How to Make Saffron Buns (Lussebullar) by Alix • Tasty


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  • Alix Traeger
    Alix Traeger Month ago +599

    Hi guys! Hope you all are having a Happy Holiday and enjoy this recipe for one of my favorite treats! Subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more! 🎄💝

    • Capitaine Dubois Geromino
      Capitaine Dubois Geromino Month ago

      I tried to make the Taquitos and now I'm about to try this. Great personality and gorgeous woman, allow me to say please.

    • Tuva Forssén
      Tuva Forssén Month ago

      Vars jobbade du i Sverige? Where did you work in Sweden? ❤️

    • Max Sjogren
      Max Sjogren Month ago

      A good tip i suggest. Me and many of us in sweden like to take a lussebulle right out of the oven and eat it with a tall glass of cold milk. Try that👍

    • Blaster Blahsamost
      Blaster Blahsamost Month ago

      Make conchintas and my god, you are so damn preety!

    • Christina/Claudia11 Familiamanzo
      Christina/Claudia11 Familiamanzo Month ago

      Alix Traeger Thanks 😃

  • kamrun nahar
    kamrun nahar 4 days ago

    I love in Sweden aHHHHH 😱

  • C O N I
    C O N I 5 days ago

    My Swedish ass is happy that you guys made this video

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 10 days ago

    Hon är fett snygg lika om nu fattar

  • Snus Mumriken
    Snus Mumriken 14 days ago

    Man tar riktig gäst, inte nåt jävla pulver

  • hey jimin you nice keep going

    Gahhhh! Alix is so pretty, love her!

  • Adam Blomdahl
    Adam Blomdahl 21 day ago +1

    Vem fan har gräddfil i sina lussebullar

  • Patrick Phelvin
    Patrick Phelvin 22 days ago

    Food is my religion 🙏🏻🍰🍱🍕🧀😂

  • Manyia Austin Sims
    Manyia Austin Sims 22 days ago



  • djames2609
    djames2609 23 days ago

    Man your beautiful, keep up the good work

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 23 days ago

    I’m Swedish so like lussebullar

  • Milo Valenz
    Milo Valenz 26 days ago

    my norwegian butt saw the thumbnail and the title, and thought "those look exactly like lussekatter"

  • Ellen Prenell
    Ellen Prenell 29 days ago

    If you put the saffron in some brandy and let it sit for a couple of minutes before mixning it in with the dough you’ll get a richer saffron flavour!

  • Rebecka Bergsten
    Rebecka Bergsten Month ago

    Actually in sweden most of us calls it lussekatter, but you can say both ^ω^

  • JJ
    JJ Month ago

    You are the only one good looking bun

  • TRSC Wille
    TRSC Wille Month ago +1

    Lussekatter... 😑😑😑 hahaha🤣❤️

  • Lacey Derp
    Lacey Derp Month ago

    I love Lussebullar, next until every year me and my mom makes Lussebullar, some years we are spicing it up a little bit and making something else like putting chocolate instead of putting in raisins 😊

  • itzLivigirl
    itzLivigirl Month ago

    In Norway They are called Lussekatter (lusecats)

  • Gâłîxÿ Šôûńdš

    Sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪❤️❤️❤️

  • Emma Ms Musen
    Emma Ms Musen Month ago

    I live in Sweden!!!!!

  • Imports are gay riced fagmobiles

    Alix, 🤤😛😛😛😛😛😛🤤

  • Ai Sukakurimiako
    Ai Sukakurimiako Month ago

    Being half Swedish and a big fan of Alix and knowing that she had lived in my country makes me feel more connected to her 😭❤️
    I love you Alix, my favorite from Tasty along with Rie 😊☺️

  • Agnes Möller
    Agnes Möller Month ago

    Like if you’re from Sweden 🇸🇪 cuz I am🤪

  • BBrawler net
    BBrawler net Month ago

    This is not accurate to the Swedish veraion

  • The awesome Person
    The awesome Person Month ago

    I live In Norway and we Call Them lussekatter

  • starstable_claudine_bluepaw

    Jag är svensk!

