Guns Explained With Cats

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • Elevate this discussion around gun control. #enough Join the March For Our Lives:
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Comments • 71 403

  • Chenzo
    Chenzo Day ago

    So if there are poachers, they use cats to shoot the gun?

  • Soul Patch
    Soul Patch Day ago

    Replace cat with gun
    Replace clawed with shot
    Replace cheetah with bazooka

  • Richard Szopa
    Richard Szopa Day ago

    The old crazy gun lady keeps leaving out food for those dang stray Ak-47s

  • Sterben1942
    Sterben1942 2 days ago

    Surprisingly although people that get attacked by cats is a lot it’s actually pretty small when you compare it to our population, and the amount of blue men using cats to take out bad men with cats is higher than the amount of people who use cats to attack people, but the real problem is that to many people are using the cat on themselves

  • Luca Piu
    Luca Piu 2 days ago

    there is a cat in my neighborhood that always comes up to me, and starts purring

  • Avenged Rider
    Avenged Rider 2 days ago

    This is the most uneducated ignorant video about guns I’ve seen

  • Holden Brown
    Holden Brown 3 days ago

    / \

  • Braxton Griffith
    Braxton Griffith 3 days ago +1

    This is how many times he said cats clawed people in the face

  • Braxton Griffith
    Braxton Griffith 3 days ago

    1:40 AR-15 cat

  • Nicholas Tran
    Nicholas Tran 3 days ago

    An M4A1 always comes in to my grandmas house and needs lots of ammo

  • BeaD
    BeaD 3 days ago

    just imagine every "cat" is the word "gun"

  • kim thompson
    kim thompson 3 days ago

    Cats are cute I have a cat

  • Fox Blood
    Fox Blood 4 days ago

    Wot cat=gun me don’t understand

  • Ruby The Snake
    Ruby The Snake 5 days ago

    Omg knives and kidnapping

  • Tyler Elsenbeck
    Tyler Elsenbeck 6 days ago

    Why do your cats have so many legs??,,?\_(• _ •)_/

  • faith over fear
    faith over fear 6 days ago

    Mrs nra... good one.

  • BreadFrog !
    BreadFrog ! 7 days ago

    Cats? Guns?
    I don’t understand

    MASTER-OF- EVIL 7 days ago

    Well I'm unsubscribing to this channel

  • Brianne Thorne
    Brianne Thorne 7 days ago

    Dogs are knives

  • Chris.
    Chris. 8 days ago

    My answer, shoot the damn cat.

  • Nateandbluebirdsyoutubechannel

    I don't own a cat

  • D
    D 10 days ago +1

    I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and I own 3 cats. They’re neither good nor bad; it’s how I use them. I would love to own a cheetah but I’m not allowed that here (even though I’m the kind of person that has training in caring for and appropriately using cheetahs). Heck, in some states here you can’t own a cat if it’s the wrong colour or if it has spots on it to make it look like a cheetah (even though it’s just a cat). You don’t have a problem with cat culture in America; you have a problem with your general culture. You all are so divided that you want to kill each other. You can’t legislate that away. Your society needs to be more respectful and tolerant of opposing views. Your video, however just highlights the problem: a poorly thought-out analogy designed to trivialise the actual problem and demonise a section of society and their feline friends 🐈 😎

  • Gamebuster 12345
    Gamebuster 12345 10 days ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Australia had a mandatory buy back so now nobody owns guns?

    • Harry Peterson
      Harry Peterson 7 days ago

      Nope, they actually have more guns in circulation than before the buyback.
      They got rid of semi autos, pistols and pump actions, they also made it harder to buy a gun.

  • Sappercurt
    Sappercurt 10 days ago

    It just dawned upon me what Mrs. Nra means😂

  • Kingston K
    Kingston K 10 days ago +1

    What if the roles were switched?

  • Kingston K
    Kingston K 10 days ago +2

    Police: “The suspect is armed”
    Suspect: *Holding a cat*
    Police: “It’s the police! Put down the cat and put your hands behind your back!”

