My First Q&A of 2022

  • Published on Jan 26, 2022
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    Today I'm doing the first Q&A of 2022. Hope you enjoy.
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Comments • 335

  • Bonnie Drasco
    Bonnie Drasco 3 months ago +41

    Been with you from the start, it’s actually quite emotional seeing how well you’ve done, all power to you buddy, television 📺 gig coming your way

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson 3 months ago +18

    Loved the shameless plugging of the High Peak Autos mugs. 🤣
    A lot of insight for me as I'm going to get my first new(ish) car in over 10yrs. Love the honesty and no nonsense reviews, easy on the merch plugging! 😉

  • S. White
    S. White 3 months ago +17

    I’m approaching mandatory retirement from a government career in the U.S. and you have made me considering following in your footsteps. Thanks for the insight and positive feedback 👍🙏🏻

  • Jonathan Eves
    Jonathan Eves 3 months ago +2

    Thank you Matt for being your relaxed, good company self. I've dreamt of doing up an older luxury car like you and enjoying it for a few years. But after getting immersed in your channel i feel like I've had the experience now so I can move on. Thanks for all the cash and emotional pain you've saved me. 😀

  • Tony McCann
    Tony McCann 16 days ago

    Love these videos mate, the reviews, your Q&As, honest, upfront and down to earth with you reviewing all the cars a petrol head would be into. Keep it up mate, love this channel

  • G C
    G C 3 months ago +1

    Thanks Matt your an inspiration buddy I’ve been in the motor trade and known of the motortrade stuff for years was suffering from anxiety and depression or should say I do but looking to get back in to it so thanks for the videos

  • Chris de Wet
    Chris de Wet 3 months ago +2

    Thanks Matt. Honesty, hard work and knowledge gets you a long way when starting any business. High Peak is a great example.
    Like the previous Q&A this was a great watch, please keep doing them from time to time. 👍👍👍

  • Stephen Hadfield
    Stephen Hadfield 3 months ago +3

    Another great video, which I thoroughly enjoyed. You give good, honest advice & you truly deserve to do well!

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall 3 months ago +5

    You're pleasing a lot of people doing these questions & answers channel on you tubefor good honest & 'experienced reviews.

  • Steve Egginton
    Steve Egginton 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for responding to my question Matt. Always enjoy your Q&A's, the insight into the motor trade, the car market and the world of cars in general. Interested in your views on EV's, feels like the Government and the motoring press are trying to push us down the electric car route but I'm not convinced and sounds like you aren't either 👍 Have you thought of doing a video on "A day in the life of a Motor Trader"? Think a lot of us subscribers might enjoy it!

  • Stephen Fogarty
    Stephen Fogarty 3 months ago +1

    Really great Q & A Matt.
    U r always extremely pragmatic and spot on with what u say, and your advice.
    I was surprised regarding your attitude to diesel.
    Petrol engines have improved in many ways in the last ten years, but, IMO, if u r keeping a vehicle long term, whether it be a small car, or a large SUV, that a diesel makes a lot of sense.
    Great economy and if u service / maintain the vehicle, the diesel motor will keep on chugging along forever.
    The economy factor becomes even more relevant, the larger and heavier that the vehicle is.
    Something like a Skoda Superb wagon offers up so much breadth of capability, and with a diesel motor it will last forever, if u look after it.
    Diesel motors from before DPF became very active with regeneration cycles are particularly good.
    Love the channel.
    Sincerely hope that 2022 is a great year for you, in all facets of your life. 👍👍

