thinking 😂

  • Isabelle cilia
    Isabelle cilia 5 months ago +18

    question: what is nessa's fav treat?
    no one:
    Aaron: *goes into deep detail on nessa's favorite treats from like 3 different places in 2 different states*

  • It’s A.E Awesome
    It’s A.E Awesome 9 months ago +24

    I like how Aaron like knows the answer before Nessa even says the options and is like “ I hang out with you guys a lot” 😂 😂 😂

  • Rachel Golino
    Rachel Golino 3 months ago +1

    Watching this back is so funny bc Aaron knows why he knows y’all so much & is around y’all so much 😂

  • Kate Hontz
    Kate Hontz 2 years ago +1109

    Vanessa: what is my favorite treat?
    Aaron: Oh I know this already
    Vanessa: ok what is it
    Aaron: well it depends
    me: surprised Pikachu face

  • Aaron Burriss
    Aaron Burriss 2 years ago +13540

    Is it weird that I know so much about you guys? 🤣

    • cinna
      cinna 2 months ago

      @Jade Alise he wasn't, this vid was 2 years ago, so he was correct.

    • puti
      puti 3 months ago +1

      Well gou answered more than u need too with no hesitate plus the fact that we didnt no anything of ronron is real or not and now ronron iant just confirmed but married

    • Jade Alise
      Jade Alise 4 months ago +3

      Considering you were dating her 2 years before this no

      DANA SLZR 4 months ago +1

      no hahaahahah

    • elishastaylor
      elishastaylor 4 months ago +6

      looking at this from the future and now aaron and roni are married!

  • landry schneider
    landry schneider 4 months ago +5

    theyre so adorable when they go "yay" or "yeah" when someone gets something right. theyre sp happy aw

  • Vicky Nguyen
    Vicky Nguyen Year ago +63

    nessa: what’s my favorite treat?
    aaron: oh i know this already
    nessa: what is it?
    aaron: well it depends *goes on and explains why 2+2 is 4 and why e=mc squared*

  • Karen Miyake
    Karen Miyake Year ago +15

    Aaron is like Rain man with his answers. His memorization of how long they have known each other!😂 who else would memorize that other then your boyfriend😉😳

  • Marly L
    Marly L 4 months ago

    17:20 I love their relationship with Nezza. It’s so genuine and and everlasting relationship. Such great connection! Like a sister!!

  • Vimal Shrestha
    Vimal Shrestha Year ago +311

    Merrel twins : who is older and by how many minutes?
    Devan : Maybe like one second?
    *Merrel twins and the key brothers laugh *
    Collins : it's not like BOOM BOOM !
    *Them laughing again* 😂
    I don't why that made me laugh but it did 😂😂😂

  • Zoie Sinclair
    Zoie Sinclair Year ago

    I love how contagious their excitement is! Not only are their friends feeding off their excitement I am too🤣🤣 I was clapping with them.

  • Niña Repuyo
    Niña Repuyo 3 months ago +1

    I have watched this video 2 years and I am so proud of myself because I still remember the answer in all of the questions and I feel stupid because when they showed their picture wearing pink dress I did not see their names and directly look at their faces and figure out who is who 🤣

  • Kristen Sequeira
    Kristen Sequeira Year ago +1

    Aaron is a sweetheart 😂❤️
    I remember how this was one of the first videos I saw of your channel and was in love with you and your friends 🙈

  • Irving's GoaT
    Irving's GoaT 2 years ago +3843

    *Aaron pays a lot of attention to his friends* I need a friend like that

    • Awesome Addison Studios
      Awesome Addison Studios Year ago

      @Irving’s GoaT don’t we all 😂

    • Deuguuu
      Deuguuu 2 years ago +4

      Irving's GoaT
      Aaron: *Answers everything right and detailed*
      My friends: When were you born again?

    • Ally Voinski
      Ally Voinski 2 years ago

      Irving's GoaT same

    • qaluud
      qaluud 2 years ago +2

      Leanne Mai he did math, I do that a lot automatically when people tell me dates and stuff

    • Dorothy Vinod
      Dorothy Vinod 2 years ago

      Alana was here had??

  • It’s Rhea
    It’s Rhea Year ago +2

    I love how they inform us they have new merch 😂❤️

  • Bri
    Bri Year ago +22

    Me: trying to guess the right answers
    Aaron: Getting deep into detail,
    exposing Nessa😂, and brings out math, science, exact dates, and stuff

  • Toca Boca Tips and Tricks with Eva!