  • Lennox Gazzola
    Lennox Gazzola 11 days ago

    Cats are sooo cute

  • Exploding Wolf
    Exploding Wolf 11 days ago

    I saw this video the day it came out. It was the first ever Alex Clark video ive ever seen. Glad i found this gem 😂

  • MrPainkiller616
    MrPainkiller616 11 days ago

    You really should do a little more research before you just jump straight into a controversial topic like this. You ought to just stay in your lane bud and just make animations for people that have panic attacks in a Taco Bell drive-thru

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT 12 days ago

    Guns aren’t bad, it’s the person behind it
    They check your criminal records and check you out make show you are capable to own one

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 13 days ago

    I watched through the whole thing and as a responsible cat owner I agree.
    But then I just realised your in America, and I'm in Australia...
    Where everything you said is basically already implemented.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 12 days ago

      Yet your laws failed on every level imaginable and also increased violent crime drastically. 24 mass shootings and 4 school shootings in your country since 1996, and with only 24 million people? Hilarious.

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 13 days ago

    1:57 This is only in America.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 12 days ago

      24 mass shootings and 4 SCHOOL shootings since 1996 in Australia.
      Tell me again how your laws "worked".

  • u a
    u a 13 days ago

    Ar-15 isn't assault rifle.

  • u a
    u a 13 days ago

    Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

  • Mangquell Hayes
    Mangquell Hayes 14 days ago

    Why is no one talking about medical malpractice?

  • HubrisNaut
    HubrisNaut 14 days ago

    I am disquieted by analyzation...

  • ___DemonZ___
    ___DemonZ___ 14 days ago

    When you see someone walk out of the gun shop with a cat

  • Lord Krythic
    Lord Krythic 14 days ago

    Where does it say in the Bill of Rights that you can own a cat? Go ahead, I'll wait. Because you're an idiot.

    • HubrisNaut
      HubrisNaut 13 days ago

      @Lord Krythic I just gave you a quote from the Constitution where Rights were attributed to "God". (I would say by our Nature.) I have in my library and have read many of the great philosophers on this topic. I am literally typing this on a laptop which is leaning on my copy of Hugo Grotius's Rights of War and Peace. But, you as some guy in the TheXvid comments is gonna "school" me so... just have a great day.

    • Lord Krythic
      Lord Krythic 13 days ago

      No. They would entirely agree with me. You need to stop trying to lessen the gravity of our rights. That's not how you increase our rights, it's how you destroy them.

    • HubrisNaut
      HubrisNaut 13 days ago

      @Lord Krythic The people who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights would disagree with you. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights... " Philosophers have contemplated and debated "rights" for millennia. In general, I adhere to a concept of natural rights.

    • Lord Krythic
      Lord Krythic 14 days ago

      If it's not enumerated in the Bill of Rights, then it's a privilege.

    • HubrisNaut
      HubrisNaut 14 days ago

      It's my God given right to own a cat, until it owns me, which is likely...

  • Finlay Jarvis
    Finlay Jarvis 15 days ago

    Oh I’m English so I can’t relate
    Funny vid though

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 12 days ago

      Yeah, you don't even know what free speech is after all.

  • Jack Skatter.
    Jack Skatter. 15 days ago

    We need to find ways regulate weapons and protect citizens from extremists that either want guns to be unregulated or are trying to prove why guns are a bad thing by hurting people with guns (yes thats a real thing) maybe it should be to earn the ability to obtain certain guns you have to get ceritified take classes and prove you have the stability, and ability to handle those weapons responsibly.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 12 days ago

      "We need to find ways to "regulated" aka take away weapons from citizens to protect citizens from extremist who will get their guns regardless." That is how stupid you sound.
      Why don't you try this. "We need to find ways to get more weapons into the hands of citizens to protect them from extremists with guns."

  • Ultimate Gamers Club
    Ultimate Gamers Club 15 days ago

    Mmmm cats are totally AR-15 so can't wait for them to shoot me without an owner

  • Galen Walden
    Galen Walden 15 days ago

    Listen dumbass just because you make a rule to make it harder for someone to get a gun doesn't mean they will listen. Criminals dont follows rules. Robbing a bank is a crime and people still do it.

  • milesdios
    milesdios 15 days ago

    Incoherent boogaloo noises!

  • Brielle Wollenzien
    Brielle Wollenzien 16 days ago

    My cat is so cuddly

  • Kenneth Alvarado
    Kenneth Alvarado 17 days ago

    I didn't understand any of that

  • Rieko Alexander Rosales

    eh???/ 63 thousand dislikes?

  • Henry Chapman
    Henry Chapman 20 days ago +1

    I guarantee this guy has never fired a gun, let alone own one

  • Mr Cat Man
    Mr Cat Man 22 days ago +1

    My cousin owns an ak-47 last time I touched it my hand was covered in blood. Then it ran away.