  • Radical Trash
    Radical Trash Month ago

    Hi i m on my brothers account you guys are the best i watch you everyday i wish when im older i could work at tasty it looks like a super fun and cool place to work and the pastries look amazing

  • Astrid Neill
    Astrid Neill Month ago

    if anyone is wondering how to pronounce Lussebullar properly here it is: lu-sE-bull-are. it may look crazy but it is coming from a real swede!

  • Dorothea Linnaeus
    Dorothea Linnaeus Month ago +3

    Actually you don't need the sour cream, that's a myth started by the dairy company Arla. Just add extra butter and a little water. 😊
    Next time, plz do semlor! 😍

  • Elias
    Elias Month ago

    i liv in Stockholm! and lussebullar are so Delius guys id f you see this comment you shub bake them

  • Luca Naccarato
    Luca Naccarato Month ago

    Haha Buns in the oven.

    I don’t get the joke tbh.

  • ꧁༺ imayelogrr ARMY ༻꧂

    The "S" also means: Sub to Pewdiepie

  • Gustav Nylund
    Gustav Nylund Month ago

    You have to smash the saffron to release the flavor!! You get more saffron taste by doing it that way!!

  • Mikaela Wright
    Mikaela Wright Month ago

    Why are Alixs bands the most calming to watch?!

  • Daily Doughnut
    Daily Doughnut Month ago

    I’m swedish :3

  • Melina Hoffman
    Melina Hoffman Month ago

    Älskar lussebullar! Gilla om du e svensk

  • Noni M
    Noni M Month ago

    Eywaaa lussekatter

  • Tuva Forssén
    Tuva Forssén Month ago

    OMG! I love Alix ❤️❤️❤️ btw i had no idea that she used to live in sweden

  • Leonora Matthews
    Leonora Matthews Month ago

    Ahhh I love saffron buns 😍😍 my mom and i make them every year for our Swedish Christmas dinner and for st Lucia ❤️❤️❤️

  • Majura
    Majura Month ago

    If you put the raisins in a bowl of water and let them absorb it for an hour before you put them on the buns. The buns won’t dry up after they've been in the oven and they'll keep the delicious moisty texture.

  • Celine Toadere
    Celine Toadere Month ago

    haha thats i eat in Sweden its cald lussebullar

  • Simple Sunday Afternoons

    I had no idea we could use saffron for bread... yummy!

  • Helena M
    Helena M Month ago

    Omg I'm so happy you made this. It's so delicious, Swedish sweets are the best 😋 ❤️

  • Jennifer Gillberg
    Jennifer Gillberg Month ago

    Lussebullar är det bästa fikat som finns

  • someguywhocanfly
    someguywhocanfly Month ago

    Damnnnn, alix is cute as fuck.

  • Lorenz Maly
    Lorenz Maly Month ago

    Now I know why I hate alix! She looks like that pain in the ass Madison from orange is the new black.

  • James Saint-Surin
    James Saint-Surin Month ago

    She speaks pewds

  • Vincent Krynski
    Vincent Krynski Month ago

    lussebullar e gott

  • JimmyandTimmy Guineapigworld

    In my family we don’t say lussebuller we pronounce it differently

  • Ellen Tavassoli
    Ellen Tavassoli Month ago +1

    For all of you that are about to make these buns after watching this video, don’t put cardamon in them for gods saik!!!!!! That ruins the whole thing, just add saffron for the taste and NOTHING else!!!! 😊 AND always put more saffron to the milk than what the recipe tells you to do!

    ESC ANTON Month ago

    Lika om ni är från Sverige!❤️🇸🇪

  • Mika Shilo
    Mika Shilo Month ago

    I am from Sweden. Jag älskar lussebullar = I love saffran bun.

  • Cooking with Rhonda

    I enjoy watching your videos. I'm a big fan of your cooking. You inspired me to start my own TheXvid Channel. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 👍😀

  • Simon Englin
    Simon Englin Month ago

    Åh helvete nu vill ja ha lussebullar

  • Nashimoto
    Nashimoto Month ago

    Yes Lussebullar is the best during Christmas!!

  • Peyton Edwards
    Peyton Edwards Month ago

    I can’t stop thinking about the “what if it was you” video😂

  • _Mr. baguette
    _Mr. baguette Month ago

    its lussekatter

  • Paulina Lobato
    Paulina Lobato Month ago

    She's so cute!! I love her bubbliness!