    This part is literally one of my favorites 8:53! 😂 Look at Roni’s reaction!

  • iSAFAE
    iSAFAE 7 months ago +5

    i never knew jc was attentive like that omg i didn’t know i could love him more than i have for the past 10 years but here we go i guess😭

  • Jiyaaa
    Jiyaaa 2 years ago +1057

    no one:
    me: “if aaron doesn’t get this right, ima fly over there and give him a little sit down talk”😂😂

    • Jennifer B
      Jennifer B 2 years ago +1

      Aaron: *gets EVERYTHING right*
      Me: well then☺️

    • Megan Heinrich
      Megan Heinrich 2 years ago +21

      GalaxyGirl16 me too meanwhile he is over here saying the answers before they even get the questions out

  • emily R.R
    emily R.R 2 years ago +267

    Remember we use to ship Roni with Collin 😂

    • Aarushi Gupta
      Aarushi Gupta Year ago +1

      @debora ersado so pretty sure it's confirmed now.

    • Aarushi Gupta
      Aarushi Gupta Year ago +2

      @debora ersado also in one of the Merrell twins streams nessa said "do y'all even need confirmation anymore" and roni was then like "NESSA"

    • Aarushi Gupta
      Aarushi Gupta Year ago

      @debora ersado also Jerry said in one of Aaron's streams when they were talking about roni "you dont have to lie just cause she's your gf" so you there's that. And then Aaron awkwardly tried to clean up the mess. And then Jerry said oh yeah in a tone that said "oh yeah they don't know"

    • Aarushi Gupta
      Aarushi Gupta Year ago +1

      @debora ersado then why isn't she on twin my heart yet?? Pretty sure they would do her before franny and nezza.

    • debora ersado
      debora ersado Year ago +2

      @Gina Goes ... she's just annoyed that ppl are shipping her with her best friend is all. honestly fans are so annoying sometimes, let people live the way they want to live!

  • Reka
    Reka Year ago +76

    I got all of them right except for the one I couldn't answer: How long we have been friends, since I don't know them personally.

  • daniela samaniego
    daniela samaniego Year ago +9

    Y’all we need more Aaron’s in this world 🌍🙏🤍😂

  • Gaby Díaz
    Gaby Díaz Year ago +2

    I cant get over how contagious Collins laugh is HAHAh

  • idk..whothisis
    idk..whothisis 2 years ago +551

    Who else really wishes Aaron was their best friend? Lol he just seems to listen really well and know a lot about Roni and Nessa 😂❤️❤️

    • Red Fashion Chic
      Red Fashion Chic 4 months ago +2

      He is married to Veronica now

    • idk..whothisis
      idk..whothisis 2 years ago +1

      Julia Lee I know he is 😂 Roni is so lucky to have a best friend like him

    • Julia Lee
      Julia Lee 2 years ago +1

      he is their best friend especially roni

    • Farhat Adel
      Farhat Adel 2 years ago +1

      Uh.. Aaron and Roni are dating tho. Thats why he knows this stuff lol

    • vippy stylez
      vippy stylez 2 years ago +4

      I think she knows otherwise ya Roni and Arron are dating

  • Gaming Adri
    Gaming Adri Month ago

    When Bobby started talking about the taco I started laughing I literally remember🤣

  • Ashley Valdez
    Ashley Valdez 3 months ago +1

    I love how Aaron, at this time, was dating Roni but knew so much about Nessa as well!

  • Erin Michelle
    Erin Michelle 4 months ago

    I've watched this video several times and I don't really know why haha! I just think it's so fun to watch your friends because everyone is so funny. I'm sure you could probably find another one of my comments on this video somewhere lol

  • Stephanie Hartman
    Stephanie Hartman Year ago +2

    12:35 was my favorite part I was laughing so hard! But Aaron was so serious about it lol 🤣

  • Mia Reyes Toriz
    Mia Reyes Toriz 2 years ago +2737

    Everyone: simple answers
    Aaron: pulls out all these facts and science and math as an answer

    • Ghazi Syed
      Ghazi Syed Year ago +6

      Did anyone notice veronicas is wearing a Rosanna pansinos merch with nezza

    • A_A
      A_A Year ago +19

      We got a RonRon out here

  • Arty Geek
    Arty Geek 2 years ago +1

    I got all of em correct, feel so proud 💜💜💫

  • Maica Mesana
    Maica Mesana Year ago +4

    me rewatching this 9 months later just to hear Aaron's explanation of Nessa's favorite treat

