twice mina's iconic moments when...

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • NOOT NOOT it's been a while but i'm back with another late bday vid, this time for ✨minari ✨i know there's so much more(i'm remembering more moments right now as i'm typing this up) but i did what i could with whatever time i had :D
    this vid is more of a throwback tbh, you'll see
    also i have color coded each member when they're talking
    nayeon - light blue
    jeongyeon - light green
    momo - pink
    sana - purple
    jihyo - orange
    mina - mint
    dahyun - white
    chaeyoung - red
    tzuyu - dark blue
    me - pink, light purple, "*" for notes ... sorry for the inconsistency D:
    forgive me for any mistakes, these are very rough translations
    NOTE: i might upload another video sometime and it might not be twice :o plot twist i know

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  • Anonymous Warrior
    Anonymous Warrior 12 hours ago

    Is Sana gay? Answer : 4:07 & 5:07😂😂

  • _BlueSnowflake_
    _BlueSnowflake_ 19 hours ago

    What's the song title mina sing at 5:50

  • jacques mesrine
    jacques mesrine 20 hours ago

    Lol Sana kissing Mina's yuge poster!

  • Tấn Lưu Trình

    Can anyone tell me the name of this show (3:33) I want to watch it @@, ty

  • daizhia .•
    daizhia .• Day ago

    3:37 what’s this video called????

  • Jonalyn Masong
    Jonalyn Masong Day ago

    MINa is cute

  • blackcolor blackcolor

    What's the song that Mina sang?

  • Gem Montebon
    Gem Montebon 2 days ago

    Can someone make a "Secret love story of Mina and Dahyun" please😁

  • toaster19_3
    toaster19_3 2 days ago

    I'm so gay ;_;

  • Irfan Pratama
    Irfan Pratama 3 days ago

    Minaaa i love your smilee,, beautiful girl , my bias 🤩🤩🤩

  • ariate22
    ariate22 3 days ago

    She's my crush

  • BlinkOnce
    BlinkOnce 3 days ago

    the mother of penguins

  • Jenchu Lichaeng
    Jenchu Lichaeng 3 days ago

    3:31 whats the title?

    FANCY YOU 4 days ago

    My bias wrecker❤️Why are you so cute TT

  • 방탄보라해
    방탄보라해 4 days ago

    5:49 미나언니 노래 짱 잘해 미쳐ㅜㅜ

  • Shaji Hasan Abinal
    Shaji Hasan Abinal 4 days ago

    4:13 why was Jeongyeon crying

  • Hendra Bta19i
    Hendra Bta19i 4 days ago

    Mina beautifful

  • Bhories DGreat
    Bhories DGreat 5 days ago

    Sits next to chea


  • 고승
    고승 6 days ago

    미나 허벅지 죽이네

  • I Don't Give A Fuck
    I Don't Give A Fuck 6 days ago

    0:53 Look At Me
    Look At SaidaMo

  • jieqiong Viettel Tznyu


  • Sandhya Jalan
    Sandhya Jalan 7 days ago +1

    Mina bum 0:45

  • Sandhya Jalan
    Sandhya Jalan 7 days ago +1

    I hate Mina she should not get selected in the show the another girl I don't remember the name she is dance with Meena in the song shake that beauty that girl should have been selected

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 7 days ago


  • Kiseij
    Kiseij 8 days ago

    2:02 Chaey's reaction........

  • BLACKPİNK.1996
    BLACKPİNK.1996 8 days ago

    3:40 show name

  • Muhammad Defha
    Muhammad Defha 10 days ago +1

    Mina is Leg😂 Whatthefuxk😂 0:58

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 10 days ago

    I love you Mina!

  • 아싸대기1
    아싸대기1 11 days ago

    미나보다 더 아름답고 사랑스러운 여자가 존재할랑가?

  • Sem Nome
    Sem Nome 13 days ago

    É muito meu amorzinho

  • Sa Med
    Sa Med 15 days ago

    Damn dahyun neck though.. shes a giraffe i tell u

  • Jendeuk ID
    Jendeuk ID 15 days ago

    5.50 where did you get this video ?

  • Reynalfin
    Reynalfin 15 days ago +1

    3:28 what show name?

