Guns Explained With Cats

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • Elevate this discussion around gun control. #enough Join the March For Our Lives:
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Comments • 71 794

  • Colton Goepfert
    Colton Goepfert Hour ago



    The 63kof. People who disliked this are liberals

  • S.T.U.M.P
    S.T.U.M.P 5 hours ago +1

    If you change cat to gun it then…
    “I do have a gun it’s that cute cuddly one in the window.”

  • modem boy
    modem boy 6 hours ago

    disclaimer: yes i get the point your making and i watched the whole video.
    so its the person pulling the trigger and not the gun, and there are rules about getting a gun like a licence.

    • modem boy
      modem boy 3 hours ago

      @WillWam also with background checks not everyone has commited a crime before then goes and shoots a school

    • modem boy
      modem boy 3 hours ago

      @WillWam that is a rule that should and i think does exist

    • WillWam
      WillWam 4 hours ago

      What about background checks? Some people buy guns secondhand without filling out any paperwork.

  • Maribel Davila
    Maribel Davila 19 hours ago


  • Peter griffin Lol
    Peter griffin Lol 21 hour ago


  • Logan Smiley
    Logan Smiley 21 hour ago

    You are trying to take the guns away from us but we are getting shot at we need to shoot back and people will find a way to get a gun to shoot us so we can't do anything

  • The Blogger
    The Blogger Day ago


  • Jeremiah Tovar
    Jeremiah Tovar Day ago

    I think he meant gats not cats

  • Theodd6sout
    Theodd6sout Day ago


  • First Class
    First Class Day ago

    If anything, we need less gun control

  • Bone Crusher
    Bone Crusher Day ago

    Damnit, an AR 15 is not gonna scratch u by itself. Why don’t we fine the crazy cat lady, and only take her cat if it attacks someone? Leave my crazy cat alone unless I don’t take care of it.

  • Barrie Farms JR.

    Guns don't have a mind of their own guns only do what you make them do.

    • WillWam
      WillWam 4 hours ago

      People have a mind of their own, and people choose to shoot other people sometimes

  • The rawring dog
    The rawring dog 2 days ago

    How to teach children gun safety

    • The rawring dog
      The rawring dog Day ago

      @3K04T nobody has to know

    • 3K04T
      3K04T Day ago

      The rawring dog misinform children in gun safety*

  • Philip chime
    Philip chime 2 days ago +4

    *Walks into gun store*
    "Can I have your best cheetah"

    • Wolf Fire
      Wolf Fire 23 hours ago

      Lmao I'm no joke dying. "can I have your best cheetah?"

  • GymNerds 2019
    GymNerds 2019 2 days ago +1

    In this video

  • maggie the cowgirl gamer

    👀💙😻.But , they can get out of hand pls like if u understand me

  • Lily Pyle
    Lily Pyle 2 days ago

    No cats were harmed in the making of this video

  • Denlo Caltis
    Denlo Caltis 2 days ago

    You can't stop guns getting in the hands of the wrong people. The ones who are commiting crimes with the guns are getting them illegally. You're only hurting the law abiding citizens who get the guns legally by enforcing more laws. There are already background checks and waiting periods to get guns. A lot of people arent talking about that now, huh?

  • LpsWild Cat
    LpsWild Cat 2 days ago +1

    Cat people (including me): CATS ARE BOOTIFUL!

  • Jake Summers
    Jake Summers 2 days ago


  • corrina ethridge
    corrina ethridge 3 days ago +2

    Me: catching all the metaphors
    Alex: "somone could still get hurt by a dog or abduct into space".
    Me: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!?!?!?

  • Yardy know
    Yardy know 3 days ago +1

    Love it when this comparison literally has nothing to do with each other


    nobody: ...

    (pls no hate comments or dislikes)

  • Barča Foučková
    Barča Foučková 3 days ago

    Lol i love it so much 😂

  • CreamyContent
    CreamyContent 4 days ago

    ( >ω

  • Dorothy Isidro
    Dorothy Isidro 4 days ago

    🔫 😐
    🔫 *Krak*
    😐 Huh?
    Lemme check 😶 🔫
    - 😲 🔫pew

  • BattleRoyalMaster
    BattleRoyalMaster 5 days ago

    We must build a wall so all ya freaking crazy cats go back to MEXICO!!!!!!!

  • BattleRoyalMaster
    BattleRoyalMaster 5 days ago +4

    Omg that’s totally my st. Across from me there is this FREAKING CRAZY CAT LADY LIKE SEARUSLY

  • Cat of the universe Cats unite

    I have a cat and his name Mr Fox and he’s a ginger cat is named after a fantastic Mr Fox

  • Caleb Martin
    Caleb Martin 7 days ago


  • Andysmodernlife7
    Andysmodernlife7 9 days ago

    Fake. he's like not even a real person rtalkng.