  • Silver Wraith
    Silver Wraith 3 months ago

    Thanks, Matt! That's what I've got, a 9.3 convertible. It's a classic. More so, it's smashing fun to drive! At 6'1", I (with an extra Covid stone or two) just fit comfortably. In harmony with your previous advice about the Land Rover, I did my research ahead of time and put aside a budget for the first couple of years to do some repairs (clean the oil sieve and replace the cs bearings, add a crankcase ventilation kit, 5th gear was shot -- replaced that, new cassette, a seal here a valve there, replace all fluids, etc.), I love it. I find myself constantly in desperate need of dried african quavas or a tin of tomatoes and just have to run to the market with the top down. And the market in the next village, over the hill and through the valley, is a much better, much cheaper market. So I have to go there. The fact that the drive is beautiful with the top down has absolutely nothing to do with it! Or, knowing the importance of recycling I've got the get those two glass bottles to the glass collection. Last week, big puffs of white smoke on a cold morning start. Yes, head gasket. But I don't care. It's in the budget, not unexpected for a 200K kilometer plus car, and despite the problems, NEVER leaves me stranded. It always give a gentle warning. Last summer, a 3000K trip with boat trailer behind in mid-August heat provoked NO problems at all. Even after a 17-hour drive, no back aches! It's love. But as mentioned in another comment, real love, based on knowledge, not illusion. Just like life. Great videos. Greetings to the beautiful Peak District! Congratulations on your success! Well done!

  • Lee Brown
    Lee Brown 3 months ago

    Always a pleasure to watch your videos Matt 🙌 just hurry up and and get making more…I’ve ran out 🤣🤣
    Insightful and informative this one, and a little different to the usual 😊 laughing my head off at the “useful these mugs” and the stare at the camera..almost had me reaching for my wallet 😉 but I’m saving my money for the next raffle lol

  • 54 MGTF
    54 MGTF 3 months ago

    Love your work 👍
    I agree 100% with your views. I have 2 ‘collectable’ cars. A 1954 MG TF in MG Red and a 2011 Porsche Boxster in Meteor Grey. They are both going up in value but more importantly, they are fun to drive. The MG is a slug but makes people smile. The Porsche is greased lightning, handles like it’s on rails and makes me smile. Looking to add an LS430 because it’s one of the best cars ever made.

  • Scale Crawl NL
    Scale Crawl NL 3 months ago +1

    Class presentation, thank you! For the upcoming round of Q&A, can I ask: what are your ambitionss for the High Peak Autos TheXvid channel this season?
    Thinking of perhaps a joint car review with a fellow TheXvidr or fellow trader, a video where you do something new for HPA, as in a trackday or EV Top Ten.
    Thank you very much, all greatly appreciated.

  • Jack Perry
    Jack Perry 3 months ago +1

    Love the videos, the more successful you get please don't stray from this great format.

  • James Shephard
    James Shephard 3 months ago +1

    Great content again Matt. Can't wait for your late L322 review - I'm sure it'll just re-enforce why I've kept mine!

  • Richard Schofield
    Richard Schofield 3 months ago +5

    I've got a RX400h for the school run. I know the CVT gets a bad rep but I love the power delivery in that car. It just feels effortless.
    It's not a great looking car so I've got a Jag XF to balance things out a bit.
    I just needed to win that Defender to complete my "fleet".
    I'll buy another ticket if it's going up for raffle again.

    • Richard Schofield
      Richard Schofield 3 months ago +1

      @Michael Gerner well my school run is in fact a nursery run, however my eldest does shout "Jag cat" if we're using the XF.

    • Michael Gerner
      Michael Gerner 3 months ago

      Great fleet! Lexus for school run, XF for good looks, performance, comfort and driving pleasure. (Not that I am biased or anything.... currently on my second XF 😀 )
      Depending on the age and attitude of your kid(s) you might consider the street cred factor on the school run. I remember picking up a friend's kid in my then car, a Chilli Red Toyota Celica VVTI. When I rolled up and he saw my car for the first time, his eyes were like organ stops. He jumped in with a massive smile and was waving hard at any of his mates he spotted on the drive out. Made his day. (Mine too, to be honest.)

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +4

      I think the RX400h is a great car. Still think they look good too

  • Atholl McNicoll
    Atholl McNicoll 3 months ago +7

    See this is what I missed out on when I was thinking of buying my first car - a reliable chap whose knowledge of the motor trade was invaluable and thinking back on that year we had 7 different cars, all of German manufacture. I could have saved a fortune had you been around in the 1994 era.
    But that is all water under the bridge and now I'm debating either keeping my Fiesta Active 1 ltr or going down the EV route and its hard.