  • Me123 Me123
    Me123 Me123 16 days ago +1

    I love mina💖💖
    And all the other members too💖

  • Aramis Paisen
    Aramis Paisen 16 days ago

    This is pure gold bless you

  • Bighit Stam
    Bighit Stam 17 days ago

    Twice literally shares one braincell

    BELLS RASBERR 17 days ago +2

    I love how they were all crowding jeonyeong ❤❤

  • Elisha Chua
    Elisha Chua 18 days ago

    Where was that hanging bridge in the snowy mountains??? I wanna go there!!!

  • the siblings
    the siblings 18 days ago

    4:16 awwww twice -memebers- members love each other

  • Siti Khadijah
    Siti Khadijah 18 days ago

    that tofu part always make me laugh

  • Edoardo Massari
    Edoardo Massari 19 days ago

    I m sorry but i disagree, i think that she is very good in perfomances but completely lack in personality and that is huge for a group like TWICE were any girl has an interesting character... i mean just think at Momo... she is super charimastic and whenever open her mouth is always entertaining. With Mina is not the case, this is why i don t consider her iconic.

  • MasterdeBater44
    MasterdeBater44 19 days ago

    The singing at the end!! My poor heartu

  • Genesis Falla losada
    Genesis Falla losada 20 days ago

    1:00 MICHAENG

  • Kennya lima
    Kennya lima 20 days ago

    5:58 qual a música ???

  • Kennya lima
    Kennya lima 20 days ago


  • dahil sayo dance
    dahil sayo dance 20 days ago

    3: 13-3: 22 her voice is so beautiful (chaeyuong said) 😍😍

  • dahil sayo dance
    dahil sayo dance 20 days ago +1

    Mitzu and michaeng moments😁😍

  • Maria Victória
    Maria Victória 21 day ago


  • Cristian Tran
    Cristian Tran 21 day ago

    4:07 samo ^^

  • Issakie
    Issakie 21 day ago

    Mina really looks like Kang Mi-Rae on My ID is GANGNAM BEAUTY

  • Herald Brian Gigante
    Herald Brian Gigante 21 day ago +1

    6:29 *_Truth_* plus she's an angel in disguise, a quiet one.

  • Queen Jendeukie
    Queen Jendeukie 21 day ago

    1:00 MICHAENG !!!

  • A Dead Channel
    A Dead Channel 21 day ago

    dude, nice surprise attack at the end, almost had me killed.

  • Mundo Mostachudo
    Mundo Mostachudo 21 day ago +1

    0:59 Michaeng is life 💕💕💕

  • Todoroki_is_my_husband


  • Andi Gesti Widya
    Andi Gesti Widya 22 days ago +1

    she is sweet person .. i love her so much

  • Mami Burger
    Mami Burger 22 days ago +1

    Thank you for making this :)

  • Sherry Le
    Sherry Le 22 days ago


  • XxJLorainexX Izzda
    XxJLorainexX Izzda 23 days ago

    3:09 what is the name of the song???PLS

  • Mr. Koko
    Mr. Koko 23 days ago +1

    What is the name of the show when mina is dancing with kermit? pls answer :(

    • Casspa 4
      Casspa 4 21 day ago +1

      +Mr. Koko you're welcome :)

    • Mr. Koko
      Mr. Koko 21 day ago

      Tnx 😃

    • Casspa 4
      Casspa 4 22 days ago +1

      it's from TWICE LOST TIME Ep1, here's the link and here's Ep2 :)

  • stan kings so stan got7 and bts


  • i Love got7 Bts Exo.
    i Love got7 Bts Exo. 24 days ago


  • Micka_ J
    Micka_ J 25 days ago

    At 3:28 , is someone know where does this video from?
    Thanks 💕

    • Micka_ J
      Micka_ J 21 day ago

      +Erin Joyce Thanks you 💕

    • Erin Joyce
      Erin Joyce 22 days ago +1

      at their vlive just search through their videos

  • Benja A
    Benja A 25 days ago +1

    Thats my leg
    Thats my leg

  • Sky Euphoria
    Sky Euphoria 25 days ago

    Michaeng 1:00 uwu

  • JeongMi SaTzu
    JeongMi SaTzu 25 days ago +1


    MINH LÊ NHỰT 26 days ago

    2:00 What is this show ?