  • Papp Iron Works
    Papp Iron Works 9 days ago

    he's basically saying that certain gun are good and some are bad. He's saying that the guns have emotions, not the people. I stopped watching your videos because you politicized it jerk

  • Max Hisey
    Max Hisey 9 days ago

    I have 3 cats 😺😸😻😽😼🙀😿😹😾

  • Midnight Snack
    Midnight Snack 9 days ago

    This is very clever

  • Natecivic92
    Natecivic92 10 days ago

    But a AR-15 isn’t automatic

  • Ash Stoll
    Ash Stoll 10 days ago

    Mrs. NRA 😂 I’m dead

  • George Yu
    George Yu 11 days ago

    Guns are not alive

  • Jay Rollins
    Jay Rollins 12 days ago

    Movies and churches and schools....

  • Turnoverdisc Dan
    Turnoverdisc Dan 12 days ago

    Wait, are you saying that there are nice and cuddly guns out there? Wait ARE YOU SAYING YOU OWN ONE?!

  • HeLLOtHERe123
    HeLLOtHERe123 13 days ago +1

    ( >ω

  • Meme Theme
    Meme Theme 13 days ago

    So you do have a gun?

  • J & J Twins
    J & J Twins 14 days ago +2

    My friend broke out an allergic reaction when he saw an ar 15 and now he starts to carry epipens every time when he see's a gun

  • Peach Vlogs
    Peach Vlogs 14 days ago

    UGHHH I want believe this happened again I was just cuddling my ar-15 and it decided no more CUDDLING AND SHOT ME IN THE FACE!!!

  • aryn ツ
    aryn ツ 14 days ago

    yes my old comment (that was pinned) died because that was on my old school account

    • aryn ツ
      aryn ツ 12 days ago

      Gary Winthorp it was the pinned one lol
      it said no cats were harmed in the making of this video

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 14 days ago

      what was your old comment?

  • westin Sandberg
    westin Sandberg 14 days ago +1

    This is a really poor explanation of the gun violence problem in this country, it is missing a lot of information and makes some just nonsense implications. I would be more than happy to have a civil exchange with you in an effort to exchange knowledge, help you understand where the other side is coming from, if you are willing.
    I like your videos, and not to sound disparaging to you, it sounds like you lack a lot of knowledge on this subject.

  • Celeste
    Celeste 15 days ago

    This is the first video I found from your channel

  • Nickyboy5555511
    Nickyboy5555511 15 days ago

    My cat is semi auto but he goes full auto sometimes

  • Homeless man 62
    Homeless man 62 15 days ago

    Apple pie? Purple apple pie? That’s blue berry pie YOU FU* sorry I get really protective over my delicious apple pies and crumbles 😋

  • Toraoh
    Toraoh 15 days ago

    you say apple pie, but that was clearly a blueberry pie.

  • 74554N 41-5H4TTi
    74554N 41-5H4TTi 16 days ago +1

    One reaction to
    This video

    Stop the cats stupid they’re the problem
    Some other mass shooting just happened
    Today just few hours from now

  • Keoni Merced
    Keoni Merced 16 days ago

    My favorite gun is a Am 47 but I would use it responsibly

  • robert herrmann
    robert herrmann 16 days ago

    I have a Russian blue is that the AK equivalent?

  • Kamiel Voets
    Kamiel Voets 16 days ago +1

    No guns except if you have a license

    • Gary Winthorp
      Gary Winthorp 14 days ago

      The 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting.
      Cops have no legal duty to protect your life in the US.
      You don't need a license to buy, sell, own, or operate a vehicle on your property.

    • Kamiel Voets
      Kamiel Voets 16 days ago +1

      I mean for hunting ore if you are a cop

  • TheVistaWarrior
    TheVistaWarrior 16 days ago +1

    ok i just realized that ms nra is the NRA rifle association

  • —Catkayla— Cat
    —Catkayla— Cat 17 days ago

    >^~^>🔫 I’m going to die :c

  • A Wierd Awkward Person

    What type of cat would a BB gun be

  • Keichwoud357
    Keichwoud357 17 days ago

    Aren't cheetahs more or less docile towards humans? You think of cheetahs as "dangerous and scary" solely because of their look.

    Comparison more accurate than expected!

  • LoneWolfie 44
    LoneWolfie 44 17 days ago +1

    Apple pie shouldn't be purple.

  • Sister Shadow
    Sister Shadow 17 days ago +2

    I love this analogy. Not everyone needs a cheetah.