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  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
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    Max Peterson is a globe-trotting techno-whiz who installs security systems on computers. He receives an anonymous gift: a phone which sends messages that enable him to win at a casino.....
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  • Fred hooshi
    Fred hooshi 12 hours ago

    not a bad idea to have a summary of movie

  • Bird Song
    Bird Song 14 hours ago

    Good Grief! When will film makers ever get that you can't outrun a speeding train, or a car?

  • Vera Acquah
    Vera Acquah Day ago

    February 2019!!!Anyone???

  • Caroline Talam
    Caroline Talam Day ago

    Good one

  • Sherry Ann Valenzuela

    My hobby is reading comments while watching hahaha...anyone can relate???

  • Sapkar Ronya
    Sapkar Ronya Day ago

    Anyone feb 14 2019....

    Why are all the african countries so excited about this movie!!

  • Rifki Rahman
    Rifki Rahman 2 days ago

    Please translate to asian languange pls i am indonesian

  • Lindokuhle Mazibuko
    Lindokuhle Mazibuko 2 days ago

    Such an interesting movie... i loved it

  • Rosslyne Maina
    Rosslyne Maina 3 days ago


  • sparkle 21
    sparkle 21 3 days ago

    Can anyone explain the last conversation coz I don't understand Russian...

  • Rhys Perkins
    Rhys Perkins 3 days ago

    Watchable, good quality upload with no ads.

  • Antonio Travieso
    Antonio Travieso 3 days ago

    Good fiction movie!

  • Rahul Misra _
    Rahul Misra _ 3 days ago


  • Sajjad Anwar
    Sajjad Anwar 3 days ago

    From Pakistan still watching from UAE

  • Firas Francis
    Firas Francis 3 days ago

    What were they speaking in russia at last part someone translate .. lol

  • crystal fernandez
    crystal fernandez 3 days ago

    hi nice movie

  • Sello Mashego
    Sello Mashego 4 days ago

    Great movie watching from South Africa

  • Fatumah Nalubega
    Fatumah Nalubega 4 days ago

    Who's watching while going through the comments show me some love

  • Yeremi HD
    Yeremi HD 4 days ago

    Oh my god! Every nice, I like!

  • Cihimba Messier
    Cihimba Messier 4 days ago

    nice 1, tx 4 the upld

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 4 days ago

    U know what I believe u sunshine

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 4 days ago

    Movie nzuri

  • David Akram TWIZERE
    David Akram TWIZERE 4 days ago


  • Venitia Etemike
    Venitia Etemike 4 days ago

    Am not as obedient as Peterson 😂 😂 still watching tho

  • Kennedy Kimochu
    Kennedy Kimochu 4 days ago

    Kali sana

  • Mich Rozhdestvensky
    Mich Rozhdestvensky 4 days ago

    This movie is highly likely a fantasy, because we know Russians must be bad in real movies ...

  • Leave No Trace
    Leave No Trace 5 days ago

    okay ba to mga kabayan?

  • de yah
    de yah 5 days ago

    hAppy valentines😂.

  • Mustafa Karagoz
    Mustafa Karagoz 5 days ago

    L now watching from istanbul

    BIDADARI MAUNG BIRU TV 6 days ago +2

    Watching from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Lenny D.
    Lenny D. 6 days ago

    Good movie! Thanks 👍

  • Keith Willcock
    Keith Willcock 6 days ago

    Good movie...ending could be better though...Thanks

  • paschal ediale
    paschal ediale 6 days ago

    i always read comments before watching

  • jagsfanrick
    jagsfanrick 6 days ago

    Tagging movies is fail. You didn't make or part of the movie so hope you get sued. Reported

  • Paulette Brown
    Paulette Brown 6 days ago

    Watching from Jamaica in February

  • Maalim Ali
    Maalim Ali 7 days ago +23

    Team reading comments while watching show some likes plz🇰🇪😂😂😂😂

  • Gurjit Singh
    Gurjit Singh 7 days ago

    Nice movie

  • Timothy Doult
    Timothy Doult 7 days ago

    best movie by Luis 10/10

  • Tim Dallas
    Tim Dallas 7 days ago

    Non fiction hidden in fiction.
    Worth watching

  • Amethyst Mosqueda
    Amethyst Mosqueda 7 days ago

    great 👍 👍 👍 movie...


    Luislifon always have good upload....what a movie..just watching now...

  • Shine Tibayan Rayela

    My reflection about this movie ...
    I realized that the computer (program) sa masusing nyang pagsusuri nalalaman (define) nya what is harmful for people sana ganun din yung ibang tao...the other people they got a brain a mind which can think that the war they want the trouble they doing being a terrorist they harm so many peoples lives...why they should not go for a peace talk...& In a diplomatic way express their sentiments tell what they really want and have acceptance... More especially let just offer everything of ourself to our Lord God. For the people which is not GodBeliever come seek to the Lord Almighty. In Jesus name. Amen. 🙏🏻

  • Shine Tibayan Rayela

    Great 👍🏻

  • danish khan danish khan

    Danish khan

  • Bohol Homes
    Bohol Homes 9 days ago

    I need this gift!!!