  • Mina Sharon Myoui
    Mina Sharon Myoui 26 days ago

    4:07 which twice tv3 episode?

  • twice bby
    twice bby 26 days ago

    don't lie if tO mE you know she's melted ur hearts because she's the softest penguin to take ur uwus

  • sara sky
    sara sky 27 days ago

    so funny i had to stop watching after 0.20 nipples fell off iconically ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Kpop Is Life
    Kpop Is Life 27 days ago +35

    *Tzuyu trying to comfort jeong but...
    *Mina:That's My Leg*
    I died by laughter

    • Sreyroth Hak
      Sreyroth Hak 25 days ago

      Kpop Is Life I did too lol... by the way, why did jy cry?

  • ZJ Jimenez
    ZJ Jimenez 27 days ago

    ᴏʜ ᴍʏ ɢʜᴀᴅᴅᴅ!! ᴍɪɴᴀ's ᴠᴏɪᴄᴇ ɪs sᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏ ɢᴏᴏᴅ... ᴍʏ ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ʙɪᴀsss 😻😻

  • Penguin Minari
    Penguin Minari 28 days ago

    I like that part where she just hugged crying Jeongyeon without saying anything

  • Izzi —;
    Izzi —; 28 days ago


  • Zoey Lim
    Zoey Lim 29 days ago +1

    Why did Jeongyeon cry tho

  • LOVEトワイスMINAボンボンTVなっちゃん


  • jeno day
    jeno day Month ago

    Michaeng 1:00 ❤️

  • Mina's 37th Mole
    Mina's 37th Mole Month ago +5

    Mina is seriously so precious! I'm glad and lucky to have her as my bias! I can't stop loving her! Mina could do things that make people angry, but the people will never be mad

  • SMoothies Elfzen flavour

    My bias is so angelic. I can watch Mina's vids all day and never get tired of it. 🍭😭❤

  • Bangtan Bois
    Bangtan Bois Month ago

    4:50 i love diz gurls🤧 the sweetest gurlllds

  • Rishab Reigns
    Rishab Reigns Month ago +1

    *Am i the only one to stan mina dahyun rather than tzuyu ....*

  • rommy taroreh
    rommy taroreh Month ago

    i love herrr!!!!!

  • Sin_yster Myster
    Sin_yster Myster Month ago

    How was Mission Impossible Mina not included in this! Great video still, though, she's such a pure cinnamon bun

  • Cumulus Humilis
    Cumulus Humilis Month ago

    minas korean was better in the past. strange

    IZ ONE WIZ ONE Month ago

    Ironically Mina's English name is Sharon and my aunt's name is Sharon

  • Yeee boooii
    Yeee boooii Month ago

    1:13 the best

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago

    0:02 what is happening behind the scene???😏😏😏

  • yayu Ariana
    yayu Ariana Month ago

    Pretty mina and soft voice🥰💞 saranghae mina ❤️

  • Sierra B
    Sierra B Month ago

    Wait wait wait I haven't seen the cookie thing but... did she draw a dick on the cookie or-

  • Amino Apps
    Amino Apps Month ago

    Hey there! Courtney from Amino Apps here~ Sorry for the random comment, but your videos are amazing and I would love to work with you for a special project we have cooking up. Are you interested? You can email me at 😊

  • winnie 13
    winnie 13 Month ago

    what show is this 3:16

  • evelyn
    evelyn Month ago +9

    how could u forget her iconic "'mike wazowski"

  • 슴살햄구
    슴살햄구 Month ago +1


  • Twice is love twice is life

    She is so perfect ❤️ i love my utt

  • Aprilrose Galosmo
    Aprilrose Galosmo Month ago

    so cute minarii

  • berry budiman
    berry budiman Month ago +3

    4:52 That was so cute.... Everyone crying, and then Tzuyu?😂

  • berry budiman
    berry budiman Month ago +7

    As an intovert, not gonna lie, that whisper game was extremely exausting...

  • wafaa belk
    wafaa belk Month ago

    bias mina 💜💜💜😍😍😍😍

  • LHamz ZmahL
    LHamz ZmahL Month ago

    What do you call their stuff toys?

  • jazz03
    jazz03 Month ago +1

    :32 I like how nayeon sits down looking like someone's dad lol