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Sasha Velour Nightgowns July 2017

  • Published on Jul 6, 2017
  • July 6 2017, 10:30 show
    National Sawdust
    Brooklyn, New York

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  • Tish Smiddy
    Tish Smiddy 3 months ago

    Thank you 😊

  • chekemon gm
    chekemon gm 7 months ago

    Me gusta

  • marcela alejandra cea rosas

    hermoooosoooo beautyyyu maravilhoso 😢

  • Go Petch
    Go Petch Year ago

    Kudos to her creativity. She is getting better and better!

  • Emilie Renee
    Emilie Renee Year ago +2

    I am snatched

  • FlowerPower123
    FlowerPower123 Year ago

    Came a mess left a mess

  • Phillip Q
    Phillip Q Year ago

    I hate this English version of Edith's song, it not only loses the sense of the song, but the exaggeration of the vibrato is really annoying. It totally killed my vibe.

  • LilScorpioo
    LilScorpioo Year ago +2

    Was this sponsored by Target

  • sinsumeria
    sinsumeria Year ago +1


  • Ronnie Mcloving
    Ronnie Mcloving Year ago

    💋😘💜🌹perfection amazing 🌹💜😘💋

  • Julia Klein
    Julia Klein Year ago

    i love the outfit, but i think it would have been better with a simple white pump

  • Warrendoe
    Warrendoe Year ago +4

    Wonderful drag in a new direction for me...

  • Mabel Danciguer
    Mabel Danciguer Year ago +21

    that's a fucking gorgeous skirt

  • Sunny Webb
    Sunny Webb Year ago +20

    I just.... She's just....

  • AVI _
    AVI _ Year ago +3

    meh, sorry...still not impressed.

  • Joel Gomez
    Joel Gomez Year ago +1

    The TALENT.

  • Léa I.
    Léa I. Year ago +16

    English version of an Edith Piaf song? Nice.

    • pdquick1
      pdquick1 Year ago +1

      I believe that's Shirley Bassey singing. Show me ONE other queen lipsyncing to Shirley Bassey in a club scene full of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Britney tunes.

    • Kayo César
      Kayo César Year ago

      Lunacie Crevette yeeesssss and I love it so much. I believe it is The english version of "non je ne regrette rien"

    • tree bear
      tree bear Year ago

      is this the same song Marion Cotillard sings at the end of La Vie En Rose?

  • Jennie
    Jennie Year ago +1

    Tearing up, no lie

    ZYZ TAYLOR Year ago +1

    My absolute favorite ever!!!!

  • Mastering Pain
    Mastering Pain Year ago +7

    Best Queen EVER!!!

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie Year ago +4

    I got chills! That was incredible.

  • Gleidston Gomes
    Gleidston Gomes Year ago +18

    i love Sasha velour. she is perfect

  • Lorenozone
    Lorenozone Year ago

    What's the song?

  • lPrudence
    lPrudence Year ago +5

    his boooodyyy💖💖💖

  • Cristian M
    Cristian M Year ago +10

    Do something charlie o it's sasha this time

  • Tony Dadá
    Tony Dadá Year ago +2


  • isa.maria
    isa.maria Year ago

    fUck me uP

  • hamza sbaai
    hamza sbaai Year ago +146

    And ya'll saying she didn't deserve the win. Give me an other rpdr queen with this level of creativity. I dare you! I double fucking dare you!

    • Paul Board
      Paul Board Year ago

      ah yes, the cell block tango but with no words, instrumental versions of nicki verses, monologues that don't have anyone speaking

    • tree bear
      tree bear Year ago

      ^ there are plenty of videos you can check out of hers where she is lip syncing.

    • Carlo Mendoza
      Carlo Mendoza Year ago

      All Evah can do is lipsync to songs with no words (Laughing Track), Evah is talented but Sasha is a on a whole other level.

    • tree bear
      tree bear Year ago +2

      Evah destruction

    • Ken Lamboy
      Ken Lamboy Year ago +11

      Here's three:
      - Victoria Porkchop Parker
      - Stacy Lane Matthews
      - Jasmine Masters

  • Lady K
    Lady K Year ago +22

    Thank you for uploading this, was such a great quality video, and is great to watch if you couldn't be there in person, so very much appreciated! Xx😘

  • Ray Eres
    Ray Eres Year ago

    Song name?

    • Ray Eres
      Ray Eres Year ago

      Chris Donohoe thank you...

    • Ray Eres
      Ray Eres Year ago

      Lady K Thank you....

    • Lady K
      Lady K Year ago +4

      Ray Toro of sunshine I think it's an English version of Je ne regret rien, but could be wrong....

  • Latenightowl KM
    Latenightowl KM Year ago +2

    YASSSSS Mi Ladyyyyyy

  • My-awkwardself
    My-awkwardself Year ago +7

    The one and only

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan Year ago +9

    She will always be in my top 5 favourite lip syncers ever on RPDR 😍

    • Ivhez1
      Ivhez1 Year ago

      Josh Morgan who are the other 4?

    • tree bear
      tree bear Year ago

      she is basically number 1 at this point

    • Lady K
      Lady K Year ago +4

      Josh Morgan #1 on my list 😊🌹❤️

  • John Alvarez
    John Alvarez Year ago +53

    yaaaas magic trick realness

  • Alex Gabriel
    Alex Gabriel Year ago +80

    Anyone else expect rose petals in the case? :D

    • MrJorgeeduardo09
      MrJorgeeduardo09 Year ago +6

      I think she is going to stay away from the petals from now because of the show but always come up with something amazing.

  • lovely
    lovely Year ago +105

    sasha's performances are always so amusing