Jimmy Carr's Most SAVAGE One-Liners | 8 Out Of 10 Cats | Series 8 (2009)

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Check out Jimmy Carr's best one-liners from 8 Out Of 10 Cats, series 8!
    Watch the series on All 4: www.channel4.com/programmes/8-out-of-10-cats
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  • Don Brogan
    Don Brogan 5 days ago

    Josie 'I'm more scared of people who expose paedophile rape gangs,than of paedophile rape gangs' Long. What a cunt.

  • NightPrince7
    NightPrince7 15 days ago

    Media offline

  • onda Tasboy
    onda Tasboy 29 days ago +1

    Jimmy always repairs a bad mood.

  • Marc Rogerson
    Marc Rogerson Month ago

    I took a girl to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre when they finally released it in the UK after the ban. She was so hyped to see it. When we came out, she was crying and shouting at me "why did you take me to see this?" and I said "shut the fuck up you ungrateful bitch". Best first date ever.

  • RedRam Ipsen
    RedRam Ipsen 2 months ago

    2:45 Well fuck... There goes my back up plan

  • SirLyonhart
    SirLyonhart 2 months ago

    Inglorious is spelled wrong too.

  • You got played fool
    You got played fool 3 months ago

    "Most SAVAGE One-Liners" Hardly savage unless you are an easily offended moron. Oh wait it's E4 a wet pathetic lefty propaganda station.

  • You got played fool
    You got played fool 3 months ago

    "Most SAVAGE One-Liners" Hardly savage unless you are an easily offended moron. Oh wait it's E4 a wet pathetic lefty propaganda station.

  • Henrik Høyrup
    Henrik Høyrup 3 months ago

    Oh, so you can say fuck on television, but not cunt?
    Only Britain...(?)

  • Solar Hammer
    Solar Hammer 3 months ago

    Sorry watch out for the taxes

  • Solar Hammer
    Solar Hammer 3 months ago +1

    Hey Jimmy come hangout 😀

  • Beznik
    Beznik 3 months ago

    you know what else is savage

  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin 4 months ago

    Far from his best. Not selective at all.

  • L3TH4L1TY
    L3TH4L1TY 4 months ago +1

    Think you need to look up what a one-liner is...
    Recommended viewing: Tim vine and Lee mack

  • Daniel Reitan
    Daniel Reitan 4 months ago +2


  • Fagot Reich
    Fagot Reich 5 months ago +2

    Jimmy Carr: *farts*
    Audience: 😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • Joe Locke
    Joe Locke 5 months ago

    The country side is great, unless you wanna buy anything, go anywhere, do anything or see anyone

  • Hudheifa Muhammed
    Hudheifa Muhammed 5 months ago

    Withdrawing is something you do after fucking something😂😂

  • Jonathan Hartley
    Jonathan Hartley 5 months ago +1

    Just a thought about your metronome. I’m sure you probably know this but if you set the time to 1/4 you will get rid of the accent on the one.

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick 5 months ago +3

    Jimmy really "savaged" those drops of water.

  • Ed Sharp
    Ed Sharp 6 months ago +2

    £4 to get to Glasgow!

  • James Joy
    James Joy 6 months ago +1

    These top 10s are absolutely irrelevant, but the worst part is invariably the presentator!!! This one is particularly horrid! But it can get worse, when the topic e.g. is an arrogant prick like this one!

    RAYMUNDO SOLANO 6 months ago

    Lol British people what a bag of dicks

  • Edward Deaney
    Edward Deaney 6 months ago

    Who is the lady at 4:39?

  • ChaoticDoll
    ChaoticDoll 8 months ago +1

    That withdrawal and the madonna/ cheap child labour joke was bloody hilarious!

  • Dark Cyan
    Dark Cyan 9 months ago +2

    What was Amy Winehouse's last hit?
    About five lines.

    Why was the jew so stingy?
    Already got ripped off once.

    Sex with my ex-girlfriend is like bungee jumping.
    If the rubber breaks, you'll probably have to go see a doctor.

  • Dope Pope // StevenShotMe
    Dope Pope // StevenShotMe 10 months ago +2

    Jimmy's teleprompter needs to be centered to the camera more because it's making him look crosseyed... unless he actually has a lazy eye then I never noticed till now haha

    • Mystery Zen
      Mystery Zen 22 days ago

      He's just got a lazy eye. It's in quite a few of his promo pictures.