  • lubin J.tonny
    lubin J.tonny 9 days ago

    My girlfriend broke up with me

  • Inai Andu
    Inai Andu 9 days ago

    Anyone from somalia

  • Mohan Singh
    Mohan Singh 10 days ago

    💝💝👏 Superb all the way😘

  • dionysius kamau
    dionysius kamau 10 days ago

    I don't mind watching till the end

  • Ken Watson
    Ken Watson 10 days ago

    Great movie, would've liked English translation in last part. Tamara Feldman, I wish you all the very best. One day they will find a cure for multiple sclerosis, hoping it will be soon for you xx

  • five Anges
    five Anges 10 days ago


  • adorable baby kshama SHARMA

    Movie name?

  • irene gitau
    irene gitau 10 days ago

    I need that phone here in kenya

  • Swaroop R
    Swaroop R 10 days ago

    nice movie

  • franchesca tambulashi
    franchesca tambulashi 11 days ago

    Reading comments before watching 👍😊😊

  • Abena Achiaa Lydia
    Abena Achiaa Lydia 11 days ago

    Reading comments before watching. Anyone like me? Commenting from Ghana.

  • Chey Tejada
    Chey Tejada 11 days ago

    Yehh i remember the guy..but i dont now his name..hahhaha sorry..

  • Victor Ndalo
    Victor Ndalo 11 days ago

    Just cant get enough of this. who's watching with me now?

  • sup yow
    sup yow 11 days ago

    read comments first b4 watching it.. if the movie really good😂😂

  • Wilfredo Santana Alvarado

    Traducción inglés-español

  • ivy arevalo
    ivy arevalo 12 days ago

    i love this movie a lot......

  • sobur ahmed
    sobur ahmed 12 days ago

    Wow so nice film 👌🇧🇩👌

    LWAMBA CHIPUTA 12 days ago +6

    Watching February from Zambia

  • atisangbe jane
    atisangbe jane 12 days ago

    Very nice

    DIPNARINE SOBIE 12 days ago

    Kool film enjoyed it not bad

  • Albon Queely
    Albon Queely 12 days ago

    Amen guys x


    watching from India February 2019
    metro business information youtube channel

  • ghie quiachon
    ghie quiachon 12 days ago

    Awesome movie.....

  • mavrick sharma
    mavrick sharma 13 days ago

    Low acting skills and direction ..cheers

  • jeet027
    jeet027 13 days ago

    I don't like that fat blacky

  • A GoogleUser /w privacy

    Anyone have English translation for the last part? 1:39:37

  • john knowing
    john knowing 14 days ago

    phatts1488... Cant thank you enough for a fantastic movie!!! The movie cost 5 mill to make grossed 59 mill at the box office.

  • Apioagness Marry
    Apioagness Marry 14 days ago

    Love this movie

  • Julie Mae Escoltor
    Julie Mae Escoltor 14 days ago

    Thanks for uploading those good movies, I love it😉

  • magnum chakra cube
    magnum chakra cube 14 days ago

    Good movie

  • Ion Caldare
    Ion Caldare 14 days ago

    good movie!

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 14 days ago

    Liberals in any country are a cancer

  • Namba Kore
    Namba Kore 14 days ago

    I'm watching this action movie now

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 14 days ago

    Why would he have to be right? 1:38

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 14 days ago

    Dubai 'S metro is much safer. You people have no regard for life

  • Nanteza Faith Adams
    Nanteza Faith Adams 15 days ago

    The three most important words in politics ,,, don't get catch,,, woow dats a good one

  • Nanteza Faith Adams
    Nanteza Faith Adams 15 days ago

    Some day all this will be ur, ,,,, answered the other guy ,really!!! Noo said the boss DAT was my best part

  • Nimo Irene
    Nimo Irene 15 days ago

    Nice movie

  • Mervez Rahimi
    Mervez Rahimi 15 days ago

    i am not the only one

  • M Mess
    M Mess 15 days ago

    What are you doing? I'm jumping the sim.

  • Bhe G
    Bhe G 15 days ago +1

    Thanks for the upload..Hope more movies like this..very nice movie ..Respect from Philippines.

  • Patrick Read
    Patrick Read 15 days ago

    Pushed Uria against the wall. "It was you all along wasn't it" lol ¿What?

  • Moha Osa
    Moha Osa 15 days ago

    I really like it 😊

  • castlerock58
    castlerock58 15 days ago

    Awful movie. Not funny enough to be comedy. Too stupid to be drama.

  • zippy zippy
    zippy zippy 15 days ago +25

    Watching 2019 from kenya gonga like bila shaka

  • MrMARCUS2503
    MrMARCUS2503 15 days ago

    Also that tunnel had only one track... where the other train come from?

  • MrMARCUS2503
    MrMARCUS2503 15 days ago

    So this lady never considered what she'd do if a train was coming

  • YoungRobby Music
    YoungRobby Music 16 days ago +8

    Great movie, all the way from ghana

  • Hanumanth Korra
    Hanumanth Korra 16 days ago

    Excellent excellent movie👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌but title is wrong

  • Mercedes Frometa Valdés

    Los amó me encanta

  • Malica Olama
    Malica Olama 16 days ago +1

    Reading comments while watching this😂

  • Hazel Monilla
    Hazel Monilla 17 days ago +25

    Where's the spoiler 😉😉
    Reading comments before watching this whole movie 😅😅

  • thompung keishing
    thompung keishing 17 days ago

    I love reading comment before watching

  • Jack Booted Hug
    Jack Booted Hug 17 days ago

    i laughed😄
    i cried 😭
    i vomited🤮

  • Henry Chukwu
    Henry Chukwu 17 days ago

    Who is watching with me in 2019😁😃