  • c11yan
    c11yan 3 months ago +1

    Agree with Focus ST and mine was a “dark blue one” but a word of warning for the running costs you may as well buy a 996.
    23mpg is a target.
    Literally everything is a grand to fix or thereabouts. They eat front tyres, eat drive shafts, fiddly electrical faults ie dash etc cambelt change is quite expensive... loved mine when it worked but for the running costs buy a 911!🤣

  • Birmingham racing
    Birmingham racing 3 months ago

    E39 has always been my favourite generation of the 5 series so love the m5 e39 which has by far the best sounding v8 for any m5

  • ACW Driving Services
    ACW Driving Services 3 months ago +1

    Hi Matt, the 2007 Signum I bought from you about 10 months ago has just passed its MOT with no advisories whatsoever! Not bad for a 15 year old car. The car is a statement for those of us that service a car and fix whatever need fixing when it crops up. Thanks again, great sale for you and happy motoring for me. Keep up the good work and don't let it get you down, you are very successful at what you do, keep going and aim to retire at 45!

  • Mark Cole
    Mark Cole 3 months ago

    As always a balanced and great q&a. Particularly like your no nonsense perspective on Mr Righteous trading a £5k Tiguan expecting the dealer to scrap it! Of course dealers are charities! There are so many of these snow flakes out there.

  • Trumpeeh
    Trumpeeh 3 months ago

    I wish I had a bit more knowledge when I've purchased my previous cars. I've been really stupid over the years and just through incompetence have bought cars with no logic behind. Friends and family have a go at me for changing cars all the time, but I love trying them all out. TheXvid and channels like yours have really helped me develop a basic understanding of cars and which ones are good, which ones are bad and which ones I'll never be able to afford! So, thanks for videos like this, Matt. Whilst the understanding of how they work will go right over my head, I do sadly enjoy hearing about upholstery quality and dashboard materials of a 2009 Saab...
    For future reference, where do we send our questions for you, please? Keep up these sorts of videos. Cheers.

  • Danny 204
    Danny 204 3 months ago

    Hey Matt, Modern classics are brill, I drive a 21 year old Golf and it is brill, not a huge amount to go wrong, a good 4 wheel drive system and strong V6, easy to serviced look after myself. But still has A/C which is all I want in a car really. But I love the fact it dose not have blue tooth so when I drive it no one can get hold of me.

  • Al Chapman
    Al Chapman 3 months ago

    Always informative sprinkled with rye humour, keep up the good work. 👍

  • Craig Healy
    Craig Healy 3 months ago

    I learned to drive in an Aygo back in 2010. When I eventually passed that year, I thought logically it'd be great to buy an Aygo as my first car. Not only did I regret it a year later but that year my insurance crippled me by paying £270 a month 😂😭

  • matauboy
    matauboy 3 months ago +1

    My dad's retirement job in small town NZ was helping at the used car division of the local ford dealership. One of the big deciders with trade INS was how big a leadfoot was the former owner. The vicars car went straight in the lot the local hoons, farmers or anyone who towed big trailers got flicked to a dealer in a nearby city.

  • Simon Durrant
    Simon Durrant 3 months ago

    Hi Matt..great ever..I keep looking at the RR L405..just very apprehensive. about buying one..which is better buy..low mileage oldish one..or high mileage newer version

  • Howard Donaldson
    Howard Donaldson 3 months ago

    Just on the question of everyday classics my mechanic told me 1996 onwards is a key year because that was when they stanardised OBDII engine fault code readers and problems became a lot easier to diagnose

  • David H
    David H 3 months ago +1

    Hi Matt just a video request following on from your one owner video last week. When buying say a 10 year old car how much should we rely on the MOT history when deciding to purchase. Does the history paint a fair picture of the cars previous owners and is it necessarily better to buy a car that has passed all MOTs without advisories. I always find that a long list of issues (that could have been fixed )will put me off, but should it?