  • Max Baker
    Max Baker 10 months ago +5

    Is that Jezza in the first clip??

  • Shakes First
    Shakes First 11 months ago

    Jeremy Clarkson looking at Jimmy like he disagrees with him about the BNP and all their supporters being cunts. But then Jeremy Clarkson is a cunt too.

  • le dingdong
    le dingdong 11 months ago +2

    its funny seeing american comedians pretend they get the jokes

    • OYSTER
      OYSTER 8 months ago +1

      You must be completely retarded or retarded

  • mike evans
    mike evans 11 months ago +9

    Should do one on Jimmys best opening statistic jokes

  • Witches Fam
    Witches Fam 11 months ago

    What is the show he is on?

  • Keagan Feast
    Keagan Feast Year ago

    Who is the man on the left at 0:52 ?

    • Billy Everyteen
      Billy Everyteen 2 days ago

      @Hassan Syed He just wanted to know his name, not what he was doing.

    • Hassan Syed
      Hassan Syed Year ago

      Alan Cumming. The lady is Lauren Laverne. Series 8, ep4 :)

  • Chief Captn
    Chief Captn Year ago +2

    "Strong language" yes, "adult humor" no.

    • yizzie82
      yizzie82 4 months ago +2

      that's your opinion...uptight cunt

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart Year ago +9

    4:35 Kakakakakakaka.
    I just woke up from a coma.

  • James Fox Podcast
    James Fox Podcast Year ago +8

    3:55 is my favorite

  • Jason Hoffman
    Jason Hoffman Year ago


  • kinky mermaid
    kinky mermaid Year ago +2

    Let's face it ~ Jimmy is the LEAST funniest thing about this show 🤣🤣🤣

    • Frank Stein
      Frank Stein 6 months ago

      kinky mermaid
      Least funny.
      You kinky little mermaid you.

    • Jesus H Christ
      Jesus H Christ 7 months ago

      Yet here you are....

    • Witches Fam
      Witches Fam 11 months ago

      What is the show called?

  • Lica1
    Lica1 Year ago +2

    Too scripted he's so much better live!

    • adamiscoolization
      adamiscoolization Year ago

      Lica1 I agree, you can’t really credit these one liners to him, when it’s written in front of him.

  • eelis salonen
    eelis salonen Year ago

    Lack complex election respect flight talent Japanese close

  • Piper Chamberlain
    Piper Chamberlain Year ago +44

    4:43 jimmy is so cute!!

    • asad khan
      asad khan 3 months ago

      Correction was this clip is at least 10 years old

    • Mark Mayonnaise
      Mark Mayonnaise 3 months ago +1

      The Disney film Pinocchio must get you hot and bothered then

  • Tong Liu
    Tong Liu Year ago +1

    Brilliant stuff!

  • Andy Jay
    Andy Jay Year ago

    Not funny.

  • Kraede
    Kraede Year ago +1

    What the heck did they say at 4:40 ?

    • holly nicdaibheid
      holly nicdaibheid 6 months ago

      "Only kidding"

    • Euphoricisotope
      Euphoricisotope Year ago +2

      The Raving Raven he said to her “you’ve got children” and she said “yeah but I’m not 66”.

  • dontzenyourselfout


  • Modest Mouse
    Modest Mouse Year ago +10

    Do you know what a one-liner is? None of these were savage either.

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom Year ago +15

    The majority of these were not one liners.

  • Benuryu
    Benuryu Year ago

    Who is the blonde lady @2:32 ?

    • OYSTER
      OYSTER 8 months ago +1

      Your mum

    • No Neck
      No Neck Year ago +1

      From Mint Royale!....she's gorgous

    • haznick
      haznick Year ago

      Lauren Laverne

  • Doctor WHO Who
    Doctor WHO Who Year ago

    everyone used to beat the crap outta Jimmy carr at Burnham upper school

    • Dismissing
      Dismissing Year ago

      Again, I wouldn't be surprised considering he used to be very religious

    • Dismissing
      Dismissing Year ago

      Wait no, he did go to Bernham Grammar (which is probably different than Upper School), 18:25 in Laughing and Joking he mentions it. thexvid.com/video/2vl7_LPIBXk/video.html

    • Dismissing
      Dismissing Year ago

      I thought he went to RGS? www.independent.co.uk/news/education/schools/a-class-apart-how-does-this-state-school-get-so-many-boys-into-oxbridge-396507.html 9th paragraph

    • J T
      J T Year ago

      Doctor WHO Who that explains everything then (rolls eyes sarcastically)

  • Tommy Robertson
    Tommy Robertson Year ago

    Brilliant hold close able current water pour tournament top.

