StackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panels GUIDE

  • Published on Sep 17, 2021
  • StackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panels
    With Android Studio
    Please leave a comment if you get something wrong!

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  • Mr Shane
    Mr Shane 4 months ago

    Nice script. Can you do video about how client restaurants are managed/handled (can resto join by themself and they create their own menu?, or must be input by the website admin?), and how delivery drivers are managed (how are delivery orders assigned to the delivery drivers? is any other software required for the delivery driver management?), and how payments are handled (does the website take payment then pay to resto and delivery drivers?) and how about not using delivery drivers, and just doing pickup orders only, can that be done?

    • 6Nature
      6Nature  4 months ago

      You can see full fuction in Codecanyon. Hope it fit your needs!

  • Webbkungen Sajtbyggare
    Webbkungen Sajtbyggare 6 months ago +1

    Hi, i can see at the end of the video that you extract the android build in the root folder, but where should it go if the admin files is in the main root folder? if the main web admin is installed in public_html where is the android web build files go?

    • 6Nature
      6Nature  5 months ago

      Let’s spread it in 2 parts:
      1. For admin and landing page
      You can choose sub-domain for it like: (home, page, welcome…)
      2. For webapp in your main web folder (public_html), where flutter web build files go.
      Mine, I’m using 2 domains for each part.

    GABRIEL KASONDE 3 months ago

    thank you for this well explained video, is the android app setup coming up bro?

  • Misael Gomez
    Misael Gomez 7 months ago

    Great Thanks!!! please more of this type content, sorry for my bad english

  • Lors Antigo
    Lors Antigo 7 months ago

    Please show us how to set up the admin panel from the localhost

  • Vanhsakda
    Vanhsakda Month ago

    Thanks alot, but I hv problem bro please,
    Food\storage\logs/laravel.log" could not be opened in append mode: failed to open stream: Permission denied

  • Mr Boss
    Mr Boss 8 months ago

    please continue upload this series

  • Sadiq Usman Omotizi
    Sadiq Usman Omotizi 6 months ago

    can u do video how to deploy to playstore

    AYOUB TOUILI 3 months ago

    Thanks bro Please if you have any videos for make apk and public app in play store

  • Dhaba Walla
    Dhaba Walla 3 months ago

    Getting internal server error while running the app how can i solve that

    • Alif Al Siam
      Alif Al Siam Month ago

      Are you getting loading issues or CORS issue?

  • Misael Gomez
    Misael Gomez 7 months ago

    Location not works for me. Unknow Location Found :c

  • Sunil chandr
    Sunil chandr 7 months ago

    Wow interesting... Please make a video "How to build Restaurant and Delivery App". I am waiting for your video. Thanks...

  • Hopa Bilişim
    Hopa Bilişim 8 months ago

    I'm getting an error can you help me

  • gatsi shop
    gatsi shop 5 months ago

    i have this error connection to api server failed due to the internet connection,whe I compiled the apk

  • The Few
    The Few Month ago

    doesnt work i get css error

  • 6Nature
    6Nature  5 months ago

    Hi guys,
    These days, dued to Covid-19, I did’nt have enough time.
    But now I’m back. If you need smt I can help. Ping me via my email: contact @

  • fabioadir
    fabioadir 5 months ago

    Hi friend, i did all this, but the page doesn"t load, the logo just appears and "loading..." How to solve this?

    • Alif Al Siam
      Alif Al Siam Month ago

      Having same problem. Found any solution?

  • ThaiRC
    ThaiRC 8 months ago

    Mình tới step 4 import báo lỗi check database permission. Mặc dù cấp quyền đầy đủ và change permission cho folder vẫn không được. Có cách nào không ạ

    • ThaiRC
      ThaiRC 8 months ago

      @6Nature Mình cài được rồi do cái password. Mà build web app mình chạy nó không hiển thị gì hết. Build app thì bình thường. Hơi đau đầu 😆

    • 6Nature
      6Nature  8 months ago +1

      Bạn kiểm tra lại quyền truy cập database. Đã ad user vào database chưa? Chắc ko thể do lỗi khác được.
      Đôi khi host của bạn có kết nối riêng mà không phải là localhost. Bạn xem phần này
      Cuối cùng, có thể hosting cài đặt thiếu một số php extention!

  • Zerowastenr. net
    Zerowastenr. net Month ago

    i need map api please give me bro

  • Sumit Kumar mahato
    Sumit Kumar mahato 6 months ago

    Can u set up my app I will pay

    • Fancy Colony
      Fancy Colony 3 months ago

      hi, sumit. did you set up your app?

  • kijaenterprises Balakrishna

    next video ?

  • gatsi shop
    gatsi shop 8 months ago

    What kind of API KEY are you using? Javascripts maps only? or 6 APIS restricted as the manual?

    • Sloane Brittany Channel
      Sloane Brittany Channel 6 months ago

      @6Nature Bro what is your email? I need your help.

    • gatsi shop
      gatsi shop 8 months ago

      @6Nature Thank you so much

    • 6Nature
      6Nature  8 months ago

      I use API key with no restriction. The APIs for Maps: Places, Geolocation, For Android… (as in Docs) and Billing account must enable.
      You can restrict API key with your own domain name (Webapp only)