  • Dan Paul
    Dan Paul 3 months ago +9

    I think the battery chemistry and battery management in EVs is a bit more advanced than a phone or laptop. Many come with around an 8 year battery and drivetrain warranty. In my case 8 years or 120,000 miles. A used one might well still be a really good buy

    • Le Ténia
      Le Ténia 3 months ago

      8 years is not a long lifespan for a car at all. I predict that most of the current generation of EVs will be scrapped before they even reach that age, and hardly any of the batteries are being recycled just yet.

  • NomadJRG
    NomadJRG 3 months ago +3

    Quality video, your channel is a true gem for all petrolheads out there!

  • Tony Lange
    Tony Lange 3 months ago

    Hi Matt, Great Q&A session, i am searching for a BMW 3 series GT, opted for a GT as being 6ft 5 tall need extra space offered, i have decicded on a 330d as this seems the best compromise, would you agree, thinking that 320d would be a bit underpowered

  • Malcolm Lane-Ley
    Malcolm Lane-Ley 3 months ago +1

    I can't wait for the L322 feature, I bought a 2 year old Westminster 4.4 Diesel in 2014 with 14000 miles on the clock; apart from only averaging only 28 mpg the running costs for the next 85000 were absolutely minimal.

  • Blake Mcknight
    Blake Mcknight 3 months ago

    Hi mate, great videos. I wanted to put forward about you doing a video on the risks of buying from a dealer and what customer rights/steps they should take if they have been sold a dud car.
    I got sold a 2014 audi q7 from a fairly large dealer, had it a month and broke down on the motorway car just wouldn't start. Now of course the dealers email and telelphone seem to of just stopped working lol
    It's difficult to know a good or bad car but you must a have few pointers on how you can prepare yourself before the purchase and how to approach the situation if they've sold you a dodgy motor. Do I just return the car to the dealer? Can I pause the finance plan? Does the finance company have anything to do with this? Or should I just get on with it and fix the car myself 🤷

  • jrt0070071
    jrt0070071 3 months ago

    Enjoyable half hour! Interested in why you rate the RX400H over the RX450H? Is it a question of value?

  • Carl O'Daly
    Carl O'Daly 3 months ago

    Hi Matt, take your point regarding first time buyers, but I'm a late bloomer on the driving front at 38 and quite fancy a 5 series as a first car in the next couple of months. Is this ridiculous, or would you say as long as you can afford to run a car and are a responsible driver at 482 years of age, go ahead and do it? I just can't get excited about driving a Polo at 38. Any feedback much appreciated!

  • Peter Whitehead
    Peter Whitehead 3 months ago

    Hi Matt, have you had any interest in Rover 75s. This is one for the best x 2 cars M47R powertrain I've own beautiful inside and out. Yeah apart for the contemporary SE and MG ZT versions they do have the image of pipe n slippers job, but that has never bothered me. Still to this day when I pass one in my Kia Sorento 2.2 2017 I just think they look timeless and better looking than anything current on the road today.
    Keep the vids coming .

  • AssumedTiger
    AssumedTiger 3 months ago +5

    Thanks for answering my question first lol. Didnt expect that :) watching your channel ages and have asked this question for ages and now its been answered thank you

    • AssumedTiger
      AssumedTiger 3 months ago +1

      @High Peak Autos Is there any other good cars, as the persons car is a 2008 A class, and they want a newer car. the budget is 12k at most, or finance is fine. probably should of put that in my original post

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +1

      No worries!

  • Joe
    Joe 19 days ago

    Thanks for the 7 seater family car answer. I was quite set on the XC90 but now you’ve confirmed it.

    • Joe
      Joe 18 days ago

      Hi, just watched the top SUV and you said to avoid the XC90. Bit confused.

  • Brumsgrub
    Brumsgrub 3 months ago +1

    Brilliant. Love this channel. Have a great year ahead mate.