  • Niall murray
    Niall murray Year ago

    Jimmy sounds drunk and retarded at 0.25 speed

  • Lemon Yellow Sun
    Lemon Yellow Sun Year ago

    0:53 name please 😀

  • Erlisch
    Erlisch Year ago

    not really oneliners tho

  • Simone Pagnotta
    Simone Pagnotta Year ago +2

    I don't get the joke about Dorothy's shoes: what's the first thing we know about the man who bought them?

    • TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland) 7 months ago +2

      @TheBunniMonster To the extent that the US Navy didn't realize it was a euphemism, and spent ages trying to find Dorothy.

    • Time To Duel
      Time To Duel Year ago

      yes,i agree

    • TheBunniMonster
      TheBunniMonster Year ago +13

      It is that he is gay.
      "Friend of Dorothy" (Referencing the Oz character) is even an age-old euphemism for homosexual.

    • ToppinaudQuotes
      ToppinaudQuotes Year ago +3

      Fact 1
      He is a man
      Fact 2
      He is rich

    • Night Knight
      Night Knight Year ago +6

      Could be wrong, but it struck me more as an implication that he's some pervert with a foot fetish.

  • Kenneth Sörling
    Kenneth Sörling Year ago

    Shitattack is so cute

  • DOCTOR Cola
    DOCTOR Cola Year ago +3

    ok ok ok ----- I LOVE CATS AND BURGERS ----- ----- I LOVE CATS AND BURGERS ----- ----- I LOVE CATS AND BURGERS -----

  • Tyler Khan
    Tyler Khan Year ago

    Black next prefer physically dry stick dignity legacy detective.

  • As you Were
    As you Were Year ago

    Not really one liners tho......

  • Doc's World
    Doc's World Year ago +55

    There were no ‘SAVAGE’ one liners here. Click bait.

    • muzzy Mc
      muzzy Mc Year ago

      The Dead Immortal ok jesus whatever you like.

    • Magnimazing
      Magnimazing Year ago +1

      Well since we're nitpicking... It's possible the person just has a very simplistic sense of humor and genuinely thought these jokes were hilarious; which wouldn't make it clickbait. _[Especially considering there isn't a massive amount of dislikes.]_ Just arguably not good choices on their part. Let's not throw around words in a fit now. u_u

    • Doc's World
      Doc's World Year ago +3

      The Chewbaccacabra - yeah he’s great. I was more annoyed at the click bait title than anything. I was having one of those days when you click on something and you don’t get the material the title suggested and I wanted to ‘lash out’ 😂

    • Michaël Lejeune
      Michaël Lejeune Year ago +3

      He did mention Wales, Norfolk and Newcastle. Not savage enough?

    • The Dead Immortal
      The Dead Immortal Year ago +4

      Whoever wrote that title is clearly someone in their 30s who just heard that word for the first time and now uses it for everything

  • diku daku
    diku daku Year ago

    More Jimmy one liners.

  • Nicholas Robertson
    Nicholas Robertson Year ago +49

    He's TOO good 😁

  • Pages & Prose
    Pages & Prose Year ago +93

    Those Harry Potter jokes were weak 😂

    • joseph linden
      joseph linden Year ago

      Harry Potter is shit.

    • Tortoise Warp speed
      Tortoise Warp speed Year ago

      The Chewbaccacabra yeah I don't think that a certain Mr Great name quite gets the idea eh matey?.

    • Jp Fitzpatrick
      Jp Fitzpatrick Year ago +1

      They are all weak, that's the thing about them, supposed to be silly.