  • Mary Faxon
    Mary Faxon Year ago

    Aaron is seriously the winner here. He was so thoughtful and SPECIFIC in his answers

  • Elise Snyder
    Elise Snyder 10 months ago +3

    18:02 made me start dying laughing🤣😂🤣

  • Buji Rosalina
    Buji Rosalina 2 years ago +1206

    Jc is the cutest, how he remembers everything

    • Nikki Traver
      Nikki Traver 2 years ago +6

      Marvelous Akinwumiju Uh Roni and Aaron are dating lol and JC has a girlfriend

    • CarttTitann
      CarttTitann 2 years ago

      No he got one wrong but got more credit

    • Marvelous Akinwumiju
      Marvelous Akinwumiju 2 years ago

      Veronica and Alex should date and vanessa and jc should date

    • Ivana F
      Ivana F 2 years ago +5

      @Carmina Bermudo jc caylen is a youtuber who has channel with his bestfriend KianAndJc and his own channel, he's the one who got the bonus point 100%

    • Carmina Bermudo
      Carmina Bermudo 2 years ago +1

      Wait who is jc

  • ian de la pena
    ian de la pena Year ago +1

    what a G R E A T VIDEO! i love banter between everyone, lots of close friends 💯♥️😍🥰

  • Daris Note
    Daris Note Year ago +3

    i’m shocked jc got a lot right😳 still love him!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Piper Sokol
    Piper Sokol Year ago +63

    Merrell twins: 45 mins
    Nezza: your poor mother

  • Emma Ford
    Emma Ford Year ago

    that’s crazy! i didn’t know they were you tubers for 10 almost 11 years!! you guys are doing amazing keep going 💗

  • Enceladus
    Enceladus 2 years ago +1387

    “Your poor mother”
    I was waiting for someone to say that 😂

  • foreverangel
    foreverangel 2 years ago +112

    “where are we originally from”
    alex:............the womb.🤣

  • random person
    random person Year ago +3

    Aaron is like that student who is the reason all other students fail😂I loved his answers so much!!! He knows so much I am stunned but I love it

  • yodafaq
    yodafaq 10 months ago +2

    I keep rewatching this video. This is actually the vid that turned me on to watching the twins. And i still love it and keep coming back

  • Scarlett Clough
    Scarlett Clough Year ago

    I got all questions right! Ily guys so much you are my inspiration ❤️

  • 나리Nari
    나리Nari 2 years ago +2178

    why is no one talking about how roni once threatened to hit bobby with a soft taco? 😂😂

    • Joshua Brown
      Joshua Brown Year ago +2

      @Dishaa Patil I do not see any heart from the Merrell twins 😂

    • A_A
      A_A Year ago

      Haha I remember that 😂🤣😂🤣

    • musicgal421
      musicgal421 2 years ago +3

      It was on Bobby’s channel and it was like a toy soft taco- plush type thing

    • Dishaa Patil
      Dishaa Patil 2 years ago

      @Cadence Clemente hi

    • Cadence Clemente
      Cadence Clemente 2 years ago +2

      @yarzqii in bobby mares channell the haunted hotel

  • Heidi
    Heidi Year ago +1

    Oh my gosh. I feel like I could have done better than some of your friends 🤩🥰🤣🤣

  • Sovannysa Ly
    Sovannysa Ly Year ago +1

    I want more Merrell twins and the Key Bros vids

  • itsembee
    itsembee Year ago

    This video makes me really wish I had
    Friends like this!!

  • THEWierdTYTYplays23
    THEWierdTYTYplays23 8 months ago

    This was funny to watch for no reason but u guys make me laugh for no reason keep up the good work and congrats on 6mil

  • Khayla Hilario
    Khayla Hilario Year ago +6

    I never stop laughing whenever I rewatch this part of bobby 4:10

  • Riddhima Kapoor
    Riddhima Kapoor 5 months ago

    After watching them for 3 years I do not regret subscribing to them and knowing all the questions watching them over these years 🥺🥺🥺💜💖💜💖

  • linnea jarmin
    linnea jarmin Year ago +2

    David is such a mood tho😂😂

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman Year ago +8

    "We're actually 45 minutes apart."
    "Your poor mother."
    Also, Aaron knew his stuff.