  • Samuel Cedric Sibiya
    Samuel Cedric Sibiya 22 days ago

    I’m good I love the out as we can I get a deal name so blessed he is a stray cat does he like a bag on the floor starve a bad cancer and then we take them into a good catch any never Liza so you just pause and that’s it that’s your only

  • Marsh’s music Official

    I think too many people support guns because they refuse to admit a lot of larger problems in the country that would limit shootings, such as a limit of affordable mental health care, classism and stuff like that.

    • Ahhhnon 42069
      Ahhhnon 42069 16 days ago

      Explain the difference between an ar15 and a m4/16

    • Ahhhnon 42069
      Ahhhnon 42069 16 days ago

      @Gary Winthorp No I am a gun owner I own an ak74 and a km I got confused by the comment above because they worded it so badly sorry.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 16 days ago

      @Ahhhnon 42069
      Why? Do you think we can't own fully automatic firearms now too?

    • Ahhhnon 42069
      Ahhhnon 42069 16 days ago

      @Gary Winthorp how about you explain the difference between an ar15 and a m4/16

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 22 days ago

      Care to explain your ignorance further?

  • Jake Snake
    Jake Snake 24 days ago

    Pretty obvious this douche has never owned a cat.

  • Danny Guzman
    Danny Guzman 24 days ago +1

    I just unsubscribed

  • Kathy O'Hanlon
    Kathy O'Hanlon 25 days ago

    to solve the problem, just make up an "accident" that happened to her. then she could just "disappear"

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 24 days ago

      @Kathy O'Hanlon
      LMFAO? To what? To enable more violence and murder? Explain, how are the NRA responsible for mass shootings. How are they terrorists as some are even calling them?

    • Kathy O'Hanlon
      Kathy O'Hanlon 24 days ago

      its still a solution though...

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 24 days ago


  • Kyle
    Kyle 25 days ago +1

    Except that the guys who fought a war to found our country thought that people having cats was really important.
    So important that they put it in writting that the ability to own cats was not to be infringed.
    Maybe your understanding of arms and their use falls short of you being able to make a good metaphor.

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 16 days ago

      @Marsh’s music Official
      More important than you life, yes.
      Since you refuse to even respect it, you deserve to be a slave.

    • Kyle
      Kyle 23 days ago +1

      There are millions of people that wish they lived under the ideals of those old words and paper.
      Governments have killed more people than we will ever lose to civilian gun violence.
      The words and paper you would so easily throw away, ensure that what has happened in Germany, Russia, China, and North Korea, can never happen here.

    • Marsh’s music Official
      Marsh’s music Official 24 days ago

      Kyle oh yes because some old paper and writing is more important then peoples lives.

  • My Best Friend Bojack
    My Best Friend Bojack 26 days ago

    cats are royal dog NOT or maybe

  • faith depo
    faith depo 26 days ago

    the cheetahs 😭😂

  • jesses thill
    jesses thill 27 days ago

    “No I don’t want to take your guns”
    “Hell yes I’m going to take your AR-15”
    There are tons of gun deaths in Australia
    Background checks exist and they should
    Not everyone can own a gun. What other laws would you like?

    • jesses thill
      jesses thill 8 days ago

      Blue Typhoon2017 we already have enough restrictions

    • jesses thill
      jesses thill 8 days ago

      David Margulies how many exactly? How many has abortion killed? That’s a fun one. But let me get this straight, you think making more laws is going to make people follow the laws that already exist... guns have not killed that many people. They just haven’t, actually they have saved way more than they have taken, is it perfect? Of course not but it is more dangerous to take them away.

    • jesses thill
      jesses thill 8 days ago

      Marsh’s music Official that’s what the constitution says, you can not believe it, that’s your god given right. The constitution gives me “god given rights” as it does anyone in America

    • Blue Typhoon2017
      Blue Typhoon2017 18 days ago

      David Margulies well we shouldn’t BAN all of them, a few restrictions should be ok, and that’s it, you don’t want to take someone’s right do you?

    • Blue Typhoon2017
      Blue Typhoon2017 18 days ago

      faith depo you do know it’s a normal rifle correct?

    HEHE LOL VEVO 28 days ago

    Change every cat word to gun

  • matt winward
    matt winward 28 days ago

    2:02 Emergency cheetah 😂

  • zeke the wonder dog

    not sure if any law changeis can help, but what would defintly help would be if the news stops giving out the names of the cat wealder