    • Rahul Dutta Gupta
      Rahul Dutta Gupta Year ago

      Getting kissed in the forbidden forest

    • Raoul Duke
      Raoul Duke Year ago

      The Chewbaccacabra ty lol u 2

  • The ZomB
    The ZomB Year ago +276

    People from Norfolk disliked this video....with their six fingered, webbed hands

    • BoiledKettles
      BoiledKettles 7 months ago

      The ZomB I live in Norfolk and it was fucking hilarious 😂

    • steven small
      steven small 11 months ago

      Some of us used are 6th toe

    • Natasha Lysette
      Natasha Lysette Year ago +2

      It's funny because Rhod is the one who actually has a webbed hand and he's from Wales 😂

    • Jake Hughes
      Jake Hughes Year ago +2

      Funny til global warming starts to drown us. Then they'll be buzzin

    • Jazznblues
      Jazznblues Year ago

      I laughed harder at this comment than the video.

  • FoolishlyFoolishFool

    My dad said if you don't subscribe to my channel he'll use my rabbit as toilet paper

    • AZ Bass Head
      AZ Bass Head Year ago

      It's gonna be ok. Shit don't stick to rabbit fur. That's why the bear wiped its ass with the rabbit in the woods duh

    • Sofa-king Dumb
      Sofa-king Dumb Year ago

      Tell your dad, it’s easier if you skin it first!

    • Thomas UnO
      Thomas UnO Year ago

      Is your username a goddamn Ace Attorney reference?

    • Stefan Neises
      Stefan Neises Year ago +1

      make sure you film the whole thing. This could potentially be comedy gold!

    • ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ
      ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ Year ago

      Rabbit meets it's destiny, sooner you accept the truth the sooner it's gonna be just fine.... your rabbit may smell and you may even need to lend my axe to end it's misery!

  • James Smith
    James Smith Year ago +6


  • Bismuth
    Bismuth Year ago +159

    tarantino you cant

    • Cockoff Gewgle
      Cockoff Gewgle 4 months ago

      That was't even a joke. Lame af.

    • zact lee
      zact lee 5 months ago +1

      @jas fay he purpossedly misspeled cunt.

    • mc finn
      mc finn 9 months ago

      Shat it you cant!

    • jas fay
      jas fay Year ago +1

      carlover i didnt get it

    • MrOasis316
      MrOasis316 Year ago +15

      carlover That was a really well written joke and delivered well.

  • Kevin Abe
    Kevin Abe Year ago

    Does anybody realized that they censored cunt but didn't censored fuck?

  • Virality Factor
    Virality Factor Year ago +75

    There are lot of fine women in this show unlike the American shows.

    • Fagot Reich
      Fagot Reich 5 months ago

      thirst is real

    • Ann Other
      Ann Other 8 months ago +1

      This video was about jimmy carr, that's why the women didn't speak. There is plenty of good female comedy.

    • Seán O'Nilbud
      Seán O'Nilbud Year ago

      Munter Bryce and his eternal virginity.

    • Paul Cockrell
      Paul Cockrell Year ago

      Seth McFarlane

    • Sander Boonstra
      Sander Boonstra Year ago +4

      Really, an american calling the uk PC? You can't say anything on american tv without being censored...

  • Ruhul Amin
    Ruhul Amin Year ago +48

    Calling a fish a slag is not a savage one liner

    • mc finn
      mc finn 9 months ago +2

      It is if you're a female mackerel... 🙄

    • i'm a fucking crow
      i'm a fucking crow Year ago +1

      yes it is

    • MrOasis316
      MrOasis316 Year ago +25

      Ruhul Amin I know but it’s funny as fuck lol

  • Rob Lal
    Rob Lal Year ago +5

    Hi everyone

  • Nigga With a rocket launcher

    Yay thanks from Nz

  • Facetious Titan
    Facetious Titan Year ago +327

    Thanks for the humor, from across the pond! If it weren't for TheXvid, I may never have been introduced to the 8oo10c cast and had the joy of experiencing their hilarity, in everything they do.

    • Peter Sothern
      Peter Sothern 2 months ago

      @Libor Jonáš name another then

    • Libor Jonáš
      Libor Jonáš 2 months ago

      @Peter Sothern That's not really the truth...

    • Ghanaka
      Ghanaka 3 months ago

      Agreed. 8oo10c is amazing. More love from the U.S.

    • Peter Sothern
      Peter Sothern Year ago +2

      jimmy Carr is the most intelligent comedian in england

    • Modest Mouse
      Modest Mouse Year ago +2

      I imagine it's just nice to get away from american studio audiences