• Published on Jan 12, 2022

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  • iamfallfromgrace
    iamfallfromgrace 14 hours ago +6

    The sense of relief on both of your faces is everything 🥰 What a great start to 2022 for the H3 family - let’s hope this momentum continues!

  • Bribe
    Bribe 14 hours ago +1

    Ethan isn’t just lucky that he has the means to defend himself, he’s also lucky he was assigned a judge with moral character.

  • stylizacjeTV
    stylizacjeTV 14 hours ago +654

    Love this!!! Go H3 🥰🥰🥰

  • Sol Belaunde
    Sol Belaunde 14 hours ago +503

    The fact that this lawsuit he filed out of spite would literally destroy his own business is a clear example of why he bankrupt his company.

  • Hannah Mays
    Hannah Mays 14 hours ago +414

    Thank you for standing up for the entire online community and everyone's free speech. You're fighting the good fight man and we owe you a lot. Thank you !

  • Jenna Rae
    Jenna Rae 14 hours ago +39

    we gotta get hila a mic, her commentary is vital

  • 8Bit CR
    8Bit CR 14 hours ago +2

    Happy AF for you guys papa bless to y’all

  • Flirtatious Toast
    Flirtatious Toast 14 hours ago +217

    PAPA BLESS that judge for having a brain. Hopefully this is over with soon, you guys don't deserve this stress. Congratulations Ethan and Hila!

  • Darth Miserie
    Darth Miserie 14 hours ago +244

    I don't even know y'all, but I'm over her squealing so happy. Look at Hila's beautiful face. You did good. This guy is a psychopath, tryin' to ride on your coattails. I'm so glad for you guys. I hope everyone over at H3H3 is feeling better soon. We miss the podcast!!! But obvs take care of yourselves first, we can wait. Congratulations you guys. This guy has nothin'.

  • shayne_62
    shayne_62 14 hours ago +353

    Ethan isn’t just lucky that he has the means to defend himself, he’s also lucky he was assigned a judge with moral character.

  • Dee Dubya
    Dee Dubya 14 hours ago +77

    I LOVE this channel's content. So much more chill and laid back (even though this particular subject is NOT chill... Anti-free speech lawsuits?). Glad for you guys. I really hope you continue to provide regular uploads here, truly. Congrats from Australia where free speech isn't quite as free as you'd think, especially whehn discussing/criticising elected officials.

  • Royce
    Royce 9 hours ago +57

    So glad the Judge had common sense and interpreted this correctly. Papa Bless!

  • Scoops McGee
    Scoops McGee 14 hours ago +4

    can't even imagine the weight of the stress that's just been lifted from y'alls shoulders, i'm sure you will get the Ws for the other lawsuits as well ☮️ ❤️

  • alexthedon
    alexthedon 14 hours ago +54

    When you win the other 2 cases…I’m going to tear up with joy…especially when you announce it here or the h3 podcast! This is bigger than you….this helps all of us! Papa Bless! Proud of You!

  • Tristen Jensen
    Tristen Jensen 14 hours ago +26

    Hila is glowing and you both seem very happy. So glad for the both of you. Cant wait to see the new baby. Amazing you won the first lawsuit. Congrats you guys

  • TheHolyDiver
    TheHolyDiver 7 hours ago +1

    "This is America. You can get free speech, it just costs a lot of money."

  • Alex W.
    Alex W. 14 hours ago +83

    Congrats to you guys! The lawsuits were filed against you even though everyone knew they were bullshit. Glad the law sided with the right people in this dismissal! Now go get that fat check, babyyyy - if it's a t-shirt as merch, I'll def buy LOL!

  • Roni Zombi
    Roni Zombi 12 hours ago +58

    Have never spoken to or met y'all but this news is going to be the first thing I tell my husband when he gets home lol. You're now FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY. Congrats guys!! Much peace and love sent your way ✨

  • PapaStanimus
    PapaStanimus 14 hours ago +1

    Big win for TheXvid and the H3H3verse!

  • Mia Marris
    Mia Marris 14 hours ago +10

    Even the way Hila just looks at Ethan still is so sweet, congratulations guys ✨️