• Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • Why didn't Dr Strange jut amputate Thanos' arm with the Gauntlet on it? Why is the Ancient One Returning in End Game & how does that relate to Professor Hulk?
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Comments • 12 712

  • Aayush Adhikari
    Aayush Adhikari 13 hours ago +1

    3:55 actually, It is Nepal not India.

  • Morgz I’m stupid
    Morgz I’m stupid 4 days ago

    He does come back in endgame

  • shishir bhatt
    shishir bhatt 4 days ago

    That dr.strange part is not in india 😏😡
    Thats Nepal

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen 5 days ago

    Just get to the fucking point...
    And he didn't even answer the question. WTF

  • Rachel Janezich
    Rachel Janezich 6 days ago

    I believe we will see doctor strange in end game

  • zapkid_15 Sanchez
    zapkid_15 Sanchez 6 days ago

    I think we will and i subed and liked

  • Deep Throughout
    Deep Throughout 8 days ago

    In Endgame Thor Cut Thanos head off sooooooo yeah

  • Travis Mance
    Travis Mance 9 days ago +1

    Yea doctor strange should have cut thanos arm

  • Tyler W
    Tyler W 9 days ago

    Dr strange will return

  • KC Balingit
    KC Balingit 10 days ago

    Even alien's speak english.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 11 days ago +2

    Doctor Strange should had ues the Time stone to bring iron man back to life in endgame

  • KingMetal \m/
    KingMetal \m/ 11 days ago +4

    Title: Why Dr. Strange couldnt cut Thanos

    Video: Iron man in infinity War and endgame had the best technology he could possibly create.


    • JuICyBLiinGeR
      JuICyBLiinGeR Day ago +1

      Nothing_ LOL If he changed the title of this video to your channel name, it would literally make more sense.

    • Nothing_ LOL
      Nothing_ LOL 9 days ago


  • Jerico Cager
    Jerico Cager 12 days ago


  • Jerome White
    Jerome White 13 days ago

    The real answer is if they killed thanos then others would try to collect the stones which would lead to alot of endless battles that would end up as the avengers being picked off one by one.... So instead of loosing five or so avengers and going threw endless battles it called for one sacrifice Tony Stark oh and we caint forget about the soul stone a soul for a soul for everyone to live happily ever after and take out thanos whole army

  • Luke Rempilllo
    Luke Rempilllo 13 days ago

    Yes he will return in endgame

  • 77 NOONE TAZ
    77 NOONE TAZ 13 days ago

    I like the MVC3 Captain America theme

  • Ben Valdez
    Ben Valdez 14 days ago

    He comes back in endgame

  • Ben Valdez
    Ben Valdez 14 days ago

    I believe he comes back in end game

  • Hunter Young
    Hunter Young 14 days ago


  • icecandygurl 9624
    icecandygurl 9624 14 days ago +1

    Why is dr strange problematic going back to earth (during infinity war) when he can actually do that sparkly circle he did in endgame

  • Sans boi
    Sans boi 15 days ago

    0:08 rasin

  • Shirley Gray
    Shirley Gray 16 days ago

    He will return lol

  • Leo Koufakis
    Leo Koufakis 16 days ago


  • Leo Koufakis
    Leo Koufakis 16 days ago


  • Kid malone
    Kid malone 16 days ago

    Thanos isn’t stronger than the hulk bc for one hulk can reach an infinite amount of strength if he’s angry enough but like it sed in infinity war gulf is now the body and Bruce is the transfer since hulf had no reason to be angry right off he wasn’t even at his normal potential and thanos took hulk out before he got any angrier

  • Bradley Diab
    Bradley Diab 16 days ago

    We will see him in endgame

  • Olivia Marallo
    Olivia Marallo 16 days ago

    Yes you will

  • Robert Lockard
    Robert Lockard 17 days ago

    Couldn't ALL of the users of the Eye of Agamoto / the time stone be brought into literally ANY story set in ANY time? Think Dr. Who - how did 1990s humans get to ancient rome, or to the heat death of the universe? Any plot holes could be carpeted over with "this is what the ancient one was up to BEFORE she met Dr. Strange" or "This is one of the things Strange did while figuring out how to beat Thanos via trial and error time travel shenanigans."

    *I'd abuse the holy hell out of The Eye of Agamoto, think about it - as long as the mistake doesn't kill you, you have a "do-over" switch that can let you go as far back as you want*

  • Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood 20 days ago

    We will

  • Alejandro Amaya
    Alejandro Amaya 21 day ago

    It didn't answer the question

  • Ricardo Charles
    Ricardo Charles 28 days ago

    If he has invincible skin why does he wear that armor for battle?

  • Alycia Hayden-Rainey
    Alycia Hayden-Rainey 28 days ago

    wow o wow o wow

  • Kurjek Kolds
    Kurjek Kolds Month ago

    lmfao that's the worst Mjolnir I've ever seen in my fucking life. What did you do, slap a spray-painted BRICK to a plastic wal-mart hilt? It looks TERRIBLE.

  • Ryno Art
    Ryno Art Month ago

    I want Caps shield not to cut cheese but to break up my bud.

  • Minecraft gang 728
    Minecraft gang 728 Month ago

    We will

  • Alexander Espinal
    Alexander Espinal Month ago


  • Liam Chapman
    Liam Chapman Month ago +2

    So no answer for the actual question.

    Nice one clickbaiters.

  • Juan Chavez
    Juan Chavez Month ago


  • Marco Ayy Vlogs
    Marco Ayy Vlogs Month ago

    He is one of the most powerful avenger

  • Alberto Arradaza
    Alberto Arradaza Month ago


  • JAWS wagnon
    JAWS wagnon Month ago

    Awesome thanks for the update

  • Connor Jaxon
    Connor Jaxon Month ago

    Thanos' "indestructible skin" would not save him from a sling ring cut in half move because the ring does not cut it creates a bridge, transporting matter elsewhere. So Thanos would simply have half of his body separated and sent elsewhere thus "cutting" him in half. #LoopHole!!

  • VYON reflects
    VYON reflects Month ago

    Bruce: rrrrrrggghh.
    Tony:dude your embarrassing me in front of the wizards.
    Dr.strange:looks at Bruce.

  • Vĩnh Khang Chung
    Vĩnh Khang Chung Month ago +1

    Good vid

  • it's just charlie
    it's just charlie Month ago

    He doesn't turn

  • K T
    K T Month ago

    We will see doctor strange again yay

  • Joe King
    Joe King Month ago


  • Private Private
    Private Private Month ago +1

    Iron man is...


  • Long Ho
    Long Ho Month ago

    that doesn't explain why dr strange didn't just open a portal and make thanos fall for 30 minutes like he did to thor's brother

  • Sandra Estevez
    Sandra Estevez Month ago

    I think he will

    OP VIDS Month ago

    I think we will

  • gretchen dietrich
    gretchen dietrich Month ago

    YES HE

  • Anitria Beard
    Anitria Beard Month ago

    Dr strange cut his head off

  • Ricky Ric
    Ricky Ric Month ago

    Because it wasn't in the script

  • Michael Espinosa
    Michael Espinosa Month ago

    Too much talk bro... go to the point

  • Fiona Cook
    Fiona Cook Month ago

    I think doctor strange will survive

  • RaZZle
    RaZZle Month ago

    I think he will

  • Fierce Deity Link
    Fierce Deity Link Month ago

    I love the line, "We Ong, you're invited to my wedding." XD

  • Lourdes Montero
    Lourdes Montero Month ago

    Can I have the shield

  • Ashvin Meetoo
    Ashvin Meetoo Month ago