  • Wolfgang Ezeh
    Wolfgang Ezeh 3 months ago

    Good one as always, Matt. May I ask you a coupe of questions, please? Range Rover Vogue or a BMW X5 petrol or diesel? I don't do many miles a year, 10,000 max, probably. Second question, Mercedes Benz W220 or W221, petrol or diesel as I don't do many miles. I am looking to go for any of these but need an expert, trusted opinion first, and which you would choose from the bunch. Thanks.

    • Ledio.
      Ledio. 3 months ago +1

      I would choose 2010-2013 bmw x5 over 2010-2013 range rover vogue, but i would pick 2013-2022 range roger vogue over bmw x5. Btw, dont pick w220. Only if you find one very well sorted

  • Calum Smith
    Calum Smith 3 months ago

    With you on the focus st, out of all the cars I've had, my blue 2007 ST is the one I'd have back. Last I could trace it, it was in Norfolk somewhere

  • Robert Minton
    Robert Minton 3 months ago +2

    Enjoyed this, agree about your comments on electric cars, to me they are not that green, I worry about the horrendous mining taking place for the batteries and how on earth do we dispose of all the dead batteries? I’m hoping hydrogen becomes viable.

  • BlizGius
    BlizGius 3 months ago

    to the rx400 recommendation, my sister had it for years now, it's reliable, but where we are located the roads are terrible, leaking shocks every year, but it started to rust quite a bit, exhaust leak, and the interior dash crumbled away, dried out. Other than that, engine/gearbox mechanically no problems

  • Adrian Buck
    Adrian Buck 3 months ago

    One of the best Q&As I've seen - thanks for your insights. Interesting framing. BTW have a 1994 Camry 143K miles (owned since 2005), less than 5000 miles each year, service history, new timing belt last year. Time for a change. Interested? Anyone :)

    • Adrian Buck
      Adrian Buck 3 months ago +1

      @High Peak Autos It has. And still lovely to drive. Attracted some interest over those years, couple of people wanting first refusal should I sell it - for the engine. Apparently same as an MR2 and some custom car they owned, I can’t remember which. Getting harder to source parts now and corrosion has now finally thrown down the gauntlet and I’m not sure I want to bother managing that in the years ahead. Yes, there is plenty of life left in it. As you're prob' aware, over in the US apparently 250K plus is quite normal for a Camry of this age and they still keep running. More popular over there.

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +1

      That’s been a reliable car for you then. Probably plenty of life in it

  • Hugh Watson
    Hugh Watson 3 months ago

    Great video as always. Please buy back the LS430 it would be great to have some more videos with it. I wasn't really aware of the car before your videos but I have really started to like it.

  • Scott Ahrens
    Scott Ahrens 3 months ago

    I can’t agree with you more regarding electric cars. Be careful, you will be spoken to as a successful TheXvid car guy and be forced to rescind your opinion. Stay strong. Love your videos.

  • G Wilko
    G Wilko 3 months ago

    Really good questions and answers. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  • cype man
    cype man 3 months ago +6

    "What do you think of the future of petrol or diesel cars today"
    That had me in stitches, 😂😂😂

    • Andy McCabe
      Andy McCabe 3 months ago

      Er, future .......?!?!
      I think 'snowball's chance in hell' covers that one nicely.......

  • Kelvin Ogden
    Kelvin Ogden 3 months ago

    Love the content I own an old Merc V 8 but my wife loves her hrv but wants a mini hybrid. Any good?

  • Stewart Watt
    Stewart Watt 3 months ago

    Good advice always present your car clean when you go to trade it in. I also clean it before a MOT seems to help

  • William Fence
    William Fence 3 months ago

    Matt . What happened to the S type Jag? I came to look at it and it was in V good condition especially the wheels which was money well spent. Decided I couldn't live with 16 MPG though.