  • Ms. Minion
    Ms. Minion 2 years ago +593

    Aaron: So 2 years, 2 months and 8 days.
    Vanessa: Hello?? We didn’t need that, we just needed the years.
    I LOVE IT 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Leah Lopez
    Leah Lopez 4 months ago +1

    Have they stood and sat in the same order their whole lives?😂

  • Riss
    Riss Year ago

    Teala is adorable and I love her voice!

  • Amy Rodriguez
    Amy Rodriguez 2 years ago +3

    You guys are so awesome and it's easy to tell you apart because Vanessa's dimples go in deeper then Veronica's

  • jamie walker
    jamie walker Year ago +1

    This is a good Challenge for your friend to know you better too!!!!!❤️

  • brooke•lyn•
    brooke•lyn• 2 years ago +2822

    Dude everyone is just doing basic answers and Aaron is over here going into so much detail like ummm best friend alert

    • Crafty Gamez
      Crafty Gamez 4 months ago +4

      2 years later.. roni and Aaron are getting married

    • Zainab Al-Fiadh
      Zainab Al-Fiadh 4 months ago +1

      @brooke•lyn• I'm 17 now and they're my comfort TheXvidrs. they remind of being a child

    • Zainab Al-Fiadh
      Zainab Al-Fiadh 4 months ago +1

      @brooke•lyn• I know like I've been watching them for like a good 6-7 years

    • brooke•lyn•
      brooke•lyn• 4 months ago +2

      i cant believe she’s married now

    • somebody alive
      somebody alive 4 months ago +4

      Umm husband alert

  • foreverangel
    foreverangel 2 years ago

    seeing the twins with collins and devan make me so happy🥰😫

  • Lucia Liu-Wesson
    Lucia Liu-Wesson 9 months ago +2

    Rebecca gave the most entertaining answers.

  • Robby Kunkel
    Robby Kunkel Year ago

    these two remind me of baby puppies with all the energy and happiness they provide

  • Gonaki M
    Gonaki M 4 months ago +1

    Aaron knows so many details and now Veronica and Aaron are married 😭💕

  • Tavia Hopper
    Tavia Hopper 2 years ago +1591

    aaron- got 100%
    aaron- “what did alex get?”
    merrell twins- “70%”
    aaron- “i know”

  • Ayrenne Turner
    Ayrenne Turner Year ago

    You guys have had your channel almost as long as I have been alive!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Coffee
    Coffee Year ago +4

    mr. aaron over here just scientifically proved what nessa’s favorite treat was.

  • Param Gill
    Param Gill Year ago +1

    i have been watching them since 1 month only and i knew all the answers
    this how you know i binge watched them way too much 😌😌

  • Elise Snyder
    Elise Snyder 10 months ago +1

    My fav part- 14:13 the look nezza gave😂🤣

  • Janice Martin
    Janice Martin 2 years ago +549

    Aaron deserved above 100% he was so specific and so more than needed, it made me die laughing

    • Emma Bringhurst
      Emma Bringhurst 2 years ago +14

      yeah, JC got an extra 10% for knowing the date they met, Aaron should have gotten at least 110%

  • Michelle Coral
    Michelle Coral Year ago +5

    5:15, I love this part so much 😂😂😂

  • dayyzeiz
    dayyzeiz 2 years ago +53

    Roni&Nessa: Where are we originally from?
    Franny: I feel like it's, Oklahoma or something
    Me: *dying from laughter*
    And the fact that Aaron goes: I met you guys September 1st 2017 so 2 years 2 months and 8 days. Brooo

  • beomfeet
    beomfeet 2 years ago

    I love how much I watch you guys I didn't know I could get some answers right

  • Ceejay
    Ceejay 4 months ago +1

    Came back here after watching the Ronron video playlist on Aaron's channel since I remembered the "Sept 1, 2017" date 🤭💖

  • Arty Geek
    Arty Geek 2 years ago +596

    Everyone needs an Aaron in their life.

  • eeshana💙💚
    eeshana💙💚 10 months ago +2

    I love how Aaron was so specific lol

  • Gabriella Robb
    Gabriella Robb 2 years ago

    Aww you guys have such great friends and its crazy yall have known them for so long!!

  • violet a
    violet a Year ago +1

    Everyone should have friends who know the exact day they met. Aaron is that friend to the Merrel Twins.

  • Trinnidy J
    Trinnidy J Year ago

    i love nessa’s laugh oh my gosh her laugh is like really mature but cute at the same time

  • Montana Ingram
    Montana Ingram 2 years ago +467

    Aaron wrecking house with those answers! Unbelievable with his “2 years 2 months and 8 days” answer what an awesome guy