  • Erin
    Erin Month ago

    we have saffron buns in cornwall in england too but they're much less pretty lmao

  • Victoria Friland
    Victoria Friland Month ago

    Im from norway and we call it ”lussekatter” 😂❤️

  • Aminamimi Lemu
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  • Casho Maxamed
    Casho Maxamed Month ago

    In Norway we call them Lussekatter

  • Kevin Refran Ripas
    Kevin Refran Ripas Month ago

    I love you Alex.

  • Cecilie
    Cecilie Month ago

    we also eat lussekatter in Norway. I am from Norway BTW

  • Alexander Amanuel
    Alexander Amanuel Month ago

    I'm from Sweden

  • Kelsey Christopher
    Kelsey Christopher Month ago

    Can you write down the recipe pleaseeeee? Like all the steps?

  • Kebab with extra garlic mayo

    how much grams of saffran is this? Looks like a fortune

  • Jenni Halonen
    Jenni Halonen Month ago

    I live in Finland and we always make these on Christmas Eve😍

  • Emma
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  • Daisy Duck
    Daisy Duck Month ago

    Omg I live in Gothenburg Sweden 🇸🇪 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 lusse bullar r my favorites!!!! I’m glad u like Sweden 🇸🇪 😇😇😇

  • Felix's Sausage
    Felix's Sausage Month ago

    jävla :,)

  • Espeunicorn
    Espeunicorn Month ago +1

    In Norway its called lussekatter🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • 100 Subs without any videos !

    0:50 that’s the reason I love you so much Alex 😍

  • Tage Winberg Östebo


  • Reema Khasim
    Reema Khasim Month ago

    I just love ellx her eyes are speechless

  • Fae Drake
    Fae Drake Month ago

    I make these every year! For Saint Lucia day. It's my second favourite day of the year, from what I've learned, it's a Swedish tradition.

  • Greta mmm boi
    Greta mmm boi Month ago

    Hell yeah santa lucia!!!!

  • psych
    psych Month ago

    what if it was *U*

  • Evan M
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  • Алмьа розовый

    This is not how i make them but nice video:)

  • Leilani Logan
    Leilani Logan Month ago

    Your lipstick makes you look dead

  • Antonia Gummerus
    Antonia Gummerus Month ago

    Like if you’re from Sweden

    Jag ÄLSKAR lussebullar!!😭👌🏼

  • No No
    No No Month ago

    I'm swedish but i don't like lussekatter, sorry

  • Sarah Pedersen
    Sarah Pedersen Month ago

    We also have those in Denmark, they’re just called luciaboller instead

  • justis 83
    justis 83 Month ago +1

    Hello from sweden🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Chance Feuzing
    Chance Feuzing Month ago

    Idk why I think this... when she laughs it sounds like she smoke 6 packs of cigarettes everyday.
    I love her tho and the channel (no homo)

  • Alan Celiker
    Alan Celiker Month ago

    Suggestions; Note I am Swedish!
    When mixing the milk and saffron, add the butter.
    The saffron should be dissolved in water.
    Traditionally we don't use dry yeast.
    Finally sour cream is not really necessary!

  • Aya Sawalhi
    Aya Sawalhi Month ago

    How about a giant one ?

  • Rina B
    Rina B Month ago

    Increasingly popular opinion Alix is the Best Person at Tasty

  • Annelie Nyström
    Annelie Nyström Month ago

    Ooohh noooo, you're supposed to grind the saffron before 😳😳🥺 #swede 😂

  • desicracy
    desicracy Month ago

    Could you make oliebollen? 😛

  • ann f
    ann f Month ago

    Alix, can you make lefse for tasty? It’s so delicious and I love it with butter and sugar. It always reminds me of spending time with my grandma!

  • Mélissa Touba
    Mélissa Touba Month ago

    Dude how many tasty producers are they ?

  • Deep Andersson
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  • my name thor
    my name thor Month ago

    it looks so g o o d but no raisins yikes sksk

  • Wilma Åkebring
    Wilma Åkebring Month ago

    Hej alla svenskar😂

  • m
    m Month ago

    I don’t know what this is and I never cook but I watch this because of alix

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    For every like I will add a 🍞:

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    Thats not right stop that right now