  • keith ward
    keith ward 3 months ago

    You mentioned E46 coupe as a daily . Have had one for 5 and a half years , done 30k and apart from tyres and brakes then all is good . Cheap to fix . Stunning good looks , sounds glorious but wife won't drive it . So it's days may be numbered .

  • Jo Dep
    Jo Dep 3 months ago

    So glad you said that about electric cars, I thought I was the only one that thought like that.

  • Manav Singhla
    Manav Singhla 3 months ago

    Matt, what do you consider to be involved in a regular/annual service for a modern petrol car/SUV? Every mechanic seems to have a different opinion on what maintenance is required on a regular basis.. Thanks!

  • Ian Marsden
    Ian Marsden 3 months ago

    Thanks for the videos - good entertainment plenty of good advice. Think I might be asking the world here, or more of your 'spare time' at least , but what about popping up a picture of the each of the cars you are talking about. Just an idea.

  • gs
    gs Month ago

    opinions on toyota prius/yaris, imo one of the best daily drivers, lexus would be a more fun option. fairly cheap ( to run and to fix, it’s reliable anyway so not much fixing! ) very good mpg, small so easy to park/drive and decent connectivity

  • Xerialstraz
    Xerialstraz 3 months ago

    ooh I see you have an Aston Martin Rapide S in stock now. Hope theres a review coming of that one!
    I've just finished watching your entire back catalogue of vids over the past few weeks and gotta say great work! I was only looking for a review of the Scirocco originally haha

  • N H
    N H 3 months ago

    Really enjoyed the video Matt, by all means shamelessly plug the merch! 👍😂

  • Dan Latham
    Dan Latham 3 months ago

    I do wish I still had my 9-3 convertible. I really like my new e92 320d, but I'm loathed to keep it because not only does it feel slow to me, but also I don't particularly want a silver car. But considering I got it for £1600, I'm not going to get anything better as a mile muncher for that price..... hmm

  • David Denley
    David Denley 3 months ago

    Thanks making this Q and A session, it was interesting.

  • Richard Turner
    Richard Turner 3 months ago

    Hi Matt, just wondered if you've had much experience with 2010 BMW 750I 4.4 V8 Petrol , N63 F01 I believe it's called.
    Only I'm about to purchase one , it has 112k 3 owners , looks great in grey with cream leather and got the best multispoke alloys .
    The owner says it's 443 hp ,so should it have had the all important CCP recall with new parts fitted to the engine.
    The car is £8k !

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 3 months ago +1

    Matt, passed this evening by someone driving your latest Mercedes, on my push bike near Regent Street by BBC. Was in a fantastic sound track, not yobby...the rear is a work of art...the side excellent but good.. .but oddly not as good as rear. Just my take on it, hey beats my carbon fibre 🚲😀

    • Greg Smith
      Greg Smith 3 months ago +2

      @High Peak Autos agree...better in the metal. Sounds incredible!

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +1

      They’re beautiful cars aren’t they

  • Alex S
    Alex S 3 months ago +3

    I'm gonna order one of those mugs because I bloody love your videos and want to support you! I

  • Andrew Nichols
    Andrew Nichols 16 hours ago

    An e 36 is a great daily I had one on 60k drove it to 160k it was so reliable the largest bill was 300 quid for a clutch

  • david camacho
    david camacho 3 months ago

    Ive decided im going to travel from london to manchester just to buy a range rover sport from you, as i know it will be a good example with the passion you have for them, please let me know when you get one around the £13k mark! Your sense of humour really makes me binge your videos chuckling to myself.

  • YOPA Inverness and The Highlands

    Really enjoyed the video - even the product placement!

  • Monks Whiskers
    Monks Whiskers 3 months ago

    Great channel!
    You’ve convinced me I need a Skoda Superb/Octavia L & K model, the search begins!

  • simon brampton
    simon brampton 3 months ago

    My fave chuckle moment was "too ASBO" .Really enjoy the vids. I had an MGZS and a Rover 45 . 2L V6. Luckily, I got over that ex pat Brit phase! Maybe some interest from viewers to see you review one.

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan 3 months ago +1

    "I don't like those people and I try to avoid those people at all costs".
    I love it - these Mattspeak comments.
    Delicious! (for Christo Aivalis veiwers)
    I should collect them into a book.

  • CatBroiler
    CatBroiler 3 months ago

    Don't forget the S204 C class estate for a cheap estate. Those were probably the best C classes ever built.

  • Bonnie Drasco
    Bonnie Drasco 3 months ago

    Change the head unit in the SL, you can keep the original and reinstall it when you want to move the car on if you ever wish to do so! Have a chat chat with fellow TheXvidr CAS TV who also owns Car Audio & Security, loads of knowledge, lots of options for new, old and classic cars and he’s also got an amazing collection of cars to boot, you’ll get on like a house on fire, you both come across as sound people

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown 3 months ago

    My bro just got a 14 plate kia rio for a first car - I was well impressed and I've had a lot of decent cars, good solid wee car that's good to drive - I'd recommend them for people looking for something reasonably cheap and nice

    • Lewis Brown
      Lewis Brown 3 months ago

      Good shout... his is a 1.4 petrol, decent wee thing

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +1

      And they do a small engine too so very insurable

  • Chris Armstrong
    Chris Armstrong 3 months ago

    Great video as always matt 👍

  • Zerofightervi
    Zerofightervi 3 months ago +1

    I'm an avid reader of Autocar magazine, they had a brief story about person trying to sell a green Mini convertible.
    They were offered a very low sum, £1000.
    After taking it to a detailer & spending £300 on it, the next offer was more than double the original.
    Just shows what a good clean can do.

  • GAIA
    GAIA 2 months ago

    Hey Matt.. so I’ll be moving to the UK from Malaysia this coming summer 2022 for good.. been binge watching your reviews since the lockdown because like usual, we wanna find the right car, especially for UK weather, since Malaysia weather spanking hot, or wet heavy rain.. wanted to know your thought about the 2030 all EV cars selling.. and also.. wanna hear your thought about EV can and other typical models in general too.. cheers Matt! Thank you in advance

  • Maurice Harris
    Maurice Harris 3 months ago

    Love this answer and question have been thinking of wanting to run a car with classic car status to use for commuting thinking of a stag with a rover conversion to go from south London to West end daily. Due to ULEZ and congestion charge car has to be older than 1979

    FAISAL ANWAR 3 months ago

    Hi Matt ,
    wondering if u Have you driven the Mercedes GL 350 or the GL 63 I'm looking to potentially buy one of them but would like some advice if you can give anything regarding these two vehicles? Ideally a 2015 or 16 model with approximately 100 K.
    my price range is between 22k-26k.

  • defcon5i
    defcon5i 3 months ago

    Good selection of viewers questions answered.. thanks Matt.

    • Michael Gerner
      Michael Gerner 3 months ago

      @High Peak Autoscan't wait for Part 2. Part 1 was fabulous; so relaxed and honest. Brilliant.
      I'd buy a car from you in a heartbeat if I was in your area.

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +1

      There's a part two coming soon too!

  • Campbell
    Campbell 3 months ago

    I wouldn’t recommend any diesel for town use. If it has a DPF it will clog up, if it’s modern but not with a DPF you’ll still have things clogging up like inlet manifolds and EGR valves.

  • Nosirrah
    Nosirrah 3 months ago +2

    That “Wolfrace Alloys” reference had me! We all know the ones 🤣

  • Mcx
    Mcx 3 months ago

    Around 7 minutes in, someone asked "What should a first car owner be doing to maintain the car?" or something like that.
    I'd say to learn to do your own basic maintenance (oil changes, tire changes, changing spark plugs and ignition coils etc). Better to mess up a job on a cheaper car like a '99 Honda rather than a more expensive one like a BMW

  • Jimmy Quinn
    Jimmy Quinn 3 months ago

    Interesting video I got a Fiat 126 bis has my daily driver for the last 15 years and it’s still going strong 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • DemonAsh40
    DemonAsh40 3 months ago

    A car between 1995 and 2000 I think will go classic is the Jaguar X308 XJ. They’re a lot rarer than the Mercedes S-Class’ from that time and they were never (or hardly ever) used as taxis. Also they’re only V8’s, which is what petrolheads miss most in the current generation. No six cylinders or diesels.

  • Mark Boon
    Mark Boon 3 months ago

    You realy know your stuff mate and i do agree with the small engines in bigger cars is a disaster realy and as for electric cars im 53now and im hoping that il be able just get the last diesel or petrol cars before they stop making them.

  • liamcinq
    liamcinq 3 months ago +1

    Great video (nothing to do with my question being read out and answered!) I hope you can still interact with us once your subs hit 250K and your are fighting off females trying to jump into your GT!

  • The Motor Trade
    The Motor Trade 3 months ago +1

    Rather than spend $60=$70k on a new or newer car, I have collected four " special interest cars " which I rotate as daily drivers. A '93 Mercedes W124 300e 2.8 gets the most use, followed by a 1998 E36 BMW 318ti M Sport 5 speed manual. For more weekend use, I have a 1990 W126 Mercedes 420SEL and a 1994 E31 BMW 840ci. Costs to run are pretty much prevention upkeep, but occasionally one breaks down simply from age of the component. Mercedes and BMW's from this period (1986-1993) are very well made. It's the items that would wear out on any car between 75 and 100k miles that you usually deal with like water pumps, alternators, radiators, thermostats, a/c compressors, belts and plastic fittings. Insurance is a fraction as well.

  • cabottaxi
    cabottaxi 3 months ago +1

    Matt , whats your opinion on a low mileage 65 plate BMW 320d Luxury Tourer ? Car i'm looking at has £4300 of factory options. Last owner has had it for 5 years with full main dealer history.

  • Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor 3 months ago

    Disagree re the 7 seater. In terms of practicality and space when you actually have 3 or 4 kids a proper people carrier beats a 4x4 with a couple of extra seats any day

  • MysticTomato
    MysticTomato 3 months ago

    Wow, you answered my question! Im famous now lol! Anyway, nice to get your insight on the matter. I agree with you completely.

  • Matteo
    Matteo 3 months ago

    Matt, what do you think about cat s/n cars? If have been repaired properly, would you buy one?

  • Michael Skelton
    Michael Skelton 4 days ago

    The condition of an EVs battery with 100,000 miles is highly effected by the original battery capacity, an EV with a range of 50 miles would've been cycled ~2,000 times, one with a 250 mile range would've been cycled ~400 times.

  • Lionel Wollensack
    Lionel Wollensack 3 months ago +2

    Too bad you don't have a dealership in Australia. I'd definitely buy a car from you.

  • Phil Ryan
    Phil Ryan 3 months ago

    Hi a very nice Q&A some useful information, cheers Phil

  • Rambo al'Thor
    Rambo al'Thor 3 months ago

    What car would you recommend for a budget between 9-11k? I have kids a dog and I will use it for fishing, it needs to be an auto as I'm lazy, I've been thinking 3 or 5 series touring, do you have any better recommendations?

  • Alexander Lynn
    Alexander Lynn 3 months ago

    Have had a 1.0 ecoboost Focus for circa 4 years now (2015 model) and not a single issue with it. I think its the SUV Quashqai types they struggle more in

  • gebetop
    gebetop 3 months ago

    Nice video. one small question, what do you think about Renault Megane Expression (100) 1.6L petrol manual. I would like to buy it, is it good or not?

  • Claire Stanfield
    Claire Stanfield 3 months ago

    I'm curious about the diesel hate, why? I have two diesel cars that average over 70mpg (motorway and 50-60 town) and are incredibly reliable. Doesn't it make sense that they are superior? I'm genuinely interested so if someone can please let me know.

    • High Peak Autos
      High Peak Autos  3 months ago +3

      Too many issues over the